RIM Busy Hating on the iPhone 3G?

By James Falconer on 24 Sep 2008 03:44 pm EDT
Rim Hating on the iPhone?
Isn't it funny how large companies continually hate each other behind their backs? I reported earlier today how AT&T was busy 'hating' on the new touchscreen BlackBerry Storm. Now, it looks like there's more of the same. This time it's RIM hating on the iPhone 3G. Check out the documents after the jump.

RIM Hating on the iPhone 3G?
RIM Hating on the iPhone 3G?
RIM Hating on the iPhone 3G?

Draw your own conclusions and leave me a comment. It's a big marketplace... But I guess the big companies need to continually prove to themselves and consumers why their product is bigger and better than the competition. Instilling pride within a workforce (after all, these documents were supposed to be internal... yeah right!) is one heck of a way to build a better product, a better brand, and help nurture 'addicts' into being loyal to their brand for years and years and years to come.

Can't we all play nice?

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RIM Busy Hating on the iPhone 3G?


first thoughts on that picture, RIM needs a new logo.

secondly all they have to say is, blackberry is business and IPhone is play. They are both better is their respected territories.

Out of all the comments this one to me is most justified. I don't think RIM needs a new logo, but BB is business and iphone is play. That is true and both have their high and low points when it comes down to it.

att needs to go **** themselves with their horrible service and sketchy 3g network. **** the iphone....its an overrated ipod that will be outdated in 6 months. get over it.

Since the iPhone has been on the market for over a year, and is now in it's second version, that comment makes no sense what so ever.

I wish AT&T and RIM would focus their energies on launching the BOLD rather than taking shots at the competition. If I were Verizon, my response would be "here's the Storm - where's the Bold device you've been talking about for months?" Besides, the iPhone is a great device - but it's not a BlackBerry...

I agree completely. Bring on the Bold already. As an ex Curve user (I couldn't wait anymore) and proud iPhone owner, I can tell you that trying to compare the two is stupid. It's like saying the the Corvette is a nice car, but complaining because you can't haul sheets of plywood in it. There are things my Curve did that I miss, but there are things I can do with my iPhone that I could not dream of doing with my Curve. Does it make one better?? No. It just proves that no phone does everything. Now, when (or should I say IF) the Bold decides to come out and play, it may be time to head back "to the other side".....

Why does everyone act like they are two around here when it comes to an iPhone?

Granted, that, yes I have and prefer a BlackBerry, but iPhone is better for the play area of the spectrum, and BlackBerry is better all around in my opinion.

But maybe the Storm will change this and BlackBerry will crush the iPhone... who knows?

It's not a big deal.... I mean really people calm down, it's all just based on your personal preference.

I get that RIM needs to compete with the iPhone...here in Canada you didn't hear anything about the Bold or the Thunder or the Javelin coming out...all they could yak about was the new iPhone (I bought my curve 2 days before the iPhone came out up here and the sales girl tired to talk me out of it and into an iPhone) RIM's just trying to get the hype up about their devices. Before I started looking into smartphones I had no idea the BB had come so far...

RIM defiantly needs a new logo, its so old and ugly. BUT! this just makes BlackBerry user appreciate the service and devices that RIM offers. It makes me feel great and even a bit loyal to use a BlackBerry device.

The "EEEEK" made me crack up...no pun intended. Wish it were true.

To expand on NAVAN's comments, Sorry RIM we all agree that the phones are superior but still will never compete or kill Iphone.

Not unless the campaigns start targeting a younger, hipper audience. RIM isn't getting much attention in Canada sponsoring re-runs.

If not for websites like Crackberry, I would have ended up an Iphone user, content in my ignorant bliss. But not everyone is going to do a ton of research before making up their mind. Most people just go with what is cool, popular and seen during shows like "Idol" or "Heroes".

Additionally, as Navan stated, you can't have the carriers blow the launch of your flagship device as Rogers did with the Bold.

Who cares about the iphone, it's crap. I've played with it. All my friends that had the iphone left AT&T because they said their coverage sucked and the phone (iphone) was a terrible experience.

I work for Telus and we've been cranking out pearls while they are free on a contract. Not to mention curves, so don't worry about Rim in Canada.

If the storm has a better media player, I don't see why this blackberry wont compete with the iphone.

Even thou the Blackberry's name insinuates something that can be easily crushed is the totally opposite of how strong and RELIABBLE Blackberry’s are. I have an iPhone and work for the old blue and white death star wireless company and after a year of having the iPhone I can honestly say that it wasn’t reliable in any way for email and txt and calls... which are life and death in sales. I have so many times reverted back to my Pearl then the Curve and always have never been let down. Even when my logs are cleared our from over use RIM was there to help trouble shoot the memory leak and resolve my problem. Its not a shocker in my house the iPhone is no greater used for other than an iTouch. I would have rather have spent that 400.00 for the iPhone on an iTouch and an upgrade price Blackberry.

One point in example on how reliable Blackberry’s are next time you’re in a corporate at&t Mobility store look and see what devices the rep use. In my experience my co-workers all use and own or have a blackberry from the company because 2 things call quality and....... RELIABILITY!!!

Keep it Berry for Life.

Within the core concept of ActiveSync vs BES, I really don't see a downfall to ActiveSync. It works great, has foolproof folder/subfolder sync on the Exchange mailbox and supports proper HTML email (not cutdown like RIM finally got to doing). Plus ActiveSync can do a remote wipe just like BES can. It works great in my book. I think RIM's just trying to backup their proprietery technology a bit too much lately. I guess they're scared for some reason.

I came over to the Curve after many years with Palm, due to the "SmartPhone Round Robin" last winter. It helped me realize that a BlackBerry could do more than just corporate e-mail. While Palm and Windows Mobile have had camera, GPS, BlueTooth, music, SD card, and third party software for a while, these features are relatively new to BB.

RIM's reputation for making corporate devices exclusively persists, so it is important for them to continue to get the word out about their incredible new devices. Once the public knows the facts, only a few kids will want an iPhone.

And then, RIM will need to slack off some and mess up a few times (Palm can show them how) or they'll have so much market share that they'll end up in anti-trust court!

"Because of the extensive data optimization provided by Blackberry system, Blackberry smartphones provide an excellent wireless experience over 2G or EDGE networks, with rapid message delivery and web page loading. Rim has announced the Blackberry Bold, an innovative 3G smartphone which will offer the advantages of Rim's wireless expertise and optimization technology on high speed wireless networks."

Ok, the above quoted from the message "Rim busy hating on the iPhone 3G?".

Is it not (the above quoted message) in itself an oxymoron.

2G and EDGE are excellent, but the Bold (3G) is going to get the "advantages" of Rim's wireless expertise and optimization technology... uh, does that mean that the other ones (carriers/Blackberries) won't get the "advantages"

So, if 2G and EDGE are Excellent, then why is there and 'advantage' on 3G... I thought 2G and EDGE were already excellent. How does one improve excellent.

for one... EDGE SUCKS! I am not dogging Blackberry. I have one (Curve), and I am waiting for the Bold.

I also have a iPhone 3G. I do not compare the two. They are both completely different phones... hence "Apples and Berries"

of course neither one of them play windows media without having to buy a seperate application. SO, honestly... who cares?



"Windows Media Audio (WMA 9) Standard Profile Decoder

WMA 10 Professional M0 Profile Decoder
WMA 9 Profile Decoder and WMA 10 M0 Profile Decoder are only supported by BlackBerry Device Software 4.2.1 or later. See KB05419 for more information."

"The following video formats are supported:

MPEG-4 Part 2 - Simple Profile + bvops (including DivX® files in this format)
H.263 Profile 0 and Profile 3 (Supported file formats are .avi, .3gp, .mp4, .mov, Video - up to QCIF (176x144))
WMV 9 Simple Profile Video Decoder "

So i don't get what you mean about windows media isn't supported... I have a 7130e so it's definitely not supported for me. I can't wait for the storm.

I never said Windows Media was NOT supported. I said without a seperate application, if you read it.

As you can see, you pulled up all these links to download an applicaion to help with windows media, therefore, the device alone cannot handle it.

Windows media does not play on the Berry or Apple without the support of another application.

Simply pointing out both (Berry and Apple) have flaws, not one over the other.

Can't we just get along...lol


I'm not sure how to use a lot of the stuff on the blackberry or iphone but I hope RIM does put Wi-Fi in the new STORM. If it doesn't than both phones (iPhone/BB Storm) are just the same to me. I been reading that the STORM will not come with Wi-Fi and I cannot understand why?

I'm a Mac user with a Curve 8330. This and the AT&T notice are interesting to say the least. From my experience with the Curve and limited iPhone experience, the strength of the BB is the email service and keyboard for texting. Media playback is okay but web browsing leaves a lot to be desired mainly due to the dearth of mobile-optimized websites.

The iPhone handles web browsing very well. That, along with media playback and the larger screen makes it pretty cool, especially for the casual user.

With the Storm, the lines will start to blur. I think the smart phone market is going to explode, and in general, RIM's advantages are that it isn't locked to a single carrier, and business users will probably look at a BB first. THe choice of a touchscreen will probably keep a lot of potential switchers with the BB. On the other hand, Apple knows the market is growing and will surely be working on making it more acceptable to business.

Most people will already have their minds made up before the purchase anyway.

I will Take RIM any day for mobility. For Play I just got a Ipod Touch 2G. Like an iphone without the phone. I use it for play. Its cool but for pure functionality the Berry ROCKS.

Oh Jeez Civic. Apple's remote wipe is a Joke compared to BES. They whole damn thing is bro. You know I don't go around bashing the Iphone. But to compare it to BES is a miscarriage of Justice. It in NO way compares. C'mon bro.

When the iPhone gets a 42" screen to play games and a Bose suround sound I will look at getting one. But then again if AT&T doesnt get moving in the right direction The iphone may become my new phone. How long have we been waiting for the upgraded OS especially for us non video curve owners. What about the Bold, Is AT&T just waiting till the iPhone is past tense. Maybe we should all jump ship and go to Verizon. They are obviously the front runner in automation.
Maybe if at&t didnt spend so much time packing all that junk in cheap phones that wont even last 2 years, they could speed up there technology.

RIM just cannot assume that everyone has access to BES. My company does not give everyone access to the corporate BES server, but does allow ActiveSync. For me any BB is a nice device that supports push mail. Useless.

I also agree that the BB is tailored to the business person and the iPhone is all tech/fun

I also want to point out to every knocking AT&T that Apple didn't go to AT&T first when selecting a carrier. Verizon said No since they, I think, were trying to be greedy when they "couldn't reach a mutual agreement".

I'm mot saying that I'm happy with AT&T's coverage but they did say "Yes" when asked...

Truth is, it was Apple that wanted too much from the deal with VZW. Apple wanted a very large portion of the additional monthly charge that was to be associated with owning an iPhone. While this same sort of deal is what all carriers have set up with RIM, the defining difference is the fact that nearly all of the service and upkeep on a RIM product is handled by them (RIM) Apple wasn't willing to make the additional payout worth it for VZW, financially. Overall a smart move on the part of Verizon, seeing as ATT lost quite a bit of money on the iPhone when it was initially released.

Not to mention that iPhones in general are just another fad that will come and go.


What if blackberry and apple teamed up to make an iPhone BB Hybrid. They could call it AppleBerry or bPhone. Not like the blackberry connect, but a true iPhone Blackberry device. I dream. Time to wake up and be productive.

This is a difficult decision for me. I currently have a Treo 750. It works great; there is nothing wrong with it. I have been reading this website for a year or so, because I have been considering getting a BlackBerry. I am currently eligible for an upgrade phone [deal] from AT&T.

Here is what I know:

My employer uses it for all the tech support people (thousands of them). They like it. I am not a tech support person – I am a Windows/Windows Mobile software developer. I write corporate apps for Windows Mobile for a living. I have heard that the toolset to write apps for the BlackBerry is expensive, but I don’t know.

Also, I (and lots of my peers) do not automatically have access to their company's BlackBerry servers. People assume that they will have access, but our company only grants access to those who need it for work. Don't assume that you will have the avail of BlackBerry server access.

I use the keyboard on my Treo 750 a lot – as in, all day. I considered the Curve, because it has large buttons to mash with my thick fingers, as does the Bold. I almost think that a lack of a keyboard is a deal-breaker, and it probably is. So I might not get the Storm, for the same reason that I might not get an iPhone – no keyboard.

Similarly, I like to use my Treo 750 while I am walking; reading emails, going from meeting to meeting or walking to lunch, [in portrait mode]. The one-handed usability is important to me. It seems like the iPhone is a two-handed phone, turned sideways more often than not. In a meeting, if I was to turn my cell phone sideways [landscape] and look at it, people would assume that I was browsing the internet; [portrait] mode is really more appropriate for work.

My wife has one, and she loves it. As a matter of fact, she rarely uses her notebook computer anymore; she does her email, checks her antique sales online (she is a dealer), and does banking online, in the car, and doesn't need a notebook. She doesn't care about a keyboard, but then, she has little fingers and they fit on the on-screen keyboard. Also, she has the Edge phone, and it can be a little slow at times. I will never go back to Edge speed – it is 3G or better for me, or nothing.

A guy at work has an iPhone, and he loves it. He also used to bring his notebook to work, but is thinking about selling his notebook on eBay, since he never uses it - ever.

What I use the most:
1. Office docs, like Word and Excel. If I can’t use those two formats, forget it. I don’t think the iPhone can view/edit Office apps. Windows Mobile has this feature, and it is free. Why would I pay $40 more (for Documents to Go) to use something that is currently free on Windows Mobile?
2. Web browsing at 3G speed. On the Treo, which has the limited 320x240 screen, that is crap, unless the site is mobile-ready – most aren't. I demand a higher resolution screen
3. Password keeper app, w/desktop app – I have hundreds of little tidbits of information to manage
4. eBook reader
5. Voice command – Does the BlackBerry even have this? I heard that iPhone now has a voice command application, and I think it is free. When I get in the car, I am all about my Bluetooth headset; I never dial a number. I say: "Call Karen", and it calls Karen. I will never go back to trying to find a phone number while I am also trying to drive – it is too dangerous.
6. Real HTML email – I won't go back to plain text email
7. Tethering – I have to do this sometimes, only in an emergency, for work. The iPhone does not allow tethering, so that is almost a deal-breaker for me, but I rarely tether anyway.

michealalanjones, your wife online banks on an iPhone? Where are you at so the world can grab all her info out of the air. Instead of a secure BBerry. OS version 4.5 has documents to go with it. BBerry has voice dial. I am waiting for the now 8900 Curve. Qwerty keyboard or nutin at all!

I love my curve, but the IPhone has so many cool apps... I just really hope that that the Storm is not a Bold with a touchscreen. I want functionality,, but I want to have fun and do cool stuff with the phone. RIM should exploit the "Great" software they say they have created... I just love the creativity of the apps for the Iphone... Maybe not something functional everyday, but the creativity is unbelievable!! Is it too much to ask for an Iphone and blackbery combined??? If i was a a developer, that is what I would shoot for... Every phone doesnt have to be a "killer" of the other one... Take what each does good, and COMBINE it!!

i am 21 years old and i am currently in my third year in college and i am a proud blackberry owner. my sister is 16 years old and she is the proud owner of her second i phone we are both under at&t. i have come to know both phones quite well and to be totally honest all the iphone is, is just an expensive little toy that my kid sister wows her friends with. the damn thing is so delicate you cant even look at it with out it fusing out. i love my blackberry and i would not change it for the most expensive iphone in the world. its like my right hand. and yes to all you iphone owners you want to take on my bb then bring it! i dare you! ;)