Reznor Says: NIN App For BlackBerry Coming "Soon"

Reznor Says: NIN App For BlackBerry Coming "Soon"!
By Bla1ze on 14 May 2009 07:22 am EDT

I'm sure many of you reading this have heard about the Nine Inch Nails application for the iPhone, be it how awesome it actually is and the amazing features it implements or quite possibly you are simply aware of it based on the very, very questionable rejection it recieved when it was first submitted to the iPhone app store but then later was approved.

NIN frontman Trent Reznor, never being a person to deny the existence of technology and using it to its full advantage, has indeed posted that a BlackBerry compatible version of the NIN application will be available "soon". As you all can see from the pic above taken from Twitter, the rather omnious "soon" makes me personally think that it's going to be sooner rather then later and Reznor and his crew are almost ready to unleash it, but that's just my personal thoughts (wishes?) until further information comes forth. Any NIN fans excited for this to be coming to BlackBerry?


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Reznor Says: NIN App For BlackBerry Coming "Soon"


What's there to be excited about at this point? I like NIN but am not a fanatic, but I'm thinking about my fav band and I can't think of any app that would get me excited. That said, I can't wait for more info to determine my level of excitement.
Sounds interesting, to say the least. :)

I'm thinking....hmmmmm.... nine inch nails app or an OS that actually works on my Storm. Hmmmmm. Which would I rather see "soon".

I'm going to see them on 5/29. Reznor is a music God, and hopefully this will make it easier to follow what he's doing...

reznor needs to make more music. not this recent material he has been putting forth. i listen to pretty hate machine and its packed with vocals unlike his latest stuff which is just more emo or unclassified audio descriptions.

i understand he is sober now and wont be creating music like the downward spiral even tho its audio and voice was some of the best around.

also wtf is this app? would it let me stream nin music for free? i get the newsletters via email and stuff, what do we need an app for?

and ya, i want an os on my storm that works before i get anything else that makes me excited.

I'm not even that big of a NIN fan, but this app looks freakin cool. I am now a bigger NIN fan because of this. That seems cool as hell for Trent et al to do, and for FREE!! Trent rocks.

I am so excited about this. I wanted this app but I refuse to get the iPhone. It's nothing against the phone itself, it is more against AT&T's crappy network where I work.

It seems like the logical next step for Reznor to deliver this great application (I know this because I have an iPod Touch). I just hope it is released on BlackBerry in time before I go to the concert on June 6.

Also, Reznor posted the following.

"Android is coming right behind the BB version. Everybody please calm down -everything's going to be OK." - Wed 13 May 17:32 via Tweetie

"No plans in the near future to develop for: Palm WebOS, WinMo, Symbian, SideKick, etc." - Wed 13 May 21:38 via TweetDeck

gimme gimme gimme :-)
From the iphone version I've seen the video appears to tie in with youtube and we all know how crappy blackberry/youtube is. Still I can't wait for this, big NiN here and nice to see Reznor further embrace technology. He's seriously taking the lead here.

brill for people who have YouTube blocked, would it kill you to at least give a brief description? I mean I'm sure I could go hunting through the iPhone blog to read about it, but for some reason I was under the impression that this was a BlackBerry blog.

You have a lot to learn about the Trent Reznor definition of soon. I think when he was on hiatus for 5 years (the 2nd time) the next album was coming out "soon" for about 3 years.

His definition of soon has changed. I was watching his Twitter to try and win tickets/backstage passes, and one of his tweets were along the lines of "Another NIN/JA giveaway...soon". In that case, soon meant an hour or so.

Exchange messages and photos with other NIN fans in your neighborhood and around the world. Access NIN news, photos, custom wallpapers, and your inbox on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

So, now, replace iPhone/iTouch with Blackberry and there you go...

Whilst I am not a NIN fan, this app would be great if other bands and acts adopted it to attract their fans and get them interacting in the same way.

Haven't seen this app but my guess is that it simulates the experience of primal screaming whilst injecting heroin and having various relations with prostitutes and assorted farm animals, then concluding with angst riddled musings on the meaningless nature of existence and the need to impale oneself on a sharpened rusty object. NIN rocks.

He changes his mind.
I don't think WM sucks. I like it actually, but much rather have my bb than my q9c any day.

Kudos for him for acting live verizon and telling apple to stuff it!

Wow!! This would be so cool. Imagine something like this first for NIN and then for other groups as well.

Forget about "big brother" as we are already there instead think of where a app like this can take us in the future with more development. Seriously....Star Trek is not so far away is it?

lmao NIN is still cool?

who would have thought? that app seems like a hype machine for their group, is their website that popular that they need an app to keep up with it ?

sorry but although it works cool with an iphone, I dont think i really would waste my limited space on this app.

YES!! I use it on the iphone, love it and can't wait to have it on my Bold!! It's good to see Reznor getting some Crackberry love!!!