RIM 2012 roadmap includes new curves, HSPA+ PlayBook and two BlackBerry 10 devices

RIM 2012 Roadmap
By Adam Zeis on 24 Jan 2012 11:47 am EST

It looks like RIM's 2012 roadmap for new devices is staying pretty much on track with what we previously expected. According to BGR, RIM has some new devices in the works for 2012/2013 that should keep things flowing up until the launch of BlackBerry 10 later this year. The lineup includes two new Curve devices, an HSPA+ PlayBook and two BlackBerry 10 devices. Here's how it breaks down:

  • Within the next few months, RIM should release two new devices in the Curve line - the BlackBerry Curve 9230 and the BlackBerry Curve 9320. The Curve 9230 is said to be an EDGE device where the Curve 9320 will be HSPA.
  • The BlackBerry 10 device dubbed the BlackBerry London is still on par for launch in September, while a new device (BlackBerry Nevada) featuring a touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard is said to be launching as part of the Bold line at the end of the year as well.
  • RIM is said to be working on a new BlackBerry PlayBook that includes a 1.5GHz processor, HSPA+ and NFC for launch mid-2012.

So this all pretty much jives with what we already knew -- the big difference here from the original roadmap is really just the time frame (which makes sense as we knew BlackBerry 10 was getting pushed back to late 2012). It looks like RIM will try to keep the momentum up in emerging markets with the release of the Curve 9230 and 9320 while we wait to see some BlackBerry 10 goodness. I'm excited to see what comes in the next few months for RIM -- with a new CEO at the helm it will be interesting to see how things improve for RIM in 2012.

Source: BGR

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RIM 2012 roadmap includes new curves, HSPA+ PlayBook and two BlackBerry 10 devices


Yes its powerful enough. But the market demands that manufactures comete in an arms race of higher and higher harware specs. It'll be nice to have the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and PlayBook talk via NFC.

and RIM certainly would do much better with a new playbook to freshen up playbook's image...I imagine it would be quite difficult to market the device right now with its image as a severely flawed device with an update. Nobody would really care if the update makes it on par with the devices out there right now, the original playbook's name is forever tarnished.

Curves, on the other hand, I genuinely do not understand. I think we have quite a few BB7 devices out there right now and there's very little doubt that RIM can bring almost nothing new to the table. I'm quite sure most of us would want RIM to focus on BB10 rather than keep launching all of these similar devices.

The other devices are sub par compared to the PB already. The only thing in which the PB trails the competition is apps. Otherwise, the PB is superior in all respects presently. OS is superior. UI superior. Bridging is so sweet. Flash is excellent. 2.0 looks like it will take the PB capabilities to a level that the rest will be incapable of attaining. Gotta love QNX.

Don't be ridiculous, sales prove everything. Saying it's behind only in apps is an extreme understatement. You have all these specs without a way to use them, no email/messaging capabilities, no real use of a lot of the internal specs, no agenda access unless you have to bridge it. This is not superior. This is just a portable web browser.

I do not understand how anyone could ever believe an os without all useful functions (email, calendar, etc) would end up as a superior OS than oses with them. Neither do I understand how an os who is copied off others UI would end up being superior in its beta stage with almost no customization possible. More confusing is the fact that what is so sweet bridging when other tablets can do the exact same things without bridging. The fact that you have to bridge it to do what others can do without make it more sweet?

You are either extremely delusional or you must from another dimension and we're not talking about the same Playbook.

Can you name an advantage of bridging?

According to what you said, then there would be an even stronger reason why a lot more called playbook the most disastrous tablet ever. Being a fan does not mean you have to be irrational and delusional to facts.

The new PB apparently will have cellular data support and NFC. And run at 1.5 GHz. The market would lap up these improvements (not that I would replace my new Playbook right away). Keeping its products on the cutting edge is what keeps reviewers happy and potential customers looking.


This is so true. I have been told by several UK carriers this is the reason why they havent supported th PB. Personally I think RIM should never have reduced the price. What should have happened is RIM should have used the price difference as an incentive to retailers and their staff. Imagine how the sales would have been pushed if the retailer/carrier got £100 for every PB sold and the sales staff received a bonus structure around PB sales for example £10 for each of the first ten £30 for first 20 and £50 for 30+. This would mean worst case for the retailer/carrier is £50 better off per PB sold and staff could earn anywhere upto and beyond £1500 a month........... I wonder what sales would have been like then??

That's so true and absolutely sucks for RIM. If they need the carriers to help them push the PlayBook, there's a problem. Adding 3G/4G to a tablet increases the price and people tend to shy away.

Just look at Apple's numbers since they are pretty much the tablet leaders at this point in time. The 16 GB wifi iPad is their most popular. Yes, people out there do own the 3G models but not as much when compared to the wifi models.

Haven't you figured it out? It's the buzz that counts in this business. Get eyeballs on the product. So what if most end up buying the wifi version. It's important that they don't think they are buying into a has-been product simply because it's missing some option that the media has pre-determined must be there.

Boy... I'll tell ya... I really, really want a 10" Playbook so that I can stop lugging my laptop everywhere I go when I travel for work. If RIM can introduce a 10" Playbook with all the stuff from 2.0 and have HSPA+ and 1.5 Gig processor; myself and (hopefully) 50 Million other people will want one too!

Why not buy a netbook? Really. If you want a 10" screen, the weight difference is negligible and you'll have greater flexibility. I never really understood the appeal of 10" tablets. The 7" size is a natural progression from the ipod touch/smartphone, with the next step, if you truly need more real estate, a netbook. Why settle for less if you are going to end up with something that can't fit in your pocket anyway. And it's cheaper than an ipad.

A PB upgrade is easily done. The BB10 phone has unavoidable time constraints. This is a smart move, if it's for real.

This is great news! I always assumed that there would be a BB10 device with a Full QWERTY Keyboard, it's nice to have it confirmed. This is the phone that I'll be getting.

Why the hell Crackberry sources from BGR is beyond me. The guy has already admitted that he has a thing against BlackBerry now.

I agree. This is something that has got on my nerves lately. BGR is complete garbage and I don't like how CrackBerry is slipping them in more and more.

Hey Guys,

Couple answers here:

a) There's nothing new in here that we didn't report on it our original 2012 roadmap. This basically backs up our previous info (not a bad thing). Obviously the dates have changed with RIM's push back announcement on BB10, but the basic premise of what we posted holds true. So it's not a new story IMO...but backing up ours. Not a bad thing.

b) I get some of the frustrations being pointed out. But people expect us to post all the BB news... if we didn't post this we'd just get dozens of tips on the email line asking to post it and a half a dozen forum threads started asking why we didn't post it either. so we're damned if we do, damned if we don't.

So that being the case... we just blog it. It's one story, it'll be old news quick, and everybody is always welcome to comment on it (as you're doing now) and say you don't like it.  But it has nothing to do with CB going down on it's editorial or trying to slip in bgr content more and more. You guys know that. If there's stuff that hits the web that has an expectation of being posted, we post it. We've been doing this job for a long time now. We pretty much have done/tried everything and we go with our proven process. 


Well said! It says the source is BGR, so if people are as smart as they claim,they should be able to use their judgement on if its true or not. Kevin has never said that "everything BGR says is true".

I just dont understand why CB keeps reporting what BGR posts and claims. I understand the need to post news etc but I feel BGR has proven they are unreliable, at best, and outright liars who fabricate stuff, at worst.

I get what your saying Kevin, buy you are wrong on one major point...
People will NOT start threads asking you to post BGR content on CrackBerry.
I come to CB to get away from the Bullshit Gurgitating Reports.

But Kevin, could you at least put "BGR sucks frog poo!" at the end of the blog post so we can all be happy!

I was wondering the same thing. Kevin gets the call right from the CEO but we are to listen to BGR's "reliable" source. Like I said before- I don't got to his site anymore cuz I don't want to read his crap- not happy when it shows up here.

Thank you. I wouldn't believe BGR regarding BlackBerry if they paid me. Their last exclusive was that Samsung was buying RIM and they are STILL hyping that one. I only go there to read what idiotic thing they are chirping today - much like the Toronto Star. It's like all of the media are liking their free iPads and are desperate to write as many negative RIM stories as it will take to pay for them.

So, for Christmas I have decide between a BB10 or upgrading to a PB with 4G?

Ahhh, probably go with the phone. NFC is a nice addition, but I'm a little biased more towards ANT. : /

That BlackBerry Nevada sounds good to me!
I'm happy RIM makes sturdy devices.
My 9780 should get me through just a few more months.

Waiting Oh So Patiently. :)

happy to hear about the new playbook, should increase user base with H+

I wonder if they're retrofitting existing stock or making new ones?

This is rediculous, why do we need two more curves when we've already got 2 curves, 2 torches and 2 bolds? Does RIM know that their stock just dropped 10% yesterday? I say scrap the new curves and PB just clear the slate and start with 3 new BB10 devices and KEEP it that way. What's the point in wasting money on phones no ones going to buy? They need just just a have a full touch, touch and qwerty, and a slide w/ qwerty. Done and done. But whatever, what do I know?

Because RIM also has millions of customers in the emerging markets that still only run on EDGE and also need access to low cost Smart Phones. Right now the preferred Smart Phone in these markets in BB, so best to keep serving their needs.

This is bullshit. I live in Brazil, where the Curve 8520, from two years ago, is a (mild) success, and yet one of the downsides of it is not have 3G. All cellphones sold in Brazil in the same price range as the Curve 8520 has 3G, and if they want to launch a device without 3G, Brazil won't be one of the countries receiving it.

I can even understand that many countries have a poor 3G network, but launching a device in 2012 without 3G when many countries are already beginning to expand 4G network, is bizarre.

I agree perfectly. The current low market BB should serve the 'emerging markets'. There is no need to actually churn out new ones. The 'emerging markets happen to be the least of RIM's worries so they must be happy with what is out there.

im one of those people living in the so called emergining markets.Have u(you) ever visited any of the emerging markets??u'll see iphones and bbs that being said i agree with cdm76 they should decrease the amount of phones etc their is a lot of money to burn in the emerging markets as ive said before in another post unlike the usa we pay full price

Yeah BlackBerry 7 is going to continue to serve emerging markets. I expected one more Curve device anyway on BB7 as an entry device with BB10 initially only on higher end handsets. Bring it all on!

It sounds like they are for the developing world market. The new PB is a great move to counter the flurry of new ones coming to market from competitors.

So the Playbook is coming out with 4G? I don't know if its worth it if I already own two and when the Nevada comes out I will have. 4G phone so what would be the point to pay that extra money just to be limited to Sprint's tablet plan of 5gigs when I can continue to bridge on unlimited. I am looking forward to the Nevada. I love my Bold 9930 but I saw the pick of the size of the screen and it looks sexy.

Just have to remember: the playbook is the BB10 developer device.If they are making a playbook with NFC, then BB10 devices are going to have NFC.

Hopefully they are a little more realistic with sales estimates this time, and produce enough playbooks for closer to 200,000 sold, not 1,000,000.

Interested to see what the price will be.

Last I heard they had passed 900,000 SOLD ;)
These sales that they have been having since Nov have been doing wonders for their sitting inventory

Hope there is a 10" version of Playbook in there somewhere! Would like to buy another on for client presentations!

I would like to see RIM release just 2 or 3 devices a year. That way they'll spend more time working on less devices, making them better.

Although adding HSPA+ to the playbook is a good move, it will still keep users away depending on the price point. Aside from price if they are rolling out the pb w/ hspa+. they will already be behind the game and should have considering moving to 4G LTE earlier.

As for multiple versions of the same handset, should really be revisited for the upcoming year.

And although some reports indicate that they will not be separating HW/SW, and the thought of licencing out the oS to other devices is still considered. They should really concentrate more on working to use the BES technology on other platform as they do w/ Blackberry Connect. Considering the movement of the other platforms are uncontrollable they should invest the time to ride the wave even though it may not be BB10.

The opinion I read the most about everything RIM do is "too little, too late".
This new guy (with all due respect) really needs to deliver a lot, and he'd better do it soon.
Best thing he could do is releasing BB10 much earlier, but not a half baked one. As quarters go by RIM gets closer to a deep and dark abyss.
I own an iphone4 that I do not like and in spite of being a huge BB fanboy, I am really considering going Android...

Adam - you don't need to post BGR links to validate what Crackberry has already known for a while. I trust what the Crackberry team says far more than anything BGR reports about RIM.

I'm excited about the BB Nevada. One question - in addition to the keyboard will it have a trackpad? I avoid touchscreens because I just can't stand fingerprints all over a screen. I like that with my Bold I can easily access anything with just a little movement on the trackpad. There is really great economy of movement with the trackpad as opposed to having to press things all over the screen and with the trackpad I am not putting fingerprints all over the screen.

The Bold 9930 is my first touch screen phone. I've always hated smearing up screens and the way it's implemented on this phone is perfect. If I have a clean hand I tend to use the touch screen more. If I'm eating or something, stick to the track pad. Best of both worlds. I hope this trend continues to the BB10 line, but I have my doubts for some reason.
Boldly sent from my 9930

I think ill be happy with my 32 GB playbook once it gets OS 2.0. I like it now but you can tell its got so much more potential then whats be offered to us now. I can't wait for the update.

On a side note, since these will all be 4G LTE phones, if the phone is sold in a non LTE area will the battery life be affected by it looking for LTE all the time? Battery life is a concern for me with the new phones and being the first of a new generation ill hold off buying till they are tested and tried. That's why i bough a bold 9790 to hold me off till that time, but for sure looking at the 'london'

it depends on the chipset & OS. Some androids give you the ability to turn off the 4G so it doesn't keep looking. I'm sure RIM would do something simliliar OR even better, make it so that it automaticaly doesn't drain the battery if the is no 4G

its been so hard holding off on buying a 9900 to wait for the BB10 devices.....i hope they are what i expect or better

First off I think an EDGE phone is retarded in this day in age, second why not do like Apple and do a worldwide chip that covers ALL bands? Now for the new PlayBook, I don't mind them bringing out a new PlayBook; however, DO NOT forget about your loyal followers RIM! Please keep those updates coming, I think we deserve it considering that we, the early adoptres are the backbone of the company that keeps it standing. Latly, Regarding the BB10 devices: Please make sure you complete hardware wise I'm talking Quad-Core processor, 1+GB RAM, 32+GB internal memory and NOT just a measly 512mb for Apps either! Don't forget to add an HD front facing cam and rear cam with AutoFocus, REAL hardware UMA not that crap that you did with the 9900, MicroSD Card slot, HDMI out, WiDi etc...you get the point.

You're one of the guys that either doesn't read or know about what keeps RIM afloat, developing countries.

EDGE is not retarded, it isn't even human, but millions of humans only have access to EDGE. Remember, Rim serves the world, not just you are your circle of friends.

Anyway, it makes sense the new playbook is HSPA+, Someone said LTE I do not think it is LTE, there are big differences. LTE is true 4G, H+ is different speeds of 3G.

Anyway, hopefully they release the Bold 10 without problems and with a solid camera, HD recording, and a front facing camera. It is 2012, the PB has those features, why not put them on your phone?

yea I noticed that too...was expecting LTE...not that I would use either anyway. I'm all for briding my connection & saving $$ by not buying a 2nd data plan :)

@Mavricxx, which car battery would you like RIM to use to power a phone with your specs so it can last you throughout the day? They are waiting on you so they can ramp up production :)

@Abrante- LMAO dude, you def had me rolling! No seriously though if Android can do it, which they are why can't RIM? Besides, the whole reason RIM is going under is because they fell behind on the competition while their competitors are dropping new, sexier, more advanced phones out there. I am a die hard fan of BlackBerry and that's why I own and so do my family 9900s and a Playbook. The main reason I got my whole family a BlackBerry was because of UMA and BBM, where I can chat with anybody, anywhere in the world- technically for free.

@Crackcookie- I understand some countries don't have 3G but that's why they call it developing countries, because they are evolving just like we are. Eventually they will have 3G and not everyone there is poor and can't afford the better things. You want to offer the other half their share as well because I'm sure they travel like I do.

lol, the 9900 works great (minor hiccups here and there) with a single processor. So maybe a dual-core processor and more screen real-estate (to take advantage of the browser and multi-touch capabilities) will do just fine. UMA depends on the carrier, I got spoiled with it with T-Mo here in the U.S.A and was a bit upset that the 9900 doesn't support it (yet). If they can get the camera that I had on my 9780 I would be good. Those are my 3 main requests for a future release (Bold 9000/9900 style device)

RIM doesn't make SUPERphones, as in high end phones, so this makes sense. While the USA is going LTE most countries are not, and will not anytime soon.

Knowing that most of the world is not on LTE, is why their tablet doesn't have LTE. But, it is still H+ so carriers want to sell them to make money off data plans.

The Curve is BB's best selling phone I believe, for good reason. It doesn't try to hard. The reason why Android phones need dual cores, is due to their sloppy OS, the huge batteries are to compensate for their overpowered CPU. The curve is the opposite of this, it uses what it needs and puts out what needs to be put out.

People like my mom, will want a Curve, even with all this LTE media coverage. I am fine with H+. Many people are fine with EDGE, this isn't a bad move, it isn't their flagship phone.

Now the Bold/Torch, those need to be H+ and then they can consider 4G on the second model when it is fully in place. BB phones are already being sent through a proxy, so they will never be truly as fast as can be.

RIM is going to release a HSPA+ Playbook just as competitors are releasing LTE tablets? I hope this next version is bargain priced, because no one is going to choose a HSPA+ Playbook over a LTE iPad or a $399 Android LTE tablet.

The same way Apple released a iPad2 with two low res cameras when most (if not all) the competitors were releasing tablets with dual 1080p capable cams? Competition is about having options, if everyone goes to follow the leader then what gives? That is why RIM is continuously releasing curves. The BB Curves serve the market that most (if not all) the competitors have been neglecting. Furthermore, (I am talking about the U.S.A on this one) you do realize that BB's are on all networks, right? by providing HSPA+ models it gives them the advantage of selling to those on the GSM networks (which outnumbers CDMA)... Now I see where Kevin is coming from, "damned if we do, damned if we don't.

When RIM came out with a 7" tablet " why they didn't come out with a 10" tablet "... When they came out with the 9700 " why didn't RIM release a similar body to the Bold 9000 "... When RIM released the Bold 9900 " why didn't they get a better camera "... Let it rest already, buy what you like and if you don't... Move on...

So how does BGR explain this when they have been reporting for the past 3 months that RIM is releasing only 1 phone in 2012 (London)

Unless iphone 5 does something crazy for me BB10 Bold will be my next phone. Fucken love new gadgets, can't wait

I have a 32gb and 64gb playbook. Can we get the current playbook to actually work as intended before jumping onto the next model of a device that is half complete but released for almost a year. In phones the Bold 9930 and Galaxy Nexus together keep me content. Come on Rim I would love a huge comeback and market takeover!

No. QNX works on any multicore processor. The PB will run any OS update. It might not be able to multitask as many processes as a PB2 but any update will still work. It is plain to see that there is a lot of ignorance about the elegance of QNX.

HSPA+, really? Where is the LTE that Every carrier is implementing this year in the states and Canada? Not for me personally, but to get Carriers to pick them up and get more of them in the hands of consumers. Very curious to see how this year pans out for RIM.....

I'd love the NFC on the PlayBook. I could see some great potential there especially in conjunction with a BB phone. I don't think I really need the faster processor or HSPA+, though, so not seeing it nearly worth the cost to upgrade.

The 3G (faux G) HSPA+ 42Mbps Playbook is a good idea, it can be sold around the world, the US and Canada are the only countries close to having enough LTE coverage (mainly the US). RIM can get their QNX/BBOS10 code fine tuned on the PB.

Their LTE chipset solution will be out in the middle of the year, they aren't going to develop two of them, so an LTE PB will have to wait until the chipset that BBOS phones will use is out.

As for the 2G phones, if they are super cheap they can compete with super cheap Android phones and keep developing countries buying Blackberries.

Darn, do we really need more devices? Really? Most of the current BB7 Curves are already selling for $0 with 2 year plan. The Bold 9790 is like $25, the 9900 is $75. Is there really room for more devices? More developer headaches.

I'm not sure what additional costs RIM incurs on these new Curves, but since they are essentially the same as the Curves released at the end of 2011, why not just release those into the emerging markets instead? This is definitely a problem that RIM must address this year. I don't understand why they would release the Curve 9350 for Sprint and then release the 9370 for Verizon. The 9370 has more ram and GSM capabilities. Why not just release the 9370 to everyone? Why even make the 9350 in the first place? I believe that RIM's roadmap should include the following:

Two phone lines: Torch (with slide out keyboard) and Torch Touch. As much as I love the Curve/Bold lines, they must go. RIM can longer have fragmentation. The screen size/display must be uniform across all handsets (Torch increases to 3.75). RIM can't afford the weakness of having developers dealing with two display sizes. Thats doesn't mean the Curve and Bold name need to go, they can rebrand them.

Two models: An entry level model for cost conscious costumers and emerging markets and a high end model for those who want the best. Both models would run OS 10. All previous OS versions are dead in the water despite what RIM says. The future lays in QNX and the move must be made now. With the entry model you don't have to worry about LTE (can be save for high end) and can get out the door earlier.

Playbook: Next version needs to include LTE. No Wifi only version. Starting price of $199 (where it should have been).

Right now while I am disappointed with a late 2012 release of BB10 devices, I would rather see a late release date that is met with a high quality market ready product, instead of something rushed and looking it.