RIM acquires Paratek to focus on developing RF tuning technologies

By Bla1ze on 8 Mar 2012 02:12 pm EST

Adding yet another name to their acquisitions list, RIM has now announced they've acquired Paratek to focus on RF tuning technologies. In other words, Paratek will be joining RIM to help concentrate their efforts on working with multi-band radios which will allow RIM devices to better connect to a multitude of wireless networks. As wireless networks have been growing, it has become increasingly important to be able to connect to those wireless networks across the world no matter what frequency or band those networks are using.

Paratek also has a background in battery optimization features for their wireless technologies and as we know it, connecting to multiple networks can be damaging to battery life, as such -- RIM will be working with Paratek to ensure battery levels remain optimal. You can check out the Paratek website using the link below to learn more about their technology and previous work.

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RIM acquires Paratek to focus on developing RF tuning technologies


RIM is still profitable internationally. It's just their North American brothers losing faith in them. I'd buy RIM stock if I got spare change.

Not for long because I can see than more than 2/3 of my university friends and now even professors use iPhones and iPads. My Academic English prof use an iPad connected to the projector for presentations and she moved from BlackBerry 9700 to iPhone 4s just few weeks ago. At least half of my University is now on Apple products.

Given the exponential rise in demand for radio bandwidth from new mobile devices, it’s a wise move. Even the most generous of forecasts estimate demand will exceed supply in the next few years.

One thing RIM has always been is ahead of the game on radio. Mike Laziridis knows his stuff.

Imagine in a couple of years time, if the only device you can use on your network is a BlackBerry. You can add all the retina screens you like, they won’t be much use if you can’t use the internet or make a call.

Jim was always the idiot in my opinion. HE single-handedly made Mike look bad and I'm so happy that we hear nothing of Jim and still a bit about Mike.

Plus, with RIM only being an hour away from me and the respect I have for the company, I really look up to Mike Laziridis. He's absolutely brilliant!

Gotta go along with you on the Jim thing : he seems to be a narcissist with little foresight, boundless ego, and very few principles. The "Mighty Thor ", on the other hand, seems to strike the right balance between Mike's introverted brilliance, and Jim's outgoing "charisma ".
"By the Hammer of Thor we will smite our enemies! "

let's hope they don't get lumped in with... well every other company RIM buys and shelves never to actually be used...

Torch Mobile, excellent example. RIM had arguably one of the worst mobile browsers out there. With ONE acquisition RIM has a mobile browser on par with other mobile devices (Tablet OS) and one of the most HTML5 friendly browsers yet. Second example. TAT= The Astonishing Tribe, made the UI very impressive for the PlayBook, and did you see the 3D demos they did?

I agree. Just because RIM doesn't bang, bang, bang the product out after an acquisition doesn't mean they just shelve them at all - it only just appears that way because it's more of a RESOURCE as opposed to a PRODUCT. They will certainly be a contributing factor going forward, RIM just won't pay homage in that way. They don't plug the PlayBook UI as TAT-inspired or anything, it's just us "in the know" who are aware of these things.

What? can't you see any? really? following are fruits of some of the acquitions RIM did and are already available in some form or the other

Scoreloop already integrated with gaming API's
Cell mania - new App world , carrier billing etc
Torch Mobile - Best in class Browser available in all devices.
Gist - Playbook OS 2.0 integrated PIM - Contacts, BB10
Tungle - Playbook OS 2.0 integrated PIM - Calendar, BB10
Certicom - Security - Secured Kernel and encryption
Tiny Rippos - Web works tooling
Ubitexx - Mobile Fusion
QNX - Playbook OS and BB10
Tat - BB10, NDK and Playbook

Newbay and Jaycut are slated in BB10

Well said! Nice summary. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Newbay acquisition brings.

Sent from my BlackBerry Playbook


These are all starting to come together nicely .... BB10 should be a breakthrough product .. and integrated nicely with the Playbook! .... they need to execute the transformation smoothly ... its coming!!

It's good to see RIM is still forging ahead, they have certainly made some very impressive and smart acquisitions over the last few years; I don't know much about Paratek, but if RIM likes them they gotta be good. As for buying and shelving companies, you better pull your head out of your a$$ and get some fresh air, because your brain is becoming addled.

This is great news!

Any chance that we many now see BlackBerry 10 devices sporting OMAP 5 processors with Snapdragon S4 basebands with battery equivalent to the Droid Razr Maxx? That would be the single-most powerful device on the market!

I think we may possibly see it!

And now that I've researched Paratek a little further, I have to admit that the people at RIM are a crafty bunch: definitely building a contender.

RIM has now acquired some of the best names in tech, Torch mobile (best in browsers), QNX (best in OS period), TAT (best in UI period), Gist (best in contact manegement), now Paratek. If this does not make things exciting for the future of RIM than I do not know what will.


It needs to be fully natively integrated with the os... PB unified inbox / contact, it 1/2 way..

The Gist website is great - BUT - NOT Mobile device friendly...


Hi @Sirhil,
Ty from RIM here. Glad to see you’re as excited as we are about our recent acquisitions. I’m excited to see how Paratek’s expertise and creative solutions will benefit RIM’s customers and the BlackBerry platform,  especially because we’ve seen such great benefits delivered to customers in PlayBook OS 2.0 and BlackBerry 7 devices courtesy of our colleagues from QNX, TAT, Gist and Torch Mobile.
To keep up with the latest BlackBerry news and other announcements, be sure to keep a close eye on our Inside BlackBerry Blog: http://bbry.lv/cWR2rg.
Ty, RIM Social Media Team

Now all they need are billion fart sound apps and a sassy voice assistant and American will be back on board!!! LOL

let's hope the goal is to reduce their redundant device offerings by finding an efficient way to cram all the radios in each device so there is no need for a GSM version and a CDMA version and separate regional versions.

RIM NEEDS to BUY OPERA BROWSER before some beats'em to it.. (like Microsoft getting, skype + qik, and groupme)

Vlingo and Nuance (Dragon) they need to buy them now!

RIM cannot buy Nuance. It is crazy to say but Nuance's market cap (8.04B) is worth more than RIM's market cap (6.91B) in the stock market. This makes no sense. That is exactly why RIM's stock is cheap!

My point is: There are key applications that are linked to key technologies, that have patent benefits attached to them.

Currently, it's highly unlikely that RIM can outright buy (anyone). However, people are always open to deals, especially if the shareholder is happy from benefiting from the venture.

Nuance is a VERY important company, who's value will continue to grow. As is Opera, and Vlingo.. Key apps / tech / patents.

The consumer wants NATIVE. A consumer is more likely to be impressed if the feature is native, OR "there's an app for that"- which is big problem for RIM.

RIM should even consider Polar Mobile, Endloop, Scoreloop, and MAKE THEIR OWN APPS (the main ones), which would probably be better integrated in their devices.

I prefer seeing "Facebook by Research In Motion Ltd", if I can't get "Facebook by FACEBOOK". NO ONE wants these other apps especially with the very real growing threat of malware.

Another SMART move for RIM would be: BUY BACK SHARES.

Yes, indeed they have Scoreloop and Scoreloop was used to bring Cut The Rope to the BlackBerry PlayBook platform.

Nuance owns Vlingo, or will once the acquisition closes. I agree that Nuance and RIM would be a great combination, from RIM's standpoint. But given the relative valuations, Nuance would have to see some strategic value in that kind of a tie-up. And what's in it for Nuance?

Two other interesting acquisitions I would have liked to see from RIM.

One, a straight-up buy-out of Boxee. Their hardware folks would be in charge of unifying the Boxee box with BlackBerry Presenter and BlackBerry Music Gateway to create the Cyclone. Their software folks would go to work improving the media capabilities of OS 10, including codecs, players, and cross-platform integration (remote control of the Cyclone, PVR/placeshifting).

Two, a more complex acqusition/share swap -- okay, okay, but still -- which merged 7digital (who makes their music store), Omnifone (who makes BBM Music), and Rovi (who makes their video store) with App World to create RIM Media, which would operate both a retail business (App Store + video + audio + books), and a wholesale business (white-labelling media stores for third parties like wireless service providers).

"RIM should even consider Polar Mobile, Endloop, Scoreloop, and MAKE THEIR OWN APPS (the main ones), which would probably be better integrated in their devices."

I havent yet seen one good app from Polar Mobile.

Looking through the Paratek site and the word proprietary kept popping up. . .I didn't catch the techno stuff but once I saw miniaturization and proprietary I was more than satisfied. . .let make something no else can RIM!

they keep acquiring companies and don't deliver. not too worried i see since they have 70million blackberry customers

Rome wasn't built in a day and good hardware and software doesn't appear magically after an acquisition. Their ultimate goal isn't to produce some whiz band gadget to keep the techno-geeks happy for the next six months. They are positioning themselves to become long term players and contenders in an extremely fast paced and competitive industry. I would rather they take their time to produce a product of the highest quality, that is relevant to consumer demands, retains RIM's standard of security and uniquely sets the BlackBerry apart from the pack. If Apple can take a year to produce an extremely over-hyped minor hardware upgrade, then RIM can take the time to provide us with something that will have everyone looking at their products again. And with the list of acquisitions they have made, I don't think we will be disappointed.