Rid the field of mines with Minesweeper Reloaded for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Zach Gilbert on 20 May 2012 02:37 pm EDT

Whether it's a phone or a tablet, using these mobile devices to pass the boring parts of the day is probably the best feature (besides being connected to the ones we love of course). Today my mission was to find an application or game on the BlackBerry PlayBook that features three key attributes. These attributes where attractive UI, low cost – or free, and addicting gameplay. The first game to pass these was Minesweeper Reloaded.

  • Adjustable mine count
  • Adjustable field size
  • Multiplayer coming soon
  • Sound effects coming soon

If you're a windows PC user I'm sure you have probably stumbled across the Minesweeper game that has been pre-loaded on almost all Windows machines since ... well, the beginning of time. Minesweeper Reloaded is no different from the classic you've come to love.

I had a few issues with the game - one being that often the animated transitions would take long to complete causing you to hit one of the icons a second and a third time. The issue is every time you hit the one of the option buttons, it tries to complete the action again. For example, if you click the options icon and then click again because you thought you didn't, it will open and then reopen the settings page because of the slow transitions.  The other issue I found is more of a feature request and it is that the game is missing sound effects -- something that would add more excitement to the gameplay. I've taken the time to read in the developer's notes on App World and he is certainly looking to add sound effects and it should be coming in a future update, so do not panic.

With mines placed strategically throughout the playing field and with almost no way of knowing where one lies, you'll be on the edge of your seat as you test the waters with Minesweeper Reloaded on the BlackBerry PlayBook, give it a download, it's free.

Download Minesweeper Reloaded for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Rid the field of mines with Minesweeper Reloaded for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I think I have to try this one.

It's a while ago since I last played it.

(My lunch time beater in work about 10years ago ^^)

My record was 1 second on the smallest (on WinXP) (who can beat that? (just luck, with one hit all 10 mines found ;) )

Record on medium was 60 Second. Just tried Win7 with beginner and it it took me 40 second xD

I am really rusty ;)

180 second for the "expert", don't know if this is good or not but back then I almost automatically marked the mines without thinking about it as I really played that game a lot, really a lot ;)

Yep I tried a few minesweeper for the playbook now but it's not really good to play with touch screen/ no intelligent solution for both mouse clicks to mark a mine / click on mine free fields...

Just tried it. This game is Horrible. Completely Unplayable. Don't bother.

If you want a mine sweeper game try BombSweeper. It is Much better.