RIM CEO: 'We are very very confident in BlackBerry 10'

Thorsten Heins
By Adam Zeis on 21 Dec 2012 01:45 pm EST

Following up on yesterday's earnings report, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins sat down for an interview with CNBC. We're still moving forward to the BlackBerry 10 launch at full force, however RIM is being analyzed on all levels regarding their financials and what's next before the launch. During the interview, Heins first talked a bit about service revenue and reiterated that they're not going anywhere. (Service revenues are the fees to which carriers and companies are charged for BIS/BES use.) While RIM will be offering new services with BlackBerry 10, the current service revenues won't be going away. 

"We are transitioning. We are not stopping, we are not halting, we are not disrupting. We are transitioning .. towards the next generation of BlackBerry devices and services". Heins stated that he's very satisfied with the reported results and feels that the transition to BlackBerry 10 is "prepared well and is going to be executed well". 

While he notes that the transition is going to take one-and-a-half to two years to execute, Heins also says that sales of BlackBerry 7 devices are still very strong in many regions. A full transition from BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10 could take "several quarters" and BlackBerry 7 devices will still remain a large part of the BlackBerry portfolio as well as the service revenues that come with them. 

BES 10 will be rolled out with the first devices in fiscal Q1, and the QWERTY device (N-series) will be rolled out "as quickly as possible" as well. "Expect the time difference between the QWERTY device and full touch to be a few weeks probably". The first BlackBerry 10 devices (the BlackBerry Z10) will be shipped in fiscal Q4 "in volume" into the US and global markets following the January 30th launch event.

On the topic of apps, Heins says that RIM feels good about both the quality and quantity of applications that will populate BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10.

And WTF is up with that d-bag at the end of the interview? Props to Thorsten for not teeing off on him (I sure would have). #BB10Believe 

Check the original post at CNBC for more inlcuding the full interview video.

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RIM CEO: 'We are very very confident in BlackBerry 10'


wow!! that dude at the end musta been on something, fair play to Thor, you could tell he was smiling to himself thinkin `this guy is a jerk` but had the civility to not react. well played Thor

yea i really wanted to punch the dick's face... anyways wait on january 30th and onward and hopefully RIM will prove him wrong... BB10 all the way!

WOW what a D*ck Move!
I would not have expected that from a company like CNBC.

I liked T's response. (facial expressions)
First it was like, wait did I not hear him right..
Then...Nope I did what an idiot.

But he didn't say anything like Mike L did in England. Those were stupid questions, that had already been answered, & we missleading. But Mike getting pissed off & storming out on the interview made sure that EVERYONE heard about the interview :(

i could tell based on Thorsten's reaction that he was like "lol what?"
but i think that he didnt mean to say "it doesnt occur to you that this isnt going to work" but he meant to say "it doesnt cross your mind that this MAY not work" in my opinion i dont think it was intended as an insult based on his speech pattern

maybe, but explain the `your sat up there in your office in canada` line, thats jus plain ol dumb and makes it seem like the dude dun care unless its an american company. THIS is what gives americans a bad rap elsewhere in the world, as people see this and believe its the `norm` of how americans feel.

Hard to believe that a network like CNBC actually pays that moron to come to work. That's probably the most pathetic last minute commentary that I've seen in long time. Worst part it didn't even make any freakin sense ! Kudos to Thor for his great work and dedication, and all of the bberry team for their hard work. Nice to see things are coming around. Can't wait for the launch.

Thats Joe Kernan , he has a masters in Molecular biology and is a former stock broker but do not be impress he did not cure aids or work for Goldman. He talks like a duhh dork !

Joe Kernan, representing the huge number of shorters of RIM, was an embarrasement.

Essentially telling Thorsten that RIM is treading water and doesn't even know it. I used to watch Kernan years ago, and it seems his bias against Europeans hasn't dimmed, and it got the better of him this morning.

Thorsten showed real class.

RIM - Fiscal 2013


Quarter End: December 1, 2012

Reporting Date: December 20, 2012


Quarter End: March 2, 2013

Reporting Date: March 28, 2013

So that would put Q4 Dec 2 - March 2

LOL I'm choosing to believe that his comment at the end was just a poorly phrased attempt at saying Thorsten isn't clouded with a shade of doubt. It does sound like he feels BB10 won't work, but think that was meant to be an example of what others say and how it doesn't effect him. Either way, he probably should have stuck with a simple "Thank you..." instead of all this "wowzers stocks gone up so much jesus you're up early must be gods work!" bullshit

Can someone explaine in poor words what happened? Is there a video or something? Can't understand the matter. What is "d-bag"? Sorry english not my first language.. Thank you guys

video is in the link above. I had to go to CNBC to watch it though.

A "D-Bag" is short for "Double-Bag my groceries please!" You will often hear old ladies say this to cashiers at the supermarket on Sunday afternoons.

I'm thinkin D-bag is short for Don-Bags....Movie, Hot Rod, "Grab some don bags on knock boots later". I guess Kernan is about as useful as a used rubber !

Hmmm... I always thought it meant douchebag in which urbandictionary gives this definition: "The term "douchebag" generally refers to a male with a certain combination of obnoxious characteristics related to attitude, social ineptitude, public behaviour, or outward presentation.

Though the common douchebag thinks he is accepted by the people around him, most of his peers dislike him. He has an inflated sense of self-worth, compounded by a lack of social grace and self-awareness. He behaves inappropriately in public, yet is completely ignorant to how pathetic he appears to others."

see the bottom of the write up there's a link to the CNBC interview video. Basically there was 2 minutes left in the interview with Thor and Joe Kernan just decided to pop in after smokin one and threw in his 2 cents. Really is too bad cause up to that point the interview was informative. I'd love to hear what Thor said off camera !

Kernan would make a great fit at Fox news with all the other jokers over there. Good point about Thor and his steadfast approach. Thor always keeps his cool and handles himself well.

The CEO was on the spot, he kept swallowing his spit throughout the show. Dang it's hard to take a stand against such harsh questions. Thorsten Heins can definitely handle himself like bberry_ATW said. It's funny you call him Thor. All he needs is a blackberry hammer named myomir lol

Yeah, dude at the end was just plain weird...I think he was trying to be complementary, but he missed the turn and went straight into the hay bales...
Doesn't matter - Thor rises above.

I don't get all the fear about service revenues, especially since Thor said those will stay intact for BBOS. So the only ones changing are for BB10. Isn't it better for RIM to sell BB10 phones at ASP $450 instead of the current $250 and make a profit of $200 apiece instead of collecting a BIS fee of $3/month?

Wow! I came home to this??? Kernan is an arse,... the meanest thing to say to anyone who is trying to turn around a company. Thorsten is just working with what he's got, and right now, RIM is doing extremely well!!! Kernan could save that crap for the American auto industry, Kodak, AIG, all the banks, the list goes on for miles of failures that deserve that kind of crap.

bought rim today at 11.11 expecting it to rise to around 27-30 at bb ten arrival on jan 30th rimm is a very good stock ,would not think of using anything other than a bb ,wanna make some cash in 2013 buy rimm stock now its lower.

Okay, just watched the video. I don't know where it comes from but with all that bad sentiments, it's gonna be very tough to make that turn around. RIM will need a perfect product. Modern, smooth, functional.. That means no lags, no freezing.. Sensitive and nice to touch. As well as a monster marketing campaign!!

I'm going to translate what the troll at the end of the video said from stupid to intelligent:
" I appreciate what you're doing. You are a brave person for sticking to your gut and remaining strong through these rough times and their isn't a doubt in your mind that this product won't succeed. You've kept the same stance from when the stock was as low as $7 to when it's up to $14 and you're still keeping the reins of this company going strong. Great to have you on."

On a sidenote, I think he just got through snorting something which is why he sounded like that aside from the fact he was probably a dumb ass to begin with.

I think people are over-reacting a little at the comment at the end, it just seemed like a poorly phrased comment on Thor's confidence in BB10 and the launch rather than being outright trying to get at him.

Actually Thorsten Heins totally lacks charisma. He is too dull. Here he looks like he is afraid and actually he should be. This time it's do or die ! I doubt he has the strength and fighting spirit to get RIM through this ordeal.

I'd say he looked annoyed. So many times answer the same question and then at the end hearing those idiotic comments. I'm so sorry for him that he need to do all this together with bringing RIM back to fight

I hate to say it but someone, and I don't know who or why, someone dropped the ball at RIM yesterday. The company needed a much stronger response on the service revenues issue than they delivered. They were not well prepared to handle new information or tough questions. They needed to shape the discussion and direct it the way they wanted it to go. I don't know why this didn't happen but I can tell you that the CEO should have controlled that topic or say something obscure enough to push the discussion off until they were completely prepared to deal with possible scenarios. It was a misstep by the CEO. He is much better than he was at first but he still has work to do on the PR front. Unfortunately his attempts at damage control today didn't work. I am not saying the momentum can't be recovered but there's now another negative storyline out there that RIM doesn't control and that isn't good.

Everytime RIM/Thorsten announces anything they have to spend the next 3 days clarifying what they meant. For god's sake, try and get it right and CLEARLY explain things the first time!?!

To me, the last comment was praising Thorsten about pulling RIM shares up to $14 and that he was determined when he took over to succeed. That he didn't acknowledge that it would fail.

Poorly phrased, but surely no need for the hate?

You know its assholes like that ,that makes me not want to watch those idiots ,what a fucking tool man
I hope bb10 is a huge hit and they have him interview thor again ...just to see him rub it in his face

I found the interview rather interesting. As typical with media outlets, people don't pay attention unless there is a crisis or controversy. You could tell the interviewers were trying to create some sort of dire situation or crisis statement. You could also tell that despite talking to the head of a global company, they focused on the US perspective, thinking that was all that mattered.

As for the comment at the end, at first I thought that it was simply more US-centric blather, however on more reflection, it may simply be that he stumbled over his own mouth. It was still clearly US-centric, but perhaps not quite as bad as I first imagined.

I think that Thorstein did a good job of staying on track despite their best efforts to create a sensational story out of it.

RIM's cash is up 600 Million. People are still buying BB7 ... which is great news.

Everyone in North America will be buying BB10 when they come out. That could be 300 Million phones the first year.

As a regular CNBC viewer I can shed light on the comments at the end of the interview. CNBC has , in the past, made reference to the irony of RIM fighting for its life and being located in a city called Waterloo. The name of the famous battle ending Napoleon's reign. Kramer has made reference to this irony on many occasions saying that it is fate for RIM to fail in a city named Waterloo. Kernan was attempting to be funny and bring up the Waterloo reference directly to the CEO's face. He botched the joke, and even if he hadn't, it would still have been in poor taste.

This is why I stopped watching CNBC. Comments like that make CNBC look very unprofessional. The Bloomberg channel is more professional and refined.

"You're very brave...." WTF. The man is running a company on the verge of a turnaround. A lesser CEO would have called it quits a long time ago. How quickly we forget how Apple struggled in the early 90s being out sold by Windows PCs 10-1. BB10 will be successful. There isn't another device on the planet that will do what it does in terms of Ecosystem.

I just have to say that Mr. Heins and his team have hit nearly all their marks with the BB10 launch. This recent earnings call notwithstanding, the plan has been so thorough and peerless; embracing developers, engaging carriers, reaching out to Blackberry nation and bringing them to Waterloo for a preview, even with the way they've interacted with Crackberry and their fans - this should go down in a book on how to do business in the tech industry. And Thorsten Heins has really delivered as CEO. I had my doubts when he was appointed post-Lazaridis/Balsille, but this guy is just SUCH A BREATH OF FRESH AIR! You can't help but root for the guy - and for RIM.

I think he was trying to complimentary perhaps we should give Mr. Thor the title of Duke of Wellington he actually won the battle of Waterloo!

Great job on getting BB10 out the door Duke!

I'll have to watch it later. Got to this far reading and it's hours past the time I was supposed to sleep. Shit me. :P

Reading the comments, that asshole joe needs a slap with a fish.

The old man simply said it all wrong. What i understant is that Heins acts like BB10 is going to work and win again not considering or shoing that it "may" not. He continue saying that he is a couragous man too. So yeah its sounded really bad at first but and second thaught not that much

Boy did CB-Nation hear without listening on this one.

The man's facial expression and tone of voice was that of a "good job, Thor", not an insult.

Poorly worded and articulated ABSOLUTELY but what he was saying is (MY interpretation)

"Thor, BECAUSE you are 'up there in Canada' (so far away from REAL people :-P ) you don't give a darn what the naysayers are saying... you just are keeping your head down and doing your job... the stock is up 100% since it's low and you are ignoring all the negativity and just DOING IT."

Again, if you could pick a WORSE set of words to compliment someone with, I can't think of them, without broaching into pure satire.

I think we're reacting to "don't care" as if he meant Thor is not sincerely doing his job well... the "don't care" was about the inaccurate crap being circulated, the unjust criticisms, etc.

I think of Lady Gaga sort of... criticized from all corners, as bizarre, a copycat, a bad influence... but she just keeps doing what she's doing and ignores the critics (and has her fair share of fans, too)... you know, someone who has CONFIDENCE in what they're doing, despite criticism, as Thor obviously does.

Of course, it's not very complimentary to RIM's PR people if he is insinuating that lies about RIM are being circulated and nothing is being done, and / or Thor should be directing the PR people to respond / intervene even more... but again, I think he was basically trying to say "you are focused on the work, the stock price is up, good job Thor".

I just think it's incredible that RIM is getting 1b in cash every three months in pure service revenue. That is the genius of the founders.....sadly, forgetting to innovate is incredibly stupid.
So Kudos to you Thorsten, for all you have done for us BB fanatics. I am confident that you know the amount of time it will take to innovate furthur to accomodate the eventual deterioation of the services fees. Rock on.

Cannot wait for launch. I may end up buying a QWERTY as well just to have both.