SugarSync for BlackBerry Review

By Ryan Blundell on 25 Aug 2009 07:00 am EDT
SugarSync for BlackBerry Review

The number of mobile users wanting to have access to everything is increasing at an alarming rate. Not only do we want to be connected to email and the internet, we want access to entertainment, up to date news and information and access to our friends, families and colleagues. Is it too much to ask? NNNnnoooooo! We want, need, demand and receive. Now despite having access to the world by using our BlackBerry smartphones, we cannot bring the world with us. Confused? Good. My plan has succeeded. What I mean is that we can’t store everything on our devices, even though we should at least have some kind of access to it. You could probably think of a time when you forgot to email or print off a project you were working on. Or perhaps you want to share pictures from your family vacation, but had to wait until you got home. You wish you could find some way to access your files without wasting time and effort in retrieving them.

SugarSync grants your wishes by granting you access to your files, with ease, from just about anywhere. In no time, you’ll be able to back up, browse and share what’s important to you, when YOU want. Read on for more.

About SugarSync

SugarSync is powered by Sharpcast Inc and is available on a multitude of platforms. The mobile application of SugarSync (currently in version 1.0.2) will take up 1.5MB of space. The application is compatible on a BlackBerry running OS 4.2 or higher. There are actually two ways you can access SugarSync; both require you to point your mobile browser to Here, you can either download the mobile application or you can log in using the fields provided. You may have issues connecting to the servers while using the mobile application. Make sure your TCP settings are correct. You could stick with accessing your account through the mobile site. Your experience with the mobile app is much more rich and smooth so you may, like me, stick to the more visually appealing point of access.

SugarSync is offered in a free 2GB plan, designed for occasional users or those who want to get their feet wet first. The following plans are available through SugarSync; Basic 30GB, Premium 60GB, Professional 100GB and Business 250GB. We will look at pricing later on.

I said In Sync, not...

To begin, you will want to download and install SugarSync to your PC or Mac. Once installed, I sorted through my files and decided which ones I wanted to have access to. You could choose to have access to all, but this may be a problem for two reasons:

1. Your multitude of files will be synced with the server, known as “the cloud”. SugarSync is offered in various data packages and you may need to upgrade if you chose too many files.
2. With so many choices, your head may explode. I’m sure grey matter on your BlackBerry may void the warranty.

choose a name and icon for your computer

Begin to build your lists

From your PC/Mac, you can access, manage and sync files from your current computer, other connected computers, and your BlackBerry smartphone (or other devices). It’s almost as though you haven’t left the office, when in fact you are reveling in your new found freedom! You are able to revise your documents as well. The application will then save the revision, as well as save the original. This feature is known as the Web Archive. This archive handles any files or documents that you don’t want to be synced with your devices. For convenience, SugarSync has already set up the Magic Briefcase for you. The documents you load into this briefcase will be automatically synced to your other connected devices. Once you get more comfortable with the application, you can sync any folder between devices. I decided to stick with the Magic Briefcase, as it’s always present and easy to access from anywhere.

My mom always said it was nice to share and SugarSync makes it easy to do so. You can send emails containing links to the files in question. You can share photos as an album, share complete folders or individual files. The individual files are actually sent to the recipient, not the link. I’m not an active Facebook member, but SugarSync also allows you to publish photos or even complete albums directly to Facebook. It’s a great way to keep your friends and family up to date with your vacation or special occasions. Please note that publishing to Facebook can only be done from your computer and not directly from your BlackBerry.

Now besides being able to sync and share, you can benefit from SugarSync’s amazing storage solution. Any data stored in the cloud is done so in encrypted form. If anything were to happen to any of your devices, your information that you have stored will be safe. The time it takes to complete the storage process depends on the file size and upload speed (speed varies by bundle).

the ring view

the list view

From your BlackBerry, the main menu gives you access to Synced computers, the magic briefcase, your mobile photos, web archive, photo gallery and shared folders. Initially, the images on found on your BlackBerry will not appear in the Mobile Photos section- they have to be uploaded one at a time. This is time consuming, but there is one saving grace. When in the application, choose the “Take Photo” option to activate your camera. At this point, any pictures you take will be automatically uploaded. The main menu can be viewed in two ways; the rotating ring of icons view, or the list view. Each view gives you full access to the previously mentioned actions. You’ll find the Sharing option much easier to use on the BlackBerry smartphone. All you have to do is enter an email address (or choose from your address book) and send an optional message! The speeds you’ll experience will vary, depending on your device. I found the upload/download and sync speeds surprising quick when using my Bold’s 3G or WiFi connectivity. Switching down to 2G, I found the process slower, but still very reasonable.

Slowly, they will upload...

viewing synced images from the BlackBerry

As I mentioned before, SugarSync offers a 2GB entry plan for free. If need be, you can upgrade:

30GB $4.99/month $49.99/Year
60GB $9.99/month $99.99/year
100GB $14.99/month $149.99/year
250GB $24.99/month $249.99/year

Each plan offers a 30 day free trial, so you can decide which plan you actually need.


If you wish to store and share with ease, then SugarSync is the way to go. No longer will a forgotten report have to wait to be completed the next day. I can retrieve and edit it. SugarSync’s benefits can be appreciated from a business or personal perspective, allowing for a huge consumer base. With most actions automated, you can almost let SugarSync do all of the work. Now, you can share everything you do with the world, without having to hide from it. For more information on SugarSync click here.


  • most processes are automated
  • publish photos and albums to Facebook
  • access and managefiles and folders remotely


  • some files take time to upload

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Reader comments

SugarSync for BlackBerry Review


Have been using SugarSync for about two years and I can't say how awesome it is.

I have three PCs and one mobile device linked (a Storm, formerly a Treo800w) and I can get to anything anywhere.

It's the home PC land where this really shines - I can work on a file on one PC where it's convenient for me - say, my daughter's school work to help her - and then print that same document at the other PC where our nice printer is.

Yes there are other cloud sync options out there and yes I could just transfer a file using a USB drive but SugarSync makes it all simple.

Peace of mind is the best part - I know that everything I depend on is seamlessly backed up to the cloud, on ALL my PCs. Changing PCs is no problem.

Love SugarSync.

To think that this was actually a BB App to actually sync with SugarCRM, Thanks "Crackberry" on twitter ;) Otherwise, not interested :)

I couldn't get sugarsync to work on my BB TOUR (VZW, BES). But more frustrating than that, tech support was non-existent. Over the course of 4 weeks, they asked for my app logs twice and otherwise gave me no clue as to what was wrong or how to correct it.

The cynic in me thought they were trying to drag this out until my trial ended so they could start getting the monthly fees (i had signed up for a larger business package.)I finally canceled my account 2 days before my trial ended.

IF SUGARSYNC DOESN'T WORK THE FIRST TIME AROUND, YOUR BETTER OFF JUST WALKING AWAY THAN RELYING ON TECH SUPPORT. There's a thread on the forum with a few others commenting on the lack of tech support.

Windows Live Mesh ... i've been using that on my blackberry, desktop and netbook. Only downside is that you'll need to set your BB broswer to be IE or FF. But, the best part is you don't need a 1.5mb app to access windows live mesh

Hi Ryan,

"I found the upload/download and sync speeds surprising quick when using my Bold’s 3G or WiFi connectivity."

Are you sure you can connect with 3G BIS? I can only connect with WiFi.

-- Robert.

Are you getting an error message when trying to connect? Are you using the mobile app or accessing your account through the browser? I am able to use SugarSync with 3G BIS.

'Unable to launch SugarSync Mobile for BlackBerry, get "Unable to reach SugarSync servers. Please try again later."

This error message occurs because the TCP settings on the BlackBerry device are not set properly and SugarSync isn't able to make a connection to our servers.

Please check with your carrier to get the correct settings or you can go to the link below to see the appropriate setting for your carrier in your country. 

To access the TCP settings, go to Options > Advanced Options > TCP. '

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the info. I was hoping SugarSync used the BlackBerry servers for data like Google Maps, etc. I've locked off TCP due to costs. Data plans in Oz are expen$ive unless you have an iPhone! I'll rely on WiFi to get access to SugarSync.

I enjoyed your review and have switched from DropBox to SugarSync.



I'm right there with you because I don't want to leave dropbox. They really need an app.

Good review – here are a few recent changes as of June 2011:
You get 5GB of space with the FREE version, but now there is no restriction to the number of computers you can sync/backup (up from 2).
It gives you the ability to upload and sync any folder on your computer.
It is the only service that offers such a broad device and OS support with apps for BlackBerry, Android, iPhone/iPad, Symbian, not to mention your computer!

Also if you use the below referral code you get a bonus 500MB extra on top of your Free 5GB!

Hope it helps someone.