RIM announces new BlackBerry Music Gateway

BlackBerry Music Gateway
By Michelle Haag on 30 Apr 2012 01:08 pm EDT

Update: The BlackBerry Music Gateway is Now Available from ShopCrackBerry.com! 

A few years back, RIM introduced the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway for streaming audio via Bluetooth. For whatever reason, that accessory is no longer available to purchase. Today RIM is introducing a new version of this awesome device, dubbed simply BlackBerry Music Gateway. Plan on getting your hands on this hot little device in June of this year with pricing said to be set at just $49.99. We'll have a hands on later, but for now you can find out all the details in the press release below. 

RIM is introducing a new accessory, the BlackBerry® Music Gateway, tonight at the BlackBerry Solutions Showcase from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in the Palms Ballroom. The new BlackBerry Music Gateway lets you wirelessly stream music to your home or car stereo from your BlackBerry® smartphone, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet or any Bluetooth® enabled device*. Once connected to the BlackBerry Music Gateway, customers are able to control their music from up to 30 feet away from the stereo, without missing a single beat.

The showcase will also be open for the duration of BlackBerry World. Stop by for a demo and take a look at all it has to offer:

  • Connections Made Simple – Using NFC, simply tap your NFC enabled BlackBerry to connect to the BlackBerry Music Gateway**, or connect via standard Bluetooth for universal connectivity of any Bluetooth enabled device such as smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Enjoy Wireless Freedom - Stream music from your BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry PlayBook, or any other Bluetooth enabled device. BlackBerry Music Gateway connects to any existing home stereo equipment or car stereo using the RCA or 3.5mm cables included in the box
  • Wireless Remote Control – Use your device as the remote for complete control of playback, track changes, and volume.
  • Multitasking – Access other applications or surf the web while playing music. Music automatically pauses when an incoming phone call is received and continues when the call is ended without skipping a beat.

Getting music on your BlackBerry has never been easier. Customers can sync their personal music library, purchase albums and songs from the BlackBerry Music Store or stream music from the numerous BlackBerry App World™ music apps such as BBM™ Music, Pandora or Slacker, for a rich multimedia experience.

Availability and Pricing:

The BlackBerry Music Gateway will begin shipping in June 2012 and will be available for US$49.99.

*Bluetooth enabled devices must feature the A2DP and AVRCP profiles.

** For tap to pair and connect feature, device must feature Near Field Communication (NFC).

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RIM announces new BlackBerry Music Gateway


It'll work with any device with stereo bluetooth. This is pretty much the same thing with nfc added compared to the original model. I'd have to say it is pretty awesome especially since you can use pandora over bluetooth

I have the original model and it works great.
I have it plugged into the sound bar for my TV and it's the only source of music at home for me. I don't have a CD player other than the one in my computer. I just download my favourite playlists on my 9900 and PlayBook and play music through the gateway.

Its pretty awesome, but it would be even more awesome if item was available... They just put it on the site on its out of stock. SMH.

By the time it's delivered, probably, other vendors will have music delivery by intra-cranial implant . . . blueskull, they'll call it.


Sweet the audiophiles will be loving this...on another note...evrytime i see the 9900/30 in a good pic, i die slowly. Its such a beauty.

Not too many audiophiles would be using a BT connected device, let alone a phone as a music source. That has jitter mayhem written all over it...

That is one of the reason i switch from 9860 to 9900, because i can't stand the beauty of it every time i saw it's picture in CrackBerry :).

The best smart phone i ever had. Love my 9900. #BeBold

Can someone explain exactly how this will work?/ I am very confused. I would like a car example and a in home stero example please! thanks

If your car doesn't have A2DP but an AUX input then you can plug this in and not have a wire going to the phone/tablet. Same with home stereo.

Also say you have a party. You are outside but the stereo is inside. With this you will be able to control the music 30' away. Cool ! yes?

If you have an auxiliary input on your stereo then you just need to buy the auxiliary cable connect it to the blackberry music gateway.

The Gateway will physically connect to your stereo system of choice (ie: receiver etc...), it will also need power. Once those are connected, your BB or any other BT device can connect to the gateway via BT and stream music to it, which will be heard over your stereo system. The source music will be coming from your BB or BT connected device. This is not ground breaking, wireless music receivers have been around for a while, but this will work with your BB, PlayBook and other BT devices.

And needless to say, there are other, less expensive solutions available. Belkin just announced something very similar to this last week, and you can find all manner of stuff on eBay.

The two BIG selling points with this one are the Blackberry branding (I've found their OEM accessories to be first-rate in terms of build quality) and that NFC functionality, which is EXTREMELY cool. Tap-to-pair is an awesome idea.

The fact that is is BT is nice because it means you can "hide" it. For those that like to have their components hidden away, this is a very nice option. Most devices will rely on IR for remote control, and thus can't be hidden easily without some sort of IR receiver that redirects the requests.

Agree on the RIM branding. Hopefully a sign that RIM is starting to take the media angle seriously and will begin to enrich this aspect, starting with BB10...

I don't think RIM has much to apologize for on the media side. The music player is very good, 7Digital is a solid music store, and BBM Music is actually pretty interesting.

I'll totally be looking for this device when it's released. What would be just INSANELY cool is to give it HDMI out, but I'm not sure BT has the bandwidth to carry HD video.

I am able to do this with my blackberry hand free device VM-605 perectly. WHy would I buy this? With my VM-605 hand free phone and it can be played thru your FM radio. Also it automatically allows you to take the incoming call. I really do not see a need for another 49.99.

Two reasons: your device uses an FM transmitter. That's OK, but you'll get better fidelity with a direct connection.

Second, NFC pairing.

FM transmission in a big city is horrendous. Here in Toronto, every single channel is pretty much occupied... very hard to find a clean channel. And it never sounds as good. Never.

As an audiophile myself, the sound-quality will not be the best and will degrade considerably as the distance between your phone and this device increases.

Yeah, I used the iTrip back in the day with my iPod. It worked but it never sounded very good at all and it was best when I was out on the road away from the city where there were plenty of free channels to use.

Hardwired is always best. ;)

I was actually just trying to find such a device. Currently have the stereo set up to play music via PlayBook or my Bold 9900 using the earphone jack... but that leaves it tied down.

I will buy this almost immediately once it goes on sale.

I mean, who doesn't want to flip through the news on their PlayBook in the morning over a cup of joe, while some sweet tunes are playing over the stereo?

Come on June!

Already do this with a Logitech receiver, nothing new for me as I have no NFC equipped devices. What would be new / cool would be wireless streaming using your home network - like airplay for instance or just run with DNLA.

Exactly! My 9930, once connected with the logitech adapter, automatically finds it again when in the area. Logitech device is cheaper...oh, and on the market already. RIM behind the curve again.

My playbook connects and reconnects just the same as well.

Oh gosh, why do people say "behind the curve" on an updated product because they didn't know of the original product when it was released way before Logitech's Wireless Music Gateway. 3 things.

1) The old BlackBerry Music Gateway requires a mini USB for power (this new one may be using micro USB). I can use my mini USB car charger to keep it powered and it stays in my car. Logitech's device has to be plugged into the wall. Yes, not a big deal, but with RIM's product I have the flexibility that is not offered by Logitech's product. Hardly behind the curve.

2) The old BlackBerry Music Gateway was out months before Logitech's and at the time Logitech did not have a product similar to it. So you can almost say Logitech was behind the curve when it released their Wireless Music Gateway when they did.

3) This new Music Gateway offers NFC, which is of course, ahead of the curve unless Logitech's or Belkin's have NFC as a hidden feature I don't know about.

...good post, I hate reading the whiners who always gripe that BB is 'behind the curve' when in fact if they did a little research they would find that BB does a lot more than they really know...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

Yup, DNLA is the way to go for sure...... My Carrier (rogers) hasn't released 7.1 yet, but from what I understand, it is DNLA compliant.

Would work the same as a blue tooth enabled car stereo. I find it obsolete for a car might be usefull at home though. My old stereo was BT and once in my car my BB would connect enabling me to take calls over the stereo and stream music from my BB through the stereo.

The current gateway does it just fine. This will too. It will stream any content that would normally go to your ears with headphones.
It's great for BBMM. Sit in the sweet spot of your music room and control what's playing with your 'berry.

It will stream BBM Music just fine (I already do that with my BT car stereo).

Slacker might not work, though. It doesn't seem to like playing over BT.

I have the original BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway and it works great. I may pick this up later on so I don't have to move it to different rooms.

SOLD, perfect for the car!!!!! Great price point but Im wondering if the Bt connection is encrypted or not.

edit: please RIM make one that transfers video.

What's cracking me up is people think this is new, or it's new to them. The Remote Stereo Gateway is years old. Hasn't been sold for a year for some reason. It works pretty good except for some signal issues with mine + 9900. It was also twice the price for some dumb reason. Other than NFC, price and hopefully micro usb, what's new?

Sprint used to sell a similar device called FIPO that was sold for $10. It was made for iPhone docks, but you could use it for other home and car audio using an iPhone AV cable. I have a couple and they work great both in the car and at home.

It works with bluetooth enabled devices including Blackberries.

Yup can't beat 10 bucks. I will get this just because I'm a BB nut, and I would like a wireless for my home audio now because. My FIPO stays in the car.

This tech has been out for a very long time. Since it's blackberry I'm sure it will work well but there are other great manufacturers out there too like Logitech (and it's cheaper):


I was thinking the same thing (Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver)
however the blackberry version does does support NFC tap to pair. I've yet to use NFC, but its a neat feature.

I think the old one never took off because they didn't advertise it enough and practically nobody knew about it. Another thing, I think the old one was more expensive. Lastly, I agree with another person here -it would be cool if it did wireless streaming using your home network - like airplay for instance and run with DNLA as well. The more features it has the more reason people have to purchase this nifty toy.

My guess is that RIM is having some difficulty rapping their heads around DLNA hence they are reinventing the Bluetooth Music Gateway. The PB has been out now over a year and still not DLNA complient. What surprises me is that so many people on here are so excited over this old technology.

"My guess is that RIM is having some difficulty rapping their heads around DLNA hence they are reinventing the Bluetooth Music Gateway."

That is one wild and crazy assumption.

I have the stereo gateway and as soon as I turn on my car ir connects with my phone. I paid 40 I do believe. I was looking for some features that would make me want to buy this one. Both my phone and Playbook are connected to it.

I am quite happy that this is being created. My only concern is where will this actually be sold and how will it actually be marketed. I never saw the older version at any Rogers Wireless, BestBuy, Futureshop, or other technology store in Vancouver. I really hope that this device will be easy to obtain. If worse comes to worse, I presume we can buy it directly from RIM.

OEM products all the way!

I sincerely hope this won't break DLNA efforts ... but seems useful to some at a reasonable cost, so I presume it's good news :)

Interesting. Can I use it for the phone feature? I guess I could use it in my car. The car's BT is just too temperamental and this could do it.


Someone earlier was looking for alternatives: Monoprice.com has a white Bluetooth music receiver too for $19.47 - no NFC obviously. Search for product ID 7364 or just use keywords: bluetooth and receiver. It gets good reviews for out of 117 ratings it has an 88.72% positive rating. I personally would buy the Blackberry one because it's black. I sure wish my Torch 9810 had NFC now... :(

I use the original Remote Stereo Gateway for the home stereo, works great and use the VM605 in the car. Music never leaves me :)

even though we find cheaper products elserwhre, we have to support Rim or else we don't get to have products like these and Rim will see that we don't support them

I have the original one and it's hooked up to my home theatre....my wife uses it all the time and plays Pandora on it!

I really like the addition of NFC pairing.

Now I need to update my T-Mo 9900 to a version with NFC enabled

Nothing new here, have had the previous model for about 2 years.Only difference is NFC. Have not played a CD since I got it and it works great. Would like to point out that the volume control does not work when connected to the PB, however, the volume control does work when connected to my BB phone (Storm 9550). Why it does not work on the PB I have no clue, I guess it's in keeping with the rubbish that RIM is known for. Also, don't know why NFC is necessary, my bluetooth stereo gateway is pluged into my stereo, once the stereo is powered on the stereo gateway is powered on as well and immediately connects to the PB or BB phone.

Not sure for all , however, it works with my Torch 9850, can even use the volume keys to move forward and back between songs or pause with the mute button.

Yeah, it works great with my Storm 9550, volume control and all, however, the volume control does not work when connected to the PB. I think this is something RIM should fix.

Sometimes, when I get home and I'm rockin' with BBM Music, I go to my desk and plug my 9900 to the speakers.

Now, just having to tap to pair my phone to this new gadget would be so cool!

Have you ever tried listening to music on a BlackBerry, then compare to how it sounds on an iPod? The berry's sound quality is terrible.

Hmm I used to have an iPod, but since I got my 9860...I no longer have an iPod...and when it comes to going portable... my 9860 on stock wired BB earbuds sound 10 x's better (bigger sound) than an iDevice and its painful little earbuds...the BB earbuds sound better than most of the over priced stuff at the stores..

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

Has RIM started manufacturing them yet so they can fill orders when these are brought to the market? Or will this be another "PlayBook Mini Keyboard w/Convertible Case" fiasco? 3-Months later and they're still not filling orders? How sad... :(

Folks, Please Google the VM-605 hands free unit. This is the best for using the phone and listening to the music via your FM radio. I am surprised, so many conversations about this technology. Long battery life and sounds decent. When the phone call comes it automatically suts the music and once you finish the conversation it turns on. I got mine for 59.99. I really do not think RIM will sell any of this gateway unit.

Ooh, sit this beside one of my Sonos devices and boom, music anywhere from BB or Playbook, now if there was a Sonos controller for Playbook...

The product is now up on the Canada Blackberry Site here: http://ca.shopblackberry.com/Product/BlackBerry-Music-Gateway/ACC-41596-001 You can't pre-order it yet but you can register your email for more information.

Also, someone above indicated that they didnt think it would work with Slacker. In the featured section on the website, it says this: Online music services: Works with online music services and apps on your smartphone, tablet or device, such as Slacker, 7digital, and BB Music

Sadly, the compatibility list is a little small compared to what I original thought:

BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet
BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930/9900
BlackBerry® Bold™ 9981
BlackBerry® Bold™ 9790
BlackBerry® Curve™ 9380
BlackBerry® Curve™ 9350/9360/9370

I had hoped that this would work with the 9780, but that model is not listed as being compatible.

This product will work with ANY Bluetooth device that supports the standard/relevant profiles. Doesn't even have to be BlackBerry branded nor is NFC a requirement-just easier to pair and connect with for the first time.

I wonder if this will have a delivery schedule like the BlackBerry Keyboard? RIM said the keyboard would be available 23 Mar, I am still waiting for email from them saying there are any available.

I have been using the original for years with the Storm 1.
I have the Sirius XM app running with internet XM access. I now have XM radio in my car without a separate $$$$ additional XM radio plus another XM account. Phone rings, XM mutes, take the hands free call, then goes back to XM radio. Best alternative to paying more!

I can see where this would be useful while traveling, but at home I use foobar via hdmi. I can view my entire library and select playlists through http. I think the development dollars would be better spent offering official applications which interact with popular music software.

This thing is a "feature not a product." If RIM wants to be competitive with Apple they need to build a proprietary (i.e. simple and integrated) media player to compete with iTunes. Pictures, videos, and audio are in silos via PlayBook, computer, and BlackBerry. Media is out of sync and confused. Something like JRiver Media Center might be a good start, but RIM must massively simplify and standardize the user experience. Sooloos is another good example for audio. The solution must be proprietary, this is the only way to ensure a decent user experience. Depending on Windows or iTunes is a loosing battle. Once you have this you can use docks, streaming media, and devices (PlayBook and BlackBerry) to listen and view media on entertainment systems. As of right now RIM's devices as stand alone units are competitive with anything out there but as a media system they are sorely lacking. And of course I'm referring to media solutions. RIM's messaging solution with BES and Exchange/Lotus can't be beat.

Does anybody know if this device supports Bluetooth 4.0 specification? This would be a nice + for current iPhone 4S and New iPad owners and future devices. This new specification even has proximity detection - which could be comparable to NFC but implemented in a totally different way.

Again, does anybody know if this device supports Bluetooth 4.0 specification?

Any update on a release date? June seems so long away and summer weather is here. Hooking up this device to my stereo so I control my outdoor speakers from the patio. (: