RIGID Digital Bubble Level for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 9 Jun 2011 12:19 pm EDT

The RIGID Digital Bubble Level is more of a novelty app than anything else, but it's actually quite cool and can be useful to some in certain areas. This free app provides you with a horizontal, vertical and angle level using your BlackBerry PlayBook. Use it to straighten out pictures when hanging or leveling up those backyard projects. There is an audible alert for those times when the level isn't in your view as well. Just start leveling and you'll hear a beep letting you know when you're straight as an arrow. The other cool feature is the camera level - letting you view through the camera with a set of crosshairs for those hard to do leveling projects. Overall a pretty neat app and the price is right. Grab it free from BlackBerry App World.

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RIGID Digital Bubble Level for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I've been walking around my condo checking out construction and its amazing. It would be nice if you could actually take a picture and overlay the data when using camera mode.

Touted as a "novelty" app, it is a godsend for people who own an RV. Not only is an RV more comfortable when it's level, the refrigerator will not work effectively and can even fry itself if it is way off level. I use a crummy little bubble level right now, but now that I have this app, I will be able to level my rig the PlayBook way. I love that it signals both visually and audibly.

Not to steal BB's tagline, but this is not just an app - it's a Super App.

Be aware - if you have a case on your PB, make sure the case is even or the level readings will be off. To verify that a level is working properly, put it on a flat surface and adjust by propping up one side so that it gives a perfect level reading. Now flip the level (PB) over, placing it on the same supports in exactly the same way which previously gave the level reading. If the reading isn't the same, the level isn't working properly.