RIM CIO Robin Bienfait talks on mobile security, BYOD and more

Robin Bienfait
By Adam Zeis on 13 Oct 2012 01:15 pm EDT

Our good friend Al Sacco had a chance to sit down with RIM CIO Robin Bienfait at MobileCon this year to chat a bit about RIM, Enterprise and the mobile space. In the Enterprise space, RIM is doing great things as we go forward into BlackBerry 10. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and BlackBerry Balance will make for an amazing combo for business users on BB10. RIM is offering up some great tools for companies to support BYOD on not just BlackBerry, but Android and iOS as well - however RIM doesn't allow employees to use their own devices currently, even if that device a BlackBerry.

Robin notes a big part of what she concentrates on is security. 

With hackers you want to make sure that they're not in your business, that they don't have access to your customers, that you're doing things to improve your products to make sure that you aren't vulnerable and that you keep your eye on the ball 

Robin goes on to talk a bit about her daily chats with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins as well as the media attention around RIM. All in all it's a really great read. Head over to CIO for the full interview.

Read the full interview with CIO Robin Bienfait 

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RIM CIO Robin Bienfait talks on mobile security, BYOD and more


This was a ridiculous interview. Why were there like 5 obnoxious questions about BYOD for RIM employees when it is obvious to anyone with a brain.

Yeah I had similar thoughts. Was he just allowing her to make it VERY clear that BYOD is not on at RIM? "You're stupid if you allow BYOD in your corporate space but we'll make as safe as possible if that's the way you want to go" is how I read her response, expressed much more elegantly of course. I love her response to CIO's who claim not to have had any breaches with BYOD. "You poor ignorant bastards, you just don't know it because you don't have the tools to know about it" (OK, it's a paraphrase not a quote. Sue me!)

Probably because much of her interview was spent fluffing her own career up. She also didn't answer many of the questions directly. Typical corporate speak animal dressed up like my Mum.

Balance is unique and amazing for the Enterprise.

Imagine this work/personal split concept is translated to an unsecured/secured split for consumer. Consumers are protected by doing their banking, financial transactions, health records and personal IP etc on the secured side, completely firewalled from the unsecured side where you can run Android/BB apps and surfing.

That would be very interesting.

BlackBerry 10 has the ability to offer the best possible secure mobile,etc platform in existence. It all depends on how RIM plans on marketing the new Hardware and superior software. Having $2.3B cash at hand should be more than enough to convince the masses that BB10 is the way to go for power efficiency, rock Stable performance, world's best mobile security, and so on, all backed by the most powerful QNX OS ever created to date. 

RIM holds key patents that prevent companies from mimicking and/or copying QNX Real Time Operating System based on its advanced micro-kernel.
The benefits of BB10 is ordinary people will benefit with Enterprise Mission Critical Security regardless whether you are an individual or a major minor business/corporation. 

iOS & Android cannot match RIM's QNX. RIM has once again raised the bar for Advanced Mobile Security, and operating system that will not crash. A mega-tasking OS developed several years ago, and is being used in Mission Critical situations such as Automotive electrical components, Medical components, nuclear power plants, Defence Systems etc.

RIM has harnessed the power of QNX and now we have the BlackBerry 10.
RIM's job now is to educate the public on how much more serious BB10 truly is. The January 30, 2013 will be a day for the history books when RIM and it's BlackBerry come back with a vengeance In My Honest Opinion. 

No Bias here. I am the proud owner of the BBZ10 Bold 9900, PlayBook, ASUS Transformer, iPhone 5, newest iPad, and the Samsung Galaxy.

After March 2013 will be the time to determine if RIM's BB10 succeeded or not. Enterprise would be foolish to not use BB10.