RIM Adds ShopBlackBerry Store Application To BlackBerry App World

By Bla1ze on 17 Feb 2010 10:10 pm EST
RIM Adds ShopBlackBerry Store Application To BlackBerry App World

A rather interesting addition was just made to the BlackBerry App World test center category. ShopBlackBerry, the website that RIM uses to sell accessories for BlackBerry smartphones now has a mobile application. You can download, install and shop for items directly using your device. Part of the description goes:

"With great features like automatic device detection and catalogue updates you can shop for a wide and expanding range of accessories compatible with your BlackBerry smartphone. Address book integration and secure credit card purchasing makes ShopBlackBerry Mobile one of the most convenient and safest ways to shop for BlackBerry® accessories."

Pretty cool, although the credit card purchases thing seems a little off to me since BlackBerry App World uses PayPal. At this time Visa and Mastercard are accepted at checkout but I hope to see PayPal integration later, given this is a "Test Center" app. Most users should now see it appearing in app world if you wish to download it and check it out, if not you can always check out the Shop CrackBerry Store instead.



Amazing first post Adam. :D <3


The app itself is cool but how it functions and it's UI is, for lack of a better word(s), boring,plain,unorganized. There should be an options section to edit the size of the icons that displays the image of the accessory(s)


Not to mention the prices are kinda insane...


Considering the prices, it seems to me that this app is only useful as a one-stop catalog of the OEM accessories available for your device.


Not for UK users then!


A respectable addition.


$120 for a 16 gig sd card! even vzw comes in $40 cheaper at $80 for the same card! come on RIM, give me an incentive to buy them through the app. maybe like at a 20% reduced rate to where other places might sell them?