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Seidio SURFACE Extended Battery Case and holster review by CrackBerry member eve6er69!

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Review: Seidio SURFACE case and SURFACE holster for the BlackBerry Torch 9860 / 9850

Seidio SURFACE case and holster
By Joseph Holder on 20 Jan 2012 02:01 pm EST

"Seidio knows its accessories and its customers; time and time again they create great products. The SURFACE case and SURFACE holster continue that grand tradition."

In Short:
"Perfect combination of case & holster"

Should I Buy?
"Protection from those everyday hazards"

For those of you who don't know, gravity is my enemy. It rears its ugly head nearly every time I pick up my BlackBerry Smartphone or tablet. I frequently drop my phone, ram it into doorways, and put my Smartphone in a pocket along with dangerous objects like keys. I'll admit it; I'm a bit of a klutz. That's why I don't like my phone to go naked; for me, a case is a necessity.

I've been impressed by the accessories that Seidio makes. From the Innocase Active series to the Seidio Charging Vault, Seidio knows what it's doing. My latest find is the Seidio SURFACE case and holster for my BlackBerry Torch 9860. The case itself provides a good amount of protection without being bulky, and the slim design allows it to fits snugly and securely into its companion holster. I love that I can get protection without sacrificing the convenience of a holster.

 The Review

The Seidio SURFACE case itself is a very slim case. Unlike the Innocase Active case I've reviewed previously, the SURFACE case is a rigid plastic shell that slides snugly over the Torch 9860. It's not a beefy case, and thus won't completely protect your phone from hard drops onto concrete. That's not what it's designed for. The SURFACE case was created mainly to keep your phone free of dings and scratches. And if it happens to keep the phone safe through short drops onto the floor - as it did for me - so much the better.

SURFACE case for the BlackBerry Torch 9860 / 9850

On all six sides of the case are cutouts for all the buttons and ports you need to keep using your phone. At the top, the lock button is easily accessible. On the back, the camera and LED are unhampered in any way. In the video, you'll hear me talk about how easy it is to use the left-side convenience key through the case. That's incorrect. There is no left-side key on the Torch 9860; I just happen to get left and right mixed up occasionally. My apologies. The slim Seidio SURFACE case sits unobtrusively on your phone, quietly providing protection from the everyday hazards of Smartphones.

All of your ports and buttons are available for use with the SURFACE case

Battery pulls are part of the BlackBerry experience. They are a quick way to reset your Smartphone for those times when the hourglass is taking just a bit too long. Some cases I've literally had to fight in order to remove them from my 'Berry. Not so with the Seidio SURFACE case. With a slight press at the back of the case, the two halves slip off the phone, allowing me to do a battery pull in no time at all. Seidio has even added a ridged section to let you know where to press.

The SURFACE case is easily removed from the Torch

The companion piece to the SURFACE case is, of course, the SURFACE holster. The two are designed to work in tandem. I really like holsters: not only do they securely keep your BlackBerry readily accessible on your hip, but they also activate the sleep function. Your BlackBerry actually behaves differently when it's in a sleeper magnet-equipped holster.

SURFACE case in the SURFACE holster

The SURFACE holster is designed to accept your SURFACE-encased BlackBerry and hold it securely until its needed. The spring clip allows you to quickly remove the Smartphone from the holster, and then return it just as easily. If you check out the video above, you'll see just how well the holster and case work together.

If I had any complaint about the Seidio Innocase Active it was that the spring clip was too tight. Seidio continues to improve its products; the SURFACE holster is proof of that. The spring clip of the holster has that perfect balance of security and ease-of-use.

7 direction clip securely holds the device on your hip

On the back of the holster, you'll find the multi-direction clip. Able to swivel in 7 directions, the SURFACE holster is perfect for both right- and left-handed users. The clip holds securely and tightly to the belt or even a pocket. It is because of this strong clip that vibrations from the phone can be felt quite easily. Oddly enough, this has been a challenge for some case makers.

It is no secret that I love Seidio products; there's a good reason for it. Seidio knows its accessories and its customers; time and time again they create great products. The SURFACE case and SURFACE holster continue that grand tradition.

Seidio SURFACE Case and SURFACE Holster

The Good

The slim Seidio SURFACE case fits easily over the BlackBerry Smartphone. Cutouts give easy access to the camera, charging ports, and keys. The companion holster gives that perfect balance of security and convenience. Case is available in Sapphire Blue, Burgundy, Amethyst, and Black.

The Bad

Isn't designed to protect your phone against hard falls, like on to concrete. No screen protection for the Torch 9860.




The Seidio SURFACE case and SURFACE holster are a great combination. Without making the phone incredibly bulky, the case provides a good amount of protection from everyday hazards. The companion holster perfectly fits your encased Smartphone, providing quick access to all that BlackBerry goodness..

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Good review, thanks! I've been considering one of these for my Torch 9810, but the main complaint I see is the clip that holds it into the holster is not secure and the phone falls out. Needless to say, that would be bad on a 9810!

I also suffer from occasional directional dyslexia. Don't have problems with math though (unless you count "n"th order differential equations!)

Joseph Holder

Calculus was actually pretty easy for me; it's adding numbers in my head that gets me.

Gregory Ryan

Going without a screen protector on the 9860? Scary! Maybe its because i live in florida with all the sand...


$50 on the Canadian Crackberry site and $26 on the US Crackberry store? Why double the price on the Canadian site?

Looks like a great case, I wouldn't mind getting one but I don't know about that big of a spread in the prices.


I don't like it. It ruins the look of the beautiful piece of work that is the Torch 9850/9860

Gregory Ryan

That's why I love pocket pouches. They look great with classic leather. They fully encompass your Berry when not in use. They have sleeper magnets. But most importantly, they get out of the way when you're using your Berry.