RIM and China Mobile launch the very lucky BlackBerry Bold 9788

BlackBerry Bold 9788
By DJ Reyes on 7 Sep 2011 08:51 am EDT

Today RIM and China Mobile have announced the BlackBerry Bold 9788. The Bold 9788 joins the China Mobile family keeping the sleek design of the 97xx series and is also the first BlackBerry smartphone to run on the networks TD-SCMDA wiresless network, a locally developed version of 3G. With the introduction of the Bold 9788, RIM and China Mobile hope to widen their customer base and reach more consumers and professional individuals. Until now, the network has focused on enterprise companies.

The Bold 9788 will come with a range of tailor-made applications and services provided by China Mobile. It will run BlackBerry 6 and feature a WebKit-based browser, 5MP camera, WiFi connectivity, and GPS. It will be available from China Mobile stores and RIM authorized resellers.

As for that device model number, the 9788... it looks like RIM is paying attention to Chinese culture and going for a bit a of BlackBerry good luck here. The number 8 is the most fortuitous of numbers.

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RIM and China Mobile launch the very lucky BlackBerry Bold 9788


This is a bit scary...I hope this isn't the only offering in China from Blackberry, the BB OS 7 phones should be flooding it by now.

China > North America

China Unicom is, by the way, also offering some Blackberries. But honestly, I don't think the Chinese care a lot about Blackberry, at least not the consumers and ordinary people. Nearly all of them are using iPhones now. Kinda strange! And if someone wants to buy a Blackberry they buy an OS6 Diveice, which is not bad at all.

Actually 8 in Chinese pronounced like "bye"
so 88 would be short-hand for "Bye-bye" in online chat

It also sound like pa-pa, too.

Woulnd't the Chinese prefer the physical keyboard in chinese characters, not roman letters... It doesn't look like it from the pictures, but maybe its just a promo picture.

I don't thik this is such a great move. Chinese like the latest and greatest and they can afford it. They need the 9900/9930 fast. This device is not going to stack up against the iPhone which China is crazy for now.

Agreed! Plus this is the largest market in the world. While North Americans are losing jobs and money, the Chinese are making it in leaps and bounds.

Apple is making a killing in China. Sounds like RIM is a bit late to the party.

Yes, they totally should have released a 9988 for this market. This phone's development probably started after the 9780 or 9700. They should have developed this version while developing the 9900 and 9930, although in order to work with China Mobile's TD-SCMDA technology, they probably had to use a different chipset than the one in the 9780 (similar to how past GSM and CDMA models have different chipsets). Either way, they should have put up their best.


Hi,I'm a chinese.I just want to say "I agree with you seriously!!!".As you say,I'm using 9700,which was bought in America,but now I'm expecting the 9900 with TD-SCDMA or CDMA,or both.

"The Bold 9788 will come with a range of tailor-made applications and services provided by China Mobile."

I wonder how many of these "tailor-made" services will allow Beijing to monitor China Mobile 9788 users' data, phone calls, SMS, Emails and BBM messenger services?

Thankfully I live in Taiwan.