Review: SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry
By Alicia Erlich on 21 Dec 2010 12:15 pm EST

Just imagine you're on your work or home computer and you get an incoming text, email, BBM, tweet, etc. Normally you have to stop what you're doing and pick up the phone. With SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for Blackberry there's no need to even look away from the screen. It's as easy as pressing the ALT-TAB keys to switch from one application to another. Pocket Controller by SOTI Inc. connects your device to your computer via USB or Wi-Fi and, voila, instantly use your keyboard, mouse and monitor to remotely control and view your smartphone in real-time.

About Pocket Contoller-Pro for BlackBerry

Pocket Controller is an amazing productivity tool developed by SOTI Inc. who crammed not just one, but ten functions into their software. Besides being a remote control, it can record screenshots and video, view tasks running in the background, check device status (including memory and battery levels), synchronize, transfer and view files, show service books, reset your device, and print screenshots.

BlackBerry App World Rating: 4/5

Using Pocket Controller-Pro

Pocket Controller-Pro is comprised of two components: the BlackBerry application and the Desktop software. After installing the device application (147kb) it will ask for an email address to send the link to the desktop software (20mb) or download directly from their site at . Currently, there is no support for MAC users.

After installing, locate the shortcut on your desktop, start the program, and click on the big green connect button and choose between USB and Wi-Fi. Personally, I couldn't get Wi-Fi to work so I chose USB, plugged in my device, and connected in seconds.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

When connecting for the first time, it will download your device's skin (i.e. device model avatar). It takes some getting used to but it's not that hard to adjust.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

The only downside is the skin cuts off at the bottom so I had to reduce the size by fifty percent to see the entire device. However, if you disable skin view the BlackBerry screen itself fits the monitor. This mode is perfect for training, presentations, and my personal favorite, BlackBerry Messenger.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry
SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

The only expression I could muster is wow, my BlackBerry looks cool on a big screen.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

Navigating with the ribbon toolbar

The toolbar employs a ribbon interface with quick-access icons, which at first glance, is similar to Microsoft Office and very easy to use. It is divided into four tabs: Home, View, Capture, and Buttons.

Home: instantly access the utility features including system information, tasks, and syncing. 0

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

View: manipulate your device's appearance. Users have the option of hiding the toolbar, rotating the view, or replacing the desktop with a background color of your choice.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

Capture: want to know how developers get screenshots of a device running their app? Look no further than this tab. Here you can record, save and even print out what's on your device.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry

Buttons: better known as the remote control tab. I rarely used this as my laptop's keyboard and mouse worked fine. Although it comes in handy when skin mode is disabled.

SOTI Pocket Controller Pro BlackBerry


  • Control your BlackBerry remotely from your PC
  • Four day free trial
  • BBM on a large screen
  • Presentation and training capabilities - no need for additional accessories
  • Quickly access applications with mouse and keyboard
  • Type messages using the keyboard - no more thumbs or dirtying your touch screen


  • Price
  • Screen cuts off - no scroll ability
  • Slight delay between device and computer
  • Restart only turns device off and on
  • Device application runs in background


This is an impressive application and I've been using it nonstop to text friends and send emails. While the price is a little high, when you think about all the built-in functions, the time it saves you, and that you're buying PC software, it's definitely worth the investment depending on what you'll use it for. Business professionals could use this for presentations on the go, companies could train new employees or take screenshots when writing manuals and consumers will love the freedom it affords by using their keyboard to compose texts, emails and BBM's.

SOTI Controller-Pro for BlackBerry is currently available at the CrackBerry app store for all devices running OS 4.6+ for $35.99.

More information/download SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry OS 4.6 and 4.7
More information/download SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry OS 5.0 and above 

Reader comments

Review: SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry


$36 doesn't seem to be really that bad of a price for this.

Having said that, right now I have no need for that. I could see where many people do and where there are a lot of people who would take advantage of it even if there is no "need". It would be kinda nice to be able to hook my phone up to my laptop and save some extra usage on the device, but not for $36.

I sent a message to the manufacturer asking that question. I will post as soon as I hear back. I do know that before you download the software it asks how many devices it will be used for.

As this is a leaked os there are various apps that fail to recognise the 9700 on, lots that do though. Anyone tested this on it?

I had the PocketPC version of this app when I owned a PocketPC... three years ago. IT WAS AWESOME. It was a large factor on my delay to move to Blackberry.

I've since learned to live without it, but now I don't have to!

Hi Fillzy – we appreciate the positive accolades on our Pocket Controller-Pro for Windows Handhelds software. With a lot of great feedback and constructive criticism, we were able to really to improve the product to our current version of 6.02 ( We wanted to bring that same quality of work to the BlackBerry platform and, in turn, the CrackBerry Nation. We hope that people will try it out and put it through its paces. We love to hear feedback from our customers and your comment was sent around our office. We thank you and look forward to producing more quality software for you and our customers.

To answer the earlier question: "the license is a per device license, meaning that if you have purchased the product, then you can technically install it at home and at work without any issues. This is all assuming you're remote controlling the same device. If there are any issues, the end user could contact our support team to resolve the matter."

What a coincidence. I installed Pocket Controller Pro for Blackberry last weekend.
I had a terrible experience with the program.

After installing the client on my device running OS6 my Blackberry became soooo slow. Unbelievable. It took like 5 minutes for the Blackberry to switch from one icon to the next. Not exaggerating.

Also the 'slight delay' mentioned in the review is a big delay believe me. I tried this program because I wanted to use it to make demos.. but this isn't the way to go. Especially with the 36 dollar price tag included.

But worst thing to come. After uninstalling the app from my Blackberry it needed to restart. Which took 20 minutes!! After rebooting the Blackberry was still really slow, which it wasn't before I installed the Pocket Controller Pro for Blackberry client.

I need to reinstall the whole OS for it to run smooth again.
To conclude I would advise NOT to use this program/app. I don't know if these faults only occure when you're running OS6, but the experience was horrific to say the least.

P.S. Note for RIM. Let people write a review in App World after they installed the app. When a consumer isn't pleased with an app they're not going to wait uninstalling the app so they can write a review. Ilogical.

Hi - our apologies on the inconvenience of the user experience you had when using our application. Could you email us the specific details you experienced to and we would gladly look into the specific problems you incurred. We appreciate your business and would love to rectify this issue at the earliest. We look forward to your email.

I use SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry on my Torch 9800 which runs OS 6 and I have had absolutley no issues. I LOVE IT!

Did you try with USB or WiFi? I use the USB at work because our WiFi is slow. But at home there's no problem with WiFi.

Anyway, I'm sure if you call their support team, they'll be able to fix your problem.

To conclude, I would highly recommend to use this program as it saves tons of time and my experience has been amazing to say the least. I use it every day and loving it!


My name is Shash Anand. I am the Product Manager of SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry.

I am sorry to hear about your terrible experience with the product. At SOTI, we are committed to exceptional customer service and ensuring our clients are excited to use our products and I would like to work with you to get your problem resolved immediately.

Please contact me directly at 1-888-624-9828 and I will engage my develeopment team as well to work directly with you to identify and resolve this matter right away. If you're still not satisfied we will give you a full refund.

To date, there has never been an issue like the problem you are reporting. So, we are very interested to working with you.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Update: I was able to get the Wi-Fi to work on my device. It was a problem with my router at home. When my device finally was able to register a normal IP address (instead of the that was showing up) there's no problem and the delay is less than it was before.

I've already bought this product and just wanted to let everyone know that scrolling works fine using the mouse wheel.


Question to SOTI.

I use Lotus Notes at work and was wondering if I can use your software to sync my calendar between Lotus Notes and my BB?

We currently only have File Synchronization (automatic and manual) in the product at this time. But, calendar synchronization is a great feature request and is something we will certainly evaluate for a future release of the product. Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming!

Can you make and receive phone calls from your computer?

More specifically, if you have a headset connected to your computer, can you use that instead of holding phone to your ear and talking to it?

Appreciate the time you took to ask this as it is a great feature request and is something we have actually started investigating further. It may be part of a future release of the product.

Hi I'm actually looking for this kind of application and finally i found it here. (Thanks CB).
I have tested on my 9700 with OS6.0.0.418 and everything run smooth. Working well on both USB and wifi connection. I absolutely recommend this to all BB User. The only thing concern here is for the pricing. Will Cracberry giveaway some copies? Else, just give us promotion code for discount (50% or so), then will buy it straight away.

This seems to improve the daily workflow a lot - its really a shame that there is currently no support for Macs, otherwise I'd buy it straight away. @SOTI_Inc: When do you think the mac users will get some love, too?

Hi Frenchizm - Thanks for the comment. That is a great feature request that is under review to bring to future versions of SOTI's Pocket Controller-Pro for BlackBerry. Currently, that feature is not supported; however, if you have your Mac setup to Boot Camp or are running virtualization software, then you can run our software via these avenues. Hope that helps!

I was posted my comments yesterday but seems I can't find this anymore here or else it was not posted. Anyway, the point here is ...

This product is a great app which I am looking for and thanks CB fro bringing this on

I have downloaded and installed and running trial mode on my 9700 with OS6 and works fine for me for both USB and WiFi. All my colleagues are really amaze of the app that I am using and they really need one too but when they heard of the price, they all walk away.

If CB has some giveaway of free copies for this holiday season, that's would be a great presents for all of us :)

Else, give us 50% Disc Promo Code and we all ready to purchase.

Keep up the good work SOTI Team. You Rock!

Thanks for the praise Thetnaung, it goes a long way with the team here. If you, and any others, would like to keep up to date with anything relating to SOTI Inc., we would love for you to follow us on Twitter - @SOTI_Inc (

I've just downloaded the trial and so far I'm loving it. I'm glad to see it's device driven and that I can put on several PCs.

One question I have: Is there a way to copy text? For example in BBM sometimes I just need to copy and paste the same thing to another one of my contacts - how can this be done?

Hi cayman2010! Our apology with the delay in this response as the eggnog passed around the office was a very good eggnog recipe!

To answer your question, there is a way to copy text from your desktop to the device and vice versa. You simply need to ensure the 'Automatically Synchronize Clipboards' is turned on which is under the Settings Menu (after clicking on the application icon). Then you can use the copy and paste options of the device or desktop to perform the appropriate action.

To do a copy and paste from one BlackBerry app to another app, or even the same app as you mentioned in the example, this would need to be done using the copy and paste features of the app itself, which are typically shown in the menu options, so you would need to click on the menu button on the BlackBerry after selecting the desired text and select Copy / Paste. This does bring up a great feature request, which will be the ability to use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and paste from your keyboard alone into the same BlackBerry application. We will investigate this further for the next release.

Yes, in the next version of our product 7.01, which is releasing soon, you can actually use the Shift button on your keyboard to select multiple messages for deleting purposes. The Shift will behave the same way the Shift on the BlackBerry works. Stay tuned for updates on this release by following us on Twitter - @SOTI_Inc

One suggestion: When I am typing in BBM on my Torch 9800 it keeps bringing up the virtual keyboard.

Mind you, I have the slider closed on my phone as I usual would when it's on a desk and I have the feature of slider activating virtual keyboard turned off (under option- keyboard settings) - why does your program keep brining up the virtual keyboard then?

This is an interesting problem. For clarification purposes, and correct us if we are wrong, but our program isn't causing the virtual keyboard to come up, it will come up independent of whether our software is installed on the device or not. The option you have mentioned is only during the slider closing will it not pop up, not if it's already closed. We will investigate this issue further with RIM to see if we can disable the virtual keyboard, but it appears to be a RIM limitation right now.

Thanks again for all your comments and feedback as well as your interest in our product. We hope you continue to provide this valuable dialogue to us so we can better improve for you and the rest of our customers.