RIM CEO Thorsten Heins defends BlackBerry and its customers

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins at BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012
By Bla1ze on 17 Oct 2012 04:53 pm EDT

No stranger to op-eds and not willing to let the media tell a one sided story, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has stepped up to defend BlackBerry and their more than 80 million customers globally. In direct response to the article by the New York Times titled BlackBerry As Black Sheep, Thorsten highlighted many of the points BlackBerry users customers themselves addressed:

“BlackBerry as Black Sheep in Smartphones” lacks the balance your readers expect.

With more than 80 million customers globally, BlackBerry is growing and remains one of the world’s most popular smartphones. I’ve just come from visiting carriers and partners in all parts of the world, and they have told me that there are millions of BlackBerry fans out there who not only find great value in their device, but also pride in being a BlackBerry owner.

While any report of dissatisfaction among our users is a cause for concern that I take very seriously, the comments supporting BlackBerry both online and in calls we’ve received from our customers in response to your article are encouraging to me.

BlackBerry remains the leader in providing security for corporate customers, which is why more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 rely on BlackBerry. It’s true that some companies put restrictions on accessing certain applications for security reasons, but applications like Yelp and OpenTable are, in fact, among the approximately 100,000 apps available in BlackBerry AppWorld.

We’ve received excellent feedback from carriers, developers and partners for our upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform and are on track to deliver it in the first quarter of 2013. We appreciate the customers who have remained loyal to the BlackBerry platform and look forward to winning back many who have left.

This isn't the first time Thorsten has had to deal with the media directly and it certainly won't be the last. Personally, I like seeing the CEO take on the misinformation and hit and run articles that come up.

It does make me wonder though how many people agree. Should Thorsten be addressing these articles directly? I'm sure you all have some strong thoughts on it. So please, sound off in the comments how you all feel about.

Source: NYT

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RIM CEO Thorsten Heins defends BlackBerry and its customers


+1000. Someone needs to confront this journalism propaganda... It is complete B. S. and I'm not talking Black Sheep (it is bull sheister)!

I read the article (link below) and it is pathetic garbage. They make it sound like all BB phones are useless. I do more with my BB than most people do with their iPhone and Android phones, faster and more accurately! The article is so far off the mark it is hogwash anti-BB lies...

They say one guy with a BB is ridiculed and publicly humiliated because he depends on all his iPhone and Android friends for navigation, sport scores, restaurant search, feels his browser is too slow, poor GPS, sh!tty camera, and so on, and then they quote a guy who goes off insulting Alec Saunders just because he is showing support to developers, saying it is signs of a desperate company and that because of that he won't buy a BB.

This article deserved a response. It is nothing more than paid bashing probably sponsored by a competitor, or so it seems. Sure I can go out and find somebody who absolutely hated the iPhone and write an article about it too. So Nicole Perlroth, the writer, decided to focus on a few people who have no idea how to use their BB or have 10 year old models and never updated anything on them.

Apple has journalists eating out of the palm of their hand. Nothing can be trusted anymore. These guys must get so many kickbacks from industry, one way or the other... Reviewers are mostly paid vultures these days who are totally biased because if they write an honest review that doesn't agree with the company, they never get a device to try ever again. You have to look hard for a reviewer or company that says it like it is and isn't under the influence of industry.

The article link:


i agree this NY imes article is compleete BULLSHIT. I've seen a few doosies in my day but it keeps getting worse. Now they are using personal opinions, and interviewing two others as representing the whole population of blackberry subscribers??? There is no integrity left in journalism, its just about agreeing with the most people possible so the editor keeps publishing your articles

You guys are funny. The article is pretty much how all the people who left BlackBerry felt before they left it. So the article is pretty accurate. If this article was complete "bullshit" you wouldn't have to defend BB so religiously. You would just laugh it off and move on. I do have high hopes for BB10 but BB in its current form is outdated and failing.

That is great and all but you are aware he didn't really say anything right? This article touted that BB users often times can use the smartphone for smartphone activities, and he brought up Yelp and the future.

The truth is, there is some sadness and at the same time, there is a lot of hope! Rim needs to focus less on dissing people back in the media, ignoring them would be best, and focus more on delivering their product on time and letting the world know about it once it does happen.

He is the CEO, it would be far worse for him to get scrappy over an ill thought out article. He made his point simply by replying at all. The NY Times and their readers will see that things are changing and RIM is not acting like they have in the past.

Exactly. You don't want your CEO slugging it out in the back alley or it would look like desperation.

That said, calling The NY Times on this will accomplish two things. First, that reporter will think twice before putting out poorly researched garbage. Second, other reporters will take note. I am reguarly amazed over articles by supposed "tech experts" and how uninformed they can be.

I hope what even when BB10 becomes successful and begins winning marketshare by the end of 2013-14 mr Heins continues to be close to the Blackberry nation and continues addressing us as people not just people who buy his products but as people that continue to strive to be known as people that have stuck with BB

just another bump, the onslaught continues :p
if nyt changed their 'news' from "Quick Hide The Blackberry, It's Too Uncool" to "The Blackberry As Black Sheep" when lots of people defended blackberry on comments, now it's wsj's tech blog made a comic strip about blackberry:


it is us now the target. what they called "blackberry sheep" lol.
as for me, i'm not blackberry sheep. i'm not brutally fanatic about blackberry. i am #blackberrybychoice. if android has what blackberry have i would buy android and become a robot. if iphone can go back to earth by making it's fullprice reasonable, then i would buy it and be an isheep.

i choose blackberry, because i need it, when I can afford it. i wanted to buy a blackberry since 2008, and just got one last year. i'm not blinded by trends/hypes. i buy what i need to buy, i use what i need to use. i'm not a fanboy. i defend blackberry so they can keep giving services to me, and to other people, because i need it. not because i worship it.

Looks like its only the NYT because if anybody saw the last presidential debate CNN was all about BlackBerry, flashing it and mentioning it!

BB by choice!

Brilliant! THAT's why you are our fearless leader...

And OT: Yes, every once in a while you should let them know you care and that mindless dribble has no place in print if you take your readers seriously.

What is ironic in this situation is that the NYT is one of the companies listed as currently working on a App for BB10, I do believe. Kind of makes you smile.

Exactly.. Smoke and mirrors. Just like when everyone went nuts because they dropped support for their current OS apps. They left out the fact they will be one of the launch partners for BlackBerry 10.

He needs to start SUING for misleading news articles.


...which reminds me...where can we order those shirts? Or at least get a hold of the pic file to have some made locally?

Love the pic! xD

I won that T-shirt last month but never got it in the mail. I guess it must've been lost in transit. Boo-urns!

Kevin, you are the best cheerleader BlackBerry/RIM has ever had. Keep it coming!

Personally, I have always loved BlackBerry and will continue to love my BlackBerry. Why? Because it is the best of the best! It always does what I want it to do. Am so looking forward to "THE 10."


Ok, another stupid article... BUT, we NEED BB10 OUT, and we need it YESTERDAY!

Honestly, despite ALL of the delays so far, this last 3-4mos delay is THE WORST and might be the deciding factor.

Q4-2012 is the MOTHER of all Smartphone launches, Galaxy S3, Note2, iPhone 5, Lumia 920, HTC 8X, all of new Windows 8 devices, and possibly another Nexus phone (oct. 29).

Missing the Q4, to NOT being in the discussion, reviews, comparison, on the shelf, as a CHOICE in the corporations BYOD or as available phones is HUGE. I mean it's absolutely devastating.

Our company of 45,000 employees with 30,000 phones, is *considering* to DROP BB from the list of available phones, while they've added iPhone, Galaxy, and in 2 weeks, the Lumia 920 to the list... more companies may follow, WHEN they start to plan their 2013.

I seriously think even if the Apps weren't there at the launch, as long as the OS is stable, and the phone specs and design are up to par, they MUST release BB10 ASAP or the game might be lost before the *perfect launch*. :(

I worry about all the Q4 2012 launches as well, and RIM has certainly addressed this.

I think one way RIM could position themselves better before launch is an onslaught of ads ASAP that show what is coming. Ads targeting both the business and the general consumer.

Hopefully corporate purchasers would decide to wait rather than buy now or open BYOD. Every time I see another U.S. state Dept of Education decide to buy iPads I can't believe it. PlayBooks fit that need so much better for less $$.

For the general consumer, if my contract is up and I am thinking new device for Christmas, I am open to ads. If I have pretty much decided what I want, but then see a RIM ad that makes me drool, I am going to delay.

Hopefully we will hear soon about some kind of upgrade promotions that would also help.

Fuck yeah Thor! I just emailed NYTimes on their yellow journalism, sent them this picture of Thor also with our fingers!

LMFAO!!! Yeah that's pretty clear. Let's hope the ppl at nyt can understand it since they put out the nonsense anyways. Good shet kevin!

Actions speak louder than words. Just get back to work and release the BB10 phones already!

Exactly! Best way to defend Bberry... is to release BB10. Even better if that happens in November 2012 instead of March 2013.

This is what he is meant to be doing, they have dozens or hundreds of developers all working hard to get bb10 done.

Love to see Thor kicking ass and taking names. If I were the NYT author who wrote that article I'd be feeling pretty dumb right now.

Thor is fighting on our behalf, because he believes in us, the Blackberry By Choicers.
We fight on behalf of Blackberry because we believe in Blackberry

I appreciate Thor stepping in for us when this happens, as I'm sure if the NYT, iBGR, CNet or Venturebeat, get any more "correspondence" from me, I may end up in jail.

Thanks Thor.

I Bleed Black and Berry.

For this NYT thing, BGR properly called out the new york times for their light on facts article. Maybe they have decided to be more neutral.

P.S. "I Bleed Black and Berry." LOL, that's epic.

Hello Mr. Pot? This Mr. Kettle calling.
As for the rest. There are few more viscerally satisfying emotions than to see a darkened ego awash in sunlight.

The top 5 things RIM needs to do to make a comeback:

This can be done through in-store displays and advertising. If you walk into an Apple authorized reseller, you'll see a special section for iPhone with distinguished signage that is hard to miss. It raises the brand's profile above anybody else. There's no reason why RIM can't do the same for BB10 devices at no expense and/or hassle to resellers.
You'll recall seeing two TV spots on CrackBerry, one showing a woman relying on her BlackBerry to assist in successfully setting up her business. The other showed a man creatively using bridge to propose to his girlfriend (a moving spot, even for guys). They're two of the best advertisements not only for handset manufacturers, but ever. Yet they never saw the light of day outside social media. They could still run those commercials worldwide since there is no dialogue. RIM faces a monumental task to get the message through in a meaningful way.
Gone should be the days of BlackBerry users saying, "I wish they made that app for BlackBerry". Enough! RIM must creative a generous, meaningful, innovative revenue sharing model for developers. This, in essence, is paying devs to create apps for the new platform. It will most certainly get their attention and encourage most to develop for BB10, instead of developing for the other three platforms then stopping.
There has been little mention of gaming on BB10. Face it, that has become a huge component of the industry. All other platforms are seriously growing this offering and reaping the rewards. Research in Motion should do the same. That would also demonstrate the diversity of BB10...overcoming the public's perception that BlackBerry is simply a messaging device.
Offer specific one-on-one training sessions in person for resellers. Put the devices in the hands of every single salesperson in the world during the learning curve (with the option to keep it for free; if not they hand them in as a previously used device). Retailers would order a specific amount of handsets exclusively for their frontline staff. RIM would provide them free of charge. If it means supplying one handset to sell three or four more, so be it.

There are surely more things that can be done. RIM needs to leave no stone untouched to see tangible growth in 2013.

I agree with all your points, though I think they've got a good start on #4 actually. PlayBook has a bunch of games (and good ones) that will run on this.

Whenever people see my PlayBook and assume it's like an old BlackBerry, they fall over when they see the gaming on it.

Yeah, this other day i was thinking that they should have a display, like tv connected to through the hdmi, for in store demos, 'cause it would attract people to come and have a look...

Yeah I believe he did a great job of defending blackberry user out there. It shows how dedicated and how he cares for his customers. Honestly, I wattched some of the old blackberry world and devcon when the previous co-ceo's were in charged, and he is doing one awesome job. Heinz's speeches and performance on stage is way better than when mike did them.

I just wished he would have made a reply to the articles about the so called march release to clarify that. But guess not haha

Keep doing what you are doing TH. This man has things under control! RIM is in great hands now and he will deliver the goods.

your damn right he should be addressing these it shows he cares i know RIM past and i dont ever remember the CEO's Mike and Jim being so vocal and it made it hard to feel that they cared anymore. I feel a great change in RIM and Heins for his efforts i get the feeling he cares and does want a huge turn around not just for him but to help bring a comapny back to the top where it belongs.

thats my 2 cents anyways lol

TH response is excellent and deals head on with disinformation. I don't think a communications strategy has included dealing with things like this the last few years, so really glad to see. It was professional/objective too which was good. Don't want to see that NYT app get pulled before it even launches for BB10. :)

IM loving RIM these days. Scrappy, underdog, best with dev team. they are a start up in my mind and one thats going to rise to the top. #teamblackberry!

We have been a Blackberry family for years. I have tried android phones but I have come back to Blackberry. Currently we are using the 9930 and 9850 smartphones. They really are the best.

I haven't remained loyal, but I am ready to come back as soon as RIM launches an LTE BB10 Berry with a full Qwerty.

Reading this article makes me mad. I'm blackberry for life, use a 9900 curerently and a playbook. This arcticle really makes me laugh since when my GF and I drive around to new restaraunts or on a vacation to a new town, we ALWAYS use my my blackberry to navigate and find places to go. She uses a GSIII. I can accomplish tasks on my BB much faster on my blackberry then she can on her android. My battery also lasts longer then hers. Maybe someone should write an artcle about our phone usage, lol.

Go Thorsten!! I have mad respect for Thorsten for sticking up to us LOYAL BlackBerry users.
I can't wait for BB10 to be released. The NYTimes can kiss my ass!!! Peirs Morgan tweeted yesterday that he's NOT ashamed of his BlackBerry. Good for him! We need more high profile celebrities to stand up for BlackBerry. I think Thorsten should use someone like Kim Kardashian to promote BB10. I don't care for the Kardashian's but I will admit she is a beautiful woman, she loves BlackBerry and sex does sell.....just sayin...:p

Kevin, I think you need to sell some t-shirts. Like "BlackBerry for life" or BlackBerry Rules. I'll wear it loud and proud!!!

Your damn right that he should be addressing the utter garbage that spewed forth from the NYTimes article. And good on him, and on RIM in general, for beginning to push back and defend themselves.

Oh, as for the NYTimes - subscription cancelled and no thank you, I don't a BB10 app. You can spread your "truth" elsewhere.

Thorsten has a mullet in Kevins photo.

On a side note, my son was watching TVO Kids, and right after one of the shows was done an advertisement for TVO apps in BlaskBerry App World came on. It even had a PlayBook. It was specifically for BlackBerry with no other tablets mentioned; it was nice to see for a change.

Kevin for Board of Directors.

I couldn't agree with him more.

He is tired of all these lying articles.
He will be a famous tech writer down the road. .... non bias. That is what people want.

Mess with the bull and you get the horns......nice baby! Take them on directly and stand up for yourself, your customers, your brand and your company!!!!!!

Any person who sees my username knows how I feel. In a sea of iOS and Android devices which are good for what they're used for, I feel safely anchored with my 9810 and my Playbook. I never say the devices are perfect, but they're perfect for me.

My only gripe with this article is the tone that many of my friends who were former BlackBerry users took when Android came out. The writer makes it sound like BlackBerry hasn't changed at all in the last 5 years. What devices were the interviewees using? I can almost guarantee they weren't using current BBs if they were saying they were ashamed of them. The 9900 is gorgeous, the 9810 is beautiful, the 9850 is slick! The only current BB I wouldn't be caught dead with is the 9981 (personal opinion, that thing's ugly as sin).

Best thing ever, when the CEO of a company comes out to retaliate or defend his company. It shows he cares for the company, the product AND its users. The Mighty Thorsten has been quite open and forthcoming since he took the job. Classic how he called our fearless leader Crackberry Kevin and told him the job was taken!

Unless someone blows up RIM and all BlackBerry devices in existence simultaneously, I'm always gonna be BERRY 4 LIFE!

Isn't this the job of the PR department? More so, RIM should proactive 'promote' their products, not waiting for negative media and then trying to do damage control! Too late, damage is done.

I'm sticking with BlackBerry! Go Thorsten! Contrary to being ashamed of my BlackBerry I mock iPhone users daily for using a product for "tech n00bs"!

Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.

Thorsten Heins as CEO was simply one of the best moves ever by RIM. This guy not only gets it from a technology perspective but he has the discipline to execute as a manager. The truth,however, my crackberry colleagues is that you will have to endure more silly articles like that of the NYT for the next few months. It is pretty clear that Apple, Android and MS have absolutely nothing left in the innovation gas tank while BB10 is well, miles if not world's ahead of this crowd. History reminds us that it is the deadwood that always tries to kill off the inventive/creative before it gets started. The problem is that the revolution has already started.

Thorsten Heins as CEO was simply one of the best moves ever by RIM. This guy not only gets it from a technology perspective but he has the discipline to execute as a manager. The truth,however, my crackberry colleagues is that you will have to endure more silly articles like that of the NYT for the next few months. It is pretty clear that Apple, Android and MS have absolutely nothing left in the innovation gas tank while BB10 is well, miles if not world's ahead of this crowd. History reminds us that it is the deadwood that always tries to kill off the inventive/creative before it gets started. The problem is that the revolution has already started.

have you actually used a bb 10 phone for an extended period of time. how do you know that it is "worlds ahead". just because thorsten heins said so?. if steve jobs told apple fans something like that bb fanboys (the zealot fans) would be bombarding them with names like isheep and commenting on jobs' kool aid

Dude, just look at the numerous videos here and on YouTube. Think of the concept of a hub, flow, and balance. These are huge innovations in OS and UI design. How about real multi-tasking and then there is the enhance security of the microkernal design and invocation abilities of QNX. Does Apple have anything close to these abilities. No, Zip. Crickets.

Then how about expandability and cross platform compatibility. Apple is a closed system where an iPhone can barely communicate with an iPAD. What's up with that? BB10 is an open platform that is easily expandable. Look at the ease at which NFC is being added and how QNX is already running in car systems worldwide! And what about apple? Nothing, just silence.

And let's not forget the communication side where Apple is simply desperately behind and will never catch RIM.

The iPhone is a mobile computing platform which has an APP store of considerable depth. That is its primary selling feature. People want this and RIM needs to strengthen its showing in this area. That is it. From all indications, RIM is putting alot of resources in this area and it looks like the 3rd party support will be strong. So, tell me why would you buy an iPhone in 6 months?

Dude, just look at the numerous videos here and on YouTube. Think of the concept of a hub, flow, and balance. These are huge innovations in OS and UI design. How about real multi-tasking and then there is the enhance security of the microkernal design and invocation abilities of QNX. Does Apple have anything close to these abilities. No, Zip. Crickets.

Then how about expandability and cross platform compatibility. Apple is a closed system where an iPhone can barely communicate with an iPAD. What's up with that? BB10 is an open platform that is easily expandable. Look at the ease at which NFC is being added and how QNX is already running in car systems worldwide! And what about apple? Nothing, just silence.

And let's not forget the communication side where Apple is simply desperately behind and will never catch RIM.

The iPhone is a mobile computing platform which has an APP store of considerable depth. That is its primary selling feature. People want this and RIM needs to strengthen its showing in this area. That is it. From all indications, RIM is putting alot of resources in this area and it looks like the 3rd party support will be strong. So, tell me why would you buy an iPhone in 6 months?

@red_devil_fan_1999, I don't know where the term 'isheep' came from but I am #blackberrybychoice. I don't visit apple's websites,I visit blackberry sites and neutral/general sites. I don't come to apple site and badmouthing/bash/insult them there.

I'm here (on blackberry sites and neutral/general sites) defending my future (continuous use of blackberry) against those who come and bash/insult/badmouthing/etc blackberry (which is a threat for my future).

But I don't come to apple/android sites and say bad things about them there.

Society feeds off of bad news because it's ussually more interesting then the bad news. If these articles are not addressed then people start thinking its fact and not just some rumour. I think companies should pay attention to how Thorsten is dealing with the media. How many other companies jump on the air ways and address any negative news? GOOD JOB MR. HEINS!

I'm getting more and more frustrated with my Galaxy... it's great for media stuff. But it fails me when it comes to messaging (like emails being stuck in the outbox... what the?), battery life is poor, and the filing system is frustrating (how many folders do you need for downloading docs?), and I miss my BB shortcut keys and universal search....
I read the nyt article and yes there is mockery out there, but as I mentioned before the old BB OS still out does Android and IOS in some crucial areas, and in the other areas? wait till BB10 is here...then we'll talk.

Love to see it addressed and want blackberry to start getting the advertising a lot more out front and in your face noticeable as well. I am BlackBerry proud and will own nothing but

I support anyone who switched to android or iphone to switch back when this finally comes out. Once they buy bb10 though I will show no mercy in questioning them. So why did you leave and then come back???? So are you admitting that you were wrong and blackberry is better???? So I stayed the whole time but you left and came back. Who was right?????

Waayy to go boss man! Loyal bb user for about 5yrs straight! Bb10 is going to rock on Q1! BB Is going to take over!

i want a tools not a toys.

This is f'n awesome, way to defend your current and near future. TH knows what needed to be done and they went to work. NYT is a huge deal accross the world, nothing better than the CEO to come out and stick it.

He can't chase every article, but this was the New York Times. RIM needed to address the total fabrication of the truth and they needed the CEO to do it. Well done!!!!!!!!!

MISINFORMATION??? Fact! Anybody with a blackberry device now sound off and tell me what is good about it besides BBM! Browser no, Apps hell no! Fluid No, easy to use no.

Simply put RIM is playing catch up in the worst way and BB10 should of been released instead of the incremental upgrade from OS6 to OS7.

we've accepted the truth already. with that being said, get out and dont let the door hit you on the way out. actually i hope the door does hit your @ss.

Oh how I wish you would try and say that to my face but like a typical coward you do it behind the safety of a pc screen.

6 Piccadilly lane, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago come for the island life and when you ready the beat down.

apparently its not going to happen since were all international..lol listen, i would say it to your face since with out any problems. but since youre getting all butt hurt about it...ahhahaha get a life and move on.

I tried iphone 4s and switched back, but have an iPad2 issued by work. Currently using 9930 and a 32gb Playbook.
Why? Answer to your request to tell you what is good about a Blackberry device:
1) Keyboard prevents swearing and improves accuracy
2) Phone works; almost never a dropped call
3) Combination touch screen and keyboard versatile
4) Battery life is sufficient
5) E-mail simply works
6) Texting simply works
7) Bridge function: a) allows me anywhere access to the internet without monthly service charges (the Playbook has paid for itself). b) Allows me to type notes unobtrusively, quickly and accurately on a keyboard. c) Playbook has a simple, clean and elegant HDMI connection and powerful speakers to show movies or powerpoint presentations, controlled by the 9930. d) Full access to the internet and related document production/editing apps via Google Docs, Sugar Sync, Dropbox, and others.
8) Built-in task manager for the phone (unlike iphone 4s; perhaps the 5 has it, I don't know)
9) Sufficient apps to do what I need to do
10) Fluid, yes (especially with the Playbook). In comparison with the iphone and ipad, in which I was and am continually having to back out of apps, dive into apps, back out again, switch over, back in...Feels like I'm doing the butterfly.
11) I don't have to think like Steve Jobs used to.

Ahhh but there are a few more !

12) Don't have to buy a connector to do anything useful (SD, HDMI)
13) Networking is brilliant, simply turn on sharing, open up Windows Explorer
14) No stupid home button
15) SD card and removable battery
16) Best of both worlds secure email communication while using open source tools
17) Better quality apps than droid
18) BB10 will have best UI of all mobile platforms
19) BB10 will have #1 browser on the planet
20) BB10 has Flash support

ok folks jump in and add another dozen !

That's true, you and the other iPhone bashers do it here, in the comfort of your home base. It seems like there should be somebody here to confront them.

Three year iphone user. Lost a bet . Had to use blackberry for three weeks I'm on week two. Now that I know how to use it. I LOVE IT NOT GOING BACK BLACKBERRY FOR LIFE!

I use BB9900. Ios4s . G111 my BB files everything faster and easyer. I would never bring my ios or andriod to my under job. It simple would not be aloud to enter do to no encryption and no real sacureity. The BB has better sound when listing to music via Bluetooth . It emails faster and simpler. Its a joy to type with I can do allmost 26 wpm now lol I know not fast but I'm at about 11 or 13 on the others.the short cuts on the keyboard are amazing the other have nothing that compares . when emailing or texting or surfing the net everything "cut,copy,past,select,spell check,send " is allways one button away. For people like me who do the BB is so far ahead of the other platforms there is no real comparison. Its like they(competitors) said let's try to distract the stupid people with angry birds and touch screen and mybe they won't notice our phones are toys. And hey those stupid people do make up 70 percent of the population we can make a lot of money of them.......ya good ideal but we better make it simple . One button only. . Yeah it has more then one button if that frightens you changes are your a part of the 70 percent and this is not the phone for you. Hey don't feel bad play some angry bird and forget all about it. Lol I truly love the blackberry now that I know how to use it. I learn somthing new everyother day.blackberrys are for people that get things done p.s its really good at chattin wit ya friends to lol. Still play games on my ios and watch movies on andriod. Bigger screens if BB10 is what I thing it will be I well have no use for my ios or the google OS. P.s.s everything I have mentioned above from what I have read BB have been doing for a decade or more so who's playing chatch up? Come q1 the others well look silly once again.

This isn't some jerk.with a blog. High profile misinformation and outright slander most definitely needs to be addressed swiftly and efficiently just as Thorsten has done.

The marketing and media relations departments do need to present the company in a positive light yes, but they need to be backed by the CEO and other members of the executive management teamas needed.

Kevin, since we're on that topic, what happened to the celebrity pics? Is the news calling celebrities Black Sheep too, or do they not have the cojones?

Hey I kinda like being part of the Black Sheep Family....

I had a 1983 Blacksheep Civic it was a great car, drove it like a wild horse, and then there is the Black Sheep Squadron TV show, hey they were a special team in the south pacific !

BlackBerry Sheep by Choice !

This is where RIM has to grow.
Other brands (name them in your head) have armies of "trend makers", "forum watchers", "community managers" and e-reputation contractors that make their image brighter.
We're in the "real-time" spread here. Media like twitter, G+, FB ... are instantly duplicating "informations" any reader can find relevant, mostly because it serves his ego ("I'm aware of latest news, I read it on the webz, so it's true"), without any precaution. Also, brands can use it as a counter-fire when they are in trouble; "too much info kills the info" is now a well known technique.
This particular article went all around in minutes (even here @CB; I think there is 3 or 4 threads related to this).
It is worldwide but also country specific, that's why you need some kind of "army" of "preachers", some being hired by RIM, some - like many of us - doing their best with no reward expected to straighten the reality, or at least break its distortion.
Almost 8 months ago, I wrote here that RIM needed a team of identified/certified "evangelists" outside the sole perimeter of developers (in this area Saunders did an excellent job and his team of "software evangelists" is really efficient and visible). It seems easy but it's a real challenge; it must be organized, monitored and moderated, arguments must be somehow "standardized" in order to manage a coherent corporate institutional social communication. More, a C.E.O shouldn't expose himself to direct fight. Instead, he should inject only selected themes (therefore the monitoring), just like the "busted" campaign Saunders did in various conference. A PR job that should be diluted with subtle injections in each and every interviews or conferences. Again, that's really a challenge.

So, Mister Boulben : "c'est l'heure de mettre le paquet". I believe this is what you're doing right now, as you stated that "online communities and social media" will be one of the prioritized communication action. I believe it's time to deliver. Now.

P.S : I'm available. Anytime.

If you are embarrassed of having a blackberry, then don't get one.

Sure it doesn't have a lot of apps, but you should know that before buying a BB

Blackberry is all about the security and all the awesome Blackberry jizz that RIM has to offer, lol

BB9900!! FTW!!! :D

Why so serious?
If it threatening me (to be able to continuously using blackberry) why wouldn't I be serious? I'm not american either lol.

You should read what android fans does and still doing at my country. Android fans in my country are way more emotional than people at crackberry. Plainly insulting other OS is their daily meals. I stopped coming to that one site,though it's one of the biggest neutral/general tech site in my country. Too much junk on the comments,plainly only insulting each other, with the site owners/mods turn a blind eye. Or whatever the term.

So regarding your comment, it's not country related. It's people related.

The author of the article must be a nut case...... he summarized the the sales rep's frustration with her BlackBerry, such as being embarrassed and wanting to hit it with a bat, as someone speaking about a embarrassing relative. Come on, would you really club your relative or anyone for that matter, just because you are either embarrassed or frustrated with that person.

Secondly for someone like The New York Times for even publishing this as a noteworthy article in the Technology section of their website is beyond comprehension. It should have been in the BGR, where some random sales person's opinion could be credited as an expert analysis.

By the way, Ms. Crosby how shallow can you be to be embarrassed by the type of phone you carry. There are meant to be a means of communication not a personal character matrix........

Certainly he needs to keep addressing the nonsense been sprouted by these guys who are trying to bury the bb nation.

Someone may have pointed this out, I am time constricted so I didn't read every post. If I am doubling up, sorry.

The Blacksheep thing could be a very effective theme, the more it goes viral, the better. There are many ways to play it, could be just the thing.


I personally love my Blackberry & I'm not one of these die hard "fanboys" either. I'm still using a 9700 & honestly think its one of the best phones I've had. Like the one person mentioned in the article when you ask people about the iphone it's always "we have this app or that app" but it's all games & stupid stuff they mention. I don't have time at work to sit & play angry birds for hours on end. I've never had a problem with my browser & at times it's beaten my friends iphones. I also love how 2 people were "interviewed" who hate their phones, well go get another one if it's that bad. Ashamed, I think not, it's a phone, when did it become some sort of status symbol? I have an ipad (not by choice, Lord knows I'd never buy one) but thru work. Do I like it? I guess so, I think that some things are better with my Playbook, like running multiple screens. I can't believe the ipad doesn't come with a "word" type app already on it when my Playbook has DocsToGo. All in all it breaks down to what a person likes & enjoys using. I'll never be ashamed of my Berry, it works for me & does what I need it to.

An article which was picked up by Yahoo and I most certainly left my comments about how BS NYT is in the first place. That paper is so freaking biased it's pitiful. NYT has very little credibility to me. I only read it when it's the only thing available to read in the sh!tter.

I don't think the article was even well written. It lacked any real information and the Quoted comments felt staged. I read through the comments and they are quite blind. One said "I bet more than one BB Exec carries an iPhone or Android." I doubt that. Blackberry and Nokia are the companies with a lot of corporate pride, They back the company they work for. I can't say that for Nokia anymore though, they have changed.

Someone said to ignore media articles like this but I don't quite agree. RIM in the past had ignored ill media reports like this and that really didn't help them. Thorsten is right to speak up and defend his company and his customers in a semi-neutral way that he did. However, I wonder if he's taking on too much himself. That is, I think it would have been better if Boulben or whomever in charge of PR, should have been the one to speak out instead of the head CEO.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Journalists don't write articles in a vacuum. Especially not for a journal like the New York Times.

Somebody wanted negative publicity about BlackBerry and was willing to pay a journalist to create an article - the question is who?

This article might actually be a good thing, it certainly hit a few nerve's of the BlackBerry faithful. The pendulum may be starting to swing the other way now, bring on BB 10 FTW !

I rather be singled out with my bb then be seeing with an Iphone.

You have to have balls to own a bb....

Berries forever!!!!!

I am die hard blackberry!!! As I said to the isheep users "I will own the last blackberry available cause I will be using a blackberry as long as Rim is in business. Now can I have my bb10 please? I am so proud of Thorsen representing blackberry as well as he has....

I think the writer of the article has a bad agenda, did you realize that he said blackberry phones lacks of social media?

If you never touched a blackberry you won't see what it is about, the keyboard and shortcuts are killer!

press m then c then type email fast in keyboard then send (2 press on bb button) = email sent in 10 sec.

for bbm, press n press click then type then enter, = message sent to gf in 4 seconds.

press L press c then write, = appoinment made in 3 seconds.

do you really think that you can do all this things that faster without keyboard? I tried and failed, I am very happy with my 9900 before i got my bb10keyboard phone!

Good that thorsten kicked ass and corrected that misinforming article which had a bunch of blantant lies. NYT can kiss my sharty ass after I got up from the can to wipe it off. Lol