RIM aquires cloud-based scheduler Tungle.me

By Adam Zeis on 27 Apr 2011 09:31 am EDT

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RIM has made another great aquisition today and announced that Tungle has joined the RIM team. Tungle.me is a cloud-based scheduling provider that allows users to share appointments regardless of their platform. The addition of Tungle will help expand the current calendar system on the BlackBerry platform and make it even better for users.

Tungle is a leading provider of cloud-based calendar and scheduling services that makes it easy for users to share their availability and schedule appointments regardless of their choice of desktop, mobile or cloud-based calendar. Tungle connects users on Google, Yahoo!, FaceBook, TripIt, Plancast, Outlook, iCal, LotusNotes, LotusLive, and WindowsLive. If you are not already familiar with them you can find out more about Tungle at http://www.tungle.me/. 

No word on the terms of the deal or just how Tungle.me will be used in the future, but it definitely means bigger and better things for RIM. Tungle has had a BlackBerry app for a while now (which is pretty awesome) but they should obviously move away from that now and we can hope for native integration into the BlackBerry OS.

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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RIM aquires cloud-based scheduler Tungle.me


With RIM's NOCs, I always thought they should have provided these services. Why should I have to use Google's? Cloud based services such as calendars, file sharing & collaboration (with version control), etc.

This is a great step by RIM to ensure that their customers have reliable cloud based services moving forward. That way, if Google ever pulled the plug (don't think they would anyway), the impact would be minimal. Don't forget, Google may see RIM providing Android support (without paying for licenses) as an attack on their Android platform.

Personally, tungle is pretty average at best, underwhelming even. Hopefully this acquisition is only the building blocks to speed up something rim were already working on.. I do like easy integration with popular applications like outlook and web based calendars. In the end native applications are generally better and won't spam me with updates or sneaky emails.

like zensen said, the acquisition of tungle.me itself is cool, nothing too special.. but in general I just think it's funny how a lot of people say RIM is gonna go away or become obsolete within the next 5 years, and yet they continue to buy out and gobble up OTHER companies... lol

I realize that doesn't mean people are guaranteed to like the final products they bring to the market, but that does mean not only are they financially secure, but they are financially comfortable enough have to pick and choose companies to take under their wing.. A company that has money doesn't just go away, not to mention the huge number of handsets they already have on the market and under contract through businesses.. buying companies like this or QNX also means that, as much as their marketing sucks, they do have some sort of vision lol.. so even if they do have some shortcomings product-wise, or if they feel they're too far behind in a certain area to catch up with their own team, they can possibly just buy someone who's further ahead then advance it again with their own research budget...

not saying this move here is the move that proves it, but the companies they're buying do make sense, and this one is just another sign RIM is gonna be around and relevant for a long time imo.