Review: Ventev PowerCELL Backup Battery

Review: Ventev PowerCELL Backup Battery
By Bla1ze on 15 Mar 2011 02:46 pm EDT

One lucky member of the CrackBerry Nation will win one of these Ventev PowerCELL Backup Battery packs. Read on for details.

No matter how hard I try I really cannot make any device I own last a full and complete day any more. My BlackBerry Bold 9780 comes close but it's just not enough. I really don't like the idea of running out of juice when I need it most. For some folks carrying a spare battery is the ultimate option but given that I often have a few devices that I make use of, I was looking for something that would be compatible with them all.

I finally decided to give the Ventev PowerCELL a try as it includes several connectivity options, most of which are compatible with all the devices I own. After having used it for a while now, I'm glad to say I no longer fumble around with multiple batteries and chargers. I simply deal with one battery, for all devices and top each one up as I need to.

The Ventev PowerCELL consists of an enclosed 1700mAh battery and comes with a mini and microUSB cable as well as an iPad, iPhone charging cable. The battery itself is small and compact enough to keep in your pocket or bag without taking up much space at all. The only problem I had was keeping track of the included cables. But realistically, I'm not a very organized person to begin with so often times I manage to lose things that are right in front of my face.

Having taken the Ventev PowerCELL along with me on many trips to Tim Hortons and Starbucks I'm happy to say it has saved my butt on many occasions. If you're looking for an alternative to carrying multiple batteries or just looking for a way to top up the battery you have while on the go the Ventev PowerCELL is certainly a viable option to look at. Right now, you can pick up a Ventev PowerCELL from the ShopCrackBerry Store for only $54.95. If you still prefer the old swapping batteries method, you can check out the links below for the other batteries we offer.

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Contest: Want to get one of these for free from Just leave a comment to this article and tell us what devices you'd use your Ventev PowerCELL Backup Battery with. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Please only leave a single comment. One lucky winner will get this shipped direct from

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Review: Ventev PowerCELL Backup Battery



My Torch as of late has been draining less battery because I don't use it too much, but it would definitely be useful to have this batter for my torch and iPhone. Those long flights are deadly without music or little games :P

Definitely a product I will purchase if I don't win. I'd use the Ventev PowerCELL Backup Battery for my Bold 9650, Curve 9330, HTC Incredible, TomTom GO730 (When walking around w/ it), ipod touch 32GB, my daughter's Curve 8530 and my son's Nintendo DSi (Soon to be 3DS on March 27th) while on the Go. It will come in handy quite a few times I'm sure. Yeah I know... what I need is a portable generator. lol. This will do just fine.

Fantastic tool that would make my pockets feel free at last of all the different accessories i currently carry. I would love this for my Bold for sure, not to say anything about the upcoming playbook. Smiles.

i would use it for my BB 9800, Curve 8330, iPhone 3gs, jawbone Bluetooth, planronics bluetooth headphones, and maybe even my garmin GPS if that would work too :)

Would love one, I'm carrying an ipod tough, storm 9550, bold 9780 and a blueant headset with me all day. I know about fumbling for power cords and trying to find an outlet all too often.

I would use it with my blackberry bold 9780 and my ipod touch 3 gen. And maybe my playbook after it gets released.

The battery in my Curve 8530 is usually enough to get me through the day, but I wouldn't mind trying this little gizmo out!

Thanks Ventev and Crackberry for the chance to win a backup battery to for my Torch and my wife's iPhone whwn needed.

I'd use it with my BB Torch (horrible battery life), my iPod touch, my wife's iPhone & iPad and our Flip video camera (presuming that it's compatible). Pretty much every device we have, except for the iPad, seems to have insufficient battery life.

would be a great complement for my 9780 and the wifey's iPhone 4...although I think she'll need it more then me! ;) lol

i could really use this. I have to change my battery every day at 2pm due to the amount of calls i make. Waiting for the phone to restart is a real pain. It takes up to 5 minutes for my storm to restart.

Let's see, because for me I'll charge my Bold 9700, Curve 8900, Curve 8520 and the 8700g as a proud BlackBerry lover and addict.

I would use it for my bb9550 when I'm going from work to school, because I dont like to carry around my charger. Also, when I finally get my hands on the playbook, I guess I would be using it on this one too. Other gadgets I might use this 'spare battery' with are my playstation controllers. I think they have the same port as some blackberries around

I will use it for my Tour and Storm !

I am awaiting on new BlkBerry on Big Red. Come on Verizon. We are waiting !

Wow,,,,carrying a Storm2, Troch 9800, and Ipad. Would be a luxury to say the least to have a V Power Cell to handle all of this for me.....I will manage the cables gladly !!!

I'd use this for my Bold 9700, Curve 8900 (work phone), ZTE Blade (trial Android phone), iPod, Nokia (unknown model, used when I'm climbing as its tough!), Bluetooth headset, possible Playbook, and anything else I can find to plug into it.

I have a Power Monkey Explorer for travelling, but this looks like a more useable device for day-to-day charging.

I would use it for my
Torch 9800
wifes torch 9800
bluetooth gps puck
ps3 controller
bluetooth headset
kids DSi

All the devices I currently have and will in the future!! Seriously, I suppose I could finally stop carrying an extra battery for my dying bold 9000 (I've updated the firmware, it's not that!) I'd also use it for an ipod nano, and *fingers crossed* the upcoming blackberry PlayBook (I'll be able to get rid of my *shudder* iPad). Thanks for the info and contest Bla1ze!

In addition to my 9550, I could use this to charge my Kindle on the road. And I wouldn't have to swap batteries in the middle of the day. My 9550 takes f_o_r_e_v_e_r to reboot, making switching batteries doubly annoying.

I would use the PowerCell to charge my Torch and iPad and my son could use it for his iPod and cell phone.

Thanks for the contest.


My current bold and my future bold;)
And, who knows? Perhaps my GF's future android-based always-out-of-juice shiny thing? :)

Wow this looks GREAT!!! I've been looking for a multi-device battery backup for the longest time with no real reliable looking options. I even went searching when I was in Thailand and Japan for one but even there only cheap plastic knockoffs were available. I would love to use this for daily life and on the go as my BB usually dies before the day is over especially if traveling.

I would use it on my BB Torch 9800, laptop, playbook (when it comes out), kindle (i can find an adapter), and possibly even my electric shaver! This would be great!!!

I'd use this for my Bold9780 and my crappy bluetooth that stays charged for a few hrs and my ipod thx for the contest CB good luck everyone

I would definitely use it for my Torch 9800. But I'd also use it for my bluetooth headset & my iPod Touch. I'm thinking about getting my wife an iPad, and I'm sure it would get a lot of use there too.

With my friends, during the weekends we are all about the music and the party, we allreaddy have the speaker that we plug to the wall, and just with a simple cable we conect or blackberry's or ipod's, the thins is that we all get drain battery in ours electronics beloved ones, so y just buy my new loud THONET HOCH speaker, but i need a way to reduce cables for mi blackberry and ipod, this prize should be amazing, during our long barbeque grills on saturdays that start at 1pm and finish 6am from next day.

A great addition to anyone’s bag would be a charging unit such as this.

My Storm 9530 always needs a boost in the afternoon about 4 or so.
I often have one or two players running with headphones on (either hardwire or Bluetooth) so the players and the Bluetooth headset could use a refresh.
So I could use this everyday and leave spare batteries home.

Weekends i cylce to countrie side and camp through the night so this charger woold be very helpful as i use my 9780 as GPS device :)

I would use it for my Blackberry 9780, my iPod, my netbook battery, and my new tablet (although I haven't yet decided whether it will be a PlayBook, a TouchPad, or an iPad.

I can only it with one device???

My BlackBerry Tour??
My Jabra Prime Bluetooth when I've been talking too much??
Charging my Zune when listening to the CrackBerry podcast??
Keeping my Mesmerize alive??
Charging my mini-DV camera?
Running a portable coffee maker?? Okay, that might be a little too much... ;)

My Tour is a hog... can't run GPS locations for more than 1/2 day or my battery is drained... so much for using GPSSkiMaps for a full day of skiing... Sooooo power me up with a Ventev PowerCELL Backup Battery! Thanks CB

I'd use it on my Curve, the Fiancé's bold, and the many other assorted gadgets that use USB charges, plus the iPod.

This would be great for work to be able to plug in my 8530 while on the phone long distance to a lot of the manufactures that I have to speak with. Nothing worse than calling Germany and having your phone die in the middle of a call, and I can't just plug in to the wall because there are no plugs around on 90% of my jobs.

i would use this for my battery draining 9520.

i could have really done with this on a trip to Aberdeen last week where i used 2 batterys.

I would use this baby for my Tour. It's the only device I need (until I can upgrade to the Bold Touch that is!)

I would Like to Use Ventev Powercell for My Blackberry 9700, my Ipod Touch 4g, And My Samsung Galaxy android S, and Ipad, Because this Buddy really a good Friend of me, Always go to Gym, College, and work with them, then It really Help me a lot, so I need Them to have a Full battery and Capacity for a few More hour, I think Ventev POwercell, Its Perfect For me Thanks.

For now, I would use this on my first BB, my Curve (8330), but by the end of next month, I'd be using the Ventev PowerCELL on my TORCH....mmmm....drool....
**can't wait**

I would use it for my BB storm 2 9550. thank you for this chance to win. love u guys the info on your web site's is PRICELESS.

finding a case to fit with my extended battery was almost impossible. I have a 9650 and this battery would eliminate the need for my extended battery so I can use any cool case i want.

This would be a great addition to not only my 9700 but my bluetooth speaker I use in my truck too. Less things I have to remember to pack when I'm away for conferences, sign me up!

Getting this item would be great...have many gadgets that require charging. Blackberry 9780 , htc hd7, zune hd , ipod touch and others... Have a old portable battery that doesn't work very well now.

It would be heaps awesome to win this, when I go out and stay at friends. I can make sure I take this, I always forget a charger haha.

Such a versitile design would look great charging my BB Bold 9700, my 2nd Gen iPod, my wife's iPhone and I would even try using it for my PS3 controller! Just think, when you are knelt down behind some foreign jungle brush ready to ambush the enemy then all of a sudden your controller gives out! What do you do!?! Do you dangle some annoying cord (in my case) in front of your t.v.? NO! You grab the Ventev PowerCELL and complete the mish..., that's what!

Thanks CB!

Crackberry I hope you read all of these comments because I just posted one on the Bluetooth contest, and as I stated I am always on my phone so I would love to have this, I cant tell you how many times my phone has died cause I like to wait until its completely dead to charge it and that usually happens throughout the day : (

Thanks to Ventev and CB for this awesome giveaway. I would use this for my Storm2, iPod, and maybe my Wife's iPhone if I'm having a good day.

I could so use this! My birthday is 3/16, this would make a great gift....for me. I would use it with my Torch 9800 and my zune.

Current Tour, Current Storm2 (wife), Current Bold (work), Montana (when released to replace Tour), possibly Playbook and my hedge clippers,

I spend a ton of time on planes. I would love this to power my 2 BB Bolds and my iPod, all of which I use to watch movies on the plane. I have to carry all 3 just to make it to a single destination. This is my dream device!

I would use it for my Storm 2 and would use it for my new Storm 3 (if and when that happens) and it would be nice to have to keep my 64Gb Playbook topped off also (just as soon as they are released of course) ;o)

I would use it for my Bold 9650. The main reason i Have no backup for my phone battery. This past winter we had an Ice storm resulting in no electric for 15 hours. I live by myself on oxygen 24-7 and my phone was my only souce of a life line for assistance. my battery was just about gone when the power came back on.

Would love one of these for my Torch, Playbook (when it's released) and my wife's Torch. To often is my battery draining at the wrong time.

That would be cool to have since the app Crunch SMS drains my battery on my Bold 9700... But i do love this app!!!!

I'd be charging my BB Torch, Galaxy Tab, BT Headset and anything else I can find to plug into it!

GL everone!

My torch is doing pretty well batterywise, but especially on weekends a little backup would be just perfect!

I would use it on my torch (for day to day use) or on my old pearl ( for when I go out camping, where you never have enough power).