RIM announces the BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone in India

By Bla1ze on 14 Jun 2010 08:45 am EDT

In time for the 3G auctions to be completed and Indian carriers now set to roll out 3G, Research In Motion has wasted no time in announcing one of their latest devices into the area. The BlackBerry Pearl 3G will be released in India. Both keyboard (14 and 20 key) configurations will be available for customers to choose from.  No official release date or pricing was revealed at the announcement but with Research In Motions BlackBerry smartphones increasingly selling well in India it's no doubt the BlackBerry Pearl 3G will be a big seller.

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RIM announces the BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone in India


I take it the "BlackBerry Pearl 2G" part in the last sentence is supposed to say "BlackBerry Pearl 3G" :-/

BTW for everyone complaining about it not coming out in the US, if you're within driving distance to Canada, why not hop on over and buy one from here? I got my 9700 from the States myself, so I don't see why it would be much of an issue going the other way around :-)

What do you suggest for someone living in a more southern part of the World, i.e. Malta (Europe)? I need to buy this before I go abroad next month.... any suggestions?

To be very honest,
But BB is not much loved handheld in india..
Pearl is just another BB silently launched in india.

More than 60% of people using qwerty uses barakberry or bluecherry
Rest 39% is shared by Samsung and Nokia...
BB is rest and shared with winmo based handhelds..

BB is doing very very well in India and has an increasing user base. In a few years i see India being one of the biggest markets for blackberry

Yes definitely,
If rim offers BB in less than 5K.
May be barakBerry and BlueCherry is good option for big lobby
Of mass market.

before a well developed country does? does this make any sense to anyone?

BTW, im in southern california here. I'd have to fly, and my plane ticket would cost more than the phone. at this rate, ill have to wait for another 3rd world country like mexico to get the pearl 3g and ill get one there.

this is really starting to get ridiculous!

Gas prices alone would cost so much, enough to buy if from eBay from those shadey mobile phone dealers. Plus the down side, I'd actually have to go to Canada and that is every US citizens nightmare.

Even if it's already launched in India, but the availability is only limited to Mumbai. As for other places, I don't see it will come any sooner. Nevertheless, for a brand new BB in India would be very costly and I can say, few Indians are interested with BB. Thanks to the Govt's import duty, the prices are sky high and there are still many other qwerty based phones for the Indians to choose from.

If you say BB is a very much loved phones in India, I'm sorry but I don't believe that. Indians are more interested in Micromax, FLY and Karbonn phones. I'm not making up this fact, but as a foreigner living in India, this is what I see.