RIM Announces the BlackBerry Bold 9780 Smartphone!

BlackBerry Bold 9780
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Oct 2010 09:07 am EDT

FINALLY!!! For soooooo many of us traditional BlackBerry users out there, this is the new device from Research In Motion that we have been waiting for. Today RIM has officially announced the BlackBerry Bold 9780, the GSM successor to the popular BlackBerry Bold 9700. Compared to the 9700, the 9780 doubles up its internal flash memory to 512MB, gets the new 5 megapixel camera that's already found in the Torch and Style, and ships with BlackBerry 6 out of the box. As for the BIG question of WHEN CAN I GET ONE? the good news is it'll start launching on carriers around the world next month. Read the press release below and keep it locked to CrackBerry for more!

Carrier Updates: T-Mobile has announced a November 12th launch date at $129.99 on a two year contract. As expected, Rogers and TELUS have now also both confirmed release but no availability or pricing available for those two. Bell and Virgin Mobile users, November 2nd release date with pricing set to $139.99 on 3yr contracts.

Press Release

RIM Introduces the New BlackBerry Bold 9780 Smartphone

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 27, 2010) - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today introduced the BlackBerry Bold 9780 smartphone - the newest addition to the BlackBerry Bold series of smartphones. Featuring a premium and iconic design with an incredibly easy-to-use keyboard and optical trackpad, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 is elegantly styled and packed with advanced communications and multimedia features. It is also the first BlackBerry Bold smartphone to come with the new BlackBerry 6 operating system.

"We are very excited to introduce the BlackBerry Bold 9780 featuring the new BlackBerry 6 operating system," said Carlo Chiarello, Vice President, Product Management at Research In Motion. "This new model builds on the highly refined mobile experience that BlackBerry Bold users already know and love and delivers a wide range of enhancements including a rich new user interface, a fast and powerful WebKit-based browser, broadly improved communications and multimedia capabilities, an incredibly useful Universal Search feature and a high quality 5MP camera."

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is a compact and stylish smartphone that offers a compelling blend of features, performance and design. It supports 3G networks around the world, includes Wi-Fi with support for carrier supported Wi-Fi calling (UMA where available) and GPS for location-based applications and geo-tagging. It comes with a 5 MP camera with a full complement of high-end features including continuous auto focus, scene modes, image stabilization, flash and video recording. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 also includes 512 MB Flash memory and an expandable memory card slot that supports up to 32 GB of additional storage.

BlackBerry 6 is a new operating system that retains the familiar and trusted features that distinguish the BlackBerry brand while delivering a fresh, approachable and engaging experience that's powerful and easy to use. It integrates a new and rich WebKit-based browser that renders HTML web pages quickly and beautifully for a great browsing experience. The browser offers fluid navigation using the handset's optical trackpad, includes tabs for accessing multiple sites simultaneously and provides a zoom feature that can intelligently auto-wrap text in a column while maintaining the placement of a page's key elements for easier viewing.

Additional features of BlackBerry 6 include expanded messaging capabilities with intuitive features to simplify the management of social networking and RSS feeds (Social Feeds), and integrated access to BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and various instant messaging applications on the BlackBerry Bold 9780 smartphone. Its enhanced multimedia experience rivals the best in the industry and includes a dedicated YouTube app. It also features redesigned Music and Pictures applications and a new universal search feature that allows users to more effectively search for content on the smartphone as well as extend their search to the Internet or to discover applications on BlackBerry App World.

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 smartphone will be available from various carriers around the world beginning in November. For more information, please visit www.blackberry.com/bold.

Reader comments

RIM Announces the BlackBerry Bold 9780 Smartphone!


That's nice for those who are getting the new Bold. Hurry up Verizon, so the rest of us can get the official OS 6 on our 9650. :(

It sucks how Verizon can't get more BlackBerry selections. All VZ has is the 9650...they need something like a Torch; more than just one major BB device.

I agree with all the above regarding Verizon. I love the service but my two years are up and I want a new BB. I have the original storm and I want something new. I was hoping for either the Style or Torch. :(

I have to agree. I too have a 9650, and the only upgrade is a 5MP camera. I'll keep my 9650 since Verizon today announced OS6 for the 9650's and the 9330's.

As expected, Verizon has now posted up the Desktop Manager install files for those of you with either a BlackBerry Bold 9650 or a BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330. You can head on over to to the Verizon Wireless website and grab the downloads if you never got the OTA install.

Yup, RIM business model. Remake phones and add 1-2 things then call it a new phone with a new model # LOL.

That apple comment was ridiculous... iPhone 4 is so far advanced from the 3GS is laughable.

Apart from a new design and form factor, it completely blows any other screen out of the water with it's 960 x 640 retina display. Add in the new camera with 720p HD video recording, new processor and GPU, and you have a completely new phone.

This is just the Bold 9700 from a year ago with more app memory and an upgraded "still" camera. The 5 megapixel still only shoots VGA video.

I'm disappointed because RIM was industry leading with it's Bold 9000 and yet is so far behind and is playing catchup.

As someone who has used Android 2.2 "Froyo" and IOS 4, BlackBerry OS 6 is still a bit lacking, none more so than in the internet browsing area.

And no I'm not a specs-junkie, but this phone should easily have 1 gb app memory since OS 6 will eat up at least 240 mb out of the 512 mb, it should shoot at least 720p video recording, have a higher resolution screen, at least new 800 mhz processor because OS6 is really intensive.

But hey, if the "sheeple" think his phone is a huge upgrade, who am I to dissuade them.

I'm really just waiting for an ORIGINAL Bold 9000 refresh... Where is the Bold 9080?

But the evo 4g has an app that gives you an island and then transforms into a jet to fly you there!!!!
Iphone 4 please

uh, it's the 9700 with a 5 MP camera and OS6. The 9700 and 9780 share the exact same form. The 9650 is different.

So....we all know it is coming but i just find it interesting that RIM does a supposed press release about the phone yet there is absolutely no mention of the phone on the blackberry website.

Info on the Playbook and Style became available almost simultaneously with the press releases and why not the Bold.

Makes me kinda question how official the so called release really is

I moved from the Bold to the Torch so I could have a larger screen and touchscreen input to go along with the keyboard and trackpad. I could never go back to something like this. So what if it has OS 6? Yeah, the browser is vastly better, but that's about it. At the very least, I would always be touching the screen.

How do you like the Torch? I'm not wild about the idea of sliders, but if anyone can make it a solid build, it would be RIM. What concerns me more is the reports of slow-downs in the OS and the UI incoherence that dual input methods can introduce. In an attempt to do both, I worry it does neither especially well and that there's little rhyme or reason to which actions are touch-based versus keyboard-based.

Now there is no reason for RIM to publish a OS6 version for the BOLD 9700 cause that would impact the sales of the 9780!

Pleas RIM let us 9700 users have OS6 to! I promise to buy a 9780 or a 9800 when my carrier allows me to.

Any news as to when RIM is likely to scew 9780 owners with the release of an identical model with touchscreen? Am very nervous about thinking about committing to a long term contract with this phone...

The other user is rightly concerned about this troubling RIM practice. Buying it outright isn't realistic for many and doesn't address this systemic issue. No wonder RIM is losing customers to competitors (except for fan boys of course).

Yes there seems to be more frequent actual advances going on with other manufacturers that add more than a little extra inexpensive memory and a couple megapixels to their cameras. As a result they are gaining marketshare especially from dissatisfied RIM customers that desire more capabilities.

Actually, it IS that simple IF the OP's concern is what he/she says it is... That being concern over a long-term commitment since a new phone model may be around the corner... Well, upgraded models are always around the corner, everyone knows this. So again, if the concern is a long-term contract commitment, don't get the long-term contract and buy the phone outright. If MONEY is the issue, then don't get one, simple. It's really not a complicated process here.

To respond to all of the above, the problem as I see it with RIM is that they're so unpredictable in terms of development and direction - sure with Android you expect a new phone every 5 mins, and at the opposite end of the spectrum you have the iPhone with the guarantee of one model per year. With RIM you just don't know if they'll be a new model in a year, two months, two weeks etc so much more uncertainty than with other platforms. I absolutely love my BB and will continue with another (and another and another), but just wish RIM were a bit more open about direction and future models for us loyal users.

RIM is unpredictable? You wish RIM were more open?? I don't know how you can even talk about openness with RIM and use Apple as an example. Apple couldn't be more guarded and secretive. Yeah sure, they have a predictable release pattern, but you have no idea when that is going to be or what it's going to be. How many people have bought iPhones the day Apple is actually holding some hyped press conference to unveil the next version of whatever? A lot, I'm sure.

If you don't pay attention to this stuff, you might not know what's BBs are coming out, but it's certainly not because RIM is being all cloak-and-dagger about it. We've known about the 9780 for a few months at least. And as it gets closer to release, more and more info comes. Maybe some of it is leaked or not official, but at least they're not going to the nth degree to prevent that stuff. Keep in mind that the non-disclosure of such info likely is mandated by the carriers who don't want news of future products slowing down sales of existing stock. But, if you buy a phone on contract and a new one is announced next week, you should feel free to b*tch to the carrier or just exercise your right to cancel within 30 days.

Yes, but unlike with other carriers, with RIM it's a total crapshoot. If you really are paying attention to this stuff then with Apple at least you have a good idea about the shelf life of the phone, it's just not possible to say the same with RIM.

I'll give you that. If you buy an iPhone in December, you do bear a little risk knowing that Apple more than likely will release another model next year--probably in the spring or summer.

How often is the BB shelf-life really unpredictable, though? I don't mean that rhetorically... For example, I know the shelf-life of the Storm 1 and Tour 1 was shorter than usual, but I think both those cases were to address "issues" with the originals, particularly with the Storm. With the Tour 2/Bold, I think there was a perceived deficiency in the high-end BB line for the CDMA carriers versus the GSM carriers, since the GSM carriers had the flagship 9700. RIM had to get the CDMA carriers up to parity with the GSM ones. So, they went a little past parity, and this 9780 refresh is just to get the GSM specs in line with 9650s. But overall, the 9700 has had a pretty good shelf-life, no?

Can you elaborate on those other advances? In addition to memory and megapixels, it mostly seems like bigger or brighter screens...

In the early days when the iPhone didn't have serious competition I think the advances were proportionally more significant. However, aside from becoming too frequent, Android phones are becoming too formulaic. They're all just black-slab, touch screen phones with each subsequent one having a little more memory, a slightly faster CPU, a slightly bigger screen, etc.--not to mention varying versions of Android, which is not a good thing.

Regardless of what Apple thinks, choice is a good thing, but I don't envy someone who is off contract and looking to go Android as there is too much choice. There's always some new phone around the corner: Droid Incredible, Droid X, Droid 2, Evo 4G, etc. What's worse is that, in many cases, it's the same phone just with different branding depending on the carrier.

HTC has some slick phones and I appreciate that they are growing rapidly and trying to forge relationships with all the carriers. However, they need to reign things in a bit and assert more control over their branding. Why they allow Verizon to brand their phones with the same 'Droid' prefix as the Motorola Droid is beyond me. I get why Verizon does it, but it doesn't help HTC's case. RIM is good about establishing consistent product lines across the carriers. It seems the Torch is the flagship now, but before that, you know a Bold is going to be the higher end regardless of carrier. Then you have the Storm, then the Curve, etc., etc.

As tempting as some of the upgrades are on the 9780 its not enough for me to buy it... My contract with tmo is up in another year hopefully they release something far better by that time or I'm switching networks (AT&T with the Torch is looking good)

I got my current curve exactly one year ago with Tmobile and when i got it, i had to sign up for a new 2 yr contract.

I had to place a call to tmobile about a month ago and was informed that i am no longer under contract. Something to do with my current plan no longer being offered and me being released from my contract commitment.

Give them a call and you may be suprised to hear ur not under contract.

Definitely getting it when it comes out on Tmo

Just got my hands on it and perhaps they should've thrown in a touch screen with it and for some reason the keyboard feels smaller even though its the same size as the 9700.. new OS will take some getting used to.

I own a 9650 and I'm happy with the OS6 leak that I'm running so please don't think this is another complaint.

For those waiting for OS6 on the 9700, I wouldn't get your hopes high. The release of this device kind of sums it up. Taking a look at rim's track record, OS5 was supposed to be released for some of "older" models but it was never released. Instead, they released newer models with OS5 installed....wait...that sounds familiar.

On my 9650 I have 278mb free. That would leave 22mb free on the 9700. I only have 3 small programs installed other than the OS. Unless they trim OS6 down a lot, it wouldn't make sense to even release it on the 9700. If they did, it'd be a watered down version which you probably wouldn't be happy with.

So this is RIM's business model for "upgraded" phones now? Slap in a little more inexpensive memory and a couple more megapixels in the camera and voila! Fanboys flock to it like it's the second coming??? Sounds alot like what happened with the Tour 1 and Tour 2 (Oops I mean Bold 9650) LOL and other models of RIM phones

Wake up people... Demand more and maybe RIM will produce more. Or go ahead and buy into this lame business model that is far from consumer friendly.

You mean 9650:). Rim isn't going anywhere nor do they "need" to change no matter how much you demand. As long as no other company releases something similar to what BES can do, RIM will always have the business market on lock.

This lazy and blatant money grab is really upsetting. I love Blackberry and have been patient waiting for them do something, even copycat the advances being made by the android and iphone platforms, but this type of crap is enough to make me want to switch just to show them that not all consumers are idiots.

I meant +1 to the original poster..not to the short-sighted response that thinks RIM can survive by maintaining the status quo and relying on business customers. If you are in the mobile phone industry and are not positioning yourself for growth, you're going to be in some trouble down the road. Once Apple or Google decides they want those business customers and put their creativity and innovation into it, bye bye RIM.

Short-sighted? Rim has survived this long while relying on business customers. Do you know how much a BES server with 1000+ licenses costs? Then add the cost of buying 1000+ blackberrys? Rim is doing just fine catering to businesses.

Squirble, while I respect your point of view; I think if this is RIM's mentality, it will ultimately spell their demise. I remember IBM having a similar mentality years ago until new upstarts eventually took away their marketshare for good.

There are now many options and advances in the smartphone arena. If you don't think Apple and Android are looking to make inroads into the business arena, you are mistaken. It will happen as more consumers migrate over to them as their preferred providers of cell phone technology. As servers and equipment are upgraded, it is natural to look at other options at that time to see what is a good fit for each company.

While my comments may seem one sided towards rim, I do use a droid for my personal device. I use a blackberry for work purposes. I manage a few BES servers for a global law firm and we have still not allowed iphones or any other smartphones to access our email. Why? Security. The BES offers security that the other smartphones just don't have. The blackberries themselves offer more security than any other smartphone.

So while it is possible for one of these companies to come out with a BES like software, it will be hard for them to get their foot in the door that RIM has had shut for many years now.

The torch imo was RIM's attempt to think outside the business world and I think they succeeded in that.

Your point of view obviously comes from a position of knowledge and practical experience and I appreciate the thoughtful nature of your comments (unlike many fanboys or Blackberry haters that frequent these blogs). It makes for good discourse.

I don't dispute getting businesses to migrate from an infrastructure they've invested heavily in can be a difficult task. The onus is on the upstarts to show added value without sacrificing security with their products. With the resources Apple and Google (Google more than Apple) have and the huge appeal their products have to users already; I fully expect with their continuing commitment to the smartphone market, that within the next 10 years supplant RIM in the business arena if RIM continues to alienate its customers with this non-consumer friendly business model.
Many people don't want to have two phones and would prefer using one phone and not have to switch between the phone they like and the phone they need to use for business.

You're correct. A good fit for each "company". Keyword here is company. You think that a company, which has customer data, is going to downgrade their secure email platform to accommodate to their employees entertainment needs? Before you even think, "yes, yes they will.", you are incorrect. Publicly traded companies will never jeopardize their customers data by any means. Privately held companies hold the same standard as they too have customer and proprietary data.

Network and data security is the top concern for both corporation and government entities. BlackBerry platform is NSA approved; Android and iOS will take a long time to get to that milestone.

BlackBerry is an investment that saves companies and governments millions of dollars each year by reducing data/email risk related issues. It takes years of planning to deploy a brand new platform including buying new devices and re-train all end-users in a corporate environment.

I've worked for multiple financial institutions, both large and small. Currently work for one of the largest banks in the northeast. I've also worked for multiple DoD entities, in case you were questioning my perspective.

Your perspective has merit but this wouldn't be the first time a company that is deeply entrenched and whose name is synonymous with the business world gets comfortable and is too short sighted to see the writing on the wall. Nothing is forever and if there is an unwillingness to adjust with the times, you will get left behind.

PBS has a good series on the "fall" of many big companies that were also entrenched in the business world where it was thought it would be too expensive and not worthwhile for business to retrain employees and replace infrastructure:
Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires:

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana

Now we just have to wait for us UK BB fans to get some price-information loving!!! OS 6 on my 9700 would be nice in the meantime though. One question, why are most of the 9700 owners freaking out over OS6? I didn't notice such a furor over OS5...

I read your review on the 9800 recently (cause I'm getting one very soon) and you were pretty taken with it.

Are you still using it? Or have you reverted to the 9700? You seem pretty excited for the 9780 so I was just curious if your opinion on the 9800 had tempered a bit.

lol! im in the same boat. might just be it outright as well and just move the sim card back and forth depending on which one i want to use for the day!

Kevin with all due respect this seems like a lot of hype about nothing.

Wasn't the processor the thing that's been getting beat on with the Torch? The same processor that's in the Bold? I have an AT&T 9700 now and I'm sick and tired of the "Blackberry waiting clock" with everything I do. I don't have that many apps installed and I do a decent job of managing which ones are concurrently running, I don't see why I should get a clock just because I have facebook and weatherbug on at the same time. Being a longtime BB user it was a chock to me that other phones/OS don't encounter these frequent waiting screens like I do. It's unacceptable.

A camera and memory upgrade is not gonna cut it. I'm gonna get the Torch because it's cheap and touch screen, but reviews weren't that positive about the speed. One Blackberry waiting clock and I'm gone.

RIM get your processors up to snuff!

While we're at it, there are more important updates than camera megapixels, can we get the ability to use the BB as a wifi hotspot like the droid phones?

This is nothing, less than a refresh when the 9700 gets 6.0

And if they released it alread, they know a lot less people who buy this clone phone


This is a big deal somehow? Worthy of all-caps "finally" and "When can I get one"?

Number one, we've known about it for quite a while. We've even been seeing software leaks for this device for a month or two. The T-Mobile release date was already made known. This is no surprise.

Secondly, this is no paradigm changer. I've had my 9700 for nearly a year. This is nowhere near a big enough improvement to make me want to drop several hundred dollars on it, or worse yet commit to a couple thousand dollar contract extension.

I'm sure this is a great phone and offers a lot - for someone new to BlackBerry or to smartphones in general. It might even seem to be a worthwhile upgrade for someone on an older 83xx Curve. But for people with more recent devices, this barely warrants a "meh".

I would switch carriers and buy this phone if it had the processor from the playbook and a touchscreen.

Build that phone RIM and you will end all the "oh this is the same as the last phone" talk.

It looks just like the 9700, runs the same software the 9700 is confirmed to run albeit no out yet, and a camera that still wont measure up to the iPhone 4.

Woohoo 512MB RAM!!! Seriously RIM??!?

[Start of rant]
The 9780 is and always was a 'refresh' device, nothing more. The 'upgrade' is double the RAM, giving the ability to run OS6 flawlessly. The better camera is just a bonus.
If you 9700 users think for one moment you'll be able to run full OS6, then think again... You won't!
You'll have no space left for any applications. The best you can hope for is a buggy and very early leaked version, because no carrier in their right mind is going to officially release it for a device that can't physically handle it.
In short, if you want OS6 on a GSM Bold 2 then get a 9780... If not, then stick with your 9700 on OS5 and stop whining!
[/End of rant]

You are both absolutely wrong, BGR was running OS 6 on the 9700 and had around 70 or so mbs left to work with.

I said this about the rumored 9570, and I'll say it about this phone. I don't think RIM had current 9700 owners, who are on average about 6-12 months into contract in mind. "This isn't enough to get me to drop my 9700, shame on you rim" guess what...I don't think that's the intent here. The intent is to offer this phone to people exiting contracts on Bold 9000's, 8900's, Older Curves, etc. Those are the people currently primed for an upgrade, and this is a nice piece of hardware. RIM expects you 9700 people to still have a year or so of useful life (and contract) left.

Get over yourselves people. If this isn't enough of an upgrade for you, then you weren't the target audience, period.

After reading this device's specs, I have to wonder if Blackberry is really trying anymore? You would think that at the very least, you would get a bump in processor speed. Extra RAM isn't going to get it done.
I was so disappointed in the Torch with the screen and the lack of power. I was sure hoping we would get a little better effort from RIM on the 9700 upgrade.....

I think the PlayBook speaks for RIM trying. This was already well under development and is useful for people who are using anything less than a 9700. I'm not sure how well the 9700 will run OS6. I personally feel it's going to be a very tight fit memory wise.

The reason the 624 isn't the best for the Torch is it's running twice the screen and a touch interface. That's a lot more to accomplish than the 9780. Think of the 9780 as the Bold for the who didn't buy it the first time around. Or the Bold for running BB6.

And don't forget, there's always something coming down the pipeline. Look for a 9900ish phone with non-slide keyboard and touchscreen sometime in 2011. Probably Q3/4, could even run QNX. Rumors abound.

Oh, and for giggles, this isn't enough to get me to leave my 9650, which I just bought last week (rolls eyes)

Where did this date come from? All *official* announcements say the 17th. Is the 12th for existing customers or something? :D
It should also be noted that it is $129 after a $50 rebate card, so $179 out of pocket. Not a bad price all-in-all I guess.

Usually they release them a few days early to Premier (business) accounts. If this holds true, I wouldn't be surprised to see it on the premier site a few days early.

If you're thinking about the future when it comes to RIM, I think the big year is 2011. Carriers will be releasing their 4G networks along with 4G compatible smart-phones. I know that Verizon will be releasing six 4G smart phones in the first half of 2011. So everyone who is upgrading soon might want to stick around and wait. We all know how RIM functions so if your patient, then maybe the first 4G Blackberry will be more to your liking. This is probably extremely hopeful thinking but, video conferencing on certain blackberries may be coming out. 4G will allow for faster browsing and fluid video conferencing....

Woke up this morning, took a couple Cialis pills and started watching porn on my Google TV. Nothing. As I was perusing thru my favorite sites, I came across (no pun intended) the new of the Bold being released and Voilà! Boner time!!!

Yes I am using one hand to type this. Sinner.

You people who come on here and bash the specs of RIM devices make me want to throw up. Face it, RIM IS NOT GOING TO RELEASE A DAMN DROID OR IPHONE LOOKING DEVICE!!!!!!!!!!! Thats not what they do, if you want a droid get a droid. I cant even read feedback comments without hearing this shit from these idiots that dont know what they are talking about. RIM isnt trying to draw droid like fans. They are a business first company, they make reliable devices and people love them. Dont knock them for having devices that release that are similar to others they have. If you look on Verizons site there are 10 different droids that do the same thing. Talk about playing your customers for fools. They are the kings of it. They put something out, then two months later they put something else out that can do one little thing different and you droid fanboys think its the 2nd coming. Quit pulling up crackberry.com and hoping to see a droid with a blackberry logo and a trackpad. Thats like checking when Ford is going to release the next Corvette.

+1 to you. RIM has always been business driven and will remain that way. Security and reliability trump the fun factor every time when making money is involved and RIM knows this. Yea, there may come a time when the well runs dry...but why stop pumping until then?

Good point which is why Ford had to be bailed out by the government and has been forced into changing their old business model and adjust to the demands of the times.
They even have hybrid cars now!

Maybe RIM will be looking for a bailout in the future from their government before being forced to change their way of thinking?

Yes RIM is still number 1 but their marketshare is diminishing as is Apple's who coincidentally looks a lot like RIM as far as putting out unimpressive upgrades lately:

Successful business that stand the test of time, are forward thinking.
Ford was number 1 once also.

Woops, sorry, Ford is the only one that didn't take the bailout.

Built Ford tough without your tax dollars.

I did miss that, I thought Ford did but they still had to re-invent themselves to stay viable and satisfy the concerns of today's marketplace.

I dunno capathy21, I understand your frustration, but droids have a lot of growing up to do yet. I wouldn't put them in the same league as a Vette!

The number of people I've met who have droids complain about battery life, system stability, numerous email problems, and a number of hardware issues and failures. I even got a comment once from a former droid user, and I paraphrase, 'I don't want to beta test their software, I just want it to work.' This is not too surprising as Android is relatively still in its infancy.

Android hardware manufacturers only care about selling more devices so they are releasing new ones every two months or so as they try to out do the competition. The Samsung Galaxy S, for example, is sold as having the best screen on a handheld -- is that really the biggest reason for buying this device? Tomorrow, someone will have an even better screen. What I need to know is what that device can do for me today -- how can it improve the quality of my life now and for the next 2 years.

I know some will call me a BlackBerry fanboy, but I don't really care if they think that. I tell it like it is. I'm not making these issues up. Yes, BlackBerry has its problems too as RIM has been slow and just plain out of touch in the past 3 years in getting things done. Both Apple and Google hit them broadside and they've had to dig deep and are now starting to show signs of life again. However, I can see from the recent devices that there is a shifting in focus at RIM as seen in BlackBerry 6 and, especially, the PlayBook.

This small little company probably living out of an igloo up in Canada's booneyland brought us the first email ready mobile device in 1999. This was also the first that actually was good enough for business -- the others that came later from the big boys at Palm & Microsoft sucked! Today, RIM is showing they are not about to lie down and get overrun by Apple and Google.

Hey, I'm all for competition so I hope that even Nokia and Microsoft get back in the game and push the others to get even better! In the end, it is the consumer that wins! So bring it on!!! I hope Google continues to refine Android and I hope they and Apple push RIM in the business domain. Either way, we consumers win.

Line up, boys! This is the Bold people have been waiting 2 years for, and many with older Bold 9000s will be ready for a fantastic upgrade to BlackBerry 6! The 9700 was a nice update, but it offered very little more than the highly regarded 9000. This 9780 is a killer device for business so they will be in high demand.

As a personal device though, most will want a touchscreen, so I can see more folks looking at the Torch instead. I'm still holding out for the Storm 3 -- a killer touchscreen device (not a Storm 2 refresh)! If RIM does offer a killer Storm 3, they would have covered all the bases with their current devices... except for the PlayBook, of course.

The Style is a decent flip phone with a full keyboard (finally!). The Curve 3G needs BlackBerry 6 but it is BB6 ready. There is now a very good Bold device with the much improved BlackBerry 6 OS. All that is missing is the Storm 3! I still have my hopes up for a Dec 21th release!!!

The only thing that excites me about this is OS 6. It's not enough for me to upgrade from my 9700. The fact that it looks exactly the same isn't really a good thing for me either.

The form-factor of the BB9700 is perfect and hopefully will not be changing in newer models any time soon. The BB9780 in keeping the same form-factor as the BB9700 is a smart move by RIM. My only complaint with the BB9700 and all BlackBerry devices is the non-upgradability of the RAM; even if we had to take the device to an authorized repair centre for the RAM upgrade. As for the CPU, the improved battery life is far more important but I have yet to experience any appreciable delays other than a cold reboot; at this point I have less than 100MB free memory.

I have a Torch and it really feels like OS6 was designed for a touch device. I've tried nagivating through OS6 with the trackpad and it's a painful experience.

Before my Torch I had a 9700 and was really excited for OS6 to hit the 9700 but after using it on the Torch I would rather stick with OS5 on anything other than a touch device.

Other than the OS change there is no diff between the 9700 and the 9780.

Sure ppl will say well you have the more ram, faster processor but, personally, if I could do without OS6 on this device...no need to upgrade if I had still been on my 9700.

The 5mp camera on the 9700 would have been nice though :D

ı have a question about leak softwares how do they get online who leaks them and we saw os6 on 9700 at devcon and boy genuıs report has it. howcome they are not leaked?

Obviously, if you have a 9700, this isn't a big upgrade. In my case, my 8900 will be going to my wife and I will be getting this one....although now that I have a good build on the 8900, she will be very happy :)

No trackball ?! I hate it already. Whatever you say, I've tried both and I absolutely, completely and uterly hate the touchpad

I want a trackball.

Seriously, I love BlackBerry products, but this is a ridiculous release in light of the fact that no OS 6 has yet to be released for the Bold 9700. I'm not one of the ones who waited -- I bought a Torch -- but I can certainly appreciate the frustration.

Think about it -- it's just bad business. It's RIM's way of saying: We don't really care about our loyal, existing base. We really only care about $$$; i.e., selling new units whether people need them or not.

That's just plain greedy, in my book.

Fact is businesses are in business to make $$$. That is how they survive and that is how they are able to research & engineer new products. What about the Android manufacturers that release a new device every month? RIM is offering choice and so are these Android hardware manufacturers. It doesn't mean we constantly have to jump to the next device if the one we have works for us.

I have a Storm 1 running OS 5.0. I'll ditch it in the new year when the 2 years are up. It's been the best phone I've had to date, but it is far from perfect. OS 4.7 was unstable & unpredictable, but OS 5.0 was a good foundation for the Storm. One thing... it is dependable. The hardware is solid and the phone does what I demand from it. However, it is ancient now compared to the competition.

This is why we NEED the Storm 3!


Yay, whoop, amazing, great. Can OS 6 come out for the 9700 and 9650 (officially) already?

Yes double memory and a better camera are two clutch components but for now I'd still be content with carrying my 9700 and a point and shoot if I had 6 on the damn unit already.

To all you people who are whining and complaining about the lack of a high end processor - this phone doesn't need a quad-core 2000 mhz CPU. I think RIM strikes a fine balance between speed and battery life/cost. Most people simply don't need their phone to run that many simultaneous applications, or math or graphic intensive apps.

Not every new phone is brought to market in hopes of getting people do ditch their 6 month old handset, and you can't expect a company to hold off on releasing new products simply to let the level of technology advance to a point where a new device is a leap-year ahead of the last.

im glad they kept the same form factor without a touch screen. a touch screen definitely needs to have a bigger screen or else it's just gimmicky to me.

hopefully this has a better keyboard than the torch. I don't like it flat. Prefer the 9000 keyboard but whatever!

The only thing its missing is dedicated graphics but in the end you're after a phone not a gaming device.

Questions is why they have to come up with a OS 6.0 Walkthrough on a 9700 when there is no leaks, even tho its in a testing mode from T-Mobile, why displayed it and teasing us like that!! I find it ridiculous that we have to wait extra weeks or months or maybe never for this version when other newer device had their chances... If you can make a video and display it all over the web, please share this leaks, Im sure there is people among us smarter , brighter that if you gave us the chance to test it someone will find a solution!

The only thing I would like to know is why would RIM show off OS 6 on the 9700 at Devcon, and now they are releasing the Bold 9780. It doesn't make sense to me. RIM would have been much better off if they upgraded the 9700, and then released a brand new Bold device instead of making a phone that is identical to the 9700 with a bigger camera and more RAM.

Anyone agree?

That's pretty cool that someone at T-Mobile realizes that this is way too similar to the 9700 to price at the $199.99 I was expecting. Given that most phone carriers know that people are addicts and don't really have too much of an issue with the $199.99 price tag that we sort of expect for a high end device, it was nice of them to give us a little bit of a break. I have a 9700 that I got last november, and I want to exchange it for a white one, since I'll be buying my 9780 in that black on black color scheme.

The question is, why wouldn't RIM pull this? It makes perfect business sense. Get everyone all excited about BB6 so they will go and purchase this new phone. Ya it's almost identical to the 9700 but its sporting BB6. This just confirms that we won't be seeing BB6 for the 9700 anytime soon. They would be canabalizing their product line (cutting into 9780 revenue) if they were to release BB6 for the 9700 anytime soon.

I know someone who works for RIM in Waterloo and he says that BB6 on the 9700 is still too buggy to release, whether or not I believe this......I'm not so sure.

If this phone had a touch screen and a 1 ghz processor I'd be sold. I have a torch and i must say- this sliding crap is annoying and feels cheap. I NEED A TOUCH SCREEN BOLD !!!

What i'm nervous about is actually getting this phone and then later the rumoured new BB-phones with QNX software start coming out, depending on how people react to the new playbook. but we're talking years from now. the 9780 is basically my 9700 with more on-board memory and a better camera, i just don't know yet

I mean, maybe it's just me who doesn't buy a buncha crazy overpriced apps that don't really do all that much but my Bold 9000 (currently with ultra failing battery life) does sure hang up on occasion but it allows me to totally do what I need it to do. I'm most likely switching to a Torch thanks to OS6 and the assumption that it's written more for a touch screen experience than the traditional phone (although I'm right there with folks who want this form factor with a high res touchscreen built in).

Frankly, my biggest beefs are:

1) bring back a better trackball because like someone mentioned, i HATE the feel of the trackpad. At least give it some cool material that feels more tactile that rubbing a shiny cheap feeling piece of plastic.

2) PLEASE find a better solution for charging your phone besides micro-usb ports. The reason i upgraded to the Bold9000 in the first place was my BB before that had the internal micro-usb piece thing get stuck IN the plug and therefore i could never charge it again. This request I know will probably not happen and I didn't luckily pay for my dock but man, the iphone charging port does feel more secure.

Finally, 9700 owners, you're not concerned that OS6 on your phone leaves you with practically no memory? Sure BB os's are optimized and run on processors that aren't in the 1ghz range like everyone but to ask for new software to run on old hardware just seems silly. You're asking for something that's probably going to REALLY piss you off at that point. I guess that's why I was asking what does OS6 do that you really need it that badly? Or is it just "I want the best new fancy flashy OS yet so I can look cool" syndrome? I've kept my 9000 simply because it does what I needed to do. I don't need games to pass the time nor am i honestly really surfing the net on my phone for other than a quick google search to grab a phone number or some contact info and then I'm good.

Anyhow, if a Bold 9900 comes out, with this form factor, a touch screen, and the 1ghz processor, well then let's do this heh.

First off, I'll admit part of it is wanting the new, fancy, flashy OS. I'm also interested in playing with the universal search and the social thing. What I REALLY want is the webkit browser - particularly because it's a tabbed, native browser, as well as having better performance. (I AM worried about the lack of a column view though. I need to try it to know what I think.)

As to your memory concerns, I play with and pare down my OS. I currently have 18 third party apps loaded (including two third party themes and two games). I have 9 add on applications (including two more games). Even with all that, I currently have 123 MB free with an uptime over 124 hours. I'm sure I'll be able to eliminate plenty of extraneous garbage from 6.0 and have plenty of room left over. For starters, I expect to be able to drop Opera right away.

As for new software running on old hardware, it's my understanding that the 9780 has the same processor as my 9700 (and your 9000 for that matter) running at the same clock speed. So that's not an issue.

Maybe people are used to the Microsoft Windows bloatware paradigm where it's practically a requirement to upgrade hardware at the same time an OS is upgraded. It doesn't have to be that way. Plenty of software is written to be backwardly compatible with older hardware - like we already know OS 6 was written... It's already been shown and demonstrated on 9700 devices.

But all that is just me, and why I want 6.0. It may not be the best move for the general populace. That's why I simply wish one of the versions we've already seen running would leak. I don't care if my carrier ever releases it officially.

On here it says tmo has announced the release to be nov 12 but everything else I have seen (including a tmo press release) say nov 17...

So after we spend a lot of money with the 9700 now we have to do it for the 9780? Now the 9700 looks like a cheap and imitation of this device just due OS6 ... Bad played RIM

You don't HAVE to do anything! My 9700 works just fine, and I'll be waiting for something significantly improved. I do want OS 6 which I explained above.

Really, I think this device is designed as an upgrade not for 9700 users, but for people who've had their phone for 2 years or more already - think Bold 9000 and Curve 8900 or 82x0. This should be a nice improvement for those devices.

That's awesome T-Mobile gets this new phone on 11/12 cos I just got a 9700 today (10/27) because I lost my Curve 8520 :-|

You have at least a two week return period (30 days if you bought it outright). Call TMO to confirm this, I don't work for them. But you should be able to return your device and get the 9780. Enjoy your new, cutting edge BB on release day!

This is awesome! this is the perfect upgrade for my Bold 9000! love the form factor.. and well the specs are pretty sweet! can't wait for it to be available on Rogers...

Nobody cares or brags about Blackberrys anymore! RIM really needs to step it up 10 notches. They really need to develop a phone as good looking or better than the My touch 4G with the same specs or BETTER. The longer they wait the more money they'll lose because people are getting contracted out on Androids.

I don't think I'll upgrade from 9700... but, I supose, I'm not a target audience for this device :)

Great. I just got the 9700, and now the 9780 is out? RIM wasted our time and money with the 9700, when they knew they would be bringing this out not long after.Had to get that extra nickel out of us? The 9700 is the in-between girlfriend (you know the one, you're not really serious about her, she just gets you through til you find "the one"?) in RIM's latest series of smartphones, period. They should have just skipped the 9700 altogether if the advances from one to the other were going to be this small. Very disappointing.

I'd say the 9780 is more of the waste. The 9700 has been out for a year now and their "upgrade" just doubles the RAM and adds on a slightly less crappy camera. The 9700 was a good step up from the 9000 (provided you could do without the bigger keyboard), but the 9780 is a waste of time.

Talked to AT&T Customer Service last night, Tuesday, October 27, 2010. I asked the rep when AT&T was going to get the 9780. He checked and told me there is currently no information in their system about the 9780.


That's what they always tell. Customer support will never tell you a release date that hasn't been announced yet. I can't even get my sales rep to give me any info. They will get it.

Am I the only one who is pissed off that this phone exists? There was no excuse in 2009 for the 9700 to not have the same specs. Releasing such an incremental advancement is a slap in the face to consumers.

You aren't the only one displeased with this. There are some here that seem satisfied with anything RIM puts forth as an "upgrade" to existing handsets.

This essentially is RIM putting in just enough for people to use OS6. If that is worth approximately $200 to you then knock yourself out.

I'm waiting until my Tour contract expires next year and see what LTE compatible phone comes out from RIM on the Verizon network. I wouldn't be at all surprised if RIM's next offering on Verizon is an incremental upgrade to the current Bold/Tour 9650 with LTE capability and a little more memory for OS6.

I sincerely hope RIM doesn't disappoint me again, other manufacturer phones are maturing with great speed and it feels like RIM has been abandoned by Verizon or vice versa anyway.

I recommend people skip this "upgrade" unless you want to buy another "upgrade" in a few months with LTE/4G capability.

Drew i'm not picking on you man. I just love debating and you are keeping this interesting.

RIM will not release a LTE device until LTE is nation wide. It's not a good business move to drop that technology in a phone thats will only be usable in 3 cities. An example is sprint. RIM has yet to release a 4g blackberry and they won't until its a national (US) or even a global standard.

Verizon has abandoned RIM or vice versa? How can you say that? This 9780 for GSM customers is exactly the same as the 9650 that we Verizon customers have had for.....3-4 months now? This is the first time I think Verizon did not get the short stick.

Again, RIM's primary customer are businesses. They do not cater to the individual consumer. If you want to be catered to then get a droid or an iphone.

Squirble, I have fairly thick skin and as you may have noticed, I enjoy a good debate also. Your points have been well thought out and have much more substance that those from pure fanboys or BB haters.

That being said, I have to challenge your assertion that RIM doesn't cater to individual consumers (or consumers in general). Just by their latest influx of advertisements showing young people dancing and using "hip" music, I would have to assert RIM is trying to cater to the consumer market albeit awkwardly.

Sure, its traditional customer that it built it's marketshare with, is business oriented since RIM was essentially the first to make a phone that could send email efficiently. Now there are other players in the market which are threatening RIM. Do not underestimate Google, they are omnipresent in almost everything people do with computers now. Google is also making most of their products compatible with each other. I think RIM sees this but they are probably so mired in their own corporate culture and red tape that they do not yet know how to compete effectively against these threats. If RIM does not or appears to not pay attention to their existing customer demands, they will not be able to stay viable in lieu of choices avaiable.

Squirble & DrewDT, I think you both make very valid points, but i have to agree with DrewDT on the marketing side. BlackBerry is definately trying to target the individual consumer. I have been an avid BlackBerry user (Business/BES) for a long time, and its only been in the last couple years that RIM has really started to push there product on the individual user, as well as younger adults and even teens. I have a cousin that is 16 years old, and her and all her friends either have a BB or an iPhone. I think that BB is trying really hard to push there devices on the non business users.

Squirble, i have to agree with you on the LTE. It would make no sense for RIM to release a phone that is 4G capable in a market that 4G makes up less than 10%. I am sure that there is a lot of additional costs, and it wouldnt make sense to release a phone that the majority of the population wouldnt be able to use.

Cheers to a good debate, there seem to be less and less of them on the forums these days.... usually fanboys flaming other fanboys.

Yes, I know, it is a novel concept for two people with differing opinions on an internet blog to disagree with each other without being disagreeable to each other.

I actually have been looking forward to Squirble's contrasting views the past two days.

I'll expand on why I think LTE will be an important addition in handheld's in 2011:

It will definitely be more than 3 cities that will have LTE coverage, more along the line of 30+ in the initial rollout late this year / early next year in Verizon alone:
(I had to split the link into two lines because it got truncated, make sure you add the second part on the second line if you want to view)

Yes, that still does not constitute a majority of cities in the early rollout but how many of you that get contracts especially the two year contracts, want to invest in a phone that will be left behind within a year with regard to speed and productivity?

I was annoyed enough when the Tour 2 was announced 6 months after the Tour 1 was released and that it would have wifi, more memory and a trackpad. LTE will be a more evolutionary step up in provider infrastructure and I wouldn't want to feel stuck with a phone for two years because RIM wasn't visionary enough to satisfy this need while I'm sure their competing manufacturers will have their own offerings with this capability.
Before you say buy it outright, or get a shorter contract, that isn't a realistic or appropriate alternative for those that try to maintain somewhat low costs in their purchases and don't want to buy a flashy new phone every year. They just want one they can be happy with and feel productive with for their contract period utilizing currently available technology.

I agree that their primary customers are on the business side, but the Torch and Style (and the marketing behind them both) show that a shift is underway in that focus. And it is something that they have to do. As both Apple and Google make headway into the business market and the public at large makes the shift from conventional cell phones to smart phones, there is a large market share up for grabs. RIM has to take in a good number of those customers if they want to still be thought of in the upper echelon of phone builders a decade from now.

The Torch was not a good first step in that direction.

I think the Storm was the first "not a good step in that direction." They really did try, but it just wasn't there. The Torch was another step, closer with a capacitive touch screen. Until QNX hits devices though, I'm afraid it just won't be there.

once I get someone to buy me the new specs maybe I can somehow manuever my way towards it and become the better decepticon... :)

I went to the Verizon store a few weeks ago to fix my Storm 1 and asked if there would be a new device coming soon. The woman replied that they would be getting the Torch as their "holiday phone" aka before the end of the year. They hadn't received advertising materials yet but were expecting them soon. Clearly Verizon wouldn't pass up the chance for an impressive holiday phone that rivals the Torch and new Bold.