RIM announcing new BlackBerry 7 devices tomorrow?

New BlackBerry 7 devices
By Bla1ze on 25 Jul 2011 05:56 pm EDT

Looks like RIM is gearing up to announce some new BlackBerry 7 devices tomorrow. They've been having some fun on the BlackBerry Twitter account getting users excited for the forthcoming news. What devices they'll announce we're not sure but we know they have plenty they could announce.

Needless to say, we're hoping some release dates come with those announcements rather then just announcing them as "coming soon" -- that would just be mean and the new devices haven't exactly been the best kept secrets. What do you think they'll announce?

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RIM announcing new BlackBerry 7 devices tomorrow?


I'm wishing for the Bold 9900 to be out on T-Mobile By August 5th (that's when I'm gonna have some mula) If its not then I will have a HTC Sensation in my hands. I'm still a Crackberry Addict at heart but just I'm ready to get rid of my Torch (yes a Torch on T-Mo, its Unlocked :p)

That's ages when it comes to "Android" devices only so I have to agree with BerryGuy25, they release 2-5 new ones every month..If that's the case with all phones then the new Berry's will be prehistoric a month after release because they are behind in the specs category..But do I care about that? Hell no, I'm a Berry man and will always be, I just want to try something new..

yea thats cool if you wanna buy a phone thats gonna be slow, outdated to current markets, & have ta pull the baterry out every hour!!! I love blackberry myelf but i need a phone thats gonna work & their way behind the 8 ball (android & iphone). They truly are falling off

If they don't launch anything in August, the media is going to set them on fire and everyone on the internet will be pouring oil on it.

If nothing is launched in August I can see all the posts that BGR will publish that will be twice as bad as all the other article BGR posted recently.

Hopefully the Torch 9850 & 9860, new Curve devices and if the Bold 9790 is indeed comming then that as well.
Hoping for release dates!

Well, they better announce something on the 9900/9930, although I guess it's up to the carriers to announce at this point.......but it'll probably be on the new Google social app........just a thought.



Is anyone else getting tired of all these games. All talk no do. For gods sake RIM just get on with it so I can go get it.

Jesus christ man, they're gonna do it tomorrow. They're telling you now, "we'll release new phones tomorrow." What else do you want?

They said nothing about "releasing new phones tomorrow!" They're just alluding to the fact that some phones may be announced, just like the 9900 was way back in early May. This doesn't mean we'll get any release dates or learn anything we don't already know from months of leaks.

So, this might be more "games" from a company that can't meet any deadlines or commit to any release dates. All talk, no product!

Whatever it is, these delays are not only killing the company, but frustrating the hell out of loyal customers, I'm planning on getting the 9850/9860 and RIM isn't doing itself any favors by delaying a touchscreen phone with a PLASTIC screen, no front facing camera or 4G when the iPhone 5 is nipping at it's heals. Not to mention all of the dual core android super phones flooding in (as in you can go and buy one RIGHT NOW).

Who cares if the screen is plastic? At least they won't break like iCrap does. It's not the plastic is cheap, it's a special kind of plastic...probably a polycarb or something like that with special coatings on it...it doens't need to be glass and all other makers of smartphones should move to this...glass breaks...point and simple!

Now Dayvidpriddy says to get over it or he's gonna tell your mama on you in your mama's basement lol...

Take a good look at the 9850/9860. It's one piece of plastic that wraps around the bottom. No glass, and my points that plastic scratches, especially in the era of gorilla glass. And I doubt it will be anything special with coatings, etc. Same material as the previous BB screens.

I meant their other phones. Do you honestly think the 9850/9860 have glass screens? Give me a break, this is becoming a dumb argument. Just take a good look at them... And the 9530/9550 had clear seams and lines around the glass.

They need to announce release dates with these devices as well.
Plus, I think tomorrow we will finally find out if the Torch 9860/50 will have hard buttons or soft buttons!!!!

No sir. Bla1ze had it wrong in the video. I watched both videos and made sure. The phone that lacks buttons clearly states it is the 9850/CDMA in the device info screen that is shown at the end of the video. The other with the buttons says 9860 and shows 3 characters that look like GSM, and does not say CDMA.

I'm perfectly fine with either version. I own both Storms and a Torch (aside from other models), and I can see the benefits of both renditions. Not a single complaint here that can't be resolved by pairing with the PlayBook.

"Not a single complaint here that can't be resolved by pairing with the PlayBook."

right. except the fact that the playbook is another 400$ on top of your 2 year contract, data plan, and 200$ bb.

"...here.." as in my person. I was king to buy a PlayBook anyway, so it doesn't make things difficult.

Telus and Bell in Canada apparently have both of those networks... so which one are they gonna get dammit?! haha I'm not sure which one I even want yet. The one with no buttons looks a little better but the one with buttons makes me think I'll hang up or answer a call by accident less. Hmmmmmm

they do ya. and the leak bell list only listed the hspa versions and not the cdma ones. so the question is will bell/telus buy brand new phones for a dieing network.

Crazy that devices from the same manufacturer might have a certain look to them. No other manufacturer but RIM has similar device lines....SMH

The iPhone is definitely unique. You could lay all the iPhones out as well as the iPod touches and barely be able to tell a difference in them without having them on. All manufacturers, companies, etc have design templates or tendencies that they lean toward. I'm in an engineering firm in which we do data storage and the designs that we do for the chassis have similarities.

Wake me up when we get past the next 6 - 8 months and RIM is ready to announce a "true" next-generation OS for their phone system.

I hope they announce the Touch 9850/60 phones. I can't wait until the 9860 is available on AT&T!

Wake me up when anything new is actually released and available. RIM is unable to EVER meet deadlines! Everything is delayed and all they do is talk. I'm actually planning on getting the 9850/9860 (one of these days, if the sun doesn't burn out first). Even without a front facing camera, 4G, a 4 inch screen or even a glass front. The screen is actually plastic like the Samsung instinct from 2008. But I digress...

Take a good look at the two phones. The front is one continuous piece of plastic that wraps around the bottom. There aren't any seems or lines to suggest that a rectangular sheet of glass is there. It's (unfortunately) all plastic, although the battery cover is metal, which is a cheap and dirty way to market "quality". But I guess we'll all know one of these days.

Looks like glass to me. 1.2GHZ CPU, 756 Megs RAM, Magnometer, Accelerometer, NFC, Open GL ES2.0, etc... and Capactive touch - plastic? I hope to G-d you're wrong. Otherwise, with the memory limitations and other shorrtcomings these devices would be doa. (not to say they wont sell - but not well).

If it is glass it is going to go down in history as being the most frequently broken phones in history. The front is one piece that curves all the way around to the top and bottom. There would literally be no good way for that phone to land if the screen is glass. It would last the average customer a month before it got cracked. I am disappointed to that it appears to be plastic because of the scratch potential but glass would be an epic fail for that design. Maybe they have found a way to hide the seems and the screen is glass and the ends are plastic but it sure does not look like it


Hopefully some exciting new hardware and software announcements and release dates coming tomorrow or else I can't honestly see RIM being around this time next year. Definitely not holding my breath for VZW to get anything new from them that can compete with their current 4G offerings but you never know. Don't let us down RIM.

You're right that specs aren't everything, but don't let that discount the importance either.

The camera - 5MP - and recording - 720p - was standard a year ago. It still is pretty standard, but it won't be for longer than a couple months. Some might even say it is already outdated(for a brand new, unreleased phone at least) - myself included, seeing as how most phones coming out are 8MP and 1080p.

The processor - 1.2GHz - is definitely pretty much on it's last leg as an industry standard. Most phones coming out are dual-core, and although you can get your OS optimized to make more of a processor than other OSs might be able to, it could have benefitted from dual-core. To me, 1.2GHz is still decent, but to most, they want dual-core.

The OS is hardly a step up. In fact, BlackBerry 7 was originally supposed to be BlackBerry 6.1(what would be considered a minute/mild upgrade), but RIM, being down in the dumps, needed filler between their current lineup - 9700, 9780, 9800 et cetera - and QNX so they slapped a new OS name on it to build a little hype. It is working, which is good, but BB OS needs help.

No 4G isn't really a big deal as 4G doesn't fully exist, but the 4G moniker is absolutely HUGE to consumers now. Releasing brand new 3G phones Q3 and beyond is suicide, even Apple would barely skate by doing so.

Yeah, that's true. But a few points to keep in mind, the smaller you make your camera pixels, the more noise you get so the picture quality in low light conditions gets worse. Having more megapixels is not desirable if you have a small aperture.

I think the dual-core chips help the phones become more efficient and run cooler so that helps, but not all the consumers even know the chip they have in their phones (especially iphones). Software optimization is much more important.

But yeah, I think people can identify "4G" pretty easy and like that as a selling point.

Everyone can say what they want about outdated hardware and plastic screens and no 4G or front facing cameras, etc. The bottom line is RIM needs to release SOMETHING new! Announcements with nothing concrete will only continue to kill a company that's never met a deadline.

Here is my question why would a release date even matter. When has RIM gave a release date without changing it at least twice.

People ask for more and more cpu power, but really, what the hell are they supposed to do with a 1.whatever dual/quad core??? Playing Black Ops??? Angry Birds??? Some people just smh

They will both have hard buttons or they will both have soft buttons. There is no way RIM will have two sets of buttons for the same phone. Does not make financial sense or production sense. What we saw in those videos was two different pre-production variants. When it comes to market they will have hard buttons or not.

What you saw in the videos were not two pre-production variants. The CDMA will not have the buttons. GSM will. It is clear when looking at the end of the video for each one. The one without buttons says 9850/cdma in the device info screen. the one with buttons says 9860 and does not say cdma.

Counting the hours!!!!! Hopefully we have some releases in Canada and US in the next two weeks and then the whole world!!!

What's the big deal with OS7 anyways? How is it any different from OS5 or 6? We all know that RIM needs to put out dual-core QNX phones to really make a difference in their consumer shares in North America..

I just want RIM to get on with the release dates (and they need to be in August) for the new devices! I am very anxious for this to happen like YESTERDAY 2 days ago!!!! T-Mobile needs plenty of love in this (especially if AT&T does since we are being absorbed)!!!!!

If people feel rim is releasing outdated products or don't like them for whatever reason, why take time out your lives to post negativity on a BLACKBERRY related site and ruin it for us that own/use blackberries? They do have the same type of sites for whatever device you prefer, go troll around on those!

I think Rim will have a huge surprise for us like something added to these devices that we all have been waiting for! QNX!!!!!!

This is what I think too....I sure hope so....I believe Mike L Said that it wouldn't be that hard to port QNX onto a blackberry...we'll see...It sure would make their stocks jump for sure. Maybe those 2000 layoffs were from the OS # teams and now they are ramping into QNX mode.

I always thought it'd be awesome of a company like RIM did that, although it'd probably be impossible for them to do so. But it would simply be amazing if they leaked all the pics and vids of the OS7 phones as pure distractions and then they BAM... release something totally unexpected and awesome. I would love to see a product come out of nowhere without any leaks or rumours.

From the wording of that Tweet I think all they will be announcing are a series of events where people can go look at the 9900.

Tomorrow the RIM will announce that they are working with the carriers come up with a release data within the next FEW weeks. At the same time in REAL world, millions of users from developing countries with booming middle class saving money to buy expensive iPhones.

In most countries Blackberries are affordable. But if RIM takes too long to release this phone or end up with many OS bugs, RIM CEOs should set fire to themselves.

@revyrah, i know what it says on the about screen. how do you know they are not pre-production variants? i could be wrong, but it does not make manufacturing sense to change the bottom buttons on the CDMA and HSPA versions.

In fairness to you, I don't work for RIM, so I can't say with 100% certainty that they are definitely not pre-production. However with the proximity of these leaked videos, the OS builds on those videos/smooth running and higher than the leaked versions we've seen, plus the significant fact that one is CDMA and the other labeled the 9860 is known to be the GSM version, I can say I'm extremely confident in my take on it.

Think of this as the same slight variations we've seen on some other brands like the Galaxy S series, or various HTC models. It makes sense in differentiating between carriers. Personally, I don't favor one or the other. Neither has SurePress and so I lose either way.

umm pretty sure they were already "announced" back in May. funny how rim thinks they kno what they're doing

Only the Bold 9900/9930 were announced, not the Torch 9810, Torch 9850/9860, or the new Curve lineup.

Tried waiting for the Playbook! Couldn't do it, got the iPad. Tired of waiting for the 9900, RIM this your last chance!

I just bought a 6210 on eBay, laying off of the Bold 9000 for a few days after the 6210 comes in the mail.
By the time I get tired of the 6210 I hope the Bold 9900 will be out and ready for me to snag off of the AT&T shelves at my local AT&T store.

Too bad all those employees lost their jobs in the layoff, idiot ceo needs to go imo.

Still waiting for a new BB.

Layoffs are an unfortunate part of doing business. However, I think in RIM's current situation, they could use bringing in some new blood. I have to agree with others on the forum though. The new faces have to be in higher positions or they will not be able to make much of a change to the culture and politics of the place.

Ive been looking foward to the Curve 9350 for a long time now but i am starting to feel screwed around a bit by RIM...

This wasn't for device announcements at all - it's for a stupid giveaway of 40 new bb's with os7. And you have to pay your way to toronto and be present to accept the prize. rim's marketing is absolutely horrendous.

I'm sorry, but if the twitter contest was "the big announcement", the RIM's marketing people need to be fired! Will someone please pinch RIM and wake them up!


Seriously, when will we get some information about any release dates or upcoming devices. Straight from BlackBerry however.. not through any secondary sources.

What happen to those announcements? I'm tired of waitin tell RIM that I'll get a IPhone in the mean time. This is ridiculous with the amount of time it's takin for them to drop a phone just hope they don't go bankrupt before then!!!

Wtf? This was a complete BS from BB team. I would switch to iphone yesterday if my company's stupid IT dept wouldn't force us to use BB. I was so hoping to get the new bold.

Never seen any company as cocky and obnoxious as rim. No wonder they are loosing market shares and their share price is going downt the gutter.

If you read their tweet literally, they said to check back for "deets" on the BB7FanNight. Sounds like we read into this a bit too much...

It says devices are coming... but it does not say they are announcing the devices tomorrow... just the details on BB7FanNight.

Let me get this straight. I have been checking tweets and Crackberry all day waiting for a release date for the 9900, and the big announcement is the chance to win a new phone with 7 OS?! Let's not forget - you have to fly your own a$$ there to get the phone. It would be cheaper for me to buy the phone out right than buy airfare. This is definitely something that makes you go hummm.

So all day I'm checking tech news looking for the release dates of the new phones, and it's just this stupid contest??? Hate to use a tech blog cliche but...FAIL! Didn't the thought occur to them that this would piss people off rather than get them excited? I swear some high school kids could do a better job at marketing - and I mean no offense to high school kids, I am serious.

I actually believed the hype? Was checking cb and bb website all day? Went to tmobile! they looked at me like what?

What a let down! Got tired of all hype waiting for Playbook! Bought the iPad and love it!

Not going to wait any longer for the bold touch! should have been out a year ago!

Great marketing strategy RIM! Frustrate what customer base you have left!

I'm out! Hello iPhone!

Luckily even though we have BES our policy is "get whatever phone you want-as long as it works with Microsoft Exchange" , which WP7, Android & iOS all fortunately do. To keep my grandfathered unlimited data plan I'm told I can't get the iPhone, so I'm going to wait until the new Blackberrys launch (August, September, October-who knows?) And then compare them to the latest and greatest WP7/Mango and Android phones.

Still won't get anything that can't hold a charge past noon, but I'm definitely checking out non-RIM options this time before pulling the trigger-may have to wait 'till November for some decent WP7 phones to be out. Still hoping RIM gets it together...