RIM to announce Second Quarter Fiscal 2011 Results on September 16, 2010

By Bla1ze on 6 Sep 2010 10:06 am EDT

Just a reminder for folks who are concerned over the numbers behind Research In Motion. Their Second Quarter Fiscal 2011 Financial results are to be released on September 16th. Anyone interested, can look below for details on how to tune in:

"Waterloo, ON - Research In Motion Limited (RIM) (Nasdaq: RIMM; TSX: RIM) will be reporting results for the second quarter of fiscal 2011 on September 16, 2010 after the close of the market.  A conference call and live webcast will be held beginning at 5 pm ET, which can be accessed by dialing 800-814-4859 or by logging on at www.rim.com/investors/events/index.shtml. A replay of the conference call will also be available at approximately 7 pm by dialing 416-640-1917 and entering passcode 4310309#"

If you happen to miss it, the replay will be available until midnight ET September 30, 2010. Should be rather interesting to hear this time around. Any care to make any predictions? Back in Q1 RIM was predicting a $4.4 - $4.6 Billion in revenue for Q2. Guess we'll soon find out if they met or exceeded that prediction.

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RIM to announce Second Quarter Fiscal 2011 Results on September 16, 2010


My prediction is that no matter what positive numbers they report, it won't be good enough for the analysts. There should be a good beat on EPS due to the stock buybacks, but what will be pointed out by the bears will either be revenue, ASP,margins or shipments.

Still be hind of ever other smart phone out there. Two styles of touch screen phones, the Tourch and a very out dated Storm 1 and 2. there is rumors of a "Storm 3" but still has a clich screen and pretty much out dated software. oh yeah 6.0? Droid is killing the BB and the CEO still has a job? My Storm 1 works great so no hurry for a new phone "YET" but soon and if BB can't figure it out here I come Droid X!!!!

My guess is they won't have a zippy phone out soon enough to please you, but that's life. A few years ago everyone was talking like motorola was in the tank and now here is you saying you are going to Droid X!!!

Yes RIM will probably get killed in the market. I feel for stock holder who are short termers, but anyone who thinks this company is going to go broke is dillusional.

Yes they need new highend phones but at a minimum they just put out an android with a bb keyboard and suddendly they would be back in the game. I think they have more up their sleves than that so let people wine for a bit more.

Btw I bought the 9800 and after 3 weeks or so I couldn't be happier with it. I think its a much better phone than reviews indicated.

The CEOs keep their job because RIM is more profitable than the companies that make Android phones. In four years they've taken the company from $2 billion in revenue to over $16 billion. Profits,revenues,sales and cash flow continue to increase and they have no long term debt. Compare that to the Android makers who have only jumped onto the platform in an effort to stem losses that sometimes range into the billions.

My guess is that sales are still good and increasing (shares will still be decreasing but I believe that RIM is still growing as the number of people buying smartphones grows), so everything is going just fine... I really don't see RIM running into any noticeable sales problems until next year.

RIM has basically "refreshed" the whole line this year and no other "new" smartphones appear to be coming - the only rumored device is the STORM LTE that would have been a great phone this year. But if it is release as the Test Devices that was seen, it would be way behind where the "other" guys will be by then.

meet or not, everyone is leaving rimm, stock should go lower below $40,
it is a good thing, that will teach rimm a good lesson, make them start to innovating more!
sell sell sell!!