RIM BlackBerry with Tilt & Slide Form Factor

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Feb 2008 10:55 am EST

RIM BlackBerry Tilt & Slide Phone

While the first RIM patent application we came across today covered a method of integrating a touchscreen within an LCD, our second patent app discovery depicts a mockup of an actual BlackBerry device that would make use of this technology. This patent, entitled HANDHELD MOBILE COMMUNICATION DEVICE WITH MOVEABLE DISPLAY/COVER MEMBER shows a BlackBerry with a slider configuration. The images above show both full QWERTY and SureType variations and one could only presume with the keyboard hidden the display would act as a touchscreen.

Who knows if a BlackBerry device will ever see the light of day in this exact form factor (just like that angled keyboard we looked at a few weeks back), but it's a good example of how RIM may combine a touchscreen and physical keyboard down the road. The concept here is that you can use it as a full touch, or slide and tilt the display upwards to access the keyboard. The tilt up display would also be awesome for watching streaming video. 

Startling and intriguing images don't you think? One thing can be said for sure - obviously RIM is planning some sort of touchscreen device in the future.

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RIM BlackBerry with Tilt & Slide Form Factor


IMO, this is evidence of just how much the consumer market ends up driving most technology devices. Just like the PC, it started out in the corporate market, but the real growth came - and is coming - from the consumer side. Mobile devices now seem to be following the same path.

I'm not too excited. The tilt seems like it would be flimsy and does not look too appealing. The slide form reminds me of the Samsung i730. I tried playing with one but it was too bulky and wasn't very comfortable. I'm not saying that if RIM was to make it that it would be like the i730 but I just think they would have been more innovative or would make something more slick.

If RIM does away with the qwerty keyboard completely...they will lose me as a customer. I ran away from BlackBerry for a season, and found that I simply got frustrated processing email messages and text messages with a non-qwerty keyboard. Ugh!!!

I am assuming the reason for the 2 designs would be one smaller than the other. Simular to the 8800 vs the 8100? It would make sense, there's a large perentage of people that buy the pearl because it looks good, and the size is managable. However many people that use thier pda device need the full keyboard. Im not a huge fan of touch screens because they tend to have issues, but bb usually tests thier products pretty well before releasing them to the market...

doesn't catch my eye. I think RIM is gonna have a lot of problems with this and will lose out on a lot of customers

One of my favorite things about blackberry products is that there are no "moving parts" like on cheaply made flip and slider phones.

The last thing is want is a blackberry that reminds me of some toy-like verizon phone that produces a keyboard out of nowhere.


I don't understand why you would believe this form-factor would lose RIM Customers...

RIM needs to get a phone into this space to compete. the iphone started a trend that everyone and their mother is trying to copy. BBs have great UIs and functionality, they need to try to get that noticed in the same buying arena as teh iphone/lg voyager/and upcoming Xperia.

they can never compete in half the phone market, because they don't (and I don't understand how they might) have a clamshell phone. I don't think they can create one that has the same usefulness/toughness as their current products.

It would be way sweet if they made a phone that was a slider and a touch screen like the HTC Touch Pro.