Review: Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Car Charger

SPE Car Charger
By Joseph Holder on 25 Feb 2011 12:05 pm EST

Want to win a Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Car Charger from Keep reading for contest details.

Have you ever been on the road with a dead BlackBerry? It's no fun. No phone calls, no FaceBook, no Twitter, no Vlingo Safe Reader to read your emails and texts aloud to you. No nothing. For a BlackBerry enthusiast (the proper term is "addict," but enthusiast sounds so much better), this is a horrible situation. The solution: get a car charger. Ah, but which one; there are so many.

The Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Car Charger with USB Port is a mouthful of a name, but it filled a need I didn't even know I had. The car charger is your basic unit that plugs into the car's power adapter - sometimes called the cigarette lighter. It even glows blue when plugged in. The other end attaches to any device with a micro-USB port. This includes the BlackBerry PlayBook, Torch, and Bold devices to name a few.

In addition to the charger plug, you also have access to one additional USB port to charge many, many other devices. Just the other day, I found both my BlackBerry and Bluetooth headset in desperate need of charging. I grabbed the tiny USB charging cable that came with the headset and my BlackBerry and headed out the door. After about an hour in the car, both were good to go.

For multiple charging options on the go, you can't beat the Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Car Charger. A decently long cord, glowing blue indicator light, and the additional USB port make this a must-have for any BlackBerry user on-the-go.

More photos and contest details after the break.

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Reader comments

Review: Smartphone Experts Micro-USB Car Charger



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Would be perfect, especially when my daughter needs to charge her Bold at the same time I need to charge my Torch.

I wish/hope I win this charger I really need it I'm on the road a lot my torch always dies bec I keep up with my fav website!

This would be the perfect solution to pimp my standard Subaru Legacy! My car is blue, the glow from the charger is blue...
Man! I'd be the talk of the town with my pimp-mobile!
Oh yea, and I'd charge my phone with it too.

Same as the reviewer suggested for charging my BB and Jawbone headset. Plus occasionally I need to re-top my Kindle on the way to the airport when I realize it won't get me through a day in airports.

This would be perfect for me do a lot of travelling as a football coach and using a 9700 with a beta bb6 and sat nav means my battery needs a top up charge throughout the day would love to be able to do it in my car and not just when I'm in the office between schools

Perfect for my Blackberry style, dual purpose and less clutter, can never have enough USB data/charger cables.

Excellent.........charge my BB9700 and bluetooth or camera or my wife's BB at the same time.

Hook me up!!

Looks good. I would be able to charge my 9800 and the wife's phone at the same time. Thanks for the contest.

I would use this charger to charge my Bold 9700 and my S9 bluetooth headphones together so that they are always charged.

it would be really useful on those road trips i make every weekend :) always need juice to be sharing photos of my road trip with friends on bbm

this charger will help in making sure am always avail. since everyone keeps asking me why my BB deads almost everyday. this will help me a long way, a very long way since am in my car almost all of the day.

I would like to win this to make my wife use it in her car. Her Style is always dead because they do not make an extended battery for the style and she never charges her Blackberry at home. This way I could still get hold of her.

This charger would put an end to me having to carry a myriad of charger cables. But that is the obvious answer. What this will also do is help stop the gremlins from tying those calbes into knows while hidden in my glove compartment. Now with one main cable I can be ready to charge my Blackberry Tour 9630, My bluetooth headset, and even my Fuze. Sure my phone could handle the MP3, but until they shrink my phone down I am going to stay with the Fuze. Oy Vey!

looks like a great product, i would use it for my long rides in my car and can have it charge while ihave i hooked up to mycar stereo.

Very sexy looking! Would use it with my phone and bluetooth earpiece. Hope I win! Good luck to all.

This would be great! 3 of my car chargers have broken (you have to hold it tight into the blackberry for it to work) and the extra usb port so my wife can charge her iphone!! awesome!

Since my car only has one cigarette lighter, this would be perfect. I can charge my phone as well as the sat nav without having to switch between devices. Perfect!

I love to hook up my phone to my car stereos AUX port to listen to the nice TuneIn Radio app surround sound in my car (and so I can listen to video game music stations of course), but problem is that it sucks the battery life out of my phone seeing as it is connecting to the internet at all times during this. This car charger would be a PERFECT solution to my issue and I would be extremely happy if I were to win it. I have been a part of for years, but have never won anything other than a few themes and $2 games. I would LOVE to be able to win this as I am a die hard blackberry and crackberry fan, I check the site at least 5-10 times a day, call me an addict if you may, but i LOVE being up to date on new blackberry info and you guys do the best job! Keep up the good work crackberry team and good luck everyone else [:

Me please :) I'd love one for my Bold 9700 and then I'd be able to keep my baby charged when driving down to my folks house, a six hour drive whilst using the phone to navigate around the traffic and jams.

I could use one to keep my torch running at its best while in my cute red beetle car. Both of my babies need to be full all the time!

Now my wife and I would be able to charge our torches together without fighitng over the single charger we have now

Great product. I have been wanting to purchase a charger/usb for a while, but don't have the extra few bucks to pull the trigger. Even though I'm saving myself to win the Playbook later in the year, this would be pretty useful and helpful.

Be able to charge my phone and headset, or even a second phone for the long road trips. Great product!

I have a good hour communte to work, 1 way, 2 hour round trip. I haven't boughten a new one yet since my Mini-Micro USB adaptors don't work for some reason on my old Mini USB Car Charger. Garbage.

Now that I have upgraded my Bold 9650 to os 6, I need to charge my phone more often, and that often means in the car! Since I have no adapter, this would be a great opportunity. Pick me!

Having only one power outlet up front, the extra USB port is teh awesome. I would use it to be charging my phone and powering other devices at the same time. Like the Playbook, when I buy it.

I would love to win this especially to use as my only charger on camping trips or while driving on long road trips to keep in touch and to make sure my Tour is always charged for those times when I need to grab it for a quick photo.

i have 2 cars but i only have 1 charger so i just leave it in 1 car only...i would love to have a free charger so ill never have to worry about charging my phone again because im on the road more than i am at home so please pick me 2 have a free blackberry 9700 charger...=)

i would love to win this car charger because i could use it to charge my ipod while im listening to it through the audio in plugin on my car's stereo system. my ipod is always dying when im listening to it in my car so this would be great to have so please pick me!!

My Torch would be happy to be plugged in during my longer drive homes and enable me to actually talk to people instead of getting into a conversation and it dying half way through.

Please help me out CB.

Thanks for another awesome contest!

I would love to be able to charge my Bold 9700 and my iPod nano on those long road trips! Crackberry you are awesome!

that's a wonderful combo! I'd use it to charge my 9700 and my girlfriends 9700 at the same time using the extra usb cable. Also I'd have a apple dock connected usb cable in to charge the iPod when neeced

Driving the kids all over the place for baseball and soccer practices/games, an outlet to charge up my BB is not always available. This would be so helpful!

I dig the second usb port...I have a car charger already, but I could use this and get rid of my ipod or bluetooth headset charger

I would sososo love to win this charger! I have 2 blackberry curves and only one outlet for a charger in my jeep! And my phones are constantly needing to be charged 'cuz I love them so much :) pick me pick me! Plz?

I would take it camping to charge both my wifes berry and mine. Hers uses the mini, while mine uses the micro. She would only need to bring her usb cable. I would then plug it in to my portable 12V booster with lighter plug for ultimate portable charging while away.

Like most everyone else here, I would use this every single day to keep my BB charged so it doesnt leave me hanging somewhere. Seems like every time I don't top off the charge is when I end up needing a long run out of it before I get back.

This is cool! My husband are both "Crack~Heads". This would deffo come in handy. Ya think someone would've cleaned out their car before taking a picture...??....just sayin.... ;)

This would be perfect for the many times I forget to charge it, or on the long road trips we as a family love taking,.. and we have 4 bb's in the family so it would be perfect.

this would work great for me. I travel a lot and need to charge my phone and headset constantly. I only have one power outlet in my car, With this I would be able to charge both, all i need is my usb cable. Please pick me..

Living on the out skirts of town there is a lot of commuting involved. So the only real time to charge the phone is in the car and this would just add to the overall style of the blackberry and obviously its functionality is a great asset.


I work 12 hour shifts and it would help me to keep my blackberry tour 9630 and my bluetooth headset charged during the day until the night. I have to travel back and forth to two jobs. I really would love to win. =-)

I'd be chargin' my BB, my bluetooth headset and/or my BB and my girlfriend's or dad's at the same time. That extra USB port on the charger's possibilities seem to be endless :-D

I could use this to charge my 9650 when I'm driving the track car! It still has a 12v plug somewhere =P

I love this idea. Charging the blackberry and the bluetooth at the same time would be great and even better if it was free!

I love this idea. Charging the blackberry and the bluetooth at the same time would be great and even better if it was free!

i need it to charge my phone into a bomb so i can throw my phoen at people and blow them up so give me one

This is the one accessory I have left to get for my 9650, perfect timing on this contest! I've had a couple of instances where the battery just couldn't make it through a heavy GPS/driving session and this would come in handy for those times. And I could share it with my wife too! :)

Got a charger already, but need a better one with a more managable coiled cord. Plus the extra USB cord is a nice bonus.

I'd use this charger to bring peace to my marriage. This way both of us can charge our phones at the same time while we're driving.

It will help keep my torch charged when volunteering for our local emergency program. Looks like a great product.

I am always on the road, my phone dies on me before the end of the day...with the amount of apps and usuage of my Torch, I'm have to use another phone at times to save battert life. Pleas pick me!

Very nice looking charger, one can never have too many...this goes in the back seat cig lighter hook up of my old car where my BB friends sit on our way to Bingo on Sundays.....

I would use this wonderful invention to charge my 9700 and a 9780. It would be perfect for me because I am on the road 85% of my day and travel with a salesmen that also has a blackberry and we can only charge one at a time right now. We use our blackberrys for everything and have run into times when batteries have died

I may find myself on the road more often in the coming days. Keeping my phone charge to stay in contact with my wife would be a huge relief.

Just what I wanted broke my cheap after market charger a while back, and seem to always forget to charge overnight. I used to plug my phone into the car charger, when I left for work and used my phone as a MP3 player, now I'm too scared to even with a full battery. I only seem to notice I have a low battery when I'm at work and no wall charger to give me a charge. with the access to a second USB port I can charge my bluetooth at the same time. Thank You.

This is genius and definitely will need this for when I get my Playbook and need to charge on the go plus the bluetooth and whatever else I will need to charge. This will make a great solution to get rid of the box of chargers I have now from all of the older phones I used to have.

this would be super i could now charge my headset and my curve at once... blackberry rules... using a heaset for talk is so much safer than holding phone.... to all who have not used one i strongly suggest you at least try one out...... good luck too all

I would use it to keep my Torch and bluetooth devices fully charged. Thanks for the chance to win one.

How would I use it? I would charge my phone and bluetooth at the same time, just like the review reads. That would be perfect.

Charge Me Up!!! I welcome the ability to charge 2 devices @ the same time.

Does this also allow transferring of data from my BB phone to a USB Memory Stick? If so, "outa sight"!!!!!

Need to replace the VZW charger (with dual charging) that doesn't seem to work. This would be great so I can charge multiple devices when needed.

Since my older charger just gave up the ghost (in a cloud of smoke) I need a new one for my truck. it's be a great help and allow my wife to charge her everpresent mp3 player at the same time.

I cannot tell you how many aggravating car rides I have had when my wife and I both have to charge our phones. And somehow, she always manages to plug hers in first. What a relief it would be to have both charging at the same time!

Since my bb didn't come with a charger & since I am an addict w/my bb (have to charge it more than once a day!) This would be great!

Please? When I go shopping & my wife is at home she always "remembers" something to add to the list. I can't always remember to check to see I'd charged up before I left hence the need to charge.

I would most definitely use it for my Bold, and also for my iPod classic. Plus, Since I use the iPod for music and the blackberry for good talk radio, both batteries get drained. I would put this charger to good use.

When I do my regular run between our 2 offices (a pretty long boring drive) I enjoy listening to mystery audio books but also keep the GPS on looking for geocaches along the way which chews up the battery so a car charge is very handy. But between the Blackberry, GPS and FM transmitter I need the extra port. So could use this in spades.

When I go snowboarding, I have an hour ride to get there and I want to listen to slacker radio, but if I listen to it for too long then I dont have enough battery to listen to it when on the hill for the whole day so I would plug my bb 9300 and my fm transmitter in the same time. Then I can even listen to it when coming back!

I use my BB for navigation, BB Traffic, and Tune In radio through my car's stereo system. The charger would be awesome and the extra port would be for my bluetooth headset so I don't excite any more brain cells.

I would use this device to eliminate some of the other wires/chargers i have in my car to change more than one device at a time. I just got the torch 9800 so this would be a god send.

First i would pick out a nice car, then when they ask me how I planned to pay for it I would hold this up and say "I'm going to charge it".Then when my car is fully charged I would plug in my phone, call my mom, tell her I got a car thanks to CrackBerry.

I'll never have to worry about running out of battery power on my 9300 and I can charge my iPod at the same time.

I have been using the wall charger since I have been driving my wife's SUV. Now that I have my car back I need a car charger since I don't have a wall outled in my car. I have been using my Torch more and more that by mid day mu battery is dead.

I had given up on in car chargers for the most part because I found I needed to charge more than one device but only had one socket in the car. This is a great design with the additional USB port...hope I win it, if not its worth buying it! Thanks for the review and the contest :)

wow your awesome, i just broke my car charger for my storm 2 now i cant charge my bb in the car:( i have to make sure im all charged up before i leave the house or work, also dont have one for my bluetooth, so that would be a bonus. If me and the wife are on the road together going away or just happen to need a charge at the same time we could do it awesome idea. id love one and i need one bad.

Perfect! My wife and I travel a lot and we have two 9650s, three bluetooth devices, and will be getting the PB. This charger would come in very handy.

I'll definitely use this to constantly charge my ipod nano along with my torch... awesomenesss...

I have needed this on more than one occasion. Both BB and bluetooth ran out once, this would prevent that from occurring again. Thanks for the offer.

Since I live by my BB 9700 and spend a lot of time in a ented car this product would be an excellent way to ensure I am always available to talk via my bluetooth handless of course!

This would be perfect for me because im a student and am always on the go! Would love to be able to maintain some battery life throughout the day as i move from point a to b.

Pick me :)

I ran in to the exact problem described in this article! a cold bluetooth from the glovebox and a weak Torch battery!!!! This would be a great help for me! Thanks for the chance to enter this contest. Hope I win!!!

How cool is thatt to charge your headset and bb at the same time. Wonder how many watts? Will it charge the wifes pad?

Wow great contest just when I need one, my current car charger just had a terrific death as one would say, and am now in the need of a new one. So Crackberry please pick me.

Would have saved me after skiing on Thursday - 45 minutes drive and no blackberry.
USB charger would be great bonus to have.

When me and my family go out on the weekend I always find my Blackberry and my iPod to usually be dead near the end of the travel... Meaning I can't use my devices and more for the rest of the day! Which really sucks!! Would love a car charger so that the Blackberry and iPod fun can last me all day!

This product would be so useful because I could charge my Torch at the same time I charge my bluetooth. I would love to win it.

Why not just have two usb ports?

If I win, I'd use it for a bold9700 and my shitty android pos that chews up battery. It would sure stop the passengers from asking "Can I charge now?" If both the microusb and usb port can be used at the same time.

That spare USB port is a super feature. It would be great to have it available for my iPod Touch or Kindle on the go. I don't use my BT headset much, but I might use it more with instant access to this charger. Thanks and Happy Birthday to CB!

I could definitely use this! Either letting me charge my phone and bluetooth at the same time, or having my wife's phone charge while mine is charging.

I use GPS on my phone, so I always keep it plugged in while driving. If my wife's phone also needs to be charged, there goes GPS... :)

Yes, would be VERY useful, because I could keep my Torch charged up while driving, and still use my GPS without the fast drain, and I wouldn't have to worry about remembering to charge up my bluetooth headset. I'd love to win one!

I would use this to run power to my Torch, which is mounted on the handle bars of my motorcycle for viewing of my GPS apps while riding. Not to mention for easy access to my music and headphone plug in. And the blue glow would match with the blue LEDs lighting up my bike.

it would be right for me due to its being streamlined, and a quality built product which I need for the rigors of motorcycle riding

that is a sweet unit. would use it on my bus to stream pandora for my people on the bus. I take them to the doctor and the music streaming would be so helpful.

I bought this unit in June of last year. While on a trip from Montana to Las Vegas this unit not only kept my phone charged, but my girlfriends phone as well as her IPod. I even use it to keep my phone charged while on patrol. This is one handy piece of equipment to keep anything requireing a charge ready to go that has its own USB cable. It's so universal and very well made. Highly recommended.

As a minister of a church 120miles from home, this charger will keep me in communication with my congregation, and with those at home. And it will keep me from having thale dreaded BBoutage that has befallen me at the most inoppurtune times. While charging the BB and I can keep the GPS powered up. Only thing worse than a BBoutage is having one when I am lost.

This would be a great thing to charge my Torch and my bluetooth adapter at the same time.. or my wife's phone at the same time...

The micro-USB port to charge my BlackBerry Storm 2, and the USB port along with my Bluetooth headset charging cable to charge my Jabra Stone 2. Or, the micro-USB port to charge the Jabra Stone 2, and the USB port along with my BlackBerry charging cable to charge my BlackBerry Storm 2. Either way, charging two devices from one power outlet.

i will use it to stop crime! Actually itll help greatly to charge a couple phones at once for me :D

I would use it by keeping a spare sync cable in the car or by buying a spare cable for my blue tooth and keep both in the car. when i need that top off on monday morning (because my work bb died over the weekend), i'd be able to charge it with this charger. i also like being able to charge my bt in the car without having to buy an extra charger.

this charger looks fantastic and is low profile given that it can charge 2 devices at once!!

PS. it would also help because my hubby and daughter have the iphone, which means they can't have a spare battery. when they are in my car they could use the spare pot to charge their devices :)

I would love to win this. I share a car charger with my wife, and, of course, it's always in the wrong car! With this, I could charge my phone and bluetooth headset AT THE SAME TIME! Awesome!

I would use this car charger on my various trips with my family. I would be able to charge my blackberry curve 3G and my bluetooth headset.