Community Review: Street Fighter Alpha for BlackBerry

By Team CrackBerry on 18 May 2010 10:44 am EDT

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This is big news to Street Fighter and 2D fighting game lovers, Street Fighter is now available for BlackBerry devices! As expected there have been some changes to make the game playable for the BlackBerry but none of these changes have diluted the core Street Fighter experience.

The game runs smoothly for the most part on the Bold 9700, only experiencing hiccups when your phone is trying to connect to a network. Using the BlackBerry keyboard as a controller for this type of game takes some getting used to. S,D and F keys act as back, down and forward which takes some getting used to initially but feels natural after about 5-10 mins with the game. The original version of the game has 6 buttons for attacks wheras the BlackBerry version has only 3. punch, kick and super serve as your attack keys and although this might seem like a dumbing down of the original game, it works extremely well. Combinations and special moves can be performed with ease after coming to grips with the new layout. Compared to the BlackBerry version of Super Street Fighter II, which uses a 6 button layout, this system feels intuitive and natural.

All of the characters from the original Street Fighter Alpha are represented in the mobile version of the game. Initially, you will start out with 10 characters but that number will increase to 13 as you plow through the game's arcade mode. If you're a first timer you can warm up with the games training mode, which includes a moves list in the options menu.

Load times between rounds are brief, lasting only a couple of seconds. The animations are fluid compared to other mobile games but there are a few missing frames compared to the original. The biggest weakpoint of the game is its lack of sound effects for attacks. With the sound turned on all you can hear is an 8-bit version of the original game's stage music. There is a bit of charm that goes along with the classic music but you'll more than likely want to play the game on mute(Who plays mobile games with the music blaring anyway??).

Overall this is a great port of Street Fighter Alpha that will provide hours genuine entertainment for $4.99.

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Community Review: Street Fighter Alpha for BlackBerry


Seriously guys? Seriously? This is garbage. I know all the hardcore people here will say "oh but its made for business profesionals, and nobody cares" But this is horrible.

I thought the iphone was bad, this is 10x worse for gaming.

I love my blackberry, but gaming on it is 15 years behind.

I cant see myself playing this ever for more than 10 seconds LOL.

but I guess when things have gotten to the point that the proviso is "it's for BB" well questions answered.

It's not the programmers. They need to program games to run like the flash games on Nick JR 10 years ago. In a low RAM, low cpu intensive Java run time enviroment.

thats worse than Madden, Call of Duty or anything of those high end games ported to a tiny screen with cramp keys/buttons to use

Shame the BB platform still has the same issues:

1. Sound track. 2. No online head to head even over wifi

Alpha testers - - Does it make any use of the Open GL on the 9700?

RIM - Hey WTF ever happenned to Super Monkey Ball?

It's pretty nice looking. That said, it's pretty nice looking for BlackBerry is what I really mean.

The iPhone version kills the BB version.

I would consider buying $.99.

Certainly not for $4.99.

Apps like this would fly out the door at $.99. $4.99 is a decision factor.

BB hardware is made only for
Text Processing and
Few embedded softwares..

Games are not made for BB.
BB is text only device
Its like
Linux console, no X-server.
Or like DOS + win 3.1

There was a lot of DOS games available at its peak that everybody left Win95 gaming out even with the memory limitations of DOS.

On a side note, I actually prefer the "ghetto" original street fighter 2 for blackberry.

Why? The alpha version runs at a realistic speed, which is hard to control on a BB keyboard.

The older version is much slower, which actually makes it a little more realistic to play with the control limitations.

Please try purchasing the game through Handango or Handmark instead of
AppWorld. If you do not see the game available in your region through
these sites as well, then unfortunately there is a region restriction on
this title.

Thank you,
Capcom Support
XWolf wrote:
> Dear Capcom,
> Just really want to know when this will be made available in the uk?
> Yours sincerely,