RIM adds over 1 million new subscribers across EMEA in less than 3 weeks

By Bla1ze on 7 Jul 2011 12:31 pm EDT

While investors in the US and Canada have been rather rough on RIM lately, they all seemingly forgot that RIM is still continuing to grow globally. Most recently, over 1 Million new subscribers have been added to the BlackBerry services in less then 3 weeks across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Needless to say, the numbers speak for themselves -- RIM isn't dead, they just need to maintain momentum in their transition period and get new devices out to the masses.

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RIM adds over 1 million new subscribers across EMEA in less than 3 weeks


They need to release new phones NOW and keep their promise and deliver native emai and bbm on Playbook NOW. Love my playbook but I might be returning my 2nd Playbook to the store if they don't fix this thing. Come on RIM, some Samsung fridges have email and calenders on them!!!!

They're happy to sell us the phones; if only they'd give us the apps too! Still waiting for Traffic, Podcasts and News Feeds in EMEA.

Good news. But no matter how good it is haters are gonna hate.And btw I got your "RIM is dead" right here.

That's a valid comment Bla1ze. I'm from Europe but live in Canada - and it always amazes me as to how insular the mentality generally is in North America....as if the rest of the world doesn't exist. RIM could probably survive on the overseas markets alone!

iOS would mean iPhone AND iPad first of all

second of all, this is EMEA only and 3 million in 3 weeks = 142,000 or so per day in EMEA ONLY.

Where is the fail? idiot.

Where do you get 3 million in 3 weeks they said 1 million in 3 weeks when divided by 21 equals......47,619 a day who is the idiot now?????

my bad, but guess what, idiot? 47,000 in one region with devices that are OLD is still no fail. At the rate iPads are being sold, you can probably knock that 250,000 down to 150,000 if we're talking phones only.

First of all, that 250K number is worldwide, not EMEA only.

Second of all, that's a number for a peak day, it's not every day. If it was, that would have meant 22.5M activations a quarter. Apple didn't even sell that many 3G-enabled devices to new customers in a quarter.

Crawl back to your hole now.

It seems you think that Europe is a third world area. Are my playbook and torch old because I live and bought them in Spain?

Do you think UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain ... are buying second hand phones or something? Or do you think we are few people? Or poor people?

It might be the same region for some reason, but I don't see how Europe could be considered the same market than Africa...

The rest of the world loves blackberry and what the whiners of americans have to say is important in the REAL WORLD cos no one cares what America thinks . EMEA just proved it and this is great news for blackberry. America isn't the biggest market anymore. Emea is btw, America needs blackberry and not the other way around.

Go blackberry.

This is great news for blackberry. America isn't the biggest market anymore. Emea is btw, America needs blackberry and not the other way around.

Go blackberry.

Told you, bb is BIG in Europe.... :)
To the hater with the obviously little d**k, play with your 545648 fart apps instead of posting here please..

Truth hurts, and RIM and BB are putting out pure business apps? You got your fare share of fart apps and at least iOS developers are developing for iOS and not leaving because RIM has their head so far up their fifth point of contact they can't see the market has changed........

lol, we'll see if you still feel that way when QNX matures.

iOS has many advantages over RIMs Java OS, but QNX is on a whole other level.

Hahahaha sounds like RIM wait we will give you a good OS we promise.......when and that's a big when, QNX matures it will be good for RIM but too little too late. Let's see I am RIM and I have developers working their ASS off for BBOS....ut oh we are losing market share quick everyone STOP what you are doing and learn to develop on QNX and until then let's see if Android will let us use their apps......that is some great Corp. strategy right there......I hope it works for RIM because competition is good for everyone.......

Here's something even better. How bout we just rip off our developers ideas and then ban their apps from the store. That's some top notch Corp. strategy from Apple right there. And how about we continually putting out a completely walled off OS so we can tell our customers exactly when and how they can use their devices. Of course those devices barely work the way we want to force our users to use them anyways "Hello?....Hello?...You There?", sound familiar? And to top it all off lets allow our customers to perceive the jailbreaking ability of our phones as something positive when anyone with half a brain can see that being able to jailbreak a device by visiting a website is a complete and utter security FAIL, and each and every version of the OS is a total wash security wise after it's done (hence Apples updates to try and block the jailbreaking). But yeah iOS and Apple are GOD.

And if you knew what the hell you were talking about it would make a little sense. The security flaw was a pdf exploit you know, ADOBE! That company that makes flash you know the whole Playbook advertisement. How many times has the PB flash been update?????? NOT an iOS exploit.

LMAO, only an Apple moron would try and pawn off the problem like you just did. It doesn't matter what software or what company. If it's an application that can run on iOS and cause the device to give up root it's an iOS problem, plain and simple. Hasn't Apple claimed virus/malware free OS's for years now? while blasting MS for these exact exploits. BUT OHHHHHH NOOOOOO!!!! when it's the other way around, it's Adobe's security issue, NOT OURS!. Get your head out of the sand and take a look around because it's pretty obvious who doesn't know what they're talking about.

I guess those turtle necks are really tight...cuts off the bloodflow...checked it for ya,there are 8 for the bb phone, there are 855 for the iphone...nuff said..and what did you say? truth hurts?

if 1 million new users in 3 weeks is "big" then i guess europe must be little, especially when you consider android is activating 300,000 every day, clearing 1 million every 3 days. also why are you pondering forum members penis sizes and imagining them fart? also implying that having a myriad of apps to choose from is some how juvenial is rather absurd.

I too am absolutely disgusted with how the US media acts like the rest of the world doesn't exist. RIM has a stellar worldwide presence that is growing all the time. The ethnocentrism is getting out of hand.

Anyway, congrats to RIM and Blackberry for having a product people around the world love to use.

Wrong on so many levels... And doesn't this statement just prove how overly expensive some Android-based phones and the iPhone are?

B: Trucks are better than cars!
J: No, cars are better than trucks!
B: Cars can't go offroad!
J: Trucks corner worth shit!

Dumb argument!

iPhones and Blackberries each have their strengths and weakness.....depends what you want to do.

1 million in 3 weeks isn't a lot. However, keep in mind these are New Subscribers in EMEA. Thus, total shipments in EMEA is higher. A lot of previous BlackBerry users get a new BlackBerry, so I wouldn't be surprised if total shipments in EMEA is around 2 million in 3 weeks. If so, that would be a significant number, since it would total about 8 million in a quarter (in EMEA alone). Keep in mind last quarter RIM shipped 13.2 million devices in total.

Great to see that RIM is getting in new revenue with new subs during this transition. I'm sure that more ignorant people will still think the lights to the RIM headquarters will shut off for good in the next week or so.

i'm confused, those numbers seem to be pathetic, but we're bragging about them? 1 million new "subscribers", not new phones sold ,mean while competing against 2 companies one of whom is activating 300,000 new phones per day, clearing 1 million in 3 days, not 3 weeks.... wow why does this post exist.

Where are you getting this 300,000 new phones per day? I see an article giving this figure for December. But I'd say it's pretty irrelevant to compare December and July. Unless you have figures for Apple this month there's no way to say how it stacks up. As for Android.....people need to quit comparing Every manufacturer of an Android device with RIM and Apple. Because RIM/Apple make more than those individual manufacturers and Google makes no direct money from android that I know about, and reports say they're making next to no indirect money from it either.

You should probably read my above post because these figures are total fluff. If you take these individual companies RIM is shipping more. If you want to take Android as a whole then fine how much did Google make off those 500,000 per day? This is business we're talking about and it's about the bottom line not about how much free crap we can give away.

if blackberry is shipping more phones than android and still losing profit, then it really is the end of an era, if they're activating more than 500k phones a day and losing this fight, holy moses are they in trouble.

What are you talking about?
a) Android is an OS, BlackBerry is a device brand.

RIM makes more $$$ from BlackBerry than Google makes from Android, simple 100% fact. If you don't believe me look up Googles arguments again the Oracle lawsuit. They don't make anything off it.

If you want to start making actual, intelligent comparisons between RIM and other MANUFACTURERS I'm all for it. Otherwise give it up already.

So, are you telling me one phone manufacturer has sold 45M Android phones per quarter? LMAO

OK, forget that, instead tell me in which quarter did all Android manufacturers COMBINED, sold 45M Android phones.

500,000 per day??? Come on people...do the math!
You really think there are 180 million new people a year signing up with an android phone?
That's probably closer to the amount of people in total around the world with a smartphone. Lol...
Go back to school. Even 300,000 is way to much. Let's just point out these trolls that cant count and congratulate RIM on the good news.

How many of those are new subscribers? How many of them are in EMEA? How many of those activations are on companies that are making a profit selling Android devices? Why are you celebrating 300000 when you are missing a comparative figure for this article? Why is your Android phone not entertaining enough that you have to constantly troll the CrackBerry page looking for attention?

It's exactly that, I don't know what you don't understand, new subscribers means it's the people buying a blackberry for their first time and it excludes all the existing subscribers upgrading their phones.

i don't have those specific numbers, however i would be surprised if HTC was, their numbers have doubled since last year and android is now activating 500,000 new phones per day, sorry my original number was from an old article, it's increased since christmas by 200k/day

Unfortunately this means 200,000 more infected devices sending spam email all over the world because Android is a security nightmare. Heck I'd argue that more Android vulnerabilities are popping up per week now than Microsoft ones. Theres something to be proud of.

hmm yeah no not really, the only android security nightmares are spyware installed by the user, can't blame an OS for someone installing something on it

Wow you are so out to lunch and uninformed it's not even funny katie. How about the permissions vulnerabilities that allow applications to circumvent access permissions that are supposed to be confirmed by users? Don't kid yourself, Android is the single worst mobile OS out there for security. Google has been forced to remove hundreds of apps for multiple reasons NOT JUST SPYWARE.

i'll play along with that and say you're right, i'll also add that security clearly isn't a major swaying point amongst consumers, security must not really be all that much sway, especially considering iOS is pretty vulnerable too and corporations are adopting android and ios into their systems. security isn't paying the bills.

Maybe you should look up the US government spending on BlackBerry devices before you make such a ridiculous statement as "security isn't paying the bills". Because security is doing just that for RIM.

You are just one dude regurgitating numbers without thinking. Please refer to my post above about 45M Android phones per quarter.

facts are facts guys, theres rim, google, and apple, 1 of these companies revenue is slipping away, the other 2 are setting records, and you're all going to sit there and say RIM's global marketshare is higher than everyone else? but RIM continues to see poor stock performance and revenue loss? i suppose it's all just a conspiracy right? the US numbers pull the wool over everyones eyes.. weird how RIM can be selling so many phones, yet not release one this year, and have investors pull out and developers leave. my bad everyone, nothing wrong at RIM.

Once you tell us who sold 45M Android phones per quarter, a question that you've been evading, then we can have a more serious discussion.

where is this number even coming from?

RIM says it shipped around 13.2 million devices. That may sound like a significant amount, but it’s no match for the 18.6 million iPhones Apple sold in its last quarter.

samsung and lg are both in individual device sales ahead of apple, RIM is the 5th largest phone manufacturer.

That 45M number is coming from the "500K phones per day" figure you love so much. If it's really 500K new phone per day, that would mean 45M phones a quarter. Please tell me who sold that many Android phones.

Hope that explanation wasn't too complicated for you.

OK then tell me in which quarter all Android phone manufacturers combined sold 45M Android phones.

These PR numbers are there just to mislead people like you. They probably saw activations reach 500K for a few days during a limited period of time and use it to spin it to sound like it's per day.

(The media is so much more powerful than weapons: it can control people, without them knowing it.)

OMFG you are possibly the most annoying troll in the world.


Stop comparing a company that provides a free open source mobile OS with 2 mobile device manufacturers. Wheres your figures? you present all these questions in the form of arguments but provide no proof. What US numbers are pulling wool over my eyes? The ones that show RIM making 600,000,000 in a quarter? If so then damn I bet Google would like to trade spots with RIM in the mobile market.

who cares how much money google makes off android, their OS has taken a huge chunk out of RIM's marketshare and their wallets.

whether it's google or samsung, or lg or htc or motorola, they're all making quite a huge profit from android at RIM's expense

I would hope Google cared about how much they made off of it, if you want it to be around much longer. If Oracle gets the 6.1 billion or whatever it is they're claiming then Google better start caring. Google isn't taking any of RIM's profits. Because they're not making any. Somehow you've got it twisted in your head that LG, HTC and Samsung are making all their money off Android now and this new found money is coming out of RIMs pocket.

katiepea this is the last thing I say to you. You are not intelligent enough to argue whatever it is you're trying to argue. You are off on so many tangents with arguments that are completely incomparable it's not even funny. I hope you're not involved in any way with Wall Street or investments of any kind because you are going to lose all of yours and what could be worse is someone elses money. You don't understand the figures you are trying to use and in turn are making yourself look like a moron to those of us with any sort of intelligence. Please stop polluting our boards. Go back to the Android boards where noone knows better.

you realize that google owns admob right? the largest mobile ad agency on the planet..that makes them more money advertising that apples iAd

For the three months ended May 2011, Android jumped 5.1 points to 38.1 percent while Apple took a smaller gain of 1.2 points to 26.6 percent share.

RIM, following the trend of the last three years, saw another large decline, this time of 4.2 points to 24.7 percent.

so yes, android grows at the expense of RIM, calling me stupid doesn't make you right, why are you mad?

and now you're implying blackberry users, or at least members of this site are somehow more inherently intelligent than elsewhere? you do realize this site was rated to have the most delusional userbase out of 10 different tech blogs right?

You mean the admob that makes money on iPhone, mobileweb, webos and other en-devours? This is what is making me mad and what makes you stupid. You're taking sales figures from combined manufacturers and you're clumping them into 1 "Company" thats not even a company. Now you're taking sales from multiple revenue streams and trying to use them to prove a point about Google making money from Admob and therefore it's indirect money from Android. Your stupidity is completely infuriating at this point. Google released their estimate for total Android income for the Oracle suit. So instead of searching all these obscure figures that are flat out lies with respect to your points why don't you go look up the actual figures. I'll be happy when you do cause it'll shut you up.

i can't imagine my life ever getting to a point where i get mad at somebody on the internet, i'm sorry that things are so empty buddy, maybe you need to step outside for some air, it's just the internet, i'm sorry you're so upset. you seem to be trying to argue some level of reality where RIM is actually doing better than everyone else...do you really think this is the case?

I think you're the exact reason the internet should have a minimum intelligence law. There's too much information on here for some people to handle. And unless you understand what it is you're reading you do nothing more than contribute to the rampant ignorance that surrounds the net. Never did I say RIM is doing better than everyone else...but they're doing a hell of a lot better than you're giving them credit for. And they're making a hell of a lot more from their BlackBerry brand than Google makes from Android. And they're making more than any single Android manufacturer makes from Android.

As for the life comment. You're not even smart enough to have an imagination from what I can tell, you improperly regurgitate other people statistical conclusions. I assume you spend your time away from the computer chasing squirrels in your back yard.

WOW you are the single stupidest troll ever. So now with some handy dandy katiepea statistics bobbling you are now essentially saying RIM has seen declined sales for 3 consecutive years. GREAT JOB! Exactly what I said....YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHATSOEVER ABOUT WHAT IT IS YOU ARE READING! You're formulating conclusions based on numbers that you don't understand.

that was pasted directly from the wall street journal my friend, title of the article 'android grows at the expense of RIM'

Seriously how can RIM be both Forbes "Fastest Growing Company" and have declining sales in 2009. Which is well within the 3 year window you claim. Honestly, can't you see how badly you're misinterpreting all this stuff you're reading?

What people who bash RIM don't get is BB is raking in money worldwide. Droid isn't on the radar. Where Droid is doing extremely well in the States, they're still not making the type of money BB is across the globe. It's not rocket science.

Wooohooooo Blackberry sells ......

Yep, I'm in Australia and I wouldn't get any other kind of phone!!!!

I've travelled throughout Europe and the Middle East and Blackberry use is just sooo obvious.

In so many European movies and documentaries you see people using Blackberries more than other types of phones ....

There seems to be an angry group of yanks who can't cope with Blackberry's success so they constantly troll and post disruptive comments whenever they can ..... it is soooo obvious ..... just train yourself to ignore, I do.

If RIM was dying then somebody please tell me why for the past consecutive 4 years their income has been growing and growing and growing along with their profits. These graphs don't show a dying mobile company they show a growing one.


Secondly as so many of you have pointed out head to Europe or SE Asia and just walk around a day or 2 and take note of the BB usage. In countries such as Spain, France and Netherlands you will have a hard time to find ANY stats showing that RIM is not the leader. They're everywhere and growing fast.