Review: Verso Prologue Antique Cover - put your PlayBook in a real book

The BlackBerry PlayBook in the Lightwedge Verso cover
By Simon Sage on 20 Mar 2012 03:48 pm EDT

"Yo dawg, I heard you liked to PlayBook, so I put your PlayBook in a play book so could PlayBook while you play book."

In Short:
"Simple flip cover for the modern bookworm"

Should I Buy?
"Yep! It's got a ton of style while staying subtle"

LightWedge's Verso covers caught my eye at CES as a classy alternative to the usual flip covers available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. While the gimmick of putting book binding on a mobile gadget isn't new, I was particularly happy that LightWedge's take on it was truly universal. This particular version is the Prologue Antique Cover in tan, but they've got a whole bunch of different styles with the same basic idea.

The Review

Many accessories are built for specific devices, but the Verso cover uses a simple, clever elastic band brace that can fit a wide variety of devices, while keeping them all snug and secure. In addition to being available in a wide variety of book styles (including this snazzy red version), it's also available in large 10-inch size if you happen to own a bigger tablet.

The BlackBerry PlayBook inside the Verso Antique flip cover. Print may be dead, but literary pretensions don't have to be!

There's a pocket in the inside sleeve which is pretty tight, but big enough to fit a few errant pieces of paper. Even though it's not particularly designed for it, the Verso cover functions reasonably well as a stand. When folded all the way backwards, the PlayBook and cover are perfectly fine for one-handed use.

The BlackBerry PlayBook in a Verso Prologue flip cover. In a pinch, the Verso Antique Cover can double as a stand

There are a few downsides, mind you. If you're prone to using the rear camera a lot, you'll need to take the whole device out to take your shot. The Verso case also offers little in the way of impact protection, since all four sides are exposed, but this also means that you have easy access to the PlayBook's various inputs. Even the side facing the binding really doesn't have much cushioning (though there is enough room to plug into the headphone jack when the flap is closed). The main thing you'll get out of the Verso Antique cover is scratch protection. 

The Verso Prologue flip cover for the BlackBerry PlayBook When folded right back, the cover and PlayBook fit nicely in the hand. 

While the cover looks nice and weathered, it's not real leather, which may be a bone of contention with sticklers for authenticity. Along those lines, the inside had this really harsh synthetic smell that stuck around for the first couple of days of use, but at this point I'm just nipicking.

The Verso Prologue Antique cover for the BlackBerry PlayBook The inside pouch is pretty tight, and hard to fit more than a couple of sheets of paper inside. 

In the end, the Verso Prologue Antique cover is stylish enough that I'm actually eager to bust out the PlayBook in public; normally, I hate being the douche on the bus who thinks he's too good for a real book. By putting the PlayBook in a familiar wrapper, you're not only normalizing something that's pretty futuristic, but you're also making a sly tongue-in-cheek reference to your tablet of choice. I'd reccommend the Verso cover to anyone who places style first in their PlayBook accessories - especially if you're an avid reader.

Verso Antique Prologue Cover for the BlackBerry PlayBook
by LightWedge

The Good

The Verso Prologue Antique Cover offers a stylish way to keep your PlayBook protected from scratches, while offering easy access to all of the important inputs. 

The Bad

Like most flip covers, you aren't going to get a lot of impact protection with a Verso on your PlayBook, and taking pictures with the rear camera are going to be a bit of a hassle.  


For simple scratch protection with a healthy dosage of style, and plenty of access to inputs, the Verso Prologue Antique Cover performs great. For avid readers, this is going to be an obvious choice.

Buy the Verso Prologue Antique Cover
for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Reader comments

Review: Verso Prologue Antique Cover - put your PlayBook in a real book


Like the look but not a fan of the flip case with no zipper. I can just use the sleeve in that case. Got myself a brookstone case. Love it.

After reading your post, I went to the Brookstone website and they have those zippered leather portfolio cases (for the Playbook) on sale for $19.99. Wow, what a deal. Needless to say, I bought one.

Too late dude, already ordered, but at $20 I'm not about to start whining now. It's a fantastic case and it looks like I should be able to carry my BB keyboard (when it gets here) in it as well. Should be the perfect travelling companion, like to see them do that with that big bulky, over priced iPad.

Very nice! Got the Brookstone leather convertible with the Brookstone leather portfolio that has pockets to carry it around in myself, but would consider one of these.

I personally think the OEM LEATHER JOURNAL CASE looks better with the silver shinny BlackBerry emblem.......just sayin

Would like to see this with the same functionality as the Blackberry Convertible case... Could add a pages pattern to the outside of the retainer...

Sorry, don't see the point to this case, rather get the BB Mini Keyboard and the Otterbox Defender case. One for business use and the Otterbox for "rugged" use. But that's me.

I have this exact case on my playbook. I used to use the otterbox case on my playbook but I wanted something that wasn't as bulky or the extra weight. This case is very nice and adds a bit of class to the PB. It only took a few days for the material fumes to go away and at first the cover didn't lie flat. Like all items of this sort, it just took a bit of used to break in the binding and now it lies flat. I get comments about my playbook all the time because they see the case. They ask me what I'm reading and I show them my awesome PB.

I wish I could have this look with the my pre-ordered Keyboard case but I will take functionality over style any day.

If you live in the UK PC world have these on offer for £18 (web exclusive) they have 3 colours online....

not too bad ay ;)

You're right that there's not much protection, but I never felt security was much of a problem. Those elastic bands keep the PlayBook in place really well. 

I really like the whole book look but not a fan of the elastic bands being used to hold the Playbook secure. I guess one additional bonus is you could always put your playbook in with the charging ports facing out, that way you can have the cover closed while charging.
Too bad they didn't use the rubber insert to hold the playbook similar to my convertible case, I love how that holds the unit.

I actually like the Belkin folio case for KF. Black leather, nice grain ,black elastic band . Reminds me of Moleskine or something from 40's stationary store. Belkin stamp is barely legible due to leather grain, hidden by elastic band , no other markings. One draw back for some-no camera hole, for me a plus-keep lens clean , no dust or smudges. PB can easily be slid up by releasing top two corners to take pictures. $29 U.S BestBuy

The "antique case" looks too new to be old and reminds me too much of Hogwarts. Maybe this could change over time ,when protective varnish wears off and cover gets truly worn out and really does look old

If you want a more modern book or folio look, I got the Cygnett Lavish Earth case.

Its a leather-like material with a camera cut out. Its also a convertible case. It comes in 3 colors. I have one in Purple.

*Amazon is currently selling it for about $16

the pics on the site looks like the case covers the bezel, and their earlier models did. But when you order they will send you the new case design that doesn't cover the bezel.

I got this for Christmas and I think it's great. The elastics hold my PlayBook super snug and I'm not worried about it ever falling out. Plus it nicely protects the screen when I'm not using it. Can't ask for more than that.