RIM built AIM client being replaced with AIM for BlackBerry built by AOL

By Bla1ze on 26 Oct 2011 05:41 pm EDT

The other day when we posted about the RIM built instant messaging clients being updated, a few people asked about AIM and why it never received the same treatment. Well, reason is because the RIM built AIM client for BlackBerry smartphones is being replaced by one built specifically by AOL themselves. It's actually been available for quite a while but now -- RIM has sent out notifications letting users know the RIM built version will indeed stop working soon:

Beginning October 28, 2011, the AOL® Instant Messenger™ (AIM) for BlackBerry® smartphones application which you may currently be using is being discontinued and will no longer be supported. You may continue to access AIM service for your BlackBerry smartphone through a new AIM for BlackBerry® application built by AOL, which includes new capabilities such as letting you stay connected with your AIM Buddies and Facebook Chat friends while on the go.

To update to AIM for BlackBerry® built by AOL, please visit: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/13833 and follow the on-screen instructions. To remove your current version of the AOL Instant Messenger for BlackBerry application, please refer to the support article at http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB26171

Please remember to install the new AIM for BlackBerry® application built by AOL before October 28, 2011 in order to continue sending and receiving AIM instant messages on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Thank you,

Research In Motion Limited 

If you're making use of the RIMbuilt client, make sure you go ahead and grab the AOL built version as soon as possible to avoid any problems further on down the road. Thanks, Jessica!

Reader comments

RIM built AIM client being replaced with AIM for BlackBerry built by AOL


who uses AOL anymore? That was old dial up 15 years ago.

hmmm. Are people going to say that about RIM in a few years?

Unfortunately, a lot of my american friend still uses aol because prob got the word "american" on it lolz!

So sad but ya, that's the only reason why I still have it installed

what are people going to say about them now, even about something so miniscule as this...
*wonder if this AOL built app will be better??

I installed the AIM app on my Bold 9780 on OS and got a java lang null pointer exception and then the phone got stuck in a reboot loop. I had to boot in safe mode and delete the AIM app. All better now.

I'm still a heavy AIM user, but I use Trillian for my IM needs. Never understood the need for 4 different IM apps that take up about a 1MB each when I can use one app that's under 1MB and it services all 4 mediums and others that I use (Jabber).

Would be curious to know if it's better then the RIM built app though. :)

Uninstalled AIM and other apps I don't use.
Made a new folder on my homescreen called junk.
Moved the AIM icon and other carrier pushed stuff into this folder.
Hide the folder on the homescreen.
Gone forever

My screen says that this version will not work on my BB Curve 3G with Sprint. Can someone assist please?

Also if you do not use AIM why do you post here people?

The RIM-made AIM was the one which worked with BIS Social. 3rd party apps can't run on it. Oh well, I'm on full BIS now anyway. But ppl who are in a tight budget use BIS Social more than full BIS which is half the price.

Yup there is still no support for the Curve 9300, I hope we can also get a version that is compatible to our unit

I'm one of the "few" that still use AIM, and I've got to say, I was excited to here this, then I downloaded it! God is it horrible. Im sticking with IMO for the time being.

Are you kidding me


I'm disappointed that the new AIM won't work with Curve. I don't use AOL software but still have AOL email and use AIM. Is there another IM option for blackberry that works with AIM contacts?

I use AIM along with Windows Live Messenger, YIM, and Google Talk to keep in touch with contacts around the world. Some of these people will have computer and connection problems that come up from time to time, and one messenger or another won't work. That's why the more options there are, the better, as far as I'm concerned. I still use AIM for computer video and voice chat every day, and I was sad to see the RIM supported AIM go away. Maybe I'll give the AOL developed one a shot. I'd be interested to know if it still comes with a "Refresh Contact List" function or if it's now automatic. Seems it should be automatic ...


I just downloaded this AOL AIM application. So far, so good. I haven't used it a whole lot yet, but I think it will be more stable. It even comes with the option to accept offline messages -- something that only YIM has been doing till now.

Additional observations:

Maybe it's because I didn't give the application "trusted" status, but there's no way to change this AIM version's sounds in Profiles (it's just on or off when it comes to the sounds), and there's no way to link an AIM contact to a BlackBerry contact.

I can still connect to the RIM AIM does that mean that it still works ? I haven't tried sending any messages.

I tried the AOL built app and its THE WORST app I've ever used and THE WORST AIM. How can it not have the most basic features -- such as an alert for when your contact signs on. I have NO way of knowing if I'm logged on because there's no green dot next to the icon or anything to know if I'm signed on or been timed out as that sometimes happens. PLUS -- it completely eats up the battery! I installed it and then uninstalled it and re-installed the RIM AIM.