Review: Wunderlist for BlackBerry smartphones

By Ryan Blundell on 20 Feb 2012 12:19 pm EST

“Wunderlist is the best free task manager and better with each new platform they add! Even better than lots of paid task managers…” – PepaBCN App World review


For me, I need lists to keep myself productive. I need to have that to-do list to refer to, as well as to help me plug away. A few weeks ago, Adam shared the news of the popular Wunderlist application finally making its way to the BlackBerry smartphone OS. If you haven’t heard of it before, Wunderlist is a free cloud-sync task management application that, in my opinion, is long overdue on the BlackBerry OS. No matter what kind of list you’re working on, you can use Wunderlist to easily share it with others in order to complete the list with a team effort. Since Wunderlist is cross-platform, you can effortlessly access your lists, no matter where you are or what you are using. This is great as there are times when I need to look at my memopad or task app on my BlackBerry smartphone (where I usually keep my lists), but it’s in the other room charging or at my desk. I, for one, am happy to have Wunderlist on my BlackBerry.

The Review

Developer: 6 Wunderkinder Gmbh Version (at time of review): 1.0.2
File Size: 3.3 MB
OS Requirements: 5.0 or higher
Cost: Free

I have to agree with the Wunderlist slogan; it is task management at its best. Why? With so many list/task management applications out there, it’s hard to find one that suits you. Once I installed Wunderlist, I knew this was the application for me. Once you set up a free account, which you can do from the application, you're good to go! The first screen you'll see is a dashboard of all of your lists. Within these lists, you can find the assigned tasks; while looking at the List screen, a number will indicate how many tasks you have assigned to it. I found making lists and tasks nearly effortless with this app, as you can jot down list names and the types of tasks first (capture them as they come) and then add detail to them later (due dates, notes, reminders, etc). This kind of list creation is very fluid, as it allows me to capture ideas first and specifics second. It’s literally just a matter of typing and pressing enter, rinse and repeat. As you jot down information, or manage them, your account is periodically syncing to the cloud – the application will show you once information is synced and saved.

Wunderlist main

Within 30 seconds or so of me adding a new task to a list on my BlackBerry, the Wunderlist web app on my computer reflected the change. The same can’t be said all the time when it comes to updating from web app to BlackBerry app. I found that when I made a change using the web app, I either had to manually initiate the sync on my BlackBerry or update something else, provoking the app to sync by itself. By the way, the Wunderlist web app works beautifully on the BlackBerry PlayBook, making it a perfect alternative. The Wunderlist logo isn’t just for looks either, you can use this star to indicate the importance of tasks within a specific list. I cannot emphasize enough how easy Wunderlist is to use. Opening up each task, you can add new notes, edit existing ones, change the list they are associated with (easy to switch if you’ve made a mistake), set due dates and set reminders. While due dates are date only (not time) you can set reminders that include both a date and time. These reminders can take the form of an email right to your inbox, or as a notification (which doesn’t always work).

Wunderlist tasks

It’s a bit of a hassle at first, but you can add tasks and lists via email. Say if Kevin sent me an email to work on something; I can forward the email to from the email address my Wunderlist account is associated with. If I want to add it to an existing list, put the list name as the subject- if you want a new one put the name of it in the subject. If you leave the subject blank, it will simply be deposited into your Wunderlist inbox. Other functions are supported as well, such as adding a * in front of the task will mark it as a priority. The Wunderlist app also has various sorting or viewing options available. You can view what’s due today, tomorrow, in the next 7 days or later. You can also sort by ones that have been starred, have no due dates or ones that are done.

“Simple, clean and neat design. Fuss-free and something new is that u can add tasks by e-mail. Very functional and reminders worked well for 9900. love the cute backgrounds maybe they should add more.. And it's free!! :)” – nadiaadam BlackBerry App World Review

Wunderlist no tasks and viewing options

Wunderlist edit tasks

by 6 Wunderkinder Gmbh

The Good

The app gives you access to most of the features found within Wunderlist. List and Task entry is flawless and basic content management is easy to master.

The Bad

Some of the features that help add to the mobility of the BlackBerry smartphone app are missing, such as; the ability to share tasks/lists with others or reorganize the order in which tasks or lists appear. For those, you need to use the web app.


It’s a “wunder” how I got along without Wunderlist up until now. Why should I stress over how to manage lists and tasks when I should be able to easily capture details of tasks and focus on completing them. Wunderlist does this for me. When I’m on the move, I can open up Wunderlist on my BlackBerry to do what I need to do quickly and manage my list thoroughly from the comfort of my couch and BlackBerry PlayBook. Best part of Wunderlist is that it’s free to use!

Download Wunderlist for BlackBerry smartphones

Wunderlist App World Link

Wunderlist web link

Reader comments

Review: Wunderlist for BlackBerry smartphones


I'm using it everyday since weeks with my Blackberry, my iPhone, my MacBookPro or from any computer via the web interface. All devices are perfectly synchronized.

But the most important to me: Wunderlist is free (no limit), without advertisement and has a nice looking and customizable interface (no horrible stuff that are mainly existing under BlackBerry OS compare to iOS).

Love Wunderlist! I installed the Android version on the PlayBook that you can find in the Forums. As far as the notifications, the app has to be running in the background to work properly; its not 'push' as we know it on BlackBerry. I use Start Me Up by ShaoSoft to make sure it opens on device restarts to solve that problem instead of trying to remember to open it.

I love Wunderlist but would 1. like to see it on my PlayBook as well. and 2. like a way to import tasks created in the native BB Task app into Wunderlist.

App is good, but I find that there's not much difference when you use the web-app.
Also, when I first installed this weeks ago, I had log-in problems (i.e. the app wouldn't let me create an account from within the app, nor log-in using the account created directly on their site), I emailed them about three times to report the problem and ask for help.
Never got a single reply.
Funny thing, is that I got a standard welcome email telling me how much they value customers/users and that they can be contacted by email for support.
Ironic, isn't it?

This by far is the best looking and easy to use task management application for blackberry. The layout of the task, memo, editing ability is great. As Kevin said, the due date being only day instead of time is a bit of a hindrance to stay on schedule, but I hope they update that feature soon. Overall wunderful job well done!

Ive been using this for 1-2 weeks now, I love it! When I think of something I need to do, I just jot it down, takes about a minute. Never forget anything anymore! :)

I love using it for personal but it's too bad wunderlist doesn't support team oriented task management.

If it did, it would be the ULTIMATE :)!

If they get Playbook support, I think they will kick Conqu's ***.

I bought the one year subscription to conqusync's subscription service which services me well. Which worked out a bit over the price of a case of beer at $59, (dang Government controlled liquor prices in Ontario).

But Conqu does not support BBOS existing devices, which is a major downfall. And they don't seem to be interested in working on a solution either.

To me Wunderlist is the hot blonde at the bar who is dumb as a box of rocks. Boy does she look great, but she is short of substance. Wunderlist has a beautiful UI, but lacks features and some are quirky. Try email the task in, the whole task and instructions (like due date, priority, etc) need to fit in the subject line.

I tried it, but uninstalled it. I wish there was a native app sync rather than a stand alone app.