RIM announcing new BlackBerry OS 7 devices at BB7 Fan Night

By Michelle Haag on 1 Aug 2011 04:06 pm EDT
BlackBerry Bold 9900 facepalm

With RIM's BlackBerry 7 Fan Night coming up on Wednesday in Toronto, rumors are flying around about what exactly is going to happen there. Of course it will be a party, but aside from rubbing elbows with other BlackBerry addicts, nomming on hors d'oeuvre, and of course getting that much anticipated BlackBerry 7 device, just what else is planned?

Well, your first clue is right there. Research In Motion is throwing in a BlackBerry 7 device as part of the prize for those lucky winners from the Twitter contest last week. Since they didn't specify the prize is a BlackBerry Bold 9900/30 and the event isn't called BlackBerry 9900 Fan Night, it stands to reason that they have plans to announce at least a few more of the seven devices they assured us were coming this year. Maybe the attendees will even get some hands on time with devices like the BlackBerry Torch 2 9810, or the Torch 9850/60

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RIM announcing new BlackBerry OS 7 devices at BB7 Fan Night


Haha I'll be there FIRST with my twitter @maiev :D! and hopefully find some crackberry people to nerd out with :D!

^^^^^ Gee, have a cookie now.

A user posted a thread in the 9900/9930 forum about this - the article said the 9810/9850, 9860 was supposed to be announced but it also stated they would launch after the 9900/9930. Credible? I dunno.

that sounds realistic? why not spread out the attention. the bold 9900 will be hot for a few weeks and then shift gears to hype the torch(es) and then quietly release a new curve, likely without fanfare. either way, there will be something for everyone!

if it is allowed, i will try to tweet from the event soooo if you're interested in seeing some LIVE action shots Wed night (EST), please follow me on the twitter, eh?



Y'know, Michelle... you're probably right, but the headline suggests facts and this is just more guesswork. I'm disappointed.

Not really guesswork, but I suppose you could say it's not fact either. RIM is holding BB 7 Fan Night to show off new devices - but there is no way they would show off devices that weren't announced. So do the math and they pretty much have to announce them. Just my $.02

tracyandmatt.co.uk are reporting that RIM is holding an event in London same day as fan night, is this true because I haven't heard it mentioned anywhere else?

Yes, on Wednesday this week from 12 to 13:30, I got an invite but I can't make it and it would cost too much to fly there and take a day off.
I got invited as I help out on their facebook page.

Today I saw a BB 9900 in the wild in London. Some random office worker (a chic) had it beside her with a black "BUMPER" around that beautiful piece of metal.

That BBFan night contest was a joke... you HAD to go to toronto to get the phone if you won!?? Im not far from there... 3.5hrs... but no way would I drive 7hrs to get a phone. Most wouldnt... soooo this contest should have been.. "Hey Toronto BB fans... want to win a phone!???"


Well, this better be true. If RIM only announces one more device and say it's coming this fall, I'm gonna be pissed.

That Picard picture is from either that Q episode when he looses his powers and is dumped on the Enterprise, OR, the episode when Lwaxana Troi (Counselor Diana Troi's mother) is on the Enterprise and after him. God, i'm such a nerd! In other positive news, bring on the new devices!

If RIM doesn't WOW the general public with their new lineup, or in any way gives another "soft launch" with no real release dates, then they really need to pull their heads out of their a$$es. This is about the only thing that can float the stock price up a little bit for now.

They've ALREADY BEEN "ANNOUNCED" RIM you band of idiots! How many times can you announce a product? I remember hearing this ANNOUNCEMENT last spring in May! Ever try RELEASING and SELLING a product, to make some REVENUE? Or do you just like to ANNOUNCE things? Announce this: RIM = Morons.

Um... RIM hasn't officially announced the Torch 2 9810, the Torch 9850/60, or the Curve 9360. The only BB7 device officially announced so far is the Bold 9900.

Maybe before you come yelling at everyone in the comments, check your facts. :)

Dude, you're the moron. If you bothered to read, you would know they're announcing devices OTHER than the 9900.

Because it's the only device that's official, and since we don't know what devices if any will be announced on wednesday, it makes sense to put up the only official bb7 berry.

What's the matter with you? Pay attention.

lets see the at least two people are getting the new bold and not sure about everyone else. Then Blackberry is announcing more os7 devices, basically saying that they will be released soon!. Hmm How about these stupid carriers like verizon and At&t get their heads out of their a$$es and give us a release date!!!!

Just give the phones already......OAN: the new t-mobile roadmap possibly has the bold for a Aug 17th release

I would be too embarrassed to even touch a Windows phone in the store, let alone actually buy one and have to be seen in public with it.

Yawn, I'll wait till I see it. Too many leaks and predictions already that haven't been close to the truth. However, it does seem likely if you're going to talk about BB7 then you should announce some of the other BB7 devices. Only one BB7 device has been announced officially. I do like the sound of RIM releasing the Storm 3/Monza/Torch/9860/9850 fullscreen & fulltouch device, and I hope we will see it in stores on August 22.

Because of the delay in releasing these devices, it is possible that RIM could launch in North America and the U.K. simultaneously. They may have sufficient devices at hand to do so.


Let's get this devices launched and done with.

Bring on QNX.

If QNX wasn't coming so soon I'd be all over tbat 9860.

How do you have a fan night for something that isn't even out yet? How can you be a fan of something that you haven't tried, the 9900 could suck

I am holding out for a new BB but not holding out much hope for Wednesday night. I am exhausted and nearly depleted over this waiting. If they put it off any longer I will have to start researching other devices. I don't even have a clue what is out there...never felt the need to keep up with non-BB devices. I am starting to feel like I need to be better informed.

And The_Adventist: If I had any reason to believe that there was going to be a QNX phone any time this year it would TOTALLY re-energize me and I could wait as long as it takes. But the best I have heard is early next year, which tells me the reality is probably no sooner than a year from now. If you know different, please pass it on...

I have no more info for when the QNX phones are going to drop than anyone here. Having to wait until next year may seem like a long time for some BUT you know what is longer than waiting 1 year for QNX? Stuck with OS7 for 3 years waiting out the contract.

I have to use the carrier subsidy to get phones. I'm not blowing my upgrade on OS7 when QNX is just around the corner.

I hope they suprise us all with a QNX dual core phone. No leaks, no spottings in the wild, no nothing, just BAM! QNX.

You are making my mouth water (hang on, need to move my BB...) There.

I would so love to be able to wave a "Superphone" under the noses of my friends and co-workers who have jumped the BB ship or say they are planning to.

I know what I will dream about tonight....

How can they have enough fans for a "Fan Night" for something that hasn't even been released yet?

RIM's like a ship that has been torpedoed and slowly sinking...that disappoints me. Love my Playbook but this waiting game is just ridiculous!!! Come on RIM prove me wrong for crying out loud!!! I'm sure I'm not alone.

Since I won and I'm going to Fan night, I'll let you know how it goes. Hoping they let me bring my hd camcorder with me.

They better announce something
this is getting beyond ridiculous.

it's the phone that everyone knows is coming except them

They'll only show the 9900 and play up OS 7 Wednesday night. Nothing new will be announced. They'll say new phones are "coming soon", but nothing specific. Sorry for the disappointing news (got this from a very reliable source).

Over six months since we first heard about these phones and saw pictures they're finally all getting announced, and still with no reliable release date in sight.

I've heard this Story a million times (new phone to be annonced) here we go again. I hope this isn't another Wolf CRY, junno

RIM as a company spent the better part of 2 years on the Playbook and forgot what made their company. After all this time if they do not come out with the best phone on the planet their market share is going to get crushed. Business people will always use Blackberries but the largest consumer group 14-30 can and will use Android and Apple. When the I5 launches RIM will need a helment. I am a long time BB user and probably will be but I am a business user and even I need a new phone soon.And then VZW will be the absolute last to release any Blackberry phone.Like someone else commented.I may look elsewhere and I do not even have a clue what is out there but I guess its time to wise up.The management of RIM has lost their way and only a shake up bigtime will keep this company from losing market share and get crushed by the Androids and that hated I5.Just a diehard BB users opinion and i am sure RIM could give a D**n about my opinion. They already know it all.

I work for a cellphone company and people have to get replacements all the time on their droids. I wouldn't suggest going that way. BlackBerry is going to come back and kill some shit. Sit back and watch!

Can we cuss here? Anyway, I am totally assuming that the 9930 will be available before August 15th if not earlier.


Firstly, RIM DOES care about your opinion.

Secondly, IMO, the BB Bold 9900/9930 will turn out to be "the best phone on the planet." I guarantee you will LOVE this phone. BlackBerry 7 and QNX will knock your socks off!!

Thirdly, the 9900/9930 will be launched by BELL MOBILITY on
AUGUST 14 and on AUGUST 18/19 by TELUS.


- CB


I saw the phone ... touched it ..... and it looked and felt amazing .... very fast and snappy.

How do you know that Bell gets it on the 14th?

I'm with Telus, and I need to wait an extra week?

The photo on the 9900 is perfect.... exasperation. Well, I suppose we'll all make nice if the phones are up and ready in the next week or so.

I actually won. I can bring two friends, however, im the only one that leaves with a device. We all get swag and drink tickets ;-). follow me and I'll keep ya posted @miraclestone

With how RIM is...

I fully expect no new phones to be released. There's no reason to suggest it. It's assumed they would. He'll it was assumed last week they would when they said they were going too!

Statistically, it's just as likely they'll announce the iPhone5 at the RIM event as it is they'll announce any specific details on any new BB devices.

"We fooled everyone... QNX is NOW! All carriers will carry the 99xx series w/QNX as of tomorrow (not "BBOS7," as we famously juked) AND be available on the LTE networks that are available!"

Yes. These words would make me pee my pants. I suspect I won't need any adult diapers, but I'm cautiously optimistic for release dates. My 9650 is starting to do some random reboots (I think it's the battery, but I'm not going to get a new one as it won't jump ship to the 9930). A good friend has been (surprisingly) impressed w/a "Mango'd" Phone7 unit (previously of the rooted Android Club). I'm not quite there, yet, but a replacement is imminent, w/or w/o RIM...hopefully WITH!

So get w/it, RIM! Before my US$ is TOTALLY worthless! :(

ppff!!!! have been to dissapointed with this kind of thing lately by RIM I really don't want to get my hopes up, only to be crushed, yet again!, I just convinced myself that I should be able to change my phone within the next 2 monts,

p.s. I've been putting of the renewal of my 4 lines with vz since march!!!!!! just so I can get all BB devices on all of them as I have now :$

they'll show some "new" features of the Bold 9900/30 and promise to release 5 more devices shortly and then send everyone home without any concrete information on any new devices or release dates. Show of hands, who here actually believes that RIM will announce anything worthy at the Toronto fan night tomorrow? I say "nope"!

Me and 2 friends entered the contest via Twitter, and while two of us just tweeted once, the other one kept bombarding @Blackberry with tweets (limit was 10 tweets a day) and he was one of the 40 winners. Lucky guy won a 32GB PlayBook also last time. Im one of is two guests to the party as I was for the PlayBook launch as well! Its going to be fun just like like the PlayBook launch Party. I heard Balsilie will be there also. I'll be tweeting as well (if allowed) Follow @wiki_warren if you want. Peace out!

i entered with 2 or 3 tweets and i won but idk which one it was.... @murphquake on twitter or 25D9EE45 otherwise (for now =-)