RIM and Globe Telecom to bring even more exclusive events to BlackBerry customers in the Philippines

By Bla1ze on 16 Sep 2012 10:03 pm EDT

After Nicki Minaj attracted over 12,000 BlackBerry subscribers in Manilla, RIM and Globe Telecom decided to go ahead and expand their relationship that offers BlackBerry users in the Philippines access to exclusive events. When purchasing a BlackBerry Curve 9220 or BlackBerry Curve 9320 smartphone with a Globe postpaid plan, you end up attending some of the exclusive music events and parties.

They've opened up a whole series of events now as noted in the video such as the Bar Tour Series, Karaoke Series, and Concert Series. If you're looking for the full details and plan offerings from Globe, hit the link below.

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Reader comments

RIM and Globe Telecom to bring even more exclusive events to BlackBerry customers in the Philippines


Spread your wings RIM and fly :) Whoever said RIM was dead....They should also get other celebrities who love their BB and help them promote the product and snag back that #1 spot.
Dem a go tiad fi see wi face.. Blackberry by choice

Dear RIM New CMO, Please kindly make sure that the launch and availability of the first Blackberry 10 full touch and with physical qwerty superphones are not just exclusive to Globe Telecom. I will be glad if it will also be available on Smart Telecom. That's a competition and it will be good for us the consumers here in the Philippines and it will be good to your market as well. (When the first iphone made available in the Philippines it was just available to Globe Tel and the plan was too expensive P3500 or +-US$80 lock for 2 years plus a cash-out of about P35,000 or +-US800.) Now the iphone 4S has P999 or +-US23 lock for 2 years plus P30,000 or +-US685, that's what a competition brings.
Sincerely Blackberry for Life Customer.

Make it fast to PH BB10! I'll come to watch you soar and amaze every people in my country!

Blackberry by choice :3

Oh,It's good for the whole telecom industry and RIM looking for take over the world telecom market.Well,It's good that RIM and globe telecom looking for expanding their relations.I am too glad to see this post.....

Thanks for sharing!!!