RIM announces BIS 4.0 details - Rollout coming soon

By Bla1ze on 16 May 2011 12:00 pm EDT
RIM announces BIS 4.0 details

It's close to that time again, another BIS update is set to roll out and RIM has announced the details for it. Savvy users found the information long ago, considering it was put into the RIM knowledge base over a month ago now but realistically not everyone checks there. So what will be new when BIS 4.0 rolls out? Check below for details:

  • Automatic Login Improvements  
  • Language Support - Vietnamese and Hindi
  • Google Calendar Synchronization Improvements 
  • Secret Question Changes
  • Windows Live Integration Re-validation removal

All in all, minor changes really with the exception of additional languages but some of the stuff there should help if you ever need to make changes to your BIS account as a whole or if you're either a Google user or Hotmail user. You can hit the RIM knowledge base for the full details on each change.

View the BIS 4.0 documents via the RIM knowledge base

Reader comments

RIM announces BIS 4.0 details - Rollout coming soon


Seriously, WTF RIM? It is so annoying to have to delete emails on the blackberry when you read them on your computer. Isn't that the point of having a blackberry? I've managed to live with this annoying functionality issue, but in this market I don't know how much longer I can fend off the enticements of other devices that actually make my life easier and not tedious by having to do the "syncing" manually myself. It's such an elementary thing to have, what a shame.

BTW, does the iPhone have full gmail IMAP support? Just curious...

It is truly annoying with Windows Live email account that it does not sync read messages, and only syncs deleted ones. Gmail does sync it all, but like another user said, it is a spyware service.

I don't use spyware known as gmail any longer but when I used to I could have sworn it in fact did sync read emails.

Given the name telusberry I'm guessing Telus. I'm on Rogers and also have full two-way sync of read status. Sync from Gmail to phone can be slow though, takes 25-30 minutes sometimes (other times 2-3).

You're a dolt. It syncs read emails perfectly fine from Blackberry to desktop. It just doesn't mark them read on the device if you read it on the desktop client.

BIS lacking support for things that serious IMAP users actually want (e.g. looking at the same folders, plural, as a desktop client, instead of just pushing INBOX updates) is *the* reason that I initially decided to write LogicMail. I see those issues still haven't changed, and may never change at this rate.

They jump to a whole new version number, and there's still nothing really new.

I only say that because not everyone's life revolves around Google.

Rim seems to be doing this a lot lately. Small incremental updates being labelled as a major release.

iPhone syncs gmail accounts way better than Blackberry.

Just hurry up RIM and release BBM on other platforms so I can use my iPhone 4 and still use BBM.

Hopefully this also has whatever the PB will need when the native functions are rolled out. My guess is there is more under the hood if it truly is a number revision.

Completely off the wall thought just came to me... is it possible PlayBook native Email could have been waiting on an updated BIS to work and that's why it isn't released yet?

Wait, you didn't add the ability to sync multiple calendars, but you DID fix it so when you delete an event on one it actually deletes on the other? Dude. This is a bug fix, not a feature.

Stupid. This is stupid! Not...I mean, not stupid enough for the Daily Show, but...seriously? It's more silly how low their goals are for software updates and how they name things, I guess. Why does this get a new version number at all?


Business gmail accounts are not supported either. When you set-up a business gmail account on your Blackberry it functions more like a POP account...no ability to have even the basic features like 'add star,' or 'archive' Really lame for a business phone to have this capability. Perhaps it is a Google limitation?

If you mean business Gmail as in "Google Apps for Business" then it does sync messages, contacts, and cal. But yes it is a google issue, and also delayed as others have mentioned. We are currently evaluating google apps as a replacement for Exchange, in trials all I did was provide the log in credentials into BIS and it gave me options typical with any other gmail account.

Although we will utilize Google apps BES connector, it promises updates and push under 60 seconds...

Right now, I can't add any email accounts on my Bold 9700 with let latest official T-Mobile release.

The other day I fired up the Email Accounts and wanted to ass my yahoo mail for BIS users. The huge SNAFU is that upon doing this, multiple updates were needed to be pushed to my phone to continue, after the updates, I had a "BrickBerry" which required me to re-install the entire OS as the update left my Bold unbootable.

Almost ten minutes with the red LED lit and finally a portion of what remained. I'm not too savvy with my Blackberry but I love it as a phone and a great navigation device (bought Garmin Mobile).

My only wish is more app memory, Bold 9900, I can't wait for you...

does RIM plan to fix the ISA before OWA authentication issue? If you are accessing your OWA and there is an ISA server for authentication before, you will be not able to add this e-mail to your BB. And yes, the IT could disable the ISA before OWA, but it will not...