RIM confirms BlackBerry 10 heading to the PlayBook

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By Jared DiPane on 15 Mar 2012 09:28 am EDT

It should come as no surprise that RIM is hard at work behind the scenes on the upcoming BlackBerry 10 software and hardware. Being based off of the QNX platform, the same OS that currently runs on the BlackBerry PlayBook, one would only imagine that the PlayBook would also receive the update. While the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software was only just released, RIM's VP of Product Management Rob Orr has confirmed that shortly after the release of BlackBerry 10 phones, the PlayBook software will also be updated, putting both phone and tablet on BlackBerry 10. The PlayBook OS 2.0 software is esssentially already BlackBerry 10, but you get the picture. As of now they are still looking to release the first BlackBerry 10 device at the end of 2012 and hopefully a PlayBook update to BlackBerry 10 is not too far behind.

Source: TechRadar

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RIM confirms BlackBerry 10 heading to the PlayBook


Yes, there was actually. I have a well placed source working for a carrier which works very closely/partners with RIM. His take on the matter a month back (looking at the internal roadmap presented at a carrier/RIM meeting) was that the current versions of the Playbook would not get BBOS10 software update.

What you are saying is completely wrong because Crackberry and RIM officially said its coming to old version playbook. These two companies know much more than that friend you know so plz post something that makes sense

He did. He was responding to "Was there really ever any doubt?" by ezrunner.

You're drilling into someone who was simply explaining why he did indeed hold doubt.

It is hard to believe that RIM would not continue to update the original Playbook OS! Here is my argument...

First of all, the original and only Playbook which we all have still has TONS of horsepower left under the hood which can still be squeezed. It will likely continue to have more horsepower than any phone, and therefore I have no doubt that everyone's original Playbook will get updated and improve over time, for at least the next 3-4 years, guaranteed!!! If some of those TAT demos come to life we should all see many more amazing improvements in both the phone and tablets from RIM!!!

Secondly, the goal is to create a unified experience from tablet to phone and apps that are cross-compatible, so they have to continue to at least push them together in parallel. It would "fractionate" the experience again if we were to see all of the platforms develop at different paces and different directions.

Thirdly, if you look at Apple, they have iOS 5 upgrading continuously among all their platforms, compatible with iPod touch 3rd and 4th gens, ipad 1/2/new, and iphone 3GS, 4 and 4S. And these devices span at least 3-4 years in the making. Some of the older i-devices still compatible with iOS 5 were released back in summer of 2009!!! Why would Blackberry OS10 not be able to be pervasive among the next 3-4 years of RIM device releases?

Again, if you look at iPad "new" versus iPad 2, essentially you have a GPU update to handle the 4x greater number of pixels, a bit more RAM, but actually the CPU still is almost identical to the ipad 2. Both are able to run the new versions of iPhoto and all the other "hi-def retina" apps essentially without much difference except the pixel-crunching power and hi definition.

Therefore, I see similar hardware improvements in the Playbook over the next few years that follow a similar pattern...

- introduction of cellular network data access 4G, etc.
- improvements in screen pixel quality/density
- improvements in camera quality
- improvements in sensors types/numbers
- addition of NFC (near field communication)
- radio and bluetooth enhancements/upgrades

The "core" of the Playbook experience and other system-critical systems (like the Car and Medical systems) are all based on QNX which is robust and secure, not prone to crashing, reliable and fast. This will improve both phone and tablet experiences in the Blackberry world over the next few years.

The only problem I have is with the numbering system starting with BB10... I mean, where do you go from here? BB 11? BB 12? Do you skip BB 13 because it is an unlucky number? I like Playbook OS 2.0 because you have a long way to go up in numbers. Just a thought...

What? Is it confirmed? What the article said about BB10 being essentially Playbook 2.0 is confirmed fact or just guesses? The leaked picture on crackberry last time showed widgets and stuffs...I certainly hope BB10 is not just Playbook 2.0 with cosmetic changes or with widgets added...This would not even be able to compete with phones released late last year. There's just absolutely no way for RIM to survive if BB10 is Playbook 2.0. Playbook 2.0 only have standard stuff, there's really nothing there that its competitors can't do and every competitor have something that it still can't do. This is extremely bad if it were true.

Once the 10.0 updates come in, maybe we will have Netflix, Skype and Hulu etc,. and maybe finally have the ability to access the thousands ( six thousands so far ?) android apps that RIM promised and maybe with wireless printing and DLNA our playbook will finally be a force to reckon with. ( and don't have to expose the playbook to side loading etc ) Can't wait for Q4 2012.

The exact quote this story is based on is

"At some point after the launch we'll bring BB10 to our PlayBooks, yes."

Did he mean the current generation of Playbooks, the upcoming upgraded Playbook, or both? Anyway, there is no date or even a general timeframe given -- so I wouldn't get so excited until RIM makes further commitments. "At some point" is pretty weak.

Looks like RIM is doing more expectation management.It started with BB 10 supposed to come on early 2012 to BB 10 being delayed till second half of 2012 to now end of 2012.After few more quarters it will be early 2013.These are absolutely a bunch of jokers.

Call me a liar, but I don't think RIM ever promised BB10 phones would be released in the second half of 2012. There were rumors of early 2012, but they never agreed to that either, just speculation from bloggers.

They have committed themselves to an end 2012 release. They are trying hard to turn things around, I am semi-confident they will make their deadline.

Bro I have been following this company's every single earnings call for last two years.You can go and listen to Q2 earnings call for this fiscal.Lazaridis is on record stating that BB10 will be out on early 2012.Then on Q3 call they said later half of 2012.Now they are saying end of 2012.It's expectation management.These guys are lost, totally lost.

Yes, you and every other CrackBerry addict, including myself...

for the record, their second quarter they announced an "early 2012" release of the QNX phone, which is hardly a committed date.

Their third quarter call they announced "late 2012" release for BB10 phone. Again, hardly a committed date.

The main point is they are aware they need to release a fully operational product and they will not commit to a date until it is fully baked.

I don't think RIM ever said "End of 2012" but later in the year. I think bloggers have all said the end of the year and after the iPhone but RIM has not given any real time frame besides later in 2012 from the push back of early 2012.

BB 10 is important if RIM want their App eco system to thrive as it does on iOS and Android across both Phones and Tablets.

Yes, I think that too.
7 OS's for BB phones + 2 OS's for BB tablet PB...
And, finally, BB10 or OS10 for both and integrated devices.
I hope, really, 3Q or 4Q 2012

This is exactly RIM's problem - Yapping away.

DON'T tell people whats coming up - Surprise them.

Apple does it all the time.

Announced new iPad - available for sale in weeks - NOT months.

What are you yapping about everyone knew RIM was going to a QNX based OS as soon as they bought the company. All this is is a name update to the current OS for the Playbook. Again it was already confirmed numerous times by other RIM employees. How it is a surprise to anyone is amazing.

My point is: Don't give advance notice of unfinished products.

Yes, everyone knows about QNX. They they know about PBQNX? No. It's news to everyone. They should have held that news until the BB10 device is ready for release.

If you want to beat Apple, you need to play like Apple.

Apple, rarely has info leaks, and when they do, they are "strategically" timed. Think about it.

RIM has too many events updating people of what they are doing, when they shouldn't.

Consumers don't want to wait for anything - EVER. They want it yesterday.

It's very basic marketing that RIM has failed to grasp for at least 3yrs now.

Information is a form of marketing, which I don't think RIM understands.

This comment makes sense. The element of surprise and over-expectation hype has always been an Apple strong point. They announce something new, it's out there and people can buy it while the announcement is HOT.

RIM announces something a long time before, people get excited but then by the time it is ready for release, nobody remembers about it anymore, or they don't care. Or the competition has stolen all the ideas and advanced ahead. Look at the TAT demos which never seem to arrive but are oh so cool and impressive. TAT is just showing them to everybody. Now that TAT is a Blackberry company, why aren't they locked up at a top-secret location inside a mountain with nuclear-proof doors?

Learning from Apple, what RIM should do is make a press conference and get everyone to come, show off the TAT demos on the Playbook and all the killer features that people are expecting, and then actually DELIVER it a few weeks later in stores... while it's HOT, while people are still excited about it, and while competitors haven't had a chance to catch up. That is what Apple does and it seems to work.

RIM does not have that luxury. They need to convince buyers why their product is better than the competition, which takes time. Apple, on the other hand, has a loyal following which would buy an iPad 3 without even taking a second look at any other offering, regardless of whether or not it's better.

And on another point, Apple's releases new products on a cyclical basis. There was no surprise that a new iPad was being released, just as there's no surprise a new iPhone will be release within the year.

I could not agree more. By announcing so far in advance they canablize current products and create uncertainty.

I totally agree with you. I think Apple's marketing is brilliant in the way they give you as little info as possible about the product. I'm sure that like RIM, they've suffered delayed products. however, you wouldn't know about it cause they don't release any definite date until a month till the product hits stores... Now, there's also a reason why Apple can do this and RIM cant... People trust their products to work w/o fail.

In other news, the iPad and iPhone use IOS. Android phones and tablets use the same flavor OS. How is this news?

Don't be so hard on RIM. Android didn't get the same OS on phones and tablets until several versions in, I believe Honeycomb, might be wrong. RIM getting the same OS on tablets and phones is a very good start. This makes for a seamless user experience across RIM products, now we can fully sync between our phones and tablets. Go RIM!

Awesome news. And if the world can just learn to WAIT for things instead of insisting they be released NOW NOW NOW, RIM will do just fine. BTW, anyone know when I can finally put down $1500 for one of those 46" iTV's Apple is bringing out? My regular 46" which I purchased at Best Buy for a quarter of that price just won't do.

I'm also selling my iPad3 ahead of the iPad6 launch this May if anyone is interested.

That's just it... the world can't wait. And RIM is too small a player to tell the World what to do. Unfortunately it has to respond to the World. Apple is BIG and they can tell the World what they want, but Blackberry is now the underdog and much smaller, so it will have to jump up and beg to get noticed again.

And regarding the iTV, we are still unsure if those rumours are true. How many people will want to replace their regular TV with an iTV? Maybe if Apple came out with this a few years ago when people were converting over... but now the flat TV market is done. Same problem with 3D TV's and people not wanting to pay when they just bought a TV a few years before.

On the other hand, Apple i-fanboys never cease to amaze me at what lengths they will go to buy Apple stuff. Getting an Apple iTV set-top box would make much more sense than the full television, especially when you already have a TV. But then again, some people just have to have it... and maybe the iTV full set will be able to do more than just hooking up an internet-connected set-top box.

I am still very interested to see how BB10 deals with email. I cannot believe that RIM will leave the NOC - the single feature that gives them better security right out of the box. Currently OS2 uses ActiveSync and does not use the NOC as I understand it. The other will be how RIM brings BBM natively to the PlayBook and how I get all my BBM messages in one place? BB10 will bring the answers to these and many other questions...

One single OS will be great. Personally I think I might just carry a 4G playbook and skip the phone. I use the phone function so rarely anyway.

the END of 2012?? Really?

Marketing team at RIM: RELEASE NOW, no later than Summer!

You guys are really behind. BB10 phones need to be released like yesterday.

I love my 9930, but come on! If you want more members on TeamBlackberry, you have to release now.

Most ppl will go for the new iPhone or weekly Android release before the end of this year!

It is vital they release a fully functional product from the beginning. Knowing that they are still having issues getting BBM to run on QNX, there's no way they would survive if they released now without it, among other things.

The key element is that he mentioned it will come some time after. I was assuming the PB OS might become BB10 such that perhaps BB10 would come out prior or at the same time as the phones. I wonder how much after it will be? Do they need to make tweaks for the larger form-factor, or will it be ready to go as-is? It seems like BB10 has been forked off in a way. I'm sure the modular nature of QNX will have many shared elements, but I think that the phones are specifically being targeted and then they might make a few changes/tweaks for the larger tablet form factor. I'm sure that many of the PB OS updates that will be coming through will also be part of BB10. I just wonder how much the PB OS updates will be held back for a wow factor similar to the OS 2 update.

It wont... well, not for at least a year+ has past. RIM said that MANY times before, that no previous BB will support BB10

9800? You do realize that 9810 was released because 9800 couldn't support the newer os, right? Your battery will probably be dead by then anyway, just get a new one.

Cue the threads on the fourm counting down to the release and the slumber party plans.

RIM needs to get new product on the market because in between the OS upgrade and then will be one if not two Apple products and a gazillion android phones. When people are looking at new technology they look at all brands/platforms and if RIM doesnt have something theyll go elsewhere.

This doesnt mean they wont come to RIM down the road but there needs to be people with the prodicts using them and talking about them.

In the last month alone five of my bb friends have switched to apple or android. My BBM friends list is shrinking fast :)

If its going to happen later this year...make an announcement later. In the meantime concentrate on getting product into the hands of consumers.

So, true! 2 people at work bought the Galaxy Nexus moving away from Apple in the past month and neither one had any idea what they could do on the Nexus. I would ask them questions or ask them if they tried this or that and they would look at me like I had 2 heads. I watched the Nexus release podcast and knew what the h*ll the phone did - they bought it and had no idea. Dual-core will soon be quad if Android has their way since from what I hear they need to run their OS's. Plus joe public get it wrong all the time everyone I know say the ipad is running a quad core and then I correct them to say dual with quad graphics.

hmm sorry the comment I was replying to seems to be gone...

lol, I removed the comment because I didn't want to seem like if I was trolling. But, you definitely got my point though. thanks for responding!

Yes you are right. Most people these days have no clue about the hardware. They have a cellphone plan with a 2 year upgrade, they go to the store and buy whatever looks to be the "coolest" and what they sales guy tells them.

I would be interested in knowing stats on "brand loyalty" in general. When it comes to phones, it is fairly easy to jump around because most times contacts transfer over cross-platform anyways.

They should tell everyone Q4 and then release the devices in Q3!! Catch everyone off guard with an early release. Ok I'm dreaming.

I'm sorry, but I laughed so hard when reading your post. You know that that is not going to happen; it's not even in the cards for RIM to think like that. :)

The only news I got out of this report is that both Phone's and Playbook will operate on BB10 in the future. This of course does not mean that all current version of phones or current version of Playbook will operate on BB10.
The Playbook which operates on BB10 in the future may well be the next generation, just as the next generation phones will operate on BB10. I do not see this like a 2.0 update at all.

Imho what RIM really needs to do is stfu about BB 10 get all able bodies to work on it and get it done asap. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to have all employees sign a NDA regarding BB 10. First it was suppose to come out in feb then sept and now end of 2012. Don't they know end of 2012 will be to late seeing the world is "supposedly" coming to an end dec of this year!?

Seriously though stop talkin and get er done already!

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook

I couldn't agree more, they really have to quit moving the goal posts. I've been stuck with a Storm 9530 for almost three years now, a phone which through some kind of higher intervention, didn't end up at the bottom of a lake (though it really deserves to be there). Now I'm finally looking to upgrade and I'd really, really like that upgrade to be the new BB10 phone, but this "Cat and Mouse game" with the release dates is really starting to wear on my patience and there is no way I'm going to pay leading tech prices for something like a 9900, when it's going to be outdated in a few months. Actually, for putting up with a Storm 9530 for three years, they should give me a 9900 just to reward my patience and loyalty.

Can't wait for my Blackberry 10 device or a playbook. RIM better release it september/october (my upgrade time) or else they're not gonna do very well in the stock market

but they are facing a dilemma. They missed the opportunity to release it early this year, which would have been quite an advantageous spot...now releasing them near the middle of the year would mean competing directly with this year's iPhone, which presumably would be a full next gen phone since it was 4s last year, and since iPhone is always sold out, the effect would last for a few months, but releasing them too late would not only test the patience of the loyal customers and risk being outdated specs, but also directly competing with all the phones released this year during holiday discount period. Moreover, battery technology is in a pivotal point, with certain new phones adopting bigger battery and some companies claiming to have new battery technology ready by next year, the battery will no doubt be compared, affecting either initial or later sales or both.


Once RIM begins to release phones a month or so before any major releases from Apple or Android OS their sales should increase (atleast in the US of A).

If the new CEO continues to allow products to be released underspec'd and at time frames that aren't advantageous to RIM I don't see the marketshares getting any better in NA.

With very little recent track record on delivering product on time RIM needs BB10 hardware and software out As Soon As Possible or better yet EARLIER.

My current PB would be very happy with any update or bug fixes for PB OS 2.0.0.x

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Has anyone considered the fact that end of 2012 is not December. When speaking in terms of planning and budgeting. When is the end of their fiscal year?


Does that mean that we are in 2013 for them. Meaning they are speaking in terms of actual time and not fiscal. That makes me sad. Lol. C.A.C.

I will remain complacent with my 9810 until such a time that BB10 can prove that it can acceptably replace it. I just hope that RIM can deliver a great product; much better than the current state of the PB OS. It needs a LOT of work in order to replace my current BB OS, it may not be the coolest looking OS out there, but it does its job extremely well in my opinion. Considering that I have used Android and iOS devices and still prefer my BB phone and my Playbook means that there are certain things that any number of apps can't replace and that any high resolution can't draw me away from what I use my BB for.

I only hope RIM doesn't forget why the people that have stayed with RIM do so.

That said though, i really hope that RIM stops sleeping because if others figure out a way to do what my BB does and offers me those High specs and large app volume, I have no problem moving to another platform. I am not a fanboy, I just like to use what works best for me. A few (maybe more than a few) years back, what worked best for me was a Windows Phone.

So when can I plug in my headset and make calls on my PB using it's built-in 4G capability? Since there is no real difference in the required OS for the PB and the BB why not? That would be something nobody else has!

This is why I'm stepping away from Blackberry. My contract is up in a few weeks. The newest handset they have is either the 9900 or the 9780 (mini bold). Not bad devices, but not current in hardware at all. And it would be running os 7.1. I rather doubt anything but the top 2 devices will be able to run BB10 (I'm talking handsets, not tablets. Sorry for being slightly off topic)

RIM has leaked stuff way too soon, only to backpedal on the release date. I've seen it happen too many times. Or they release stuff too soon before its actually ready for market (Storm/storm2/Playbook). They need to get with the program, stick to their release dates (with a couple weeks "fudge room" of course). They need current spec hardware. They need the "coolness" again - unless the North American consumer market no longer matters to them.

I'm off to the world of Android for the next go round. I'm sure I'll miss the physical keyboard. But hey... on a 3yr contract I look at it this way. It's a long time in the tech world. A very long time indeed. So by the time the new contract is done, either RIM will once again be a force to be reconed with in the mobile world, or they'll have been a victim of a fate they built for themselves...

As for the playbook, It should have been released 3-6 months before they actually got it out the doors. It should have had most -if not all- the features that 2.0 unlocked. And they should have had some solid work on apps from Skype, Netflix, and others (either a solid YES, NO, or That app is still being developed they should have it within the next [insert timline here]). And when they actually release BB10, the tab should get it first, and it should knock the competition back a step in surprise. As in "Whoa..... RIM managed to pull that off?? I'm shocked! BB10 is gonna give us a real run for the money!" as they all scurry back to the drawing boards. If they don't excell and inovate... they're gonna die. Its just a fact of life in the tech world

So,you going droid because you want to look cool to your friends? This is not highschool anymore.Goodluck with fragmented droid.

Assuming the existing Playbooks can update to the new OS, does that mean that I'd have to have a phone running the BB10 also in order to use Bridge? My Torch 9800 will be aging by early 2013 although I do love it...

this is great news. cheers rim!!! thanks for my wonderful playbook. it seems that it's only getting better. now a bb10 update coming soon. wonder what it will look like. can't wait!!