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Unique Autosport Pocket Pouch
By Jared DiPane on 4 Apr 2011 12:04 pm EDT

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I'll be the first to admit, I am not always as careful as I should be with my BlackBerry 9650, and this is probably a large part of the reason that I continually look for a case to put on the device. While I have explored options such as the Otterbox Commuter, and a few others, often times I prefer the feel of a naked device, which leaves me with the issue of how to protect it, when not in my hands and being used. The predicament I was in led me to think that maybe a leather holster was the best bet, and the Unique Autosport Pocket Pouch was the one that jumped out at me.

What To Purchase

Unique Autosport Pocket Pouch

While many look to the standard BlackBerry leather pouch, I was looking for something a little different, and something with a little more of its own flavor. The Unique Autosport pouch looked to offer the same protection of the OEM pouch, with its own patterns, and sleek look. The big advantage I found that this pouch offered that others don't was the fact that it had a quick access pull tab, which allowed for easy removal of the device from the pouch. Though the price was higher then the standard leather pouch, I decided to go ahead with the order.

Initial Thoughts

Unique Autosports Pocket Pouch

When the case arrived, I was extremely anxious to take it out and see how it felt on the device, but first thing I noticed once unpacking it was that unlike the OEM one, this one felt very firm. I was a bit skeptical, as I thought it would make it harder to insert and remove the device, but I figured it needed to break in. Inserting and removing the device the first couple of times was a bit difficult, the fit was rather firm, but that is not always a bad thing, as this meant I would not have to worry about the device just falling out of the pouch. Quickly the pull tab became a good friend of mine, as it certainly made removing the device a lot easier.

The Good & The Bad

Unique Autosports Pocket Pouch

The device fit nearly flush with the top of the case once it was fully inserted, which was a good thing for protection, but it was killer for me since I could not see the LED to know if there was a message or not. This was a pain for me, but was not enough to end use of the case, being as I just set it to vibrate, and began to use reminders for messages.

Pros -

  • Form Fit
  • Appealing design
  • Easy removal with tab

Cons -

  • Inability to see LED 
  • Difficult to insert / remove at first


Unique Autosports Pocket Pouch

Overall, if you are looking for a replacement pouch for your OEM, or just simply looking for a stylish way to protect your BlackBerry device, the Unique Autosport pouch is a great option. While adding protection, and keeping a rather slim profile to the device, the pouch allows users a professional, yet fun look to the holster which carries their device. If you are in the market for a new pouch be sure to head to and grab one for your 9650 today!

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Can you send me this wallpaper you are using ? it looks good ;) Thanks.


i will use it to protect my blackberry like a condom


Condom like a blackberry


I will use it to keep my blackberry safe from all the times i drop it!


This is good for quick review of email


Slim profile combined with excellent protection will allow me to use it more often.


I would use this pouch everyday! This would make it more convenient to put into my pocket or jacket. I do a lot of running around at work and at school so this would make it useful to carry my Bold 9650 in. I usually either prefer my 9650 bare or with a pouch but since old pouch got torn up (dog got to it) I'm set with bare, but feel like it needs something to keep it from getting scratched and still look good. The Unique Autosport pouch would be a perfect fit for me cause its everything I would want in a pouch; style, durability, easy sliding in and out of pockets. I hope I can win this :)


I would use it for my 9700 if I won lol!


I always run my 9650 naked, but also want some form of protection when I want. This pouch looks like something I could use everyday.


I only use pocket pouches with my 9650. The one I have now is getting pretty beat. A new one would be nice!


If i won this i would have to fight with my girlfriend to see who would get to use it :D


My old case is cracking so I could use one of these.


I would love to win this for my 9650


This would work great for my 9650!!! I'll take 5.... ok just one.


I like the style factor, I was curious if it had a magnet like the OEM pouch? Still interested in it anway.


I am on such a losing streak, its almost as though I have been blackballed! Please pick me!!!


Looks sick, I would use this instead of my pocket


i voted for ross perot


Looks very cool. Hope I win one!


Looks cool. I like it better then a clip-on. Hope I win one.


Looks awesome. I havent been able to find one that fits just right. Thanks for the offer


SIhave otterbox i constant use, this would be a change =)


I could really use that case.


I like the tab that pulls the unit out. Currently when I pull my 9650 out of the case, I press all the buttons on the sides.


Would be great for me when I put my phone in my purse it will not get scratches from other objects. Hope I get picked.


I could use one, seems like a good pouch.


It looks great and matches my jeans' color.


Nice case. I'd use it for the trips to and from the house to work and when heading to the gym. The OEM case is kind of bulky with the clip on the side and in these instances, I don't need/use the clip but want the protection. This case would be perfect.


Yes, please bless me with one. The one that came with my 9650 is badly beaten up. Plus, it's too bulky, and I hate the way it pushes my suit jacket out. lol!


Can I has please? :-)


I am simply just a fan amigos!


I would use it to protect my 9650 during the work week and as a dip bag for my crack on the weekends. Boom.


The eaccess version is what I have - works great


nothing like a little protection in today's tough world.


i would use this to keep my BB mint, clean, fresh and brand new, yessir


I love using pouches over traditional cases. This one looks more protective than my current BB pouch and I would much rather use this UA pouch!

the brother

yes, please! enter me in this fabulous giveaway :)


It would help me keep my bold safer then simply naked in my pocket :)


I'd absolutely love to have this!!!


This is what I need.


My wife would love me more if I won this.




Looks like a very good holder to protect the Blackberry


This would be an excellent replacement for my aging BB OEM pocket case with the quick access pull tab as a bonus.


who wouldn't want one that has awesome design and max protection without the ugly weight


pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice case, good protection and prevents you from walking about with a naked berry, would love to have it if i am lucky enough to win it.


Awesome! That would great!


Would be great for me when I put my phone in my pockets it will not get scratches from other objects. Hope I get picked. Thank You!!!!


my phone could use some protection and not having a damn belt clip would be cool

The Consigliere

Well I've started carrying my 9700 bare & while I know this is the 9650 case it can't differ that much. Could definitely use the protection & since I carry mine in my pocket the belt clips don't work for me at all.


I'm still looking for a case that will work with my bold 9780 (this looks promising) like you, I prefer the look and feel of a naked caseless blackberry the way it's meant to be.

The only modification I would make to this case would be a very small hole cut out to see led.

I would like to win this case, assuming it will work with my bold 9780. or there is an alternate case for my blackberry.


How would I use it? For my Blackberry silly!


My niece chewed on my OEM pouch, so it needs to be replaced. This would be a nice replacement.


I would give this to my wife to use!


Would be nice to replace the ever loosening silicone case....


Protect my 9780 for whenever I use it as a football for practice.


got 9650 and unique some sick cars


Oh man I could totally use this! My boss has a 9650 and has been complaining about scratches (he dislikes the holster that came with the BB so he uses it naked), so if I win this I could give it to him for some major brownie points! ;-)


Nice... I'll take it, thanks...


Would like to have one!


Please put my name in the hat.


I'm wondering: if it's difficult to put in/take out, does that mean you can't use a case with it?

I like having my blackberry in a formfitting case and a pouch for extra protection.


Oh yeah, I would use this to carry my Bold 9650 everywhere I go all day long!


Lost my original case, so this would be perfect. I like the fact that it covers the entire device. I like having something without a clip so i can slip it in a pocket rather than clip it to a belt.


I have a 15 month old and expecting 2nd child at end of April, would love to have a case since will be on the move and my Bold in hand at all times. Thanks CB!!


Count me in. I'd like to win the pouch!!! The pouch would keep my 9650 secure and free from scratches!


great way to protect my blackberry


the metal pieces that are on every pair of jeans around the pockets always seem to scratch my phone whenever i slide it in and out. this case would prevent all those scratches for me


Would love to try this on days which I feel adventuruous!


I would use it to protect my berry. I don't like using a case so this would be perfect!


i would use it for my 9520 as my OEM case has went missing


i would use it for my 9520 as my OEM case has went missing


I just ordered a BB 9650 so I don't have a case yet and this woulld come in handy for a messy person like me! Protection! hey dot 4horses at yahoo dot com


looks sick. ill take one


I have had the 9650 since July of 2010. I have used the BB pocket pouch since then. Always up for trying something new as long as it's not a hip holster. Good luck to all.


I would use it to protect my BB in my bookbag. This pouch would be great for daily use as opposed to an Otterbox, where I have to remove the entire case to use a pod.


Will be great protection for all I put my 9650 through!


would use it to ward off my kids from my precious


It looks good. I would use with my 9780. I have a Blackberry Hard Shell on my 9780, so this case would work just fine.


Very nice. I agree with the review about just wanting to have the naked device at times. The other covers I have sometimes make the side buttons hard to push so this would be a nice alternative. I hope I win!


Please! And thank you!


Please add me to the list, would love one of these!!!


I need this case badly.......please & thank you!


I like hope I win. I love UA!!! Cool wips!!! Cool Pouch!!!


one for my 8520 please!


pick me pick me! I only have 1 scratch on mine and do NOT want another...please and thank you!


I work construction so this would be great for protecting my phone!


This is perfect for me because i tend to drop my phone and i hate some of the other cases out there. This is just what i need :)


I would love to win one of these


I would like to enjoy it for when i buy the 9650 :D


i can't put anything in my pocket for fear of scratching my BB. When not at work I love to carry it bare in my pocket. I would like a little somthing on it to be able to put other things in along withit. Thanks as usual for the oporotunity CB/JD.


I cud really use this!


This case looks very stylish and protective without being a heavy case. I'm very protective of my BB and I would love to have it. Thanks!


give it to me :) i will buy a new Bold cyz this Pouch is not deserve old phone :)


i m always on he go working in suits and i need a pouch to fit inside my suit jacket this one would be a great asset to my blackberry since it fits nice an th pull tab seem svery handy


Looks nice. A bit concerned on how quickly I can remove my phone in case of a call. But, I'd love to try it. I'd use it where my usual belt holster looks dorky. Remeber ... sometimes only superheros should be wearing technology on their belts. So, I'd use it when I simply slip my phone in my jacket pocket and would like some protection for it.


I don't usually comment on things, but i do think this would be better then the current "clip" that I have. I usually put the 9650 in a pocket or God forbid my purse. I would love this - thanks


I look at these particular cases as "key savers" because they keep my 9650 from getting scratch when in my pocket for a quick run to the store ect. It would be a nice addition


I want to win! Thanks for review!


Nice looking pouch. Mine is getting pretty tattered. I could use a new one.


I am a general manager for footlocker inc . It is our policy not to have cell phones on the sales floor while on the clock . I am yet to find a pouch that will comfortably fit in my pocket while I am always on the go . Please oh please send me one !!!!!! Thanks.


I need one of these, for some reason I keep dropping my phone...


I would use this case. Thanks.


Sign me up! It'll probably fit my 9630 also!?! Here's hoping!


This is going to be great protection!


very sleek, i can definitely use it!


That would be the perfect case for a college kid who leaves his BOLD 9650 in his bookbag. Something stylish, and protective. Sure would love one Crackberry! No place to advertise like a university either!


For when I'm slopping home frome the bars....


I would use it for my 9700 to protect it from the numerous times I drop it if I won:D


This would be ideal for my son, who keeps his 9650 in his pants pocket without a case/skin.


i want the protected but naked feel, too! :))


I really like the look of it.


It would greatly improver my swagger!! LoL


If I win can they hook up my car as well? my bold will be pimped out now!


Of course I would use it on my blackberry, but I think the primary reason that I want it is because I like free stuff... who doesn't?


pick me! When i'm not using a holster, this would be great to put in a bag or briefcase.


Like it very much!


I would give it to my wife for mothers day because that's just how I Actually I think she would just prefer it since I like the standard leather pouch. But I want to win anyways :-)


I would probably give this to my daughter, because we are going to be getting her her first BB soon and I want to to be protected and this case looks well built and more protective that some of the thinner ones out there.


I cross country mountain bike and my wife is always worried because I don't take my phone with me. I always go with a friend, and he always has his GPS unit with him. But I would feel a lot safer taking my own GPS enabled device with me, let alone taking my blackberry. This case seems strong enough to protect my berry while riding and I would love to try it out just for that!

bruno adeh

my phone keeps on falling pls i need it


I would use this for my bold 9700 ;)


Its very classy, matches my lifestyle!!


My holster just broke yesterday. This would be an excellent replacement


My 9650 feels more comfortable in my pocket. Im always worried im gonna break the belt clip off and that thing can get annoying!
This would let me carry my BB in my pocket and protect it!

would love to win this!


i am a warlock with tigers blood let me b a winner :)


I would simply use this cover to protect my bb plus it would be so stylish and chic for office and daily use!!


I would use it everyday because I am a huge fan of Unique autosport


Well might as try to win one.


i couldnt nhurt to try it


I need one sooo bad! My 9650 getting beat up in my pocket by keys,change etc.......


Put my BlackBerry in the holster, put the holster in my backpack, put myself on the plane. Then I am ready to fly home. The holster, is always the home of my BlackBerry.


I can already imagine my BB slotted into this pocket pouch and of course, good bye to my old and worn out pouch! It will always be in my pocket, briefcase, laptop bags and everywhere!

Got to win one of this!


Plz I want this so bad


Guarantee this will help me from killing another Bold. lol


This would be cool I do not like holsters


Could definitley use something to cover up my vzw 9650!


...............the only thing that would come between me and my 9650.


Yes please looks great :) another great competition crackberry :)


i'd use this pouch to protect my blackberry. I hate jelly skins and pouches are the way to go ;)


sure, i am in!! looks great


I would love this case because my current case in which i love only is good for when i am wearing jeans and a belt for it to click on. this would help in easily throwing it into my pocket and using it when needed instead of having to wear jeans/pants in which my current case would be practical


The pouch would not be for me but my wife. She constantly complains about getting her 9650 scratched so this would be perfect and fashionable for her!!