RIM adds JayCut to the acquisition list

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jul 2011 10:15 am EDT

RIM has again added another name to the list of recent acquisitions. The Swedish company JayCut is the latest to join up with RIM. JayCut operates and online video editing service so this could mean some good multimedia fun is on the way to the BlackBerry PlayBook and/or phones.

The BlackBerry PlayBook offers users premium multimedia features, including dual HD cameras for video capture and video conferencing, HDMI output and high resolution video playback. By working with JayCut to add video editing capabilities to the BlackBerry platform we can further enrich our customers' multimedia experience with BlackBerry. 

So what are your thoughts on this and other recent RIM acquisitions? Drop a comment and let us know your thoughts. Hit the link below for more.

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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RIM adds JayCut to the acquisition list


I think this is good, but what all these acquisitions really illustrate is how small RIM actually is, and how much they have been focused on email phones.

We all want RIM to compete or beat Apple and Google today but these are massive companies and Apple is a computer company that made a phone and tablet. Think of the in-house talent they had in terms of video editing etc because of their experience with Mac computers.

Where does Apple fall down? Poor phone (antenna gate), poor email, poor variety of phones. Really they are learning just like RIM.

I should also add that Apple perfected it's marketing machine on the Macs and ipod itunes. RIM knew nothing about marketing (and seems that hasn't changed) in short the turn around for RIM is a lot bigger than just a new OS, it's a whole transformation of the company.

Nice, what is clear is that RIMM has finally taken Apple and Android seriously. This is not a business enhancer but a consumer play. As I read the posts on Crackberry, it is clear that RIMM is not going to roll over but respond and I believe with a good chance of growing their U.S.market share again.
RIMM fell behind, partly due to arrogance and falling asleep in their laurels. However, the smacking they received for it seems to have sharpened their focus. RIMM has always had natural advantages such as push-email, bbm, security and the best of the best hardware durability but really sucked on the consumer apps and focus on consumers.
It is clear that with purchases like this, TAT and QNX as well as the possibility of a media box, the BlackBerry user has a lot to look forward to.
I believe many BB users have left RIMM because although they loved certain things they just got frustrated with their under-powered phones and lackluster apps. This is changing and they still have the best keyboards and all the above stuff so my guess is that many android users (not so much iPhone users) will see RIMM step up and come back. I had an HTC Evo 4G and after getting tired of the short battery life it has been sitting on my drawer unused for months, my co-worker has one as well and is frustrated with the hardware and software.
I came back to BB for the Torch and he is holding out for the Bold Touch. RIMM dropped the ball but they seem to have picked it up and we should benefit from this as BlackBerry users. Nice.

Agreed. Rim didn't have the marketing everyone had. In my opinion, at the just before the evo came out I didn't think htc was a good phone. I worked for att and they gave me an HTC Tilt and it was aweful. And I'm sure a lot of people hadn't heard of htc. But google worked its magic. My friend switch to an Evo from his curve and I told him everything you said and he didn't believe me. I told him he was gonna drop it and break it. Well he didn't believe me and about 2 weeks later he dropped it and ever since this past april every time I see it it gets worse and worse.

My point is BlackBerry has to have better marketing. They don't a terrible job now. Like when I saw the torch commercial I said tro my self, "I like buddy holly". The commercial had nothing to do with what the phone did except mixed business with pleasure. It didn't have any "droid does" type attitude to it. It didn't have any attitude or info for that matter.

Great pick-up by RIM. They need to offer native software features instead of hoping that third parties will come up with the solutions. Hopefully we see a release soon instead of waiting a year for a video editor to appear.

I agree. Photo and video editing need to be integrated into the system -- it's really just a question of building in the best-of-breed third-party apps that already exist to do this, as I think Apple has done with photo editing in the most recent iOS.

Can't help but wonder whether there is anything on the horizon like this that is related to all those BBTV reports that appeared on this site and elsewhere. Would love to see RIM pick up Boxee -- and merge Blackberry Presenter and Blackberry Music Gateway into it.

i really do love how RIM seems to be getting serious about competing but.... am i the only one who feels the to do list and the got done list is getting too lopsided? how about instead of increasing what we're waiting for something actually gets delivered. Android Player is awesome, but officially it doesnt count.

Apple is taking a pretty big hit from the video users for the serious dumbing down of Final Cut. It looks like they are trying ot make it tablet friendly. Thre is a very small chance that RIM could come out with a nice editing suite for Playbook and compete in this market but it would mean letting JayCut do what they do well without handcuffing them with process or having execs who know nothing about video set the direction of this new division. Could work out but if they handle them like most others they acquired it will be abother great product turned into a medicore to poor one by top management who thinks apps are unimportant as everyone just wants to do everything on the web.

With all the companies that. RIM has picked up, you can't convince me that they don't have some very massive plans on someone's boards.

RIM is cooking something....what it is??? With all this acquisitions they are doing... I wonder if there is an ''APP FOR THAT''!!! The cooking is taking long RIM..hurry up!!! How many more ingredients do you(RIM) need???

RIM'S motto( Its coming!!! )

Hope they don't make too many acquisitions, like nortel :'( Well as long as they research what they are buying. Don't follow Nortel RIM :)

It's too bad for nortel. Everyone was fighting for nortel's awesome technology *after* they went under. I'm glad RIM was part of the winners of those patents!!


"There are a myriad of reasons why Nortel went from the penthouse to the outhouse – a lengthy list that includes bad acquisitions, terrible strategic decisions, CEOs that never should have been CEOs, financial scandals and intense competition.

But perhaps the hardest pill to swallow is how Nortel, specifically its senior management and the board, surrendered rather than fight on. After filing for bankruptcy protection, Nortel could have restructured to emerge as a smaller, more focused, more competitive and less debt-laden entity.

Instead, Nortel CEO Mike Zafirovski and the board, no doubt pressured by debt holders, decided to launch a scorched earth strategy by selling everything. While these sales have generated billions of dollars for creditors, Nortel will soon be no more.

The sale of Nortel’s patents is disheartening because there is so much great technology within the portfolio, particularly the company’s long-term evolution technology that will increase the speed and capacity of mobile networks. A former Nortel director, Sorin Cohn, estimates the buyers of Nortel’s patents could make as much as $15-billion from creating new products. "

Couldn't they buy a company that has a f#$%& email client??? Sorry but it has come down to this. I got the playbook BECAUSE i was promised email during the summer and it ain't going to happen.... used to be proud of RIM being a canadian company...

Well the partnership they have with ms is rumoured to bring office web or the full suite (let's hope for the latter) and outlook. There's a good email client right there for the playbook.
As for te acquisition, its a great step into video! Never used jaycar but it sounds promising.
I'd love to see an integration of a phto app of some kind like in the form of instagram. Actually how about enticing names like instagram on board. You don't have to buy everyone but it does gives u more control on releases.. The good and bad of apps hey

Great news...NOW WHAT?

When will this be implemented into the Playbook? When will this be implemented into Blackberry phones?