Rid the skies of your enemies with Balloon Gunner 3D for BlackBerry smartphones

By Zach Gilbert on 4 Jun 2012 03:28 pm EDT

If mobile gaming is for you, you may want to take a look at Balloon Gunner 3D for BlackBerry smartphones with OS 7.0. A little while back we covered the PlayBook version which is convenient when you have the ability to carry a 7-inch tablet around. This version for phones is for the more mobile individual. The Balloon Gunner 3D storyline takes you to the islands of your empire which are being invaded, and you are the only balloon that can fight off the army. The game utilizes your phone's built in accelerometer to navigate the intense firefight, has the ability to play in stereoscopic 3D (you'll need the glasses) and is entirely ad free which is a huge plus. So it's really a win, win, win!


  • Play in stereoscopic 3D mode! (Requires a pair of red+cyan 3D glasses - set 3D level in Options)
  • Simple, fun, addictive gameplay. No tutorials and complex controls - just point and shoot!
  • 40 levels spread over 4 different environments.
  • No advertising! Unlike other formats, the BlackBerry versions have no in-game ads getting in the way and slowing the game down.

Balloon Gunner 3D is available for .99 cents on BlackBerry smartphones, and with 40 levels in 4 different environments, it almost feels wrong to download at that price. The developer has also placed a few of the common issues on their BlackBerry App World page. Now, the issues aren’t really issues per say, more just a few questions that users have had and how to correct them.

Download Balloon Gunner 3D for BlackBerry smartphones w/ OS7.0

Reader comments

Rid the skies of your enemies with Balloon Gunner 3D for BlackBerry smartphones


At least not a bad game (if you consider the age), but i have a massive number of glitches and graphic issues on my 9790. Maybe i have to be more bold to play this one...or even have a try on the playbook.


Hi, you're the first person I've heard from using a 9790, so would you mind describing the glitches you're seeing? It works well on Bold 9900 and the BB7 Torches but it sounds like it's too much for the 9790... :-(

It is hard to remember due to deleting the game meanwhile, but i will have a try. There were some particular freezes, maybe ground was moving, but the complete .. let me call it the skybox - was fixed and does not move anymore. So you got massive glitches at the borderline. There were also some structural yellow lines from the top of the screen to the bottom, little narrow angle and moving together with the environment. I think, it is really the less strong hardware of the 9790. 3D-Games are not suitable for this device.

Wow, okay that does sound pretty bad... I didn't realize the 9790 was such a step down from the 9900, but I've made the game unavailable to it so no one else gets a nasty shock. Thanks for the feedback!

You should at least make it available but put a note up saying some users experienced glitches and if they do, let the developer know so they could rectify the situation.

Only red+cyan will work, I'm afraid. It's a nice to play around with, but I wouldn't recommend playing through the entire game wearing them!

how are you playing a game without that annoying spinning clock!? every game I try to play I get it and its soooo frustrating.

Maybe you've got to wipe (not security wipe), reload or update the OS in clean mode and restore only a selective backup of the necessities:

BBM Groups/Contacts
Contacts (Address book)
Calendar (if you use it)
Browser Bookmarks, Settings.
Options, icon arrangement, theme settings.
BIS data (if you don't feel like entering your BBID manually)

It should be back up to speed afterwards. Because allot of that previous data, is useless and likely caused the clock! Mine is speedy now! :)