RIM CIO Robin Bienfait talks BlackBerry Enterprise

Robin Bienfait BBWC
By Adam Zeis on 24 Jul 2012 10:14 am EDT

RIM Chief Information Officer Robin Bienfait took some time to answer a few Enterprise-related questions for the Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog. There are plenty of questions that Enterprise customers are looking to have answered, and Robin did a good job of clearing some things up. While she does reitterate some of what we've heard over and over (like how BlackBerry 10 is a while new platform, RIM has no debt and isn't going away) she also dives a bit more into the future of Mobile Fusion and BlackBerry 10. She assures us that BlackBerry Moible Fusion in the cloud is still on the way as well and also let's us know why Mobile Fusion should still be trusted as the go-to Mobile Device Management solution.

Hit the link below for the full interview, then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Read the full interview with Robin Bienfait

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RIM CIO Robin Bienfait talks BlackBerry Enterprise


What a horrible interview for a CIO. Not the CIO's fault, but the interviewers. Most of the questions were not technical at all, have already been asked to others at RIM, and had the same responses. I think they should have delved more into Mobile Fusion and ask what RIM plans to do to get companies to add more RIM infrastructure in their network to support both BB7 and prior plus BB10, in a time when reports are showing a lot of companies are looking to ditch BES totally.

"Not the CIO's fault, but the interviewers."

Wait.. you think an internal puff-piece had a real interview-interviewee dynamic?

Puff - I'd call it fluff. It was almost embarrasing. I felt like I was watching some girl prep a male porn star (fluffer).

Seriously - this is why analysts have so little faith. Well into the new CEO's reign and we are still getting smoke blown up our bums. If you promise delivery, whether it is theme builder, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion as a cloud offering, and security for data at rest and data in transit for iOS and Android devices managed through BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, BB10 devices, cerain PB updates etc... you need to keep them and when you break them, you need to apologize for the failure and be honest and open about why. What have you heard about TB7? What new information did she give about Mobile Fusion's ability to do what has been promised and when? Zero. Nothing added to the discussion. If RIMM is unable to do more than get a BB10 handset out the door by Q1 - than say so. "we realize we have promised (a), (b), (c), but, due to the transition we are currently in, we simply can't deliver these things at this time. We're sorry. This is what we are doing to fix it now.... This is what we're doing to see that it doesn't happen again." It's the Tylenol approach, it's taugt early on in US business school, and clearly ignored in Canada.

Don't confuse my inability to type, with an inability to spell.

Agreed, for a CIO, I really did not walk away from the interview well informed, I felt there was a regurgitation of Thorsten's recent message.

I would have liked to hear of examples of initiatives to improve customer service beyond what has been done traditionally in the past. No clear implementation details were provided about cloud solutions... The interviewer asked the great question on all CIO's and IT person's mind, why shouldn't they start considering alternative MDM solution, and instead of saying the direction that they're going, we're reminded that RIM was first *yawn*.

A typical RIM interview full of statements like:

"This platform will allow us to deeply engage with the mobile computing space and provide a springboard for rich future products and services"

That tells you precisely NOTHING!

How does the CIO expect Fusion to put them on the map with MDM when Airwatch, Afaria, Fiberlink and MobileIron have the non-BlackBerry devices locked up on MDM AND integrate with BES? Airwatch strength is as a cloud solution, MobileIron has Connected Cloud.

Unless they give away free licenseson Fusion for iOS and Android devices, customer will be hesitant to buy it.

There is still a separate database behind the scenes to manage. Fusion is just the dashboard/glue to interface and visualize and manage them
* One database for BES
* One database for BES Express
* One database for PlayBook
* One database for BB10
* One database for iOS and Android

Worst, there are departments and business units in RIM that are not selling fusion because they feel it will cannabalize their BlackBerry sales - why help the competition? is what they are telling their enterprise teams.

Overall RIM bought a Gartner bottom left corner player (Ubitext) - and had to rewrite the entire code from ground up to make it work.....they would have been better off buying an MDM leader or innovator.

By the way....where is Mobile Voice Server (MVS)? Or Direct Enterprise Connection to RIM NOC?