RIM and TAT demo BlackBerry PlayBook wireless document sharing at Mobile World Congress

By Bla1ze on 27 Feb 2012 05:56 pm EST

With Mobile World Congress now officially open to the masses, RIM has been showing off not only the unofficially announced DLNA portion of BlackBerry smartphones at their booth but also a brand new wireless file sharing concept app for the BlackBerry PlayBook designed by The Astonishing Tribe. By taking a couple of BlackBerry PlayBooks and sitting them beside each other, folks can share documents by essentially swiping them onto one another's screens.

All in all, pretty awesome implementation for file sharing but of course the real question is -- when can we all have it? We've got some time set aside with RIM tomorrow, so we'll be getting a better look at all this functionality and hitting them with some one-on-one questions then. For now though, check out the video above.

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RIM and TAT demo BlackBerry PlayBook wireless document sharing at Mobile World Congress


@2:03 Is this running on android?? Its "BlackBerry" !!!



Q1 wheres my 3D media player from MWC 2011?
Q2 wheres my cooking app from devcon demos?
Q3 wheres my images app from the cascades demo?
Q4 wheres my contacts linear info app from cascades demo
Q5 wheres my contacts 3D app from the NDk demo last devcon americas
Q6 why do all these demo`s that look super awesome never see the light of day?
Q7 is that why TAT stands for `Teasing Awesome Tech`?


TAT is useless. "Hey guys, look at the cool stuff you can do with Cascades and the NDK." Wow. Thanks. Release the source and the ACTUAL APPLICATION already.

They showed weather apps 2 years ago that were never released, maybe someone at RIM can clue us into why all this great work is going to waste?

TAT is useless?


I agree with the guy saing "where is". I want all that on my PB too, but all that is only possible BECAUSE of TAT.

is TAT really useless or you just don't have any clue on what's going to happen in the near future or you just trolling around?

Full implementation of TATified UI and apps is for BB10

Then they should stop demonstrating these apps on the PlayBook, and start showing them off on pre-production BB10 phones. RIM/TAT are just frustrating and pissing off the early PlayBook adopters and evangelist otherwise.

Exactly!! I agree with all these posts above.... Although.... The PrintToGo app does seem to be "tat-i-fied".... I think TAT has a roll in everything that's being done... But yeah, I'm not sure why we haven't seen MOST of these demos hit real life - it does get a 'tat' bit frustrating ;)

they demo using playbook, because playbook is capable of running apps and OS of BB10, no need to update hardware. PB is compatible with BB10

Agreed, I love BB/TAT's innovation, but too much concept demos, please release something we can use.

BB Curve 8900
Iphone 4s 32GB
64GB Playbook - OS 1.0.8

You understand what a tech demo is, right?
Never have they said any of those were for release, or products that they were working on for release. They are demo'ing what's capable to drum up some interest from other developers.
That said, I want some of those apps too....

Consept....its almost better off not showing it off. One of the first things I wanted on the playbook was the picture app where you look through them and they fall as you review them. Now we have yet another "concept" with no idea if its ever coming out.

Totally agree with you! They keep showing off cool features but where are they? They take forever and we don't even know if we'll EVER see them...

wait for BB10 guys, just be happy that when BB10 release, it is compatible with our current device, so when that time come, you'll see the 3D UI OS and TATified apps in your playbook, without any harware upgrade

I hope you are right. I just worry than. By the time bb10 comes out there will be a quad core PlayBook. And RIM try to say that these apps won't work on anything but on the new devices. I can understand them not handing out this great technology and then have bb10 come out and then be obsolete but for those of us early adopters it kind of stings. I understand it was a sacrifice but but it doesn't mean we should be ignored.

So once again I hope you are right.

just hold on, what we have in our hand is the device of tomorrow! Just like RIM still have the strenght to fight even almost every media and tech bloggers are killing their products, because they believe on what they're doing, and I can see their patience.

All the Best for RIM

PB OS1 - Original OS
PB OS2 - first quarter
PB OS3 - 2nd half?
BB10 - late of 4th quarter

You have to realize they are writing the programming language that is creating these demos. They are just demoing the language and what programmer can do with it.

Cascades and the NDK are programming languages and take time to develop and write. Java and .NET was not written overnight!

I known its an painful process, but they are writing (Building) the foundation for all future blackberry applications, after they get version 1.0 out, I'm sure they will have some fun writing some real applications to get things kicked off.

I'm going to have to agree with the majority of comments that this looks absolutely amazing! BUT - RIM likes to show off this amazing stuff all the time without building it into actual apps on the platform. Seriously, this is fantastig stuff and should be built into the PIM (email, calender, contacts, Print to Go) apps and Docs to Go. This should also be built into the next version of BBM and BBM Music! Any productivity apps or social apps that have the ability to share information between users should have this functionality.

Stop showing us concepts RIM. 85% of the reason people bash RIM is because of this nonsense. We get it, you have the amazing talent to make stuff the world has never seen before, SO MAKE IT! Stop saying - you can make cool stuff like this with our new NDK, and make the best first party apps in the world your selves. If you make this wonderful technology available in all the first party apps on the BlackBerry Platform then developers will make it available in the apps they produce to. But devs wont do your job for you.

Stop teasing us and incorporate this into real applications

You have the best social and productivity apps in the world, put this in them and show us you really can leapfrog the competition.

AARRGGHHH... If RIM released this type of stuff, they would KILL... absolutely KILL everyone else. But as cool as it is, stop showing stuff if you aren't going to do something with it.

It's weird to be soo excited and frustrated at the same time.

This is epically cool.

No doubt this will show-up in BB10 phones...wow

Swiping between phone and playbook will be cool.

I hate that TAT keeps showing us great apps that EVERYONE wishes were available but they never release them release some of these apps already!!!

IS THIS REAL LIFE?????????????????????

this is something from a concept video. WOW. Give us a OS3.0 update NOW.

I agree, they keep teasing and they take forever to finally release anything! I do like the idea behind it. I do hope RIM adds DLNA and USB hosting on the PlayBook in the near future.

That right there is RIM's problem. At least give us a week with the new OS2 before demoing something that makes it seem like an old, outdated POS... Hopefully this (like the scrapbook app) will actually come to the PlayBook, and maybe some of this stuff will be incorporated into the Cascades framework (hopefully all of the demo stuff will end up in there!).

That looks so cool, That is the WOW! factor RIM needs.
Get this out of concept and in to the real world!

Holy motherf##king he'll! If this is out with BB10 and a bigger PlayBook I have no doubt BB will claw back market share. Please TAT make it so!

Getting really tired of this TAT bullshit. I'm not bashing. I have 2 PlayBooks and 2 9900s... But I want this on my devices already. I'm tired of looking at demos. When is this going to come out?? When everyones left BlackBerry?... Release some updates, put out some apps.

Tired of the wait.

For those of you salivating at this and any other TAT demo you've seen I think this may be the final addition to the OS updates RIM is pushing out. The addition of TAT material/UI stuff will be the OS update that bridges BB10 to the Playbook (which will probably Playbook OS 4.0 by the time it comes out). I recall reading an article last week and I THINK (not 100% sure guys) it was Alex Saunders that said OS 3.0 won't even be the finished product that's going to ship as BB10. He mentioned something along the lines of "we haven't even put in a Secret Sauce yet.." and I think that comment was a TAT reference. I don't know about you guys but I'm crossing my fingers!! Peacy

People are getting really pissed off with RIM and TAT, and with good reason. I know they are working on the NDK and Cascades, but come on! It's important to give people the tools to build those types of things but they should be able to release the apps they have built to everyone else. Are they not the full app? They seem to be very functional from what I've seen.

My guess is there has to be at least two sensors in the device.... Not sure if the software is capable of emitting/receiving signals telling the other device where it is in proximity. I may be mistaken, but the current PB version doesn't have an NFC chip...so is the demo model a new PB version or is the software using Bluetooth?

Now that is a brilliant algorithm. It would be like an optical mouse tracking by scanning the surface you are on and simply comparing sequential "scans" of the surface to determine the DELTA and know which way it is moving across any surface.

In essence, all of the Playbooks need to lay fairly flat and point in the same direction (in this case up) and if the ceiling has some contrast/pattern on it, they would all communicate and "stitch together" a combined image of the ceiling. Depending on the degrees orientation and pan of the image each Playbook sees on its camera (compared to the "stitched" common image) it would know relatively where it is compared to the other Playbooks and at what angle orientation.

Brilliant! I hope they do patent it!

im pretty sure that the fact they showing it off they already had legal do their thing.

You dont show off secret without protecting your investment.

ok this is CRAZY #SIK no really i would love to see an app like thins OUT Soon please TAT make it happen already you have lots of good demos and awesome futures but think about US and stop

"Teasing Awesome Tech".

iPods can do this a long time ago. I can't remember the name of the app, since it was in 2008 when I used it. It was the exact same experience as this.

Nothing news here, keep moving.

Oh yay. More stuff we'll never get from TAT. So excited [/sarcasm] we can't even transfer files from our phones to PlayBook via bluetooth without a 3rd party app, and I'm suppose to believe RIM will release this? Please.

I am completely in agreement with you. I don't even bother looking at TAT demos anymore. What's the point! I'm sorry to be so negative, but sometimes RIM can really annoy the heck out of me - stop showing the public what might be; could be; sometime in the future we hope this will be; stuff and actually deliver on what you've already promised and demoed in years past.

On paper, the tech stuff looks brilliant - and if implemented, would, I believe, help RIM significantly in the eyes of consumers and the business world.

But what we get delivered to our Playbooks falls so far short of what could be, that the device and RIM get crucified in the media.

RIM's problems have always been about promising much and delivering little. Lord I wish it was the other way around.

They need to actually do this, this is awesome. Hopefully it is implemented unlike the media player they showed off.

It's getting hard not to think of this stuff as vapourware, but hopefully we'll see a major app released with this TAT stuff soon. I would love to see the music player finally get a reboot.

+1, might as well be vapourware if they don't release it.

At least let us download some of these cool, imaginative, innovative TAT apps in beta form. I mean we were basically beta testing PlayBook OS 1.0 for RIM all this time, why stop there?

This is why rim said they needed to wait for a sophisticated chip set, to run this thing....hold on wasn't ABBA from Sweden.

TAT is useless. All they do is create mock ups and demos, nothing ever makes it to become real applications. I wish they would just hide in their offices rather than give all the competitors great ideas.

Did Sfen four finger swipe the device? I was just at apple telling everyone in the store how stupid the four finger swipe is on the ipad compared to the playbook and.. BAMMM.. now playbook is going to get it.

We get it. You guys rock. Your demos kick ass. This is pretty much geek prOn of the highest quality. No get back to your cubicles and make something for the app store. Or better yet make something that makes it into the OS2 or SDK.

Can't wait to have all these features on my playbook


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

Anyone else thinkin that those are the newer model PlayBooks, and we might need to have NFC to be able to do that? Glad I got 2 PlayBooks, maybe ill be able to sell both of them to get the next generation PlayBook

Awesome but what a tease demo, because you know something like this is not going to be available anytime soon. I hope I am wrong on this one!

Great...now I have to find someone else besides me that has a playbook. Looks like I'll be using this as much as the video chat app.

This stuff seems ready to rock and roll now. I share the frustration with awesome tat demos that never see the light of day. Put up or shut up. Apple shows a cool new feature at there events and you get it a couple weeks later, with RIM its Quarters away.

rim is the only companies that shows off "what they can develop"... how about not showing it off and just releasing it (keep it a secret and surprise the world already by putting it on your devices)

Above all this TAT product shows the potential of the Playbooks that are in our hands today.

One would have to really stretch the imagination to really max out the potential of this awesome, gestures based tablet.


I loved my Playbook from day one because I focused on what it could do not what it could not do. That is why I bought it at 499.00 and know it has been well worth it for me.

I loved OS2 becasue now my tablet can do even more.
I expect I will love OS3 because there will be virtually nothing outside of it that I could wish for.

All of this from a tablet that is selling for 199.00! Wow. And since I don't need 3G with my Bold 9930 I save $30.00 bucks per month on wireless fees others have to pay. Pretty cool.

I just don't get people complaining about TAT or what we have already received. No tablet or OS is perfect and I could write a long list of shortcommings of major competitors since I researched them as well before I made my purchase.

The above video was awesome and BlackBerry owns TAT. That is awesome for us.

2012 is going to be a great year for BlackBerry!!!!

I think the complaints are that they actually creat all these working demos and never release them (yet). There are a lot of TAT videos out there that show you a working app yet what apps are in app world from tat that are from one of their demos (none). If you show me a working app be it beta or ready for release then why arnet you realing them. If your waiting for next gen tech to release it on then dont show every body it working on this gen tech.

This demo is the proofs that Thorsten is the totally wrong person to act as CEO at RIM. According to him, RIM should be more disciplined regarding processes. Fot god sake, the real problem is execution! Every 5 year old can see that. While they are preparing one useless demo after the other, the Android competition delivers products at a pace were RIM can't keep up.

This guy be replaced! He is the wrong man at wrong job!

BB10 better have stuff like this or some of the other tech sites will still be biased when reviewing it. It has to happen. Period. No exceptions.