RIM Conducting a "BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test" via the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Jul 2010 01:32 pm EDT

OK, seriously?! This is too funny and just too awesome. So if you're a hardcore CrackBerry reader and BlackBerry enthusiast you've obviously heard about the BlackBerry Beta Zone, where you can apply to test out some of RIM's upcoming apps and stuff like that. It's no secret that basically every single member of RIM's BlackBerry Beta Zone, which launched recently, is already a CrackBerry reader/member. That's a great thing by the way - it means our community is really helping RIM to make their future offerings better.

But the latest mission to come down the BlackBerry Beta Zone pipe is just TOO funny.  They're conducting a BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test. Wonder where they got the idea for that one?! We'll take it as a HUGE compliment. I won't give out the magical PIN they are using for their stress test, but you can read the message they sent out below. I hope they video tape the whole thing and run it on their Inside BB blog. In case you missed it, you can check out CrackBerry's latest BBM stress test video above. Hopefully RIM will fix things up so when we do our next one my device doesn't brick itself. I hope the stress test goes well for them. But I'm not convinced doing it through the Beta Zone is stressful enough. It's about posting it to the CrackBerry homepage so you get that MASSIVE influx of requests that really seems to choke things. If they ever want our help for their next test, we're willing and able! Thanks RIM. You guys rock!!

Hello Beta Tester,

We are conducting a BlackBerry® Messenger Stress Test! Follow the steps below and add us to your BlackBerry Messenger contacts. Let the games begin!

Please follow the instructions below to participate in this Stress Test:

1. Find and select the BlackBerry® Messenger icon () on your device home screen

Note: In some cases, BBM can be found in the "Instant Messaging" folder

2. From the Contact List, open the menu by pressing the menu buttonand select "Invite Contact"

3. Enter in the following PIN: 211xxxxx

Reader comments

RIM Conducting a "BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test" via the BlackBerry Beta Zone


It was fun on Crackberry but why does RIM need to know if you can handle 4,000 contacts? Why don't they focus on the obvious flaws in their OS?

I quote: "Please note that this post only selected testers have been permissioned to view this post. Please DO NOT discuss the BlackBerry® Messenger Stress Test outside of this discussion board post."

Yet discussion is inevitable. I'm not being a troll; just pointing something out. :)

I just got the email a little while ago. I guess I'll participate, but as you said Kevin, I don't think there are nearly as many beta testers as there are crackberry members to REALLY stress out BBM.

I'm a Beta tester as well and I haven't received the email just yet, but I was wondering, given the disclaimer about discussion, how long until RIM starts bombarding Crackberry to take this down? :)

just got mine too ahah. kevin, you should just show them your video and say you beat them to it.

Disclaimer: I'm not a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone. If stuff gets sent into me directly or on our tip line, I'm not breaking any agreement in posting it.

My thoughts: RIM isn't the first company to do beta testing with non-employee/non-paid testers. From what I have gathered from other companies doing this, is that the company basically needs to assume that anything getting posted to their "private beta community" could easily become public knowledge. A company, especially a publicly traded company, would be naive to assume enthusiastic volunteers are going to keep their mouth shut on everything they see or hear (even though they are supposed to via their agreements). Anything still at a stage where it's that secretive or hush hush would not be given to the private beta group.
I'm sure RIM would rather not see the information come out (we received about 30 emails on this one within a five minute time span) that they posted in the beta zone, but I don't believe they'd be mad about it... that would imply they are really naive thinking it would remain non-disclosed (in which case, that's trouble). If anything, I'd think RIM would be smart to use some of this as unofficial signaling of good things to come. They wouldn't officially announce that a podcast app or traffic app is coming out soon (that implies commitment), but having news of stuff like that leak out is good. It shows everybody - device owners, investors, etc., that RIM is working without the stress of having to commit to delivery dates, etc.

Anyways.. I love that they're doing a Stress Test!

Are they gonna do a stress test of the Group feature? I've noticed in the groups, if there is a lot of activity, the group side really starts to bog on some slower berries.

I'm glad they are getting involved more and more with us consumers, I've only been in Beta zone for a couple months but am always getting emails about the different programs and asking for feedback

I love Crackberry and all but damn, biting the hand that feeds you..? Yeah, so what they did was a rip off. But you're not the first to devise a "stress test" by any means..and you guys aren't the first to use the words "Stress test" either.

Get off your high horse.

Took 20min or so to accept. Sent in the invite to them about 10min after I got the email.

Wonder what device they are testing on?

Or if they sent out multiple PIN # to test it on multiple devices?


Given the outcome of the last "stress tests" from Crackberry - I wonder if RIM will post the outcomes?

Being one of the test subjects should have some sort of benifit. Or is this just a blind study where, "Nobody needs to know and we know nothing and we are happy keeping it that way."

My guess is that they sent it out to a certain number of people not expecting that hundreds more will try and invite.

Was already Mentioned about the NDA.

They are sending the stress test to members that are using the beta version of BBM... if you send the PIN out and everybody uses it with different versions of the BBM, it kind of voices out the point on doing it with the beta tester members.

So I never applied to a beta tester, I planned on it and it completely slipped my mind. I just added RIM and within 10 seconds they were on my contact list. I wonder if anything will come from all these extra add requests.

I was invited for this bb stress test this morning and added them 6 minutes after the email was received...they still have not added me...

But I don't think that JfGirard0423 should have been posted the pin. If they are trying to test specific numbers or something, they don't need someone screwing it up so that they get thousands of requests. I'm guessing that they are not trying to add as many contacts as possible till the phone crashes...

I am a beta zone tester but i do not see this on my page! Can some one tell me why?

EDIT: Never mind, it's in the discussion page.

Join the beta zone it doe snot cost anything and is for the dev of our beloved blackberries.... Why try to ruin it by someone breaking the NDA and posting it?

This is strange sent the request have a new friend, but i got accepted in less than 10 seconds after i sent the pin request... probably it wont be as popular when kevin sent his pin out to the world... I got accepted on the last bbm stress test =P