A ride in the BlackBerry Limo at CES!

By IsaacKendall on 11 Jan 2012 09:08 am EST

After a long day walking the show floor at CES2012 the last thing we wanted to do was to walk to the monorail station, ride the train back to our hotel and forge our way through the maze that is the MGM Grand Hotel back to our room.

RIM came to our rescue with the BlackBerry limo. All we had to do was send a BBM us for a ride!! and presto! within 20 minutes the limo rolled up and took us home.

As you can tell in the video I was very tired and in need of a rest. Thank you so much BlackBerry for pampering the BlackBerry fans faithful! And wow. Talk about a big limo. This rig was monsterous.

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A ride in the BlackBerry Limo at CES!


I KNOW. I fixed all the typos in Isaac's post. Don't understand how he thought it was a hummer...  Ahh well. It's cool anyways.

And how is this saying thank you to me as a blackberry customer? Next you'll be brown nosing me by downgrading OS7 to 5.. or offering complementary price increases...