RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie Demos BlackBerry PlayBook!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Nov 2010 05:53 pm EST

Following his Jim Balsillie's Web 2.0 Summit interview where he didn't show off the PlayBook on stage, the RIM Co-CEO did demo it to the guys from Engadget in a brief hotel hallway hands-on.  Check out the video above - you can see the multi-tasking card metaphor BlackBerry Tablet OS at work doing it's thing, and even get a quick glimpse of the front facing camera at work.

With the BlackBerry PlayBook still months away from launch and plenty of time left to keep optimizing this baby, it looks like it's going to be a polished little tablet by the time it hits stores. Exciting stuff!

Source: Engadget

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RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie Demos BlackBerry PlayBook!


Lmao, WebOS all over it! here comes the lawsuit Research In Slow Motion!!!

Plus it looks laggy as hell. If they're going to copy WebOS, at least make it run smooth.

Yeah because Sierra Mist really isn't Sprite nor the iPaq the Treo nor a BMW an Audi and vice versa. Competition makes products better. Improvement on other's ideas furthers the thought. It's how science advances, companies grow stronger and technology advances. Release your simple mind from the bind of the Apple marketing machine and set yourself free.

Shot me please!!! this device rocks :)

But did you guys see when to many application running in BG the swipe starts to lagggie a little bit :)

Other then that this device rocks :)

I love the lag comments

You might want to consider how much multitasking it's doing and maybe try seeing what happens doing so on an iPad.

Love the potential its showing!

Also, the excessively large folding case at the very end is pretty funny.

WebOS copy? Doesn't Windows Vista/7 also have a task switcher that shows everything running in full time too?

This thing looks awesome but I really hope they get it to run a little smoother. I feel in a few months they can get it going pretty fast and there are always software updates. I'm sure they can tune that dual core processor to do great things.

I'm a huge fan of the PlayBook and I hope it succeeds! I definitely plan on getting one when it is released. My only concern is that the powerful OS might be too much to handle? Whenever I see videos of the PlayBook being demoed, I always seem to notice a little bit of lag which annoys me a little. This probably won't stop me from buying the PlayBook... I just wanted to bring it up.

One thing to keep in mind is this product hasn't fully been released yet. I'm sure it's still in the testing stages. I'm sure all those little bugs will be lifted out prior to launch. I really can't wait to get this device. Imaging having not only a BlackBerry Smartphone but to have a BlackBerry playbook to go along with it. I just hope desktop manager will be able to run on it. I would definately sync my BlackBerry more often if I could do that on the playbook itself. CAN'T WAIT!!

CAN'T WAIT for the Playbook. That pretty much sums it up for me at this point, every video clip from now on is just adding fuel to the fire of wanting one. My only worry at this point is price, yes I know one is supposedly going to be "under $500," but we all know what that probably means, $499.99. Here's to hoping RIM hits the ground running as far as pricing goes & even us "regular working guys" can afford to get our hands on a equipped not stripped Playbook.

All the mention of lag this and lag that is stupid. The damn things not set to lunch anythime soon and it still beats the ipiss with a little lag. And if Palm/Hp wants to sue Rim over using the cards then so be it, I guess Apple can sue Samsung for using the swipe feature on the Galaxy line.

i was not impressed by the lag. My fear is that it won't ever become "ipad" - esque in terms of smoothness. I have an ipad and it's actually really smooth but i'm looking forward to this Playbook for sure. I have the Torch and it's pretty laggy switching between screens and they ACTUALLY released it laggy so i hope they don't do the same. QNX don't fail me!... Can't wait though!... go RIMQNX

P.S. I didn't buy my ipad..i never would. :)

Well I'm the proud owner of an iPad and Blackberry 9000 & 9800 and the iPad also lagged and fail at multitasking (which I hate). I'm drooling over the playbook little demos. the best thing is that what we are watching are only demos NOT the final product in therms of OS lags.

it seems more authentic that the clips are planned and staged. I hope RIM is paying attention not only to its customers but to its competition and really delivers something amazing.

Most people just need to grow up! What are y'all like, 20? 25? Buncha school kids that complain about everything! If you want something different, go get it. Stop looking for the Holy Grail of devices! That's why so many exist, there's something for everyone out there but it won't have or do whatever you want it to unless you design and develop it yourself!

These are demos people! Sheesh!

And the end of the video one of the guys says "EAL 4 certified"
That means that the PlayBook is certified according to the Common Criteria EAL 4 security evaluation requirements!

For enterprises looking to use devices like this in large quantities, with company confidential information on them (you know, so you can do business while not having to drag around a big heavy laptop all the time) AND still have enterprise class security, this is a BIG DEAL!

RIM, you´re doing it right! Kudo´s!
Bring on the PlayBook, I can´t wait.

Good Lord!! I can't wait to get my hands on this device!! It looks so fluid and smooth!! Release date can't get here fast enought.

screens too small and they flat-out stole WebOS in my opinion and anybody ignoring the lag on that is simply a lame. dont tell me its a rough copy b/c had that been an iPad laggin' like this ya'll wud be feastin' right now...just be real....simply put, this sh*t suck<

people are dumb and haters. just cuz rim wasnt bought out by hp because they made a good product doesnt mean they copied others. and if they did whats the big deal. if it wasnt for xerox then no one would probably have anything remotely similar to this.