RIM Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Live Blog! (Now over)

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jul 2011 05:53 pm EDT
Live blog is now over. Click Here to listen live.

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RIM Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Live Blog! (Now over)


BB app world is pretty pathetic with the amount of apps there are available. Its true android and iOS have a lot apps that are pointless, however there is a far better selection and a far better quality of apps available in comparison to BB app world.

apps are a essential part of a Smartphone, however it seems RIM don’t understand that and still think their secure push e-mail & BBM service is enough to make them survive for years to come.

Iphone will soon have imessage there are also other cross platform options such as whatsapp, ping chat etc..., these alternatives may not be as good as BBM or secure as BBM but it’s the first step to a near like experience, the point is apple and other OS developers saw something in this market and banked in on it, they adapted to the changing market. RIM on the other hand hasn’t done anything. the two retarded CEO's mike and Jim just probably sit in their offices and communicate to each other and everyone at headquarters on BBM as they don’t know how to address share holders or even know how to behave and answer simple questions in interviews.

Major developers have already quit on developing anything for BB OS, sooner or later the remaining will jump ship too.

I've been using BB's (work & personal) since 2006, the security/encryption on BB devices including email and data is by far the best and it’s actually one of the reasons why I’ve continued using one as a personal handset. However the market is changing and other OS will sooner or later have security/encryption similar to that of BB's. Major companies are allowing employees to use personal handsets now which can range from iphones to android devices, you get the idea.

I really hope RIM does something to address the issues they are facing and do it quick, cause even the most loyal BB addicts will jump ship, and I’m pretty sure the crackberry team own other Smartphones besides a BB.

so its reasonable to you that other platforms will continue to develop their security but RIM, for one reason or another, will not continue to develop their app's?

Besides- how many games and fart apps do you need?

RIM have had a considerable amount of time to develop better hardware a better OS and better Apps, and they've done nothing about it, I could understand if they were new to the game but they aint.

As I pointed out a lot off games and Apps are pointless and not useful, however every smartphone user knows BB App world is a pile of shite compared to other App stores/market.

Its your prerogative to continue putting your faith in a ship that's sinking and its my prerogative to jump ship onto one that's sailing by.

And ios and android have had considerable time to develop their security.

And I have no idea wtf you're talking about RE: BB app world. You might have a point on PB app's but BB apps are lacking? Yeah - sorry you are wrong.

And go ahead and jump ship to either a ship that cant navigate away from the iceberg or the toy tug boat right behind it - its your choice. To call a company with billions of cash on hand, no debt, growing numbers worldwide and an awesome new line-up coming "sinking" is silly to say the least.

What specific apps are missing? What major developers have left? There's so much misinformation in this post I can't begin to respond to it. You need to quit swallowing all the ignorance that's being spoon fed to you by the media and competing fanboys

"Its true android and iOS have a lot apps that are pointless"

There are around 30,000 apps on App World, are you seriously suggesting that isn't enough?

Because I have to tell you, I've never met anyone that has downloaded more than a few dozen apps.

The entire fuss over apps is simply Apples marketing machine in full drive. They needed to differentiate when they released the first iPhone, and apps provided the means.

"There's an app for that" - yeah pity most are shit.

If you downloaded an iPhone app every 10 minutes it will take you 20 years just for the apps already there.

Why troll through all that junk?

The BlackBerry apps I've downloaded are perfectly serviceable and I'm very happy with the stuff.

Most BB apps have far more integration than you can get with an iPhone.

And while Apple may have announced iMessage, they're years behind RIM's BBM.

I use BBM constantly, and all my associates, family and friends use it to communicate.

It's possible iMessage will be the equal of BBM one day, but I wouldnt hold my breath. Anyone not using BBM is living in the dark ages. I pity you.

Really looking forward to those leaks regarding QNX devices!! I want to know if I should wait...if it's early-mid 2012, I'll keep using my Bold 9700 (with OS6) till then...

I wish someone would ask if OS7 is a bandaid solution until QNX arrives and if it is, why spend resources on it?

Why on earth would anyone want a OS7 device when QNX arrives "early 2012" - even if we go to February 2012, that's only 7 months away. I just can't see the reason to do so. Apparently, RIM can't either considering they dodged and failed to answer this very question when it was raised at the AGM by a member in the audience.

Also, I wish that the Playbook received more presstime - I so want to press my update button...and have it do something :)

I, for one, will purchase an OS 7 device (9930) the very day it hits my carrier. When the "superphones" finally drop, I'll have one of those then too. I'm not one to keep a smartphone for 3-5 years and I don't know many in the US that do. VZW allows the primary line to upgrade every year... Im sure other carriers have similar offers. Even if they didn't, as much as I get out of my BBs, I never mind the expense. Sell the previous device and put that towards the new one! :)

Well, as of right now, all signs are pointing to a QNX "superphone" coming in early 2012, but that phone is rumored to be an all-touch 4"-4.3". I will buy an OS7 9930 because I don't like all-touch devices. I like my physical keyboard, so I might be taking a risk and they might actually drop a QNX device with a physical keyboard, but I will just be happy with my 9930 and let them get all the kinks ironed out in QNX before I purchase a QNX phone with my next upgrade.

Absolute favorite post of the entire webcast:
"WOW... he just nailed all the analysts in the room for bashing RIM and then typing out their email on a blackberry!"

This explains my personal sentiment towards all those analysts and business types far more than anything else.

TheGlobeAndMail.com (newspaper) did a live blog from the meeting also, and the reporter mentioned during the live blog... "omarelakkad: Pretty sure I just saw somebody wearing a "The RIMpire Strikes Back" shirt."... lol

Sounds like a pretty uneventful event. Those in attendance were supportive, the two stooges gave their canned responses, Kevin didn't ask a question, blah blah blah.

I was at the meeting (at the back ... standing).
I just want to say that you did an AWESOME job at your Blog. It is very accurate, detailed, and you didn't sugar coat anything.


(I would like to mention that after the meeting I planted myself outside next to the CTV cameras, and overheard Andy, talking about the meeting. This guys never point out all the positive stuff. They look for the one tiny negative thing, then build on it. O well ..... I guess that he has his opinion too)

KEVIN - We see the world through you now. Keep fighting! RIM is doing Excellent!

Good Job Mike and Jim ..... and a well planned out meeting. I think that for the most part, shareholders are happy with what you are doing. They are just a bit down because of where the share price is .... but in 3 or 4 months, the share will be where it was in February !

You 2 work well together !