RIM announces BlackBerry Developer Days in Atlanta and Dubai

BlackBerry Developer Days
By DJ Reyes on 14 Jan 2011 10:40 am EST

RIM has announced dates for the first two BlackBerry Developer Days for 2011. They will be held in Atlanta on January 18 and in Dubai on January 26. These events benefit developers who are looking to for the tools and knowledge to create great apps for the BlackBerry platform. The events will also include a session for developing Adobe Air apps for the BlackBerry Playbook.

Whether you're new to mobile applications or an experienced developer, BlackBerry Developer Days are designed to give you the tools and know-how to successfully create and market apps on the BlackBerry platform. Experts will take you through the latest technical platform advances and market opportunities for your apps.

Also, if you're interested in learning more about the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, a session on developing Adobe AIR applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will be new to the agenda for upcoming dates.

If you're a developer available on any of these dates why not register now. Don't miss out. Spaces are limited.

Click here to sign up for the Atlanta BlackBerry Developer Day
Click here to sign up for the Dubai BlackBerry Developer Day 


Midnight Barbecue

Nothing like a little short notice!
Maybe the Wankerstien wedding was cancelled and the VFW hall was available cheap next Tuesday though.


I can not wait for this. I live in Dubai and have no access to appworld. Hopefully the fact that this event is being held here gives others like me some hope


Btw, why am I getting an error message when I click on the Click here to sign up for the Dubai BlackBerry Developer Day link?


I live in Dubai and have registered for this.

Should be good.

For those getting the error message, click on the Atlanta one, choose Dubai on the left hand column and fill out the form. You should get the email pretty much straight away.

Am interested to know why AppWorld is unavailable in the UAE.

Hopefully this could be answered by RIM.

For those also wondering where it is (like I was), its about 5 minutes past Mall of the Emirates off Sheikh Zayed Road, heading towards downtown Dubai. Near the Garden Centre (which will be on your left side), in Al Quoz.