Rick Mercer pokes some fun at Research In Motion

By Bla1ze on 28 Sep 2011 08:03 pm EDT

Rick Mercer being Canadian and no stranger to poking fun at RIM in the past -- is at it again with his latest video. Rick kicked things off a few years back with the always funny "BlackBerry Helmet" video but the latest video has him loving his iPhone and then all of a sudden returning to his beloved BlackBerry. You'll have to watch the video to find out why. We'll let Rick slide on this one as we know for a fact he's still a BlackBerry user.

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Rick Mercer pokes some fun at Research In Motion


Rick Mercer always finds a way to poke good-humoured fun at Research In Motion via BlackBerry products. I was laughing throughout this video. The mutual fund comment was too funny.

Awe. I think he could have done better than that if he was going to have some fun with it. But still, it was cute.


whatever, but this guy and his entourage are freaking annoying and there is nothing funny laugh about even for the hardcore apple fans

Got a good laugh out of this video. "or have plenty of elbow room to make a sensible purchase". LoL, this dude is funny! good video...

On a different note: Has anyone used Pogoplug on their PlayBook? Ordered a 16GB Playbook today and wanted to use pogoplug as my external file solution (if needed).

I bought a SeaGate GoFlex Satellite 500GB storage device with built-in WiFi access point to complement my 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook. And I do not need a desktop or notebook computer to serve the files. I will try playing back a movie (DVD) from the SeaGate device with the BlackBerry tablet tonight now that you mentioned "streaming."

Sounds like another viable solution... Does it allow for you to be connected to the internet via wi-fi and to the storage device?

The reason why I am considering the 1TB Buffalo cloudstor device is because I can access the files via the cloud from any PC/Mac without a monthly charge. If the PlayBook has an App to reach the Pogoplug app it will be sweeeeeeeeet! even if I can access it using the web-site I will be fine with it.

Abrante -

I have a 16gb playbook as well but regardless, I have a PogoPlug that I use as my main network storage. When I built my computer, I wanted speed so I purchased a 10k rpm but sacrificed space, so I just store everything on my pogo.

Granted, I wiped my pogo and installed ArchLinux on it, so it's more of a server than anything else, but if you're a bit comp savy and know anything about linux (or are willing to learn) the pogo is a great piece of hardware to run a server on! Very low power consumption, and stores everything I need. (I've got a 2tb plugged into it)

Thanks for the responses, once I receive the PB and v2.0 is released I will definitely know if the above mentioned solutions are necessary.

people need to lighten up and have a laugh or two lol take into consideration that most of the perks of owning a blackberry that he mentioned, were HUGE when the iphone finally was capable of doing after a couple years, a few devices and what, 4 os' lol i'm surprised he didn't mention copying AND pasting as a feature lmao

I love my Blackberry and I just purchased my fourth Playbook for my brother yesterday. I also showed my phone to a few people and several have gone out and purchased Blackberries.

We need to be able to laugh at this (I think this guy is very funny) and accept that we have gone through some tough times with Blackberry.

We are still here and still love Blackberry. I'm optimistic about the future of Blackberry and it is clear that our ecosystem will keep growing.

You can show your love much more by spelling these two names properly.

BlackBerry not Blackberry

PlayBook not Playbook

And I am pretty sure it is BlackBerrys not Blackberries.

LOL...ok, I'm done.

i hope the Same to if not then Seriously some PpL dont have a sense of HuMoR.

By the end of the day blackberry or BlackBerry is the same thing made from RIM.


Being American....I have no idea who this guy is...., but being a BB user...I completely understand the point of the comedy.

That's a shame. Do a search for Rick Mercer and "Talking to Americans" on YouTube. You may not find it that funny, but most of us 'nucks do!

American companies like AT&T is always go against RIM no matter what because it RIM is Canadian. Look at the NFC implementation? Several European banks. Japanese and Canadian companies came forward with free NFC plans that will roll out soon while American service providers either have no info on NFC or looking at how to charge American customers like AT&T.

Innovation RIM brought forward is blocked by American monopolies.

No offense to my American friends, but this goes for Airbus too. Airbus technical specifications are sometimes far superior or Boeing. But if an American company wants to order an Airbus, so called FREE trade FREEDOM loving America has restrictions on what features they can order from Airbus. So much for free trade.

Oh good grief.

AT&T could care less about RIM because American consumers could care less about RIM.

There is no conspiracy or anything remotely close. Just mediocre products that most don't want.

Perhaps but when Apple had their aha! moment at the hands of Microsoft, they would have gone out of business if not for the cash infusion they got from Microsoft to avoid anti-trust stuff.
If this is how bad it gets for RIM before they admittedly got their needed aha! moment they are doing way better.

Apple came back in a big way and that was good. RIM can do the same and frankly despite all the talk of the end of RIM they are still growing their base worldwide so don't count them out.

I don't think it is an American thing, but I do suspect it is an Apple/ATT thing. Apple learned all the wrong lessons from Microsoft and now they sue more competitors than anyone.

They are currently trying to get HTC phones to be banned in the U.S. and that is not a U.S. thing but an Apple thing. Further, the fact that Apple component manufacturers have experienced mass suicides in not a U.S. thing but an Apple thing.
Apple sucks as a company. They make and market stuff but their back office operations would make you sick. I'd rather stick with RIM. They have always been a good corporate citizen and that is not a Canadian thing.

It does appear that AT&T has a strong tie to Apple. Put it this way, pretty soon, AT&T will be one of the few carriers on the planet who is not carrying the BB flagship 9900. Verizon, Sprint and T-Mo all have their versions. I think I saw a post that a carrier in Turkey now has the 9900! Hello?
AT&T opted for an "exclusive" with the 9810 Torch II. If you have one great, yet the 9900 is the one that many, including this guy has his eye on for its unique all in one form factor (keyboard and touch screen). Also want to compare to the 9790, which is the same idea in a smaller 9700 size.
Liking all the options. End of the day, you either like your BB or you don't. Video was funny...though a BB is way more advanced than this guy lets on.

Life is like a cup of coffee http://bit.ly/ic8IFp

I am NOT saying conspiracy. I am saying that lobbying inside govt level limits trade. The best example may not be RIM, but rather Airbus orders from Asia vs. Airbus order from America. There is a gap thanks to Boeing lobbying the government. Even EU said some of the things US did to promote Boeing was anti-trade. Same song goes for so called "US Aid" to poor countries. Most Americans are quick to label anything as "conspiracy" that can damage their reputation as a free country.

Anyway... whatever makes you happy.

what is this bash America crap? We don't buy enough BlackBerrys so were anti-Canadian? Please take your crap to a geopolitics blog and leave it off this tech site where American and Canadian BlackBerry users enjoy a good comraderie. Sheesh.

Speaking of lightening up ... what was that above poster raving about American companies & free trade? Geez, he must have had a bad day.

oh good lord, some yanks need to lighten up. Gotta say the CPP THING SCARED THE CRAP OUTTA ME.

Of course, Rick made his mark with Talking to Americans. And the fact that US politicians wished us luck on global warming melting our igloo Parliament pretty much sums up why the "I don't get it" comments are coming from the stateside posters. Lol

Get off your high horse...no one is making snide comments about Canadians here, so leave us "yanks" alone. Why does it always seem there is this pent up mean vibe you folks all have towards Americans waiting to unleash at us whenever the opportunity presents itself? And people don't know who the hell he is because he is not broadcast beyond your borders--that's it!

Never herd of this bloke in the UK, thankfully. Where I am, Nottingham, people are selliny there i(diot)phones to buy Blackberry. Its a case of follwing the masses or having your own opinion. A vast number of people who buy the i(diot)phone do so just because they think they should, to 'fit in' . Take away there app store and it could be made by Fisher Price, its just a 'toy'! BB till I die

You do get that Rick Mercer is a BB fan, right? The joke is that the government has invested a good chunk of the Canada Pension Plan in RIM stock so if RIM dies the CPP may be in jeopardy.

I see irony in you calling iPhone users idiots who use toys, but you have the language and spelling of a Fisher Price aged toddler. There doesn't equal their. And the iToys 'fact' is getting to be the tech equivalent of the Godwin rule - as soon as someone calls it the iToy (and that's a fact *eyeroll*) you lose the argument immediately just for blatant stupidity.

Seriously though...you never 'herd'? Is Rick part of a flock of animals or something now?

I don't know who Rick Mercer is but I thought this video was great!!

I love BlackBerry. I'm now on my 6th one.

And this sillyness (about phones) between us Americans and my Canadian friends needs to stop!!

I thought it was hilarious! Being in the USA doesn't mean that our comedic sensibilities have been surgically removed. RIM should hire Rick Mercer to shoot real commercials for them.

As an American I have to say, the majority of people in the USA are guilty of being TOTALLY unaware of world events unless they make national headlines. However, any Canadians on here bashing the US should really just keep it to themselves, same goes for UK, AUS, and USA alike, no reason to bring disapproval of another nation's methods to a CELL PHONE tech site...take it somewhere else.
I love BB, but jumped to WinPhone 7, which in my opinion, is the best of both worlds (BB and Iphone). Here's to a bright future for RIM , hopefully they can make some noise with their QNX devices!

What is Canada? Where is it? Is it a place? An abstraction? Who invented it? Does it cost money? What does it smell like? Do they have running water there? Do they have jogging water there? jk

Clever video, I enjoy this kind of humor. I do feel like the Iphone is mostly a youngsters toy, but this also shows us Blackberry lovers, take our lovely devices a little too serious sometimes.