RIM CEO interview confirms January BlackBerry 10 launch

BlackBerry 10
By Chris Umiastowski on 9 Jul 2012 05:08 pm EDT

*UPDATE* - We reached out to RIM to get clarification on the BlackBerry 10 launching in January comment and here is what we got back - "We obviously want it to launch as soon as possible and that’s the point Thorsten was making, but as we’ve stated before, the goal is Q1 calendar 2013 and that remains our goal. "

This afternoon I had a chance to read through the entire interview that our friend Al Sacco from CIO.com did with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins. It's a great read, and in my opinion it is one of Thorsten's best interviews yet. It's a long interview, but definitely worth your time.

I really wish RIM would have done as good a job communicating on the Q1 conference call so that they wouldn't need to redeem themselves like this now. But it is what it is.

RIM really needs to keep hammering its message home. Because it seems that no matter what they say there is a steady flow of misinformation about the company. Just today, I was watching BNN (Canada's business TV channel) and two guests were discussing RIM. They are both professionals who should be more careful than to spew garbage. Yet one of the guests said RIM is now burning cash. He said it as if it's a fact, which is completely wrong.

So, I went through Al Sacco's interview with Thorsten and here are the bits that I thought were most interesting.

BlackBerry 10 comes in January. Remember how I commented on Thorsten's CBC radio interview a few days ago? In that interview Thorsten said the BB10 delay was only two months. And now, today, in the CIO.com interview he's saying the release is scheduled for January. His exact quote was, "In January with the full touch device and the QWERTY coming, I think we will reinstall faith in RIM."

A QWERTY device comes very soon after an all-touch device. Thorsten commented a few times that there will be only a short wait between the first and second BB10 devices. And it sounds like both are currently scheduled for January, which is great.

RIM really feels they need to crack the all-touch market. Thorsten acknowledges that RIM is losing market share globally. He believes the QWERTY market has a much slower growth rate than the all-touch market. So RIM needs to crack this market to recover (especially in the USA). Kevin has written about this before, and it's obvious RIM agrees.

Thorsten has experience with turnarounds. This is something I didn't realize. RIM's CEO was at Siemens running the optical transport division at a time when it was losing money. According to Thorsten, "It was an aged portfolio, outdated, under heavy attack from Chinese competitors, and we turned it around. One and a half, two years later, it turned profitable, and then it became the most profitable division of Siemens actually."

RIM says carriers will support BB10 to avoid the iOS / Android duopoly. This is the most relevant quote from Thorsten: And also, the carriers are supporting us, Al, because they see a duopoly. iPhone and iOS are proprietary and basically closed to them. And they see Android now as actually kind of monopolized by Samsung". This is a strong statement, and it's certainly true that Samsung is dominating Android these days.

Why would carriers want to be controlled by Apple and Samsung? Bring on the choice. Bring on BB10.

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RIM CEO interview confirms January BlackBerry 10 launch


Definitely agree with this being Thorsten's best interview yet! I think Al Sacco did a fantastic job, the interview was very comprehensive.

However, being the eve of the annual general meeting, I think there are a lot of questions that Thorsten and the board still need to answer:

1. Hardware Business: How many BB7 devices do they expect ship in the next three quarters? And, what margins do they expect these to have? If they don't want to provide guidance, then at least provide a plan on how to sustain the decrease in revenue and income potentially eating through their cash. Shareholders, especially long-time shareholders, have the right to know this.

2. Services Business: Are they able to sustain the $1B/quarter that they bring in for this business line? With pressures from carriers to lower cost of BlackBerry services, how will this impact this business line? Are there other plans to unlock value from the Services Business? Licensing, Partnerships, Expansion to other platforms?

3. Software Business: Is the plan to eventually license BlackBerry 10 and make money off the license? If not, What is your plan to stay in the hardware business while pushing BlackBerry 10 to the market? How will you compete with Samsung and Apple? Samsung sold 200M+ devices last year a lone, and Apple sells millions with outstanding margins.

1. Volumes will be declining, by how much your guess is as good as anybody's hence the aim to make saving from other areas. The older a gadget is the slower it shifts. Surely you know that. To ask them to predict it smacks of looking for ways to bash them in a few months time.
2.As long as subscriber numbers hold steady yes, any BB connected to BIS pays. Carriers are bitching around as they pass these to us anyway.
3. Again your guess is good as anybody's. To license BB10 means somebody would have stepped forward and made an offer. That will not happen until BB10 sees the light of day and its potential is assessed.

I'd suggest the following:

1. RIM will continue to sell BB7 devices but they will be offered at a huge discount especially when the BlackBerry 10 devices launch. With those devices launching in January, RIM has two reporting periods till then. BB10 should give them significant sales in Q1/2013, as the N-series (keyboard) devices will quickly follow the L-series (all-touch) devices.

2. Yes there will be an adjustment in the service business but I think RIM is realizing that they need to improve their presence in the cloud, with more cloud-based services as Google has shown to be a winning formula.

3. I think RIM and their advisors have realized that licensing is a foolish idea. Even Google and Microsoft, who used to think the software only approach is best, have flip-flopped due to Apple's great success in recent years. RIM also had similar success in the early 2000s doing the same.

Not really... because in December, RIM will have a nice news release saying, "....it has been delayed to make sure that we provide best for our customers.... " :(

Thorsten keeps talking about the future but keeps neglecting the present. He never makes mention of OS 7 devices and the PlayBook.

We shall see - until I see the phone in the store I don't believe anything anymore. I love RIM but I am sick of waiting, sick of people asking me why I still have a Berry and tired of the over-promise/ under-deliver by the company. I think I am just worn down and grumpy. My $$ awaits.

It's official! RIM has the worst marketing in the tech sector!!!!! If Thorsten has said this two weeks ago, the company would not have been bombarded with bad press and a 20% loss in equity. It's not a Mikey L thing. They just need someone to do damage control and manage their image and the great BlackBerry name.

Nevertheless, I know whatever they produce in January, I'm buying! Here's my $600 for a shiny new BB10 L-series smartphone :) The RIMpire will rise once again!

Wow I read the whole article as well and Im surprised I failed to realize that he specifically said the first device would launch in January. I guess thats what happens when you read articles too fast while on the can :(. It is refreshing.

I was very impressed by this interview. Those were some hard hitting questions I believe a lot of people have wanted to know and it was great to straight forward questions. I believe that delaying the release to January will be better in the long run for Rim. Plus, it is a way to start a new year on a high note.

Im not 100% sure that he was promising January. I HOPE that he is, but it all depends on how you read
"In January with the full touch device and the QWERTY coming"
There are 3 ways you could interperate that

1. Full touch & QWERTY are comming in Jan (I hope this is the case)
2. Full Touch will be out in Jan & the QWERTY will be comming...
3. Full Touch & QWERTY will be comming in Jan...As in, we will have seen them & have a definitive release date that we are waiting for.

I know,
I sound negative but I just thought I would point out that we never did actually come out & say BB10 will be released in January 2013

.....on an upside, RIM has helped me with this delay. My contract expires in the end of Jan. I was looking at maybe buying one at full cost in Oct/Nov...Now I can buy one subsadised on contract ;)....& as Full Touch & QWERTY are being released so close together, I can evaluate both (I love my 9900 keyboard & not sure I want to give up the QWERTY keyboard just yet.)

Four ways actually:

4) In January, when the full touch and QWERTY devices will still be "coming soon"

I would take it as the full touch comes out in Jan with the Qwerty coming out probably in Feb or early March. If this goes well, I hope they create a schedule to where the devices come a couple months out to keep momentum going.

Look everyone...birdbrain the blog nanny is back with his famous "contribute". Like I've said a million times before...you post something intelligent and the I will.


January 2012... REALLY??? Where??? Europe (as was mentioned earlier), United States??

You had a much "healthier" sense of "trust buy verify" , last week.

Who got to you?

You are beggining to believe the same "Balsille Like" drivel that has lead RIM to becoming a "$7 per share laughing stock"...

They deserve no more "BENEFITS OF DOUBT" until they start producing and hitting LAUNCH DATES...

Look everyone...birdbrain the blog nanny is back with his famous "contribute". Like I've said a million times before...you post something intelligent and then I will.

Now, for the record, I had absolutely to do with Chris' update, but isn't it amazing that I was RIGHT Again.

Now it's not January's.

Thor Balsille is really becoming the poster child for loose lips sinking the RIMM ships.

Not good. For those "realists" on your board . Theresa pretty good chance that they have no idea when BB 10 is coming out.

"Trust but verify". At this point the team at RIM does not "qualify".

You're 100% right. Now that you're validated, close your CB account. Chris U and them will stop blogging. Ok? Bye bye now.

It's just amazing how some of the commentators here totally buy everything "the used car salesman"mr Heins says ! "Hook ,line and sinker !"
" BB 10 will launch in the fall,..... In the 4 quarter ..., then in the 1 quarter of 2013..., and now January 2013" , ...on and on ....???????
Come on! Get real!

Let me throw my money at a lemon in peace. You still stand in the back row yelling isht and the CB community is sick of it. Can't you understand that your negativity is repulsive and unwelcomed? Get Lost!

Hey Perjade..
Did you stop to think that some people honestly really don't care when it comes as long as it ROCKS? I'm not due for an upgrade until next August... and I'm happy with my 9900 until then. And if you don't like whatever you are being told... there is always the option to not read the articles/comments/etc. Hmmmm... what an idea!!

It looks as Rim is trying to destroy its self with all the delays, Rim is two to three years behind the other phone guys. I hope Rim can pull it off and i have a 9930 and to me as far as emails are concern i like it better than my Motorola Rasr Maxx.

How can they be both behind and better? And you honestly believe that a iPhone 3gs is better than a current bb7 device? My 9930 runs just fine. Don't mistake the lack of applications for a lack of capability. There is a lot of untapped potential in the current handsets. That's the problem they need to fix.

Take an honest look at phones that are 3 years old before making such brash generalizations. Just because it's popular to do so, doesn't make it true

Thor already "boggled" his first launch date of BB 10.... must be taking after his predessor - used to do that all the time....

You know "Leapfrog the Competition" boy....

How did that work out???

From my new Samsung Galaxy S3

Hey spinxxx.. why the hell are you posting here? What "boggled" his first launch date are you talking about? I understood originally the end of 2012 as an estimated target for BB10. Was there a specific date given - no? Now we have a month named. Thor hasn't failed to deliver anything in my books... all delays have been under the old regime.. so cut him some slack or go somewhere else.

His record shows me, under his control as new CEO, release of PB_OS2.0 expedited and delivered earlier to HIS due date of end of Feb/12, BB JAM & release of BB10 alpha devices expedited immediately and successfully; the next goal is BB10 launch and its a big one.

You seem like a guy who has all the BB models by his name but signs his posting with his Samsung Galaxy S3.

Do us all a favour, cease your trolling, drop your CB account and go to Android Central and bother those guys.. with useless comments like that and your other comment above that one .. you're simply not welcome here..

Agree with everything except they did miss their original projected release for BB10. We all know they did. Lets not pretend they didnt. With that said, i dont care because i will be getting a qwertty device. Any zpelling errors blame my playbook.


Check out MJ - 1 up...He agrees with me and all the delusional hating here ain't gonna make RIMM better. These guys need to be reminded, every second, that guys like me - who have had multiple BlackBerry devices - are leaving in droves because of how badly they have Fubarred this company.

The "manana" attitude by our friends to the north isn't going to get er done any longer.

If you aren't smart enough to figure that out - too bad.

I want RIMM to survive and thrive.

Just can't figure you out nor do I want to.

Your last sentence is you want RIMM to survive but for the life of me I can't understand why since you continually berate and degrade RIM in any way shape or form.

If you think I'm not smart enough to figure it out as stated above it seems that you're not smart enough with you're thinking and attitude toward them to just walk away.

None of your comments are constructive in any way so I'm not at all sure why you take the effort to post here..

Leaving in droves? You trolls wont leave! Just go! You don't contribute anything worthwhile here, you just keep saying you're leaving, go away! Hahaha!

Hey troll douche.. You think anyone at RIM gives a rats ass about your bitching and moaning? If you do, please let me know because I have land on the moon that I'll sell really cheap..

Ps. Either you lied about getting an Android device or you are a sad individual with nothing better to do.

+100,000,000 at @spin, dude is hanging himself. RIP RIM for pushing back the release over and over...its really sad that they went out without a fight.

Will you please get off CrackBerry already. Some of us come on this site because we enjoy BlackBerry products and your negative comments are extrememly annoying. Do you piss your wife off this much cause I don't even know you and I already think you suck. That's wonderful that you got a shiny new Galaxy. I especially love how you advertise it to us poor CrackBerry owners. LMAO!! Are you compensating for something by showing off your big, shiny, new toy? It would certainly seem so....

All they have to do now is allow pre-ordering of the devices during the holiday season to get in on the holiday shopping frenzy

I want to give Mrs. Johnson a BB10 device under the tree, even though they will arrive a few weeks after. The Christmas pre-order idea is HOT!

Since they arent releasing new products until BB10 and the market share is shrinking, RIM is managing to get by from their 2Billion in cash reserves. That is burning cash as ugly as it sounds.

It was a great read!

I wish they wouldn't give dates though. CB is a battle zone with every missed deadline real or percieved. BB has never let me down, but to others this is life or death on both sides.

Exactly. As in "And it sounds like both are currently scheduled for January, which is great." Ppl are already assuming a "promise" for the qwerty model that may not be true. He said january but it could be Jan-31 and the qwerty model for March witch is still "right after" the full touch one...

Those 2 months would cost RIM everything.

Half the people holding out for Blackberry 10 would buy the newest iPhone when it's out later this year.

The other half.... *sigh*

Blackberry has done nothing for me in the past to make me wait for 6 months for their latest crappy product. You'd think an OS they've been working on since last year wouldn't be showing 'seams' a whole year after. I might be wrong though.

Just try to remember that BB10 is not an OS refresh like IOS6.. it's a new platform.

If it was an OS update RIM can do it much faster going to BB8 from BB7 with minor updates just like Apple is going from IOS5 to ISO6. It took Apple and Android about 3 years to release a platform when their phones first came out and they were building their phone platform based on the ipod and yes RIM's smartphone.

Now that said, Apple and Android came to the smartphone market after RIM and bettered their hardware/software experience. RIM is now trying to do the same thing with the same hindsight that Apple & Android took... so what's wrong with cutting them some slack to get it done - it's months away not years at this point. People renew their contracts every couple of years so what do you mean another couple of months will cost RIM everything. Really.. are you kidding me? ...it just a phone damn it..

PS: you're right iphone 5 will sell but with their minor refreshes the launches are getting less and less spectacular!

You're right, it isn't a refresh. But isn't that why they acquired QNX? Why isn't RIM taking 3 years too? Even with all the job cuts and limited funds?
It's the same QNX OS that's on the Playbook. So it's not like they're creating it from the ground up. They acquired QNX September 2010. The Playbook came out April 2011. That didn't take too long, did it? That's why it came without a calendar. Or BBM.
The moment Apple and Android came into the market 5 years ago, RIM should have done something about it. They didn't. After half-assed attempts like the Storms, the Playbook and the awful Torch 9850, forgive me for not being too positive about another full touchscreen Blackberry.
If two months didn't mean anything, and people only bought phones on contracts, people wouldn't rush Apple stores at midnight on launch day.
Let's just wait and see. I've been through too many crappy Blackberries for me to be positive, and too many Blackberries for me not to care about their latest gadgets, so while I'm not exactly looking forward to the January launch, I'm open to being wrestled away from my lovely iPhone.
By the way, the last minor iPhone refresh was the best selling one. LOL

It took 4 years to develop the iphone. I'm almost comfortable enough to hold on my 9900. When BB10 comes, the hour glass will be gone!

Id rather have the spinning clock rather than an OS like the playbook that randomly closes apps when the memory gets drained. I know im notthe only one that experiences thay too. Always people complaining about it if RIM hasnt fixed that issue than BB10 wont last. Keeping my fingers crossed. Wish i could have used bb bridge to type this but now that osnt working and this playbook keyboard is terrible!!!!

Correction: QNX doesn't randomly close apps. Some apps don't manage their resources well. If an app requests more RAM than QNX can deliver due to hardware limitations, some apps will crash, and QNX will gladly kiss them goodbye!

QNX will prevent you from launching an app that requires more RAM than is available. If so, you need to close some running apps. RIM has yet to figure out how to inform users of errors like this -- they Are avoiding popup error messages, but they need to tell users why the app won't run. Anyway, there is a BIG difference between that issue and what is described in the previous paragraph.

BB OS 4,5,6,7 work differently. They will keep opening apps even if there is no memory available, and they will be as slow as molasses (with the spinning clock) until more resources come available. So with BB7 & older, it is VITAL to close apps you don't use so that memory is always available to the apps you do use!

Dude..you sound like one of those people that is handed a shiny new device and will bitch and moan about something. If your bridge is broke... fix it. Delete the app, reinstall it, and then reboot...


Yeah, QNX is the same operating system on the playbook and RIM could have opted out for just putting the PB OS on a phone and they could have easily done that too. But it sounds like they feel that's PB OS is not enough and they can do a much better job for the end users and the developers if they implement Cascades (and I agree with them).. that's the entire package for the development as well as ensuring that the app developers can make it easily onboard.

Don't take me the wrong way here. I was not happy with how RIM did business with the original 2 CEOs.. but I do like what Thorsten is doing right now. So unless you have a time machine that we can use to go back and right RIM's wrong.. we need to recognize that that ship has already sailed.. and we need to be resigned to what is happening now. Yes it's late but I believe RIM is now hitting all the marks. If RIM was still under the other 2 guys, I would have jumped shipped a long time ago. The difference is I like what I see from the NEW RIM.. even though the timing makes it painful. Remember, Apple did a lot and I mean a lot of wrong things before they got it right.

And by the way, even if the latest iphone 4S was the best selling one.. from a small incremental design evolution from the iphone 4 .. it still doesn't impress me. I'm more impressed with the ideas, concepts and experience that BB10 has to offer. Hopefully, RIM will get it to work, but if/when they do .. look out.. for now we'll have to wait and see.

The 'NEW RIM' has a lot to prove before I begin to like it. You did make good points though. Good comment overall.

About the iPhone 4S... Kept iPhone 4 owners happy because their phones weren't exactly obsolete, brought new customers probably from the Android side with the beefed up specs, and also got a large number of iPhone 4 owners to upgrade. iPhone owners are shown to be very satisfied with their devices, the developers are very satisfied too, everybody's happy. But you're right. All we can do for now is wait and see.

The iphone is a craze.. It's a fashion thing which is why it's so popular..... It's good don't get me wrong wrong.. But you just have to see a device like the s3 to see that android blows it out of the water... It is much better..... But isheep follow and have no mind to think outside the iphone...

Cannot wait for bb10... This will blow both android and ios out of the water... I hope!!! ..... As I'm eagerly awaiting this with my 9900 in the meantime!!....

Btw, you speak of I sheep... But... Aren't we all basically BB sheep... Justifying bb7 to the bone while we wait till Jan to change handsets :p

I think Mikey L did an awesome job with the company. I believe Jim B was in over his head and couldn't do what was needed to support the company. He couldn't help Mikey manage the business anymore, which is what he was hired to do in 1998. By the co-CEOs stepping down, it allowed Jim B to exit and not lose (too much) face; however, it also allowed Thorsten to step up to the plate and continue the vision of bringing BB10 to market. We're almost done! This is a remarkable feat for a company to accomplish in such a short space of time, especially with such fierce competition. No other industry is as competitive as the smartphone business right now.

Apple has run out of ideas since Jobs departed. Retina displays are all they are offering lately :( They need to step it up and do a similar overhaul of their OS as it has gotten stale!

jan will be here faster than me taking off my clothes when a hot chick tells me too ok? it's gonna be a nice way to start 2012. i mean 2013.

What's "funny" is I thought that the United States market "did not matter" and that RIMM was growing like a proverbial weed in other parts of the world.

Then why are their phone sales numbers so horrible, to the tune of, $500 mil loss last quarter?

Anyone, Chris, Kevin, Bueller????

Is it the poor hardware? Might be because of the terribly unresponsive plastic touchscreen displays on their 'high-end' 'smart'phones Bold 9790 & Torch 9850.
Or is it the terrible software? With that little black clock that's always happy to show itself?
Or the horrible batteries in their newer phones like the Bold 9900?

Beats me. They should be making profits.

Very few black clocks and battery thats at least from 7-7 with moderate to heavy use on OS 7.1. Not sure what you are talking about...

Can't understand him with that "X" in his mouth. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just not my thang (pun intended).

Thats a dead giveaway that hes an investor. Not sure why he needs to be picked on though. Lets be considerate to each other since we're allin the we want bb10 boat.

Hey whiner...
Now that you have a new crapDroid phone, shouldn't you be movin on? My final word of advice to you....buy some extra chargers and a few spare battery packs.

Look everyone...birdbrain the blog nanny is back with his famous "contribute". Like I've said a million times before...you post something intelligent and the I will.

It's difficult to "understand" your definition of "funny".  Why anyone would say the US market does not matter is "beyond me".  But then again,people who get "confused" with respect to the "difference" between non-GAAP earnings and GAAP earning are usually "funny" people.

It reminds me about this one time ... at band camp... there was this "guy" and every time he'd tell a story he'd use "unnecessary quotes".  Sorta "strange", really.  But to each his own.   

I don't think anyone said the US doesn't matter, but you are simply repeating negative information you already know the answers to. So what's your point? RIM sucks? Then trolling CrackBerry might just make you more upset, so do yourself a favor and stop posting nonsense here. It's easy to pick on someone when they're down. I supported Apple in the early 90s when most folks wanted Microsoft and Windows to consume and annihilate Apple and Macintosh. Looking where Apple is today.

Great ideas survive and succeed. RIM has shown us they still possess great ideas so I'm expecting future success :)

My source told me this already and I wrote it in the forums but crackberry locked it so (=|
BTW blackberry 10 isn't on my agenda unless it launches in october so....

Don't be too surprised about the "talking heads" spewing trash. When the cameras are on, it's not about facts. It's not even about being informative.

It about being entertaining while following a script, based on a biased reality.

Welcome to the mainstream media on TV.

The RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! Coming this January to a provider near you. btw, someone should make some teasers or trailers just for fun for the release. Start now to build momentum. :)

For all you doubters and haters, why are you here? If BB is so bad, why are you posting. You know you really want BB10 to succeed so you can dump your non BB phone, otherwise you wouldn't care to post.

I'm convinced these trolls are being subsidized by Apple and Google. Who would want to log into some other platform's blogs regularly to post such frivolous rubbish? Who would have the time or the desire to get dissed regularly by honest fans?

True fed-up ex-BB fans would just move on. These trolls keep coming back with nothing but poison.

What's in it for Apple and Google? Really? How much is the smartphone business worth????

Man anybody want to complain about RIM or any other insignificant problem needs to have some vehicle issues, you will right away forget about a disappointment of a certain technology not being ready for us consumers.

That sentenced grabbed me right off and I was about to take it to the forums a few minutes after the item hit CB, but a re-read isn't exactly stating the LAUNCH will be January (I hope it is!).

"In January with the full touch device and the QWERTY coming, I think we will reinstall faith in RIM."

A closer read allows for him meaning that " . . we reinstall faith in RIM." in January . . . with (because??) the full touch device and the QWERT will be coming - as in maybe an announced launch date occurs in January - for sometime Q1 CY12 (by Feb would be in keeping with his explanation of a two month delay in the overall timeline).

Hoping for a January phone, but post Christmas/early January would be a good time to announce the 2nd Coming of BlackBerry and advertise heavy for a February launch date (when is the Super Bowl???)

Like most people in here, I can't wait for BB10!!!

But in regards to releasing the 2 devices at separate times, it seems kind of dumb especially if it's within 2 weeks of each other. (I'd post exactly what I'm referring to but my Playbook copy/paste isn't working)

Anyways, can't wait for BB10 and I hope DROID and Apple aren't light years ahead by the time the devices are finally released.

I don't believe you are reading this right. It says "In January with the full touch device and the QWERTY coming, I think we will reinstall faith in RIM." In January it will be coming, that is... we will still be waiting, expecting it. He didn't say in January when the device arrives. He didn't say when the device arrives in January. What he is talking about is building the excitement in the new year for when it arrives.

One of my top questions for the Qwerty keyboard BB10 device: trackpad? Must have a trackpad; Even with my iPod touch, I am fed up of the inability to use a cursor and having to zoom right into a webpage just to press a small link. With the trackpad, I can hover the cursor over the link quickly and accurately without having to zoom into the page. I also prefer using the trackpad for scrolling up and down a webpage instead of using my finger. Allows me to see more of the screen.

2 months delay to bring along the full QWERTY bb upon launch... I'm glad but he should've said that in the earnings call.

Kevin, if you're reading this then please use whatever contacts you have to ask Thorsten for clarification. I'm curious as to whether this is him letting slip when they're aiming to launch by or just us misinterpreting his statement (I kind of agree with what Bla1ze said on twitter, which is that this is not the locale for announcing an official release date, so I doubt it's that).

Anything RIM says I take with a grain of salt. And We're about exactly 6 months till January 2013 and if the next 6 months are like the last, RIM's stock had dropping over 50% since January 2012. So I just hope we make it!

Stock price has minimal impact on RIM (other than making the company more appealing for buyout). RIM's main concern is money coming in....and money going out.

Oh yeah? How is that? Stock price has minimal impact on the actual company outside of two things:. 1. The amount of cash received if a company decides to raise more capital by issuing additional shares, or 2. Stock options for executive compensation packages. Why doesn't anyone consider cash flow from operations? If a company is generating positive cash flow from operations(which RIM currently is), very rarely will they end up going under.

Stock price also matters if the company is trying to raise capital or get a loan, but RIM isn't interested in going in that direction, unless they decide it is best to buy back some stock to avoid shark investors!

The wait is no problem for me. I have one 9800, two 9810's, one 9700 and one 9900. Every single line will be available for upgrade by January. I will wait and check the reviews and make my decision at that point. I have told my family Xmas will come in January. Please don't let us down RIM. Hopefully a PlayBook OS update too!

Hoping for an early upgrade program in Jan. I'll be 16 months into a Bell Mobility contract on a torch 9810. I love it but want a slightly bigger keyboard

Another thing from the interview that made me think was when he said that RIM went in the wrong direction with compression. It would make sense that carriers that get paid based on how much data is used would lean away from data-conserving phones. Granted, it's a stretch, as many data plans were unlimited until recently, but it does make you wonder.

I understand what you are saying...but you also have to realize that with additional data usage comes increased infrastructure costs to handle that additional capacity.

True, but in cases like Verizon where their infrastructure is their strength, it makes sense for them to exploit that advantage and profit from it. I don't know that it was a major point of focus, but as long as some people have to pay for data by the kilobyte, why not lean towards a bandwidth hog... I don't know; just thinking out loud.

Makes sense....however, data packages (prior to Verizon's shared data plans) often were tiered (i.e 300 mbs for $15, and 1 gb for $30). If I am a carrier, I want devices that are efficient because the less overall data my customers use, the more $$ in my pocket because I don't have to keep upgrading my costly infrastructure. IMO

I think this means the first BB10 phones will be unveiled in January, but it won't reach carriers until another few weeks. Once they announce and demo them ala Apple, they will announce an official release date. I'd say maybe February/March to reach your hands.

Which is great, because then I'd have enjoyed my 9900 long enough to pass it to another person!

BLAH BLAH BLAH... Face it HATERS! BB10 is amazing and it's not even out yet. QNX and BB10 are a huge threat. Why wouldn't the competition keep brainwash people into thinking BLACKBERRY IS DEAD? I would too if I was Android/iOS because this new platform from RIM is really a WINNER. Can't wait for my next phone to be a BB10 Phone. Love My PlayBook and I love my Bold! GO BLACKBERRY!!!

With all due respect, and this is coming from a BB fan, you sound almost as bad as the haters. You lean way too far in the other direction and sound kind of stupid. You know very little about BB10 (no one outside of RIM knows much) and just make these dumb "fanboy" statements. It's genuinely annoying... With all due respect

English might not be my first language but I sure hope that "coming in/releasing on" January are the same thing !

This is the first time in history that success was identified as the cause of a product delay. Give me a break. If he can say that with a straight face, he will say anything.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that was a joke! That, and the bit about LTE being RIM's downfall makes me take everything Thor's says with a grain of salt. He sounds more like a salesman than a CEO!

No: he told the truth. Carriers in the US didn't want low-bandwidth phones because they needed to fill up their LTE bandwidth with high paying customers to get a return on the investment. Blackberry is economical with bandwidth.

Think about it like this. Suppose Exxon bought the agencies for all of the car makers. That is almost exactly like the situation in the USA with the mobile carriers. They make their money selling oil. So what would they try and sell the customer: Hummer or Prius? 15mpg or 45? It's a no-brainer, isn't it?

In countries where bandwidth is expensive and restricted, people who know will prefer Blackberries because they are cheaper (and faster) to operate.

If the anti-Trust legislation in the USA still had teeth, the carriers would not be allowed to bundle phones and Apple would be a footnote in the industry. People are very bad at spotting that an extra $25 a month over 2 years is $600; it doesn't feel like much, but if they had to pay it up front as a lump sum they would feel very different.

Craig Ashcroft, BlackBerry Bold 9790

I have had a Curve 8520, 9300, 9360, But when the Bold 9790 came out, I had to have it, not as bulky as Bold 9900, but still a powerful little phone, with both touch screen + qwerty keyboard. I just hope that the new BB10's will have touch screen + qwerty keyborad combo. Big Up RIM

Doesn't sound like RIM confirmed the CEO's January release does it? They just stayed with Q1. Having said that, all I want for Christmas is a firm release date and a pre order schedule from my service provider. A date for a Playbook update would make for the perfect holiday season.

I believe. 'Nuf said. I have a 9800 that has never let me down. I've had a pearl, a storm, and an older BlackBerry. After the storm I got an Android and learn the true meaning of the word hate. About the only thing that phone did good was internet and even then it was sometimes painfully slow to load. The contact management and actual phone sucked. After 6 months of putting up with it I threw my hands up and bought the 9800 off contract. It has been awesome. I've learned my lesson and I will not go back. I've seen what the iCrap has to offer. Thanks but no thanks. Every one I know who has one has a broken screen and special cases to protect them. Rather fragile wouldn't you say? My BB has been dropped several times and I've never had a broken screen. I have no special case for it. Just a holster. My BB works. It even took a swim and worked like a charm after drying it out. I got the PlayBook and really love it. BlackBerry has a great track record with me (other than the Storm fiasco). Speaking of Storm... EXACTLY why I am ok to wait for the BB10. I'd rather they get it right, damn right, than throw another mess like that out there. My contract is up in September but I will be waiting, me and my Torch, until BB10 gets to market. I suspect it will be very much worth the wait. So go ahead and jump ship and get the other guy's offering. You too might wish you had waited. But me, I believe!

I'm with you, but I still believe the Storm was a great device. The OS 4.7 just wasn't ready! OS 5 was much better but still not ready for primetime. I did love my Storm on OS5 but I can't say it was anywhere close to perfect. The hardware was stellar! I am quite satisfied with my 9860 but will happily give it up for a BB10 device in January.

You're right in saying that Android is lacking in numerous areas, and Apple's close-minded thinking makes me vomit, so BlackBerry is the only choice left for me. WinPhone doesn't have legs and their eco isn't as refined or as rich as BlackBerry's.

What really impresses me about BB10 is the developer support were seeing for an apparent "dying" platform. Developers know a good thing when they see it. They're not as easily swayed as consumers. RIM is going the path of Field of Dreams -- if you build it, they will come!

January 2013, we're coming!!!!

Really glad to hear this bc I was just thinking about jumping ships again, but for now this will do.

This time, I am not getting my hopes up too high (fingers crossed). January, so-be-it. 2013 will be a great year for all!

i got rid of my bb device......but im keeping the playbook just to have bb10 on it..........but as far as having a phone, ill stick with android

Just the opposite here. Kept my 9930 because it's such a great phone, but gave my Playbook to an older friend that can really benefit from the gesture based navigation. Getting the Nexus 7. Then, when BB10 comes out in 2013, I'll be upgrading! Probably end up having the best of both worlds this way...

at least there's an official confirmation from RIM.. it worth for the wait. Hope RIM is really changing the "world".

Chris, it does not mean that it is launching in January, he said "In January with the full touch device and the QWERTY coming, I think we will reinstall faith in RIM." Coming =/= Launched. It could be many other reasons, the launch is almost their and investors are eagerly awaiting the launch or that they have garnered enough cash and support to propell themselves into a good investing relationship, and of course it could mean that it has launched and that BB10 is awesome.

Anyways, Coming =/= Launched, therefore he did not say that BB10 would launch in january but he did say that it would be better in January for investors.

January sounds better than March im just hoping for the qwerty model not sure if i can give up the shortcuts that easy. I love my 9900 and the options i have with it. Looking forward to blackberry 10. New year new blackberry new experience count me in!

Well I would like to know. 1: What about the first BB10 device with a keyboard? 2: What about carrier dates? I really REALLY hope AT&T picks it up first. They haven't shown much BB love in the past.

I fully understand RIM wants to ensure the Blackberry 10 is flawless and performs as expected when released, but delaying it to early Q1 2013 may not be the best decision in my honest opinion. The reason is, RIM will miss the massive Christmas Holiday shopping season.

Obviously I am not familiar with the reasoning behind the delay, though if I were the CEO I would allocate enough resources to ensure its availability by Christmas.

It seems they will be working hard to fully complete the BB10 in a flawless nature, and start manufacturing the new smart-phones in time for a massive Q1 2013 release. Hopefully this turns heads and helps RIM claw back market share. Competition is a good thing, and I don't like seeing Apple & Google as the only alternatives. We need RIM to succeed and get back to business.

too little too late. I hate to say it but Blackberry will go the way of Palm and WebOS. Both great phones and software but just lost out. No one goes back, they go forward, IOS, Android, and whatever new comes along.

iOS is going forward? RIM about to fail? Really? I'm not seeing it.

Just for a moment, go back in time to May 25, 1992 when Business Week said, "....Apple has [had] wonderful opportunities. They have only themselves to blame if they fail....".

Let's not have any more crap about RIM going belly up shall we. Noting is written in stone at this point. In the same way that doomsday predictions were made of Apple, they seemed to have bounced back very nicely. Good marketing and mediocre products can do wonders for a company like Apple I guess.

As for predictions of Blackberry going the way of Palm, well, that just seems a bit hollow.

Go back to your iStuff world and leave the grown ups to do real work.

I have my birthday coming up on January 10th. If RIM would like to gift me a Blackberry 10 on the 10th, just drop me a BBM, you have my PIN. Really, I won't mind at all. :)