RIM’s first QNX smartphone dubbed the BlackBerry Colt to launch in Q1 2012?!

By Bla1ze on 8 Aug 2011 12:02 pm EDT

While we're all still excited about the new BlackBerry 7 devices that will soon be hitting store shelves, we all know they are just a stop gap for RIM's next big thing which is QNX powered smartphones. Over at BGR, a new device and a new name is being tossed around and is purported to be the first QNX smartphone RIM. The BlackBerry Colt, as it's being called is rumored to be a single-core processor device rather then the dual-core we've heard Mike Lazaridis state he planned on using in QNX phones in the past. Keeping in mind, the BlackBerry PlayBook ran single core in testing.

According to the info, RIM is looking for release of the BlackBerry Colt come first quarter of 2012 but has some rather large issues to work out in the meantime. One hurdle being the BES infrastructure and the fact it needs to be re-written for QNX, which also lends credit to reasoning we still don't as of yet have native email in the BlackBerry PlayBook.

To get over this, RIM is said to be working on a QNX-specific BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but ultimately that the first QNX smartphone could launch without support for BES, as we know it. Seems rather foolish, given that BES is RIM's bread and butter but RIM has plenty of time to work those things out through internal testing. Although, the current plan suggests the use of Microsoft ActiveSync for Exchange email as it is supported out of the box. Keep in mind, this is just a rumor for now -- we'll see what other details emerge over the next little while.

Source: BGR

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RIM’s first QNX smartphone dubbed the BlackBerry Colt to launch in Q1 2012?!


Am I going to have to tether a blackberry OS6 or 7 device to get email. LMAO

RIM is just royally F UCKED anyway you cut it. Everyone knows they need a reboot of their ancient OS but QNX seems far off because they have to be integrated in with BES.

Do you think corporations are going to be dumping money into upgrading their BES servers knowing how RIMs devices have been on the decline in terms of design? If it requires new hardware, RIM can kiss their a$ses goodbye.

I'm not sure this is all that bad.

It might actually be worthwhile for RIM to bring QNX phones to market while they continue development of the "next-gen" BES. Give the consumer/small-biz market some time with the phones, and help smooth off the rough edges.

Enterprise doesn't tend to jump on bleeding-edge tech right away anyway.

I think RIM needs to get these phones to market as quickly as they can manage.

If RIM releases an incomplete phone they would lose all credability in their stance of "release it right not release it fast" that they haave so readily pushed on the the BB7 os

And I'm not saying the phones should be released prematurely, but I DO think RIM could release QNX phones before QNX-BES is done.

Given how slowly enterprise generally changes platforms, it would likely be over a year before QNX-BES had much uptake anyway.

Yep its a known fact that bgr is anti rim so there's going to be a lot of rumors now from them saying qnx is around the corner when in fact we all know it won't be till least this time next year b4 qnx comes with dual core

Has CrackBerry run out of real news to write about?
Now they are sourcing tabloid trash from BGR?

If I wanted to read BGR shit, I would go to their shitty site. Get your act together Bla1ze and give us some real news, not these worthless rumours from BGR.

Come on! Source BGR or aka the TMZ of Tech.

Looks more like a cheap tactic to get people's mind away from buying OS7 devices later this month than real news to me.

Looking forward to QNX phones ASAP, but in the meantime, I will be BLACKBERRY happy with my 9900!! Can't wait!!

So basically, everyone that buys a new 2011 Blackberry will be screwed. You know they will be flamed hard when this happens, of course we know that those who will be doing the flaming are your average joes.

We all know better though. I think 2nd QTR 2012 is too early though. RIM needs to get into a yearly cycle. First they waiting 2 years to come out with the 2011 BBs, now they're going to come out with the QNX BBs in 6 months?? Balance RIM... all about Balance.

actually the article states which keep in mind i dont believe unless its coming from the man that went to Waterloo to see the production line(Kevin).

The article talking about the 1st QNX Blackberry to be 1 core processor, which the new OS7 blackberry's have a 1.2ghz processor. Which means we might be able to upgrade the OS, thats how we can get a taste of the QNX OS b4 we get a dual core blackberry. (my thoughts)

I don't think they are going to put QNX on a single core phone. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a Neutrino based OS.

if 2012 q1 release, then why release the 9900 or any of the new phones for them to be obsolete in 6 months?? i'm confused

They could not go a year and a half without a new phone. RIM would be rightly perceived as dead in the water as one analyst recently claimed.

unfortunate thing about internet is with this info out, i know i will hold out longer now and how many more feel this way? and those who don't know about the qnx, will be pissed when they hold a shiny new 9900 that is out dated. they will feel duped by RIM and i'm sure will sound off with more anti-RIM bashing than normal

Well, I guess you can say the same thing about iPhone users, I was pretty pissed, but then it was expected.
Its all good, not like most consumers would even notice.

I'm not too worried about it.

Let's say we all sign on to new 2-yr contracts this month for the new devices.

By the time, RIM rolls out QNX, gets it on a device, irons out all the OS bugs, and releases v.2 of the QNX phones (with the specs v.1 should have had), it will be upgrade time.

Works for me...

To Microsoft's surprise, people were still running Windows XP and bought Windows XP years after the release of Vista and 7. Insane!

Perhaps you'll be able to upgrade the 9900 OS to the QNX OS when available. Remember that the 9900 and other phones were delayed because they beefed up the processor and memory on them.

This is my feeling as well. To bite-the-bullet and U-turn the new products last spring had to have a significant purpose like.....QNX on OS7

If this is true, it sounds like RIM is scrambling to re-position themselves in the consumer market. Not sure if I'd buy their first device that they rush out the door given their track record of under-performing of late. Just sayin

Doubt it will be released as single core, but its good to know they're rumored to be working on a QNX  now! Any news is good news for now I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rumors are just that... rumors -- live in the now, not for what's coming around the corner. If you live your life like that, you're always waiting for the "next best thing" and never enjoying the now.

(Plus, let's face it -- if you ever want to see a QNX phone, RIM needs to see profit from the BB 7 line. If everyone opted to not buy and wait for QNX you're inadevertantly delaying it because RIM will just lay off more people -- people who could be working on the QNX phones)

I'm sure this will sound corny but I don't really care -- if you believe in RIM and want to see them succeed, then purchasing a BB7 device is the best way to help em through this transition period.

(Haters, spare me -- I've heard it all, you have nothing new to offer so don't bother)

I couldn't agree more. I'm ready to buy the 9850 RIGHT NOW! The problem is, there's nothing available, and there's no US release dates. That's what I call a BUMMER!

as a huge blackberry fan, i get ur point, but a sustainable business should not have to resort to consumer guilt to stay afloat.

Chasing future technology is a losing effort but isn't that what RIM is asking people to do with the PlayBook? In thread after thread in the forums I've read how the PlayBook has potential and users should be patient for RIM to continue to modify, update, and improve it.

That said, I will always be a huge fan of BlackBerry phones and, regardless of what might be coming in the future, I'm going to get a 9930 the day it arrives at Verizon.

Very simple. Wait for the QNX. Two things I'm testing with the new OS 7 will be how well it works with 15 apps downloaded on it and how long it takes to reboot. Any BB will work splendidly with no apps like the ones in the videos we've seen (9850/60). Let's see how they function if you drop 25 fresh new apps on it. If it lags or checkerboards like the OS 5 or OS 6, simply give the phone back, hold on to your current phone and see what the QNX has to offer. Or jump ship....

Woah woah woah. Wait for a moment.
I would like to get some clarification here. What would you need 15 applications for, let alone 25?

I'm a productivity freak, and the only things I can think of that I would use on a regular basis would be Google Maps, Viigo, Pandora, Personal Assistant, FaceBook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, 4Sq, Podcast, WordPress and BlackBerry World.

Okay scratch the 15 comment, I get your point with that many.

But other than that, still rocking the 9000, I really don't understand the purpose of having 25 applications. Get an iPod Touch, it defeats the purpose of having an all-in-one device, but at least you'll have one work device and another play device. Think of it as a business trip, iPod on the plane, BlackBerry in the meeting room.

I fully agree with CL8Baller when he writes...
"I really don't understand the purpose of having 25 applications. Get an iPod Touch, it defeats the purpose of having an all-in-one device, but at least you'll have one work device and another play device. Think of it as a business trip, iPod on the plane, BlackBerry in the meeting room."

That's exactly what I've done! Let's face it - for productivity, RIM is clearly the winner; for entertainment (apps & games), Apple is currently in charge. What do you want or which do you use the most?

My 9650 is on my belt or right beside me at ALL times. The iPod Touch is used only for music and a few apps. I still find it difficult allowing iTunes to manage my music; I just don't like the software. However, I realized that there are many more music devices being built to accommodate the iPod than any other mp3 player. Might as well accept the fact, they're not going away anytime soon.

I use my BlackBerry every single day and LOVE it. I wish RIM many years of success. Thanks to the CrackBerry Team for all you do! :)

Rock On!!!

Youmail, Scoreboard Mobile, Twitter, Fb, Foursquare, Google Maps, Google Quick Search, SalesForce, AIM, YAHOO, Auto-Reboot, PIC-ID, BB Protect, CrunchSMS, NY Daily News, GasBuddy, Mr. Number Block, PicDial, Weather Channel, Memory Booster, E-Office Flashlight, Crackberry, Dots, New York Knicks, Slacker. These are apps I use. There are another 15-20 apps I could probably use if the phone could handle the memory . If OS 7 can't handle app consumption, without taking 12 minutes to reboot and freezing while using the device, then it CAN'T compete with Droid and iPhone. If QNX can't do it either, then BB needs to shut down the doors.

This is why BB is losing users. Their device requires rebooting because a BB with more than 10 apps tends to ruin the OS. Once you reboot, you have to wait for 10+ minutes before the things is ready to use again. I'm sorry, but that simply doesn't happen with these other phones. If BB doesn't fix that issue, they're in the TOILET soon.

If they REALLY want to impress people like me, perform a battery pull with the phone carrying 2 dozen apps. Let's see how up to date this new OS really is.

But my 9700 had that many apps on it and runs quite speedy, lag-free and I enjoy every single day with it.

Regardless of OS, it gets shrunk after loading, occasional wipe and reload when memory is scarce, haven't needed to do many battery pulls. Maybe you need to RELOAD THE OS after a BBSAK WIPE. Then it won't be so damn slow. Agree? Maybe updating the OS via apploader might do the trick.

Also, if you don't like your blackberry, just sell it and jump ship. I wouldn't complain at all if mine were doing that, I'd reload the OS, I WOULDN'T use that many apps, because out of the 10 I got on here, only a few are actually used. Delete some, then it might run fine.

Buy now and upgrade when new QNX are out. The OS7 phone either goes to one of your subordiates or your wife, depending on if its a work phone or not. Never WAIT the time is NOW !

not gonna wait for this bs... iphone 5 this year... it will be in my pocket while rim still trying to get it's head out of its a$$ and with the co-ceo's doing everything they can to sink the ship

I still think summer or maybe even fall 2012, and on a dual-core. I'm inclined to think that if QNX phones are really this close then they wouldn't have even bothered with BB7.

I agree this is probably BGR bull s*** trying to make customers afraid to buy an OS 7 device. However, if this is true (which I highly doubt the QNX phones will be ready in 2012, let alone Q1) then I'd be excited to see this.


I'm not inclined to believe this. For one thing, Mike L. has stated adamantly that the future is multi-core and I can't imagine RIM launching a QNX single core device. The shorties would have a field day.

Now, for testing the OS7 upgrade (maybe QNX lite ?), now that would make sense.

Yeap this sounds a lot like BGR or a short seller giving this info to BGR in order to slow sales of OS7 phones and further degrade RIM's market share to iOS/Android.

We all know BGR is pro apple / anti-RIM - so why would they post something like this without malicious intent.

Buy the OS7 phones. They are everything you need and more. QNX will likely not be out for another year, and Apple seems to be doing very well by releasing a new phone on an annual basis.

But that's just it, they only release ONE phone per year. RIM has 6 or 7 coming in the next little while? PLUS new versions of the playbook, PLUS blackberry TV (or whatever its going to be called) PLUS they are getting started on QNX phones. They have a lot on their plate because they see this and feel they need to do it too. They need to focus their efforts in one solid direction instead of 15 disorganized ones.

BGR sucks. I swear those guys make stuff up and people run with it. Stoped reading BGR for that reason. I wouldn't believe anything that comes from them especially about RIM. By the way, can't wait for the new Bold.

Thankyou BGR,
now with your little help,
BB7 devices are fail before they are even launched
Is there any insider news about apple

knowing RIM if they say QNX will be out Q1 in 2012 it will be out 8 months later then that maybe even a full year....they will promote their phone then a few months later maybe even launch it just like they did with the playbook and OS7 devices....

Probably just some douche tryoing to undermine the blackberry 7 release. To stifle sales, leak info or create fake news about products that will supercede one or all of your products. Pictures or it didn't happen

Even if they were intending to rush out a qnx phone, it seems very unlikely that they wouldn't used a dualcore processor as not doing so just makes their job harder and would create more expectation of os7 getting an upgrade that they have so far downplayed.

ok so my question is if i buy the new bold 9930 will i be able to upgrade upgrade the 9930 OS to the QNX OS when available?

These won't be ready until December 20th 2012. Then the world ends the next day. Thanks RIM/Mayans....


Go Colts! Indy for the Superbowl! I think the odds of the Colts winning the Vince Lobmardi again before the Colt is released are probably slightly in favour of RIM, but maybe not by much.


Tomorrow they will be embarrassed by a Blackberry tweet and need to apologize publicly (again!)

Well I for one can't wait to the bold 9930 launches on VZW. Although, I committed a grave sin against RIM and bought an iPhone 4....I miss my bbm and email. I can't wait to come back home. Yes I know, I'm on my way to confession as we speak....

RIM--Doing the Damn Thang!

Wasn't it BGR who were the first to release photos of the new os7 devices? How many people on here discounted their story instantly as made up nonsense? There is so much bias BS on here from some people. It could be nonsense but it could be true. All I'm saying is have an open mind guys. Too many closed minds i feel.

On the subject of "Mike" and the fact he has said only dual core on QNX devices ( btw...why do people say his name as if they are best buddies) wasn't it "Mike" who said there would never be a camera on a blackberry device? So why trust every word he says? Things change. Technology is in a constant state of flux.

Not sure if this has been asked yet, but if the QNX based Playbook has an android app player, what about QNX based smartphones...? Any thoughts?

sorry but it doesn't quite make sense.

we have already heard 'rumors' that native email on the playbook is delayed because they need to update the core email system to handle multiple devices with one email address. That makes alot of sense.

BUT to say that BES needs to be updated to handle QNX phones does not add up. BES talks to NOC and device talks to NOC, it should not make any difference to BES what device is on the other end.

it's possible, but I'd say extremely unlikely.

BGR is a RIM bashing pile of dung site. That being said, I heard this same report from a different source over a month ago. RIM does plan to release a QNX device first qtr 2012. It will not have push email or bbm. On the first QNX device, you can expect to get exactly what you have on the Playbook. With the ability to make calls of course. Nothing more, nothing less.

using Exchange Activesync is the best news I have heard from RIM in 5 years!!! Tired of my blackberry being the only smartphone on the block that can't download my work e-mail out of the box....

This is what I am waiting for, while i like the new blackberry 7 phones . I am waiting for Qnix phones to come out probably in about 2 years, when my i can also switch to another carrier as well.

Not sure if it's been already said but coming from BGR, it's probably a rumor meant to deflate sales of the new Blackberry's about to come out.

Sure it seems like an innocent leak, possibly informative, but it has destructive ramifications for those who would use this info to hold off from purchasing RIM devices. In the end leading to poor sales for which continues the doomed and dead trend which eventually can be self fulfilling if people don't wake up and stop being sheep.

It's not a conspiracy theory, it's biased manipulation of peoples expectations, which is pretty much what all the tech sites, especially BGR, engage in nowadays.

how about one version of full touch screen and other with keyboard(screen size compromised)?
Any thoughts anyone.....since now e know via kevin that it is a dual core.