Rhapsody for BlackBerry now available

By ObiGeorge on 21 Dec 2010 08:37 pm EST
Rhapsody for BlackBerry

Rhapsody for BlackBerry is now out of beta, and available for download. For $10 per month you can access 10 million songs on demand from the popular music service. The content will stream to your device over WiFi or 3G. You can also purchase songs from within the app for around a buck per track. As with most streaming music applications, you can also stream a wide variety of radio stations.

It's hard to say if the $10 per month is worth it, seeing as there are a lot of other streaming music services out there, with a wide range of prices. But, it is another option for you music lovers. You can download Rhapsody for most devices over at BlackBerry App World. You will need to signup for a subscription/free trial.

Download Rhapsody at BlackBerry App World
Signup and free trial of Rhapsody

Source: @Rhapsody via Intomobile

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Rhapsody for BlackBerry now available


I've had Rhapsody for many years now (started back in the Yahoo Music Unlimited days and got rolled in in the sale) and I have to say their service is definitely worth the money. I have the 14.99 plan and use the 3 activations on my Zen, iPod Touch 4g, and Blackberry as well as access through my home computer and my TiVo. Hands down the most versatile streaming (and permanent download for offline listening on the Zen and iPod) that I've come across. The seamless transfer of playlists from one device to another is great. Hopefully they put a little more effort into this app in the future and keep improving it. Right now the interface, while similar to the iOS version, needs help. Takes way too long to go back 1 screen. With a few tweaks, this thing should be quite good...

I had Rhapsody many years ago when it first came on the scene and before us Canadians got locked out of it's service. It was easily the best music app that I have ever used. I found so many new bands and discovered a whole new genre of music to listen to. Never was disappointed with a song they chose. Wish I could use this app.

Rhapsody is a joke, seriously, the fact that their still in the market and alive is contributed to their success, but to the failure of the consumer. They're a joke, and people seem to be sheep that just follow the flock.

Did they screw you over or something? I had one issue with them and it was solved quickly. I don't see much of a difference between this and iTunes other than this is easier to use between many devices and iTunes isn't. Amazon is very good as well.

Not to be rude, but most people commenting here don't have a clue what Rhapsody is really about. It is not like itunes, as itunes is only for purchasing music. If your someone who likes to listen to ALOT of music, then Rhapsody is subscription based where for $10-15 a month you can listen to WHATEVER music you like WHENEVER. it is absolutely worth it and I have not purchased music in years, there is absolutely no need. I stream rhapsody at the gym, I stream rhapsody in my car, in my house with SONOS, I use it basically everyday and I listen to what artist, and what song that i want. In itunes, that would cost me thousands and slacker only plays like a radio station and you can't choose the exact song and artist. Amazon MP3 is also just for purchasing music and not for streaming. the only competition Rhapsody has for the BB, is Napster, Grooveshark, Thumbplay (i believe has streaming) but Rhapsody is the best of the bunch, as its compatible with the most devices (i think napster is too).

Yet another music service not available in the UK. When oh when can we get Spotify for BlackBerry?