RIM applies for a emotion detecting patent

By James Richardson on 19 Jul 2012 12:02 pm EDT

Another day and another patent filed by Research in Motion. This time it is something quite bizarre. The word on the street is that the new patent uses a technology to detect the users emotion. How this will be achieved we are not entirely sure. An element of camera, screen sensors or even magic may well be involved. If the patent is granted could we see BlackBerry users having their emotions detected by their BlackBerry 10 smartphone and adjusting the text accordingly?

It strikes me as a very odd thing to do but from what Thorsten Heins has told us about the forthcoming new operating system it is quite clear they are thinking out of the box and there will be some game changing features included. I wouldn't hold your breath for this one though. The patent process is a long and grueling business.

Source: USPTO, via Engadget

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RIM applies for a emotion detecting patent


i could see this working well! especially on BBM..we've all had those days when we read a BBM message and start similing to ourselves or get angry...now this can be translated over to the other user...social +1

Bizarre was my first thought but decided to give the post a read... and then I read the same word "... bizarre...". I'm also interested in finding out more about this before sending it to patent burial ground.

Like I said before. May as well get as many things patented as possible just incase, for the future or so some other company doesn't use it for something else that RIM didn't think of yet.
I think it's a good idea

What I find very intriguing is the "trackpad" like heat sensor. While the diagram is just a mock up of a device, it is a clear step away from the old BlackBerry hardware design and is a glimpse of a BB10 QWERTY-like device.

FIRST THING I noticed too! Trackpad!? Saaayyy whaaaaaattt!?!

If the QWERTY BB10 phone has a trackpad then my choice is a no-brainer! I LOVE the trackpad! then again, I might also love the BB10 interface and features...

maybe I'll get both phones... maybe i'll buy 10 of each...

Dammit I want BB10!

That's all I could think of the first time reading the article. I'm curious to see how the emotion thing goes, but this has to spark some attention from cursor lovers like myself. This is the only sign of a cursor I've ever seen for BB10.

Almost looks to be a trackpad/pulse reader combo. Check my pulse for irritation/emotion?
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Touch to unlock! Bio metrics + NFC = two-level secure entry into embedded systems. Unlock phone, security systems, cars and workstations.

Not all patents make it into production but may be useful in the future if there's a good time to implement.

Ahh.. I missed the days when I could slam a phone down when I'm po'd to and at least try to release some of my stress. You can't do that with a cell phone or you'll break it. If this ever gets implemented we'll just have to wait and see just how well it works.

Yayy! for innovation! Can't blame them for patenting something good. Let's hope it is something that can be implemented with success, but like kemj says, let's stay open to possibilities :)

If done correctly this would be a step in the right direction. Instead of using a smiley to show emotion it would be an actual emotion.

I'm hoping it's a feature one could turn off; I'm not sure I always want the other person to know what I'm feeling ;)

Basically when a person is mad they then to text hard on the screen/keyboard and when a person is happy they tend to tap the screen a little softer and slower the texting speed (that's one thought)

Or maybe the keyboard will be able to read the message that you texted to make a decision on what your emotions are.

I don't know I'm pretty sure this will be baked in bb10 in some form or fashion.

It will probably change the font according to the word...for instance "mad" could call for a particular font as well as "happy" ,"tired " etc.

No magic there assuming I'm right. I think it would be very cool to have this as an option.

I'm lying way too much while texting, definitely NOT a good fit for me :D

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Hmmmm, yet I still can't sync with outlook contacts and calendar on my PB and 9850 without Google, but a mood sensing phone capability they work on??????

Cool idea. But a total waste, is this a joke how is this for people that get sh@t done. This is something crapple would do. I hope it just to add to patent portfolio and this will never see the light of day as it is the stupidest idea ever. I want a productive phone not a toy. If I wanted a toy I would be rocking a peice of sh#t iphone.

A little to personal for me,sometimes a person moods should remain within them not threw a text actual showing it..

Not sad. Just plain dumb and useless for a mobile phone. Its like those rc controle or countless fart pps for the iphone. Why. Just stick to making a phone a great communication and productive device and not a gimmicy toy. Looks like Rim is starting to focus on the 12 year old girl crowd. Really. So much for getting shit done. Next they should make a BB artsy fartsy so it can be a fashion item. Rolls eyes.

Syrous44 - Loving how angry this patent application is making you. LOL

If you were using it right now your post will look like this... "NOT SAD. JUST PLAIN DUMB AND USELESS..."

I think we should embrace "gimmicy toys" IF it means that BB10 will prosper, provided of course that they do not forget us folk who like to GET SH@T DONE! :)

Judging from the concept drawings, it only picks up male emotions...those finger nails are way too short to be female... ;)

As soon as a patent request is filed it can be used by the originator. No problem with waiting. I wonder if this is some scheme for preventing the sending of messages one might later regret. Even with a physical keyboard it might be possible to do pattern analysis. "You appear to be in an emotional state. Do you really want to put **** in an email to a colleague?"

This will never see the light of day because it would never ever work. You can patent anything, but that doesn't mean it has even the remotest possibility of ever seeing the light of day.