RIM acquires tiny Hippos mobile web development team

RIM acquires tinyHippos mobile web development team
By Bla1ze on 25 Mar 2011 06:40 pm EDT

While no huge press release announcement came with this news it's certainly newsworthy in our opinion. RIM has acquired yet another company dedicated to development and more specifically, mobile web development. Granted, the name may not sound familiar to a lot of people but tiny Hippos is the company behind the Ripple Mobile Environment Emulator, a tool designed to test and debug cross-platform mobile applications.

The intent here of course, is to bring BlackBerry support to the Ripple and as such offer developers another set of tools to be able to debug and test their applications when preparing them for release on the BlackBerry Platform. Although I'm sure over time tiny Hippos role will certainly be expanded within Research in Motion, much like we've seen from their previous acquisitions.

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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RIM acquires tiny Hippos mobile web development team


Intetesting way of thinking - personally though I don't think this does count as any such evidence.

That's why its "almost proves" ;)

But yes, it isn't really evidence that proves it, but they do have cross-platform simulators so you never know...

With every new capability that RIM announces comes the announcement that another small company was bought to make it happen. I love how RIM works.... If you can't so what they do, buy them. Lol

All tech companies do this. Cisco acquired everything that wasn't the original router. Microsoft Acquired tons of companies, Google aquired Android, Apple acquired NeXT..... List goes on. Acquisitions allow you to cleanly get patents and intellectual property with minimal threat of lawsuits from simply poaching talent.

But since it 's RIM making the acquisitions, it must mean they don't know how to innovate. Everyone else does it because they're thinking ahead. *end sarcasm.

So this is why a Ripple Cod was in that Torch 9800 Emulators BBM. It was BBM or .13 or something. It wouldn't be bad to see BBM go cross-platform.

Money drives business decisions, not crap like "i dont want to acquire others because i can do it at a much higher cost", "i want to be the first guy", "i want to start from zero because im a very proud person" and the best one "i want products to be much cheaper so everyone can buy it and be happy". Good thinking, heres a tip, never run a company if you dont make decisions based on money and overall well being of the corporation, and instead go around with emotional crap like that, which actually, hurts a company when resources are not unlimited. There is a higher chance that RIM acquired these guys because it was much more cost efficient compared to building it from zero, than because they can't develop their own tools. They do make their own business analysis, pretty sure they actually came out with "buying them" being the cheapest choice in the long run. There is no such thing as "i cant" in software development. Talking at the absolute, the only limit is the platform where you are developing, but then there is the cost and time it takes to develop, resources and money and bla bla bla. Same es AT&T acquiring TMobile, sure they could have built a sh!tload of towers and upgraded all of current ones, but then, they were smart enough to analyze and came up that cheapest way to have more coverage and more customers was by buying a smaller company.

So please, think a bit before saying stupid crap like "ooh duuuh rim cant innovate", "everything is acquired", they are not original. Sure, go make your own phucking car instead of buying it, how about you innovate instead of buying things from the stores. Go grow your own vegetables, raise your own chickens, have your own cows. Why are you using a RIM device to be more productive and efficient? Go make your own cell phone, code your own operating system, do the debugging yourself, stop being a copycat by buying something that someone else made, when you can make it yourself. Oh sure, that costs money and lots of time doesnt it? more than it actually takes to go to the supermaket or dealership to buy the product. Well, the same happens in the entrepreneurial world. Why? because costs drive their decision, its cost efficient and it requires less time, thats the most basic reason right down at the very core of every financial decision. Smaller companies are like products to larger corporations, they are cost and time efficient objects that will increase versatility and productivity of a company, and in the long run, being cheaper.

Neither am i defending RIM, nor am i a rim fanboy. Im just talking more how a corporation or income driven company would behave in a situation like this, because i've lived through it and have witnessed it quite a few times. Every thing is about money, sure sometimes you sacrifice a bit of the cake to get something done, but you dont go like a foolhardy throwing money everywhere because people start with stupid prejudices.

Whatever RIM's motivation is, I applaud any move designed to produce customer facing solutions which are as smooth and yep, bug-free as possible. The cross-platform element is intriguing, nonetheless.