RIM And Google Offer "Quick Search"!

By Bla1ze on 27 Mar 2009 09:32 am EDT
Google QuickSearch!

This kind of baffles me. If you hit up http://mobile.blackberry.com today and have a look at the top section where RIM lists new items on the site, you should see a new item there labeled "BlackBerry Quick Search powered by Google" that when clicked takes you to the download page for the application.

It's basically a new launcher of sorts which really, Google already has offered through their mobile applications they have previously made available for download. But this one comes with a RIM EULA (End User License Agreement) and all! It places a Google icon on your device and when you click on it, brings up a Google splash screen to where you can search and then after submitting your search it shows you the results via Google of course. Oddly enough, when I try and download it on my Storm it says it's not compatible but the same app offered by Google on their mobile site does work. Strange things a brewin' I say. Let's just hope this isn't the level of apps we'll see in the BlackBerry App World... RIM-branded versions of already existing applications, lol.

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RIM And Google Offer "Quick Search"!


Well this sucks double time for me. I've never been able to get the google launcher from the Google Mobile site, and this one is not compatible with my Storm either! Whats the deal????

is this any less keystrokes/ease of use than opening my browser and using the google search from the opening screen?

The RIM version does not have location based searching or voice command. Result is significantly smaller size.
RIM version is 79k versus the full version of 653k

Agreed. I'm not sure why this exists. Granted it is a smaller file size, but you don't need it in the first place cause google search is built right into the main browser page.

Um, pressing the menu key over the icon never gives you a "delete" option as far as I know. This is what you do:
Options > Advanced Options > Applications > Quick Search by Google, then menu key > Delete.

Theres an error message whenever i try a search with this thing. My default language is Spanish and the error is due to a bad coding. they redirect all query to "google.ve" and such dir doesnt exist. correct would be "google.co.ve" is there a way to edit this file?
so query can be processed?

A friend of mine showed me this a couple weeks ago and it cracks me up every time I do it!!!! If you go to the google website on ur pc (surprisingly, haven't tried it yet on my Bold!) BUT you must type in www.google.com in your regular address bar....then type in the google search bar.."Find Chuck Norris" and click on the "i'm feelin' lucky" button!!! And read what comes up!!! LMAO!!!!!!

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