Listen to the full audio recording from the BlackBerry World press session with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins!

Thorsten Heins
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 May 2012 03:52 pm EDT

We already wrote about the awesome session that was held at BlackBerry World 2012 between the 150+ press in attendance and RIM's new CEO Thorsten Heins. Video recording wasn't allowed, but I did put the Voice Recorder app to use on my Bold 9900 and managed to capture the audio from the entire session. I highly recommend listening to it. Heins seriously Rock & Rolled it!  

Disclaimer 1: As noted, I recorded this on a Bold 9900 from quite a distance. There's some background noise and you'll have to crank up the audio and listen carefully, but you should be able to pick up most of it.

Disclamer 2: The session started off pretty embarassingly for yours truly. Me and Adam were at the session early when only a few people were there, so I was up on the stage at the podium and had Adam snapping photos (for use in future blog posts of course). Adam told me to take off my press badge. I did. I forgot it up there. What's the first thing Thorsten sees when he takes to the stage and walks up to the podium in a now jam packed room of people? My badge. Funny stuff. Listen for it. :)

Audio File: Download .MP3

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Listen to the full audio recording from the BlackBerry World press session with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins!


Imagine if that was Mike L. or Jim B.

Even though they'd never do a Press Event, just imagine....

I appreciate this recording Kevin, thank you. Unlike some of these dorks demanding penta-core phones with 100mp cameras and 6"+ displays, my daydreams are a lot more simple. He clarified twice in his speech that RIM will absolutely be producing a qwerty BB10. Hearing all that has put some serious concerns at ease and has made me much more optimistic and less skeptical than before about BB10. Very excellent :)

So it wasn't just me that heard Thorsten say that. Been in a quandry as to do with my 9700 in a few weeks..whether to stick with it for another 12 months praying for a physical keyboard version or take the 9900 on a 2 year contract!

Twice for good measure :)
In detail during his speech, and also one of the press guys brought it up during the Q&A. I'm still a tad nervous about just how drastically the UI is going to change, but I'm grateful they're sticking with what they do best. I have to be honest that I didn't have a lot of trust or faith in Thorsten when he took over, but what he's accomplished up to now and what he's promised, so far, I am starting to really appreciate the guy.

I've watched both Thorsten's keynotes and his enthusiasm is great now it's time for him to deliver and I think he will! Ideally would love to see a 9900 like device with BB10 under the hood!

Thanks to the crackberry staff for making all this information available. I feel like I had the best seat in the house and didn't have to pay thousands of dollars for flight, hotel, registration, etc. Keep up the excellent work! It is hard work, but this shows your true dedication and passion towards Blackberry. Buy RIMM stock now!

I believe the PlayBook would have been a better recording device for this session. But I am grateful that you were able to get it done.....

Thorsten for President!!!

I am having issues with the new OS.
I have to have it yestersay so please release a beta for Playbook or I might just have to offer a deal devs can't refuse! I need BB10 in my life!!! Who wants to bargain!?


Kevin, I am sorry but could understand the audio feed clearly. Can you post a highlights of this session as a write up. Would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and thank you for the wonderful coverage of the events. I was closely following your tweets. After BBWC 2012, my confidence in RIM has gone up one step further. Let's rock and roll this!!!

"Let's Rock and Roll This"

Bold-ly loving Life!

Thank you all for your hard work and bringing this to your followers/members!!

Hey Kevin and Crackberry if you get more recordings like this get a video/audio guy to crank the volume and then through a limiter on it so its easier to listen to. email and I can always do it for you.

Thanks Kev, I read the disclamer and cranked the volume at the beginning, only to get my ears blown out when you clapped and whistled :p

Excellence is all I must say. Listening to the optimism and updating two Linux running machines in the process. :)